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Whitney Houston 8/9/1963 ~ 2/11/2012

UPDATED 2/12/12:
I am most saddened to say that the most prolific voice I've ever heard left this earth Saturday Feb. 11th, 2012 at 3:55PM. I didn't know her personally, but reports are that she was a fine and outstanding person as well. 

Certainly, like many, she was troubled with addictions and other personal struggles, however she did not leave without going back through the church from which she arose, and giving them an opportunity to snatch her soul from hell and ultimately death. 

Listen to the lyrics here about her death and eventual judgement before God. This was her in 2009:
The question for those who came in contact with her and were given the charge to speak a life changing word to her; did they do their best to bring her to that deliverance? Although she made her own choices, I certainly hope they did.  
Two things to remember...The church's only mission on this earth is to prepare men and women to meet the Lord. That's the number one job we have been commissioned to do. no matter what else is involved, that's our job.  

Secondly, before we allow the world to minister to the church whether through song or otherwise, it is our duty to first minister salvation through Jesus Christ and repentance from dead works to them. We cannot afford to make any assumptions. The blood could be the required payment for our dereliction.

As we can see, the cults didn't wast any time to give her a false gospel and they didn't care about sharing a stage with her:

Lord Open our eyes, so that these precious souls can really receive the help that we say we have. Reports are that the family was denied access to Whitney's body at first which is traumatic in and of itself. We pray for Bobbie Kristina and the family that remains.  

Special thanks to Elder Tetaun Moffett


  1. Before the Lord saved me, Whitney was one my favorites. She sang effortless, didn't drop it like it's hot, and managed to keep her clothes on. I too pray that someone shared the gospel with her~

    1. Me too Lady D. You know there comes a time when people must act in power. I was saying today that what happened to the old shut in type of deliverance services. Obviously Whitney tried to get her life together, but it was business as usual or so it seems for many around her. Now you can't make anyone do anything, but the people she was going to had all the time and money that they would ever need.

      What if some of those folk had grabbed her and said let's stay in this church until deliverance arrives. Stay at this altar until you are free? What would have happened? You see the world has no clue as to how to be free except to apply will and follow 10, 12, 20 steps etc...but the church is connected to the one who has ALL POWER. What are we doing? Are we too busy and forgot how to access it?

      That's what I question. Did those who were given charge do all that they were commissioned to do? I certainly hope so and feel a great deal of mercy and compassion for CeCe, Kim and others who KNEW the truth of God's power, but I am left wondering at the end of the day, could it have been differently or did we miss something?

    2. When this news broke, I wondered if those that knew the way to freedom ever really shared it with Whitney. She had the best voice I have ever heard! I think the last song she sang was "Yes Jesus Loves ME" on Thursday. I have heard her sing that on Good Morning America a few years ago and it was so powerful. I am praying for her daughter, because I read that she fell asleep in the tub the night BEFORE Whitney died! They called security to come and open her door and get her out of the tub. It sounds like Bobby Christina may be going the same direction as her mother.

      Pastor Burnett, I am wondering the same thing. This is so sad! I am just beside myself thinking about myself. Am I giving people the truth enough? I found back in OCT that I witnessed to a group of kids at a football game and one of them was being very rude and crude. Long story short I see a couple of the girls again as we are witnessing at the local fair, and they tell me that that boy died in a car wreck a few days after I was witnessing to them. You never know when someone's last day is!

      I also must share this too:
      Just as the new of Whitney Houston's death was hitting the news, my husband was preaching to people on the street headed to the Mardi Gras parade in Shreveport La and those going into the casinos these words:

      "You don't know how much time you have left. Suddenly it's over, Suddenly you are dead, suddenly you don't have a chance to repent anymore! Repent and turn to Jesus Christ because he is the only sure thing. Jesus never fails."

      I shared this because we need to be aware of the consequences of NOT sharing truth with people no matter who they are!

  2. They said it took over 8 hours to remove her body from the hotel. from what it looks like, I think Whitney may have had a heart attack as well. Women and heart attacks have been an issue lately and I believe they are the number one killer of women. I don't know but it seems that this may be the case.

  3. It was said that she died in the same room where Donny Hathaway committed suicide years ago. I remember Whitney going to Kim Burrell's church, but I do not know if Kim tried to preach the Word to her and try to get her delivered. I agree with you Supt. Burnett that she should had people bring her to the altar and pray her through until she got free of everything that had her bound. I hope that anybody in the church considering going to the secular world to exercise their God-given talents would really spend time with God and at the altar before they make the jump. Then maybe they could be in a position to be "world changers." If it was a heart attack that took her from this world, this is also a lesson for us to stay healthy and take charge of her health. I will be praying for the family as well.

    1. You said that right Johnny Hopkins. I hope people will consider that this sort of entanglement is nothing that God desires for his people or for the Saints. Don't be seduced or entangled with a yoke that I believe is designed to destroy both the gift and the person. I believe this industry is cursed and has a curse on it. Stop selling the gift of God.

  4. I loved her voice. Her's was one of the greatest there was. She will be missed.

    1. Voice was pure and ON POINT my brotha! Certainly will be missed as the person as well. She didn't need an autotune, flange or anything...just Whitney.

    2. I don't know if you heard it, but I love her rendition of I Love the Lord with the Georgia Mass Choir.!

  5. "Police discovered a half dozen bottles of medication in Houston's room, TMZ reported, adding that family members said Houston had been taking the prescription drug Xanax, which is often used to treat anxiety.

    When combined with alcohol, Xanax can cause drowsiness. Houston was reportedly found in her bathtub -- TMZ says her head was underwater -- and could not be revived by paramedics after being removed from the tub.

    No alcohol was found in the preliminary sweep of Houston's room, TMZ reports, but there were multiple reports that Houston had been drinking with friends the night before at the hotel."

    Fox NewsSounds like the drowsiness in those pictures was not about her on drugs or drunk, but was a dangerous drug interaction probably caused by alcohol with Xanex and other legal drugs. I also don't believe that she was a pill popper. That doesn't seem to fit with what we know at the present.

  6. Now that same article said that she lost it at the summer concert series on Good Morning America. Her voice was certainly strained and she wasn't at 100% but I've heard much worse on GMA including a complete fiasco from Nikki Manage and others. Here are there videos"

    Look To You

    Every Woman

    I've also added the one to the front page about her talking about her life in judgement before GOd. That is very interesting


  8. I am sick of all these gospel personalities not dealing with the real issue. They were so enamored with personality and so ready to be popular with Whitney that I believe that they failed to call Whitney to accountability. I don;t believe that Whitney was using at the time and I believe that she was probably trying to do better, but how can gospel folk simply skip oover all this cussin', drinkin' and smokin' as if it was nothing.

    Kim Burrell says that she was glad to be there to pray with her during her times of need, but Pastor Burrell is suspect because she wants to sing with PRINCE??? How can anyone have regard that God is in the mix of garbage like that.

    Shirley Ceasar was a total embarrassment to the truth of holiness...what is going on??? How can we fail to tell a person that when they prostitute their gift to the world for fame or for whatever they do it for, that their actions aren't in accord with scripture???

    Who told this beautiful lady that? Who told her that she can't serve 2 gods??? I have received many emails to that point. Let me just post an excerpt of one:

    "In the case of Whitney, it's about God taking away the annointing from a person that he truly annointed. With certain folks, God will give supernatural talents, only for him(God) to rip those talents way, if they don't appreciate those gifts, but more importantly-live a sanctified life as best as possible. God wasn't going to allow her to prostitute his gift. Or let me put it this way, many folks have talent and gifts that come from God, whether they appear lofty or small, but not everyone can have that special ANNOINTING, which is what Whitney had in her voice and in her presence. But she abused it, thought little of it, took it for granted, and a result- may have never come back home."

    These gospel folk are defending their relationship with Whitney, but I haven't heard ONE of them defend the righteousness of God. We love Whitney, but all SIN is just what it is...SIN. Tell the world the truth...COME OUT of sin because it will destroy you, just like it did in this case.

  9. Piers Morgan asked BeBe Winans, did he ever confront Whitney with her actions and drug addiction. BeBe responded by saying that Whitney never did drugs in front of him, so what could he say?

    You see, that's EXACTLY what I'm talking about. I don't doubt any of these people's sincerity or love, but I wholeheartedly doubt their methodology. So what, confronting Whitney may have cost some friendship. It shouldn't have cost much if you were really "family" as you declared. In all of that, confronting her and her sins MAY, just may, have saved this lady's life.

    Saint's, when you know a person is engaging in destructive behavior, you can't wait until they engage in it "in front of you", because that will never happen. Discernment tells you what's wrong. Tough love through the word gets to the issue and speaks to the point. When our desire for "peace" and "normalcy" is greater than our demand for the destruction of the yoke on those closest to us, what good are we to them?

    1. Ok, using Bebe's logic we should never use the gifts of the Spirit such as word of knowledge or word of wisdom, or how about an unction to truly minister to someone you KNOW is using drugs? You said it best here:

      "When our desire for "peace" and "normalcy" is greater than our demand for the destruction of the yoke on those closest to us, what good are we to them?"

      My response to your question is that we become good for nothing.The salt has lost its savor, and we are now helping our "friend" stay in bondage and ultimately be destroyed. That is wrong. God's word says that if we do not warn those of the consequences of sin, their blood will be required at our hands. (EZ 33:8) I don't know how much more plain God can be!

      I don't care if you hate me and want to kill me. I am going to tell you the truth because I love you! I want you to tell me the truth too! That should ALWAYS be the position of a true follower of Jesus Christ. You have addressed something I am not seeing addressed by anyone else, and we in the Body of Christ need to hear it!

    2. Marcia,

      Absolutely. We must tell people of their sins, it could save their life and in the process certainly save ours. I just think of what we have all been cheated of in the process. Her life, the stability of her family, Bobbi Kristina, not to mention mother and relatives.

      I am enjoying the CNN coverage and history for the church as well. Dionne Warrick's Father had a record company back in the 1940's and 1950's and that church had one of the first jobs programs in the area back in the day. That was fantastic history and a context of the background from which Whitney came. This is really something.

  10. Bishop Winans preached...PRIORITIZE! He spoke that no man can serve 2 masters and that we should and are commissioned to "seek the Kingdom of god and his righteousness" FIRST...and all of the other things will be added.

    This was an excellent service and an excellent message as far as I'm concerned.

  11. I don't know if this is true....but there have been rumors of Whitney Houston having a lesbian relationship with a woman named Robyn Crawford.


  13. Good mornin Pastor.

    I am saddened by the situation and mostly because too many are looking at Whitney Houston's gift in death, the same way they did when she was alive. She suffered and obvioulsy lived a terrible life of drugs and confusion. That is sad!

    I actually think that Bishop Winans missed an opportunity. I agree that prioritize is correct but how do we even get to that point. He did not preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and he also said that the prosperity gospel was indeed the gospel.

    He had said some great things to get to the meat of the matter but never got there. The main thing is what does a man have to do to be saved, I never heard it. I feel very saddened to be honest.

    I agree with you that the music industry is demonic. The funny thing is my wife was watching the show the voice last night and there was Anthony Evan's auditioning, with Dr. Tony Evans and his wife and Kirk Franklin and his wife with him, giving their support!

    1. Blessed Paul,

      And I agree with you fully. You see it was a conflict between scriptural worldviews and Tyler set the stage basically daring anyone to claim that Whitney's faults were either responsible for or contributed to her condition and that spiritually she was in a deficit. We can holler love all day long. Christ loves us all and even the most vile sinner (by our standards), but ALL SIN is punishable by death and death and hell will be cast into the lake of fire.

      Now, the funeral was to uplift, so I understand not getting too theologically heavy, however, he lost all semblence of an anointing when he said that about the "prosperity gospel"- LOL...I shook my head and shook off the lowlights of the message and said, "Lord bless and uplift the hurting"...So my commentary lacks the bite of criticism, but like you, anyone with an ounce of experience with God and his word, can see that there was deficiency...I like Costner and what he said, but he should know better than cussin' across the pulpit. That was a disrespectful move.

      There seemed to be more people proud of the fact that black folk appeared to handle themselves well, rather than certain content of info was delivered. I heard a lot of folk say that they were "proud to be black" after if we need an audience to see us and approve of us, before we can have a sense of connection and validation. That was strange.

      Have you heard the podcasts? Let me know what you think. I am tackling the issue from another perspective and I hope that the so called "gospel elite" take the time to consider that something is wrong and that we are far too powerless and ineffective. God requires much more of this church and if they won't step up, they'll get left behind!

      So far as the Voice...Willie James Campbell's son was on there a couple weeks ago. So it must be a run on gospel singers thinking they need to be affirmed by the world and participate in the $$$...they need to know what comes along with it as one cannot simply remain neutral.

    2. I think the reason Jessie Campbell and Anthony Evans ended up on The Voice is because of the process to get on the show. Unless they made changes to season 2, no one can just walk up and audition. The five celebrity judges/mentors listen to samples of singers that are either in the industry as back-up singers, indie people, or people that may have a couple of CDs out. They do not know who they are listening to, they have to advance possible contestants at this stage based on voice alone. Those that make it get to audition and then if they are accepted, it becomes the singer's ballgame until elimination. I say singer's ballgame because they choose who they want to mentor them during the season. So that could be how Taralyn Ramsey could have gotten in on the action, she is a gospel artist that went secular and went back to gospel and then went back to secular music again. Anthony Evans has several CDs out in the gospel music industry, so I do not know how they got a copy of his audio samples. I watched a YouTube clip of him singing and he was not terrible but he was not good either. I agree with Supt. Burnett that these shows are running game on gospel artists and they are stealing them from the church without us knowing about it. Add to the complaints that gospel labels don't "promote" their artists and that they can't make money, you can see why going secular looks appealing to them. The trouble with all of this is that they will have to compromise in a major way to be successful (better productions, creative teams, gigs, etc.) and they are seeing it as a way to sell more albums since they could get a deal whether or not they emerge victorious on The Voice. Gospel artist should never look to the world for validation, it is just going to destroy them in the long run and the world will chew them up and spit them out since they do not know how to take those artists. So anyone that has a skill and/or talent should use it for God's glory and not let the world corrupt the talent plus they need to look at what they do as ministry, not a way to "cash in" on their unique skills/talents.

  14. Pastor, I am about to listen to the Podcast's. I will get back to you on that.

    Yes Pastor, the love of Christ is excellent but the judgment of Christ is just as true. There was no need for brimestone and fire, a simple explanation of John 3:16 would suffice. Look at the Tim Tebow situation with him having John 3:16 on his face and all the number's in that game that was played, it lead to people looking the verse up and giving their lives to Christ.

    As far as being proud to be black, we don't need to be validated at all. How I wish that we black people would stop celebrating celebrities, can we take a stand against the music that is destroying our youth? can we turn our eyes back on Christ? Now that would make me proud!

    I will be back a little later after a listen!

    1. Paul,

      I've got a third part that's I'll be adding and on the first 2 I pretty much deal with the ineffectiveness of those around her. In the final segment I'll deal with Jakes recent article, Tyler Perry's assertions and the overall misdirection and absurd biblical interpretations that have been applied to her life. I'll also be a little more specific on some issues I raised about the baptist church and how Whitney could come up through it, have a demon and remain unchallenged. I think I need to hit that nail squarely on the head in the next segment.

  15. I've just posted the Kim Burrell Interview on HLNI don't know what to say. Kinda amazing coming from gospel "celebrities" and personalities.


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