Monday, January 16, 2012

The New Civil Rights ~ "You're Not Black If You Don't Support Obama"

As we arrive at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday season, commemorating the struggle for civil rights and freedom from racial oppression, I want to deal with the sentiment that seems to be arising within the black community. It seems that a new thought has arisen that says that if a black person does not endorse President Obama, or if he/she critically assesses him or what he has delivered during this Presidency, that they themselves are less faithful to the black community and in many cases not really black.

Blacks Rejecting Other Blacks With Various Opinions

Although I have been observing this phenomena for a while, recently, in my community, Tavis Smiley was rejected from being a featured speaker at the annual MLK Jr. Luncheon by a group of women calling themselves the Colored Ladies Book Club. This group, consisting of what would be considered successful, black women, many of them wives of successful black men, many of whom assume the civil rights leadership position as it pertains to the local black community. The Colored Ladies Book Club threatened to "boycott" the event because they had a problem with the criticisms that Tavis regularly levels towards President Obama and his actions during his presidency in relationship to the needs of the black community. In response to the abrupt end to his invitation to motivate the Peoria black community, Tavis said this:
“I don’t see my role as one of criticizing the president. I see my role as one of holding the president – this and every other president accountable,”...“Something is wrong with this country…that so often the political right, and I am no defender of the political right…gets accused of playing the game of political correctness. What this underscores is that those on the left, the Democrats can play that game of political correctness as well,” ~ Tavis Smiley
My thoughts and insights into the situation and a review of what I believe is the error of the Book Club, can be found on the Peoria Pastors Blog.


What this sparked were thoughts towards what the black community has done to itself in light of a this black President. As I have written before, it seems that prior to this President's election, I had never seen so many relationships broken. I have seen preachers get mad and angry at one another and vow to never speak to one another again over the issue of Obama and what he means or doesn't mean to the black community and the nation. At the same time I have seen people who pay blind allegiance to everything that President Obama does simply because he's black. He is certainly a polarizing figure. 

It is the thought of blind allegiance among those who assume the lead in the fight for civil rights in this new post civil rights era that I find very dangerous. Their sentiments of "follow, don't criticize and shut up or you're not one of us" are the same type of sentiments that gave Hitler control over a nation of people and almost the world. Those type of sentiments gave Jim Jones the ability to destroy the lives of countless thousands individuals. It has been reported that many people wanted and tried to stop Hitler, and many who wanted to stop Jones, but all opposition failed because there were people willing to spot out others who may have said things that criticized the Fuehrer or their favorite religious leader, calling them, the critic, into question and public embarrassment. In case of Hitler's critics, many of them were placed in death camps because of words that didn't express complete and utter support for the leader. It seems that the new civil rights is centered around what and who a person assess or evaluates and is tempered by a political and social correctness designed to limit or impede what a person says towards certain political figures or arrangements.    

The "Black Based" Presidential Campaign

It is no secret that prior to his 2008 election, President Obama came to the black church providing promises of making history and creating a better plateau of hope for all people. He was at all major conventions and church gatherings speaking and shaking hands. He has continued to seduce organizations by sending video congratulations for their meetings and letters of excellence and support for programs. At the same time he has instituted more anti-biblical policies than has ever been seen coming from the Executive Branch of the government, even stating that "obscure portions of scripture" shouldn't be used to deny rights to millions of "loving Americans" (ie: homosexuals), So beginning at the church, the black community has been used and targeted clearly for the core support of Obama and even more so toward the upcoming election process.  

The thought is that if you are black and you don't support Obama, you're not really black and you're not really in touch with what black people want. If you don't agree with this President's policies, you're either a hateful conservative or a republican or an out of touch democrat.  The sentiment is that, "after all, all he's tried to do is give health care to countless uninsured, rescue the country from the Bush financial recession, and provide a plain landscape whereby we all can experience equality" But is any of that true or to what extent is any of it true, and even if it is all true, is it the position of any advocate of civil rights to not hold leadership accountable for their actions and policies based on the color of their skin, ethnicity or race???

The Non-Criticism Myth of the New Civil Rights Movement 

First to disagree with the President is not disagreeing with God! President Obama has represented one train of though that exists within the black community, not a total summary of thought that represent blacks. President Obama's views are boarder-line radical left wing views. For example, as our President has displayed, he believes in governmental control and intervention in the affairs of our lives and that monetary policy has no room for the disproportionately wealthy who have gained that wealth by means of work, employment opportunities or entrepreneurship. Many of the new civil rights leaders have been seduced into this same train of thought not considering that such sentiments are much more close to sentiments of communism than towards sentiments of capitalism and freedom. Prohibiting and redistributing wealth and robbing the wealthy are all signs of socialism, the vehicle upon which communism is built, plain and simple.

The seduction of the argument is where do the poor fit in this equation? It may sound like, taking from the wealthy and giving to the poor is the answer, but there are better solutions. The solution of equipping the poor to be wealthy is a much better answer to the problem. However, the new civil rights movement, can't seem to grasp that one because, quite naturally not everyone can become equipped because of individual ability. The next best step, according to them, is to do what Obama espouses, put a break or limits on the success of others through law and governmental control and penalty through taxation. 

Beyond that there is social policy that leaves much to be desired. President Obama has spent significant time developing a social policy that includes the promotion of homosexual marital rights and "equality" while paying very little attention to the needs of people at the baseline of the political and social process. His moves are in direct opposition to the held values of the core of his base which begins in the black church. It is interesting that the church would rather remain silent on issues such as these rather than holding the political leader accountable in light of his wooing of the masses in their own churches.   

Finally, It can be proven that the black community has been most severely negatively effected under the Obama Presidency. In almost every category of unemployment, poverty and crime, blacks have suffered severely under this Presidency. Some can assert that if he hadn't been President, it may have been worse for the black community, which is an argument that may have some truth to it, however the fact exists that black are suffering in most categories at twice the rate of whites in this same economy and most proponents of civil rights think the best way to address the issue is through silent criticism (which is no criticism at all) and public support based on skin color, which is a reversion of civil rights itself. 


Now, does criticizing the President in any of this make a person less black? Last I looked in the mirror, I was just as black today as I was yesterday.  In fact, because I tend to get darker with age, I'm at least a little more dark today than I was yesterday.

To criticize the President whether black or white has no bearing on a person's commitment to their community. In fact if a person is committed to their community and the betterment of all people they have no other choice but to examine ways that all governmental and political leaders should be and can be better. It would seem to me that the TRUE spirit of civil rights and the civil rights movement is rooted in actions such as these and visibly holding political officials accountable for their actions and policies. 

President Obama says that the best way to commemorate Dr. King is to commit ones's self to service of their community through volunteerism. I believe the best way to commemorate Dr. King, is to find solutions to the problems that exist and create a plan of attack to address the problems at all levels within the community. The  former civil rights generation was attacked for taking the idea of a new consciousness to the streets and placing their actions where their mouth was against the politically correct positions of the times. It seems that this new civil rights generation, have made the mistake of basing their allegiance to individuals based on skin color have violated the fundamental tenet of civil rights, which is the valuation of character and morality.

Regardless of what one may think about the theology of Dr. King, I can appreciate his dedication and commitment towards the improvement of circumstances and the equality of all people. I believe that this new civil rights generation lacks the conviction that was the staple of the success of the old.


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  1. Comedian Steve Harvey said that Obama can't do anything special for black people because he is "the President of the United States" and the entire United States includes more than just back people. He also suggests that Tavis only problem is the fact that Obama failed to appear at his town hall meeting.

    Now, this is an ignorant sentiment for many reasons. The problem is that black folk are not EXCLUDED from America and deserve the attention of the President of which blacks are part of the United States. Secondly, President Obama USED the black community as a vehicle for election and since then he has failed to connect to the needs of the poor which by far includes a large segment and e population of black folk that he promised to bring hope to.

    It's sentiments like his that seem to be funny and gain some credibility among those who don't think the issue through, but at the end of the day, this President's actions are more obscure than supported by truth.

    Here's Steve Harvey's video on the subject. Funny but pathetic in my opinion.

  2. On target article! This attitude of black stick with black and white stick with white has got to stop. President Obama has not done anything for the blacks that voted for him - but he has supported and advanced the gay movement. Why aren't the self appointed black leaders speaking out about this? Abortion rates, crimes of every kind, drug use, and the drop out rates have risen in our neighborhoods - where are the self appointed black leaders, and why aren't they speaking out???
    Let's not support someone that continues to throw black people under the bus, but rescues us when he needs us~

  3. Lady D,

    That's right. If he's President of all that includes me. I don't affirm homosexuality neither do I affirm funds for abortion. What has he done for me and the millions of others like me?

    What we have is a rise in the Boule black that believe they can control the minds of the black community as they have done in times past and create the issues that are supposedly important to us.

    But where is this Boule when our children are being murdered in the streets? Where are they in campaigning for jobs and against poverty? Where are they in lobbying against liquor proliferation in the black community?

    They have opted for photo-ops, public appearances, social and political alliances and sold us out like some of their fathers did, for grants and government money to make them look good while the grass root of the people suffer.

    This is why the community is in such a bad shape. Someone has a vested interest in keeping it that way and that someone is working within the camp to do so. Similar to the sin of Achan, these private creeps have caused the disfavor of God to fall upon all of us. When will we turn and see the true and living God?

  4. “This is why the community is in such a bad shape. Someone has a vested interest in keeping it that way and that someone is working within the camp to do so.”

    You better know it! How can billions of dollars be poured in the black community over the past 40-50 years, and we are still in disarray?????? This is unbelievable!!!

    Who’s signing the checks, and who is cashing the checks???? The example was given of Haiti and Japan; both countries suffered tremendous loss of life, property, jobs, etc… due to natural disasters. Pictures show Haitians begging, but the Japanese are rebuilding. I do understand natural resources are different for both countries; but why is one group of people working, and the other group begging? Where have the millions of donated dollars gone for the Haitians?

    Someone REALLY DOES has a vested interest in keeping these people poor and begging; why??? Because they are lining their pockets with donated dollars at the expense of future generations!!!!! Father, I pray snatch the cover off of every work of darkness and bring people into Your marvelous light~

    I’m a ghetto girl saved by God’s amazing grace, and He has restored, repaired and lined up my life with His will. This is the only thing that will save any race of people. Our trust has be in God and in Him alone; no politician, self-appointed Boule, gang-banger, or any other loud mouth, money grubbing pimp can change the hearts of man.

    Wake up church and stop allowing these people access to the pulpit! If they are not bringing the soul saving, life changing gospel of Jesus Christ – refuse entry, whatever the cost!

  5. Lady D,

    S L A in the face of Suckers, Lazy, Apathetic, and Plain ole Pathetic!!!!

    Sister was Strong in the Lord and in the Power of HIS might!!!

    And let the whole church, includin' the immovable deacons say AMEN!

  6. Black people voted for Obama because he is black. End of story. I don't believe he is some god-sent figure. If you asked the average black person in Detroit, Chicago, L.A., Atlanta, etc., about any of Obama's policies in detail, they would look at you as if you're speaking chinese. They know nothing about him. If I stopped a random black person here in Detroit, who, 9 times out of ten voted for Obama, and described to them one of George Bush's policies and said it was Obamas, they would agree with it simply because they believe it is an Obama policy.

    That's funny because that same Obama voter probably hated Bush, yet knew no more about Bush than they do about Obama. In fact, they can't distinguish a single Bush policy from an Obama policy. I could tell them a Bush policy and tell them that it's something Obama came up with and they would agree with it, simply because they believe its an Obama policy.

    Now, I believe that the problem with the black race has biblical roots. Does the curse of Ham ring a bell? I think it is why black people around the world act in the same fashion. Black people are unable to build or sustain civilization. Black people are violent. In inner cities across America, blacks, especially young black males are killing, robbing, and maiming. However, this violent behavior is not unique to blacks here in America. In sub saharan Africa, there is one atrocity after the next.

    In fact, Africa and Haiti are examples of what Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, Harlem, the Bronx, Miami, etc., would look like if you removed the white man and his civilization from the equation and just left black people to themselves. I don't mean to talk harsh about our race, but as long as we keep pretending that the white man is holding us down and invisible racism is everywhere, none of these problems will ever be solved.

  7. FM,

    I think you push it a little too far. To say something like blacks can't exist in peace and prosperity because of some curse of Ham, is more mythical and Mormon than truth.

    People of color are prevalent throughout history. The Anglo Saxon has historically small and disorganized roots. People of color, including blacks were the first mathematicians. Math indicates logical thinking and communication and evaluation skills. The world is indebted to people of color for those things.

    The curse of Ham had nothing to do with the disorganization of black folk. Sin has everything to do with that.

    So while I would agree with your political statements and misplaced allegiances of "some" of out people. I reject the notion that black folk basically can't walk, talk and chew gum at the same time without a white guide. That is not factual and perpetrating one myth to address another does nothing to further the truth.

  8. Another folk built this country. It's infrastructure wasn't planned by blacks, but the plans were put together by blacks at all levels.

    Historically, if anyone is accustomed to work, no matter the pay, it is black folk. This doesn't exclude all the hard working white folk, but the reality is that black folk were made to do and did work historically that whites would not do.

    I reference that because too many people look at this modern crowd of entitlement seduced individuals and judge a race of people by what they see. That is an unfair and not reflective of who we as a people really are.

    As I stated, this is the effects of sin, not a curse from the Lord.

  9. I say that because the evidence is all around us. Just from everyday observations and reading news reports and studying history gives one conclusion. There was a scientists named J Phillipe Rushton of the University of Ontario in Canada I believe it was. He studied the genetic link between certain behaviors and race. Of course his studies had to be shut down because they were considered racist, but that didn't make them any less true.

    One recent example I can cite happened right here in the USA during Hurricane Katrina. When Law and Order were removed from New Orleans, when the police were disbanded, when there was no threat of prison hanging over their head, how did black people there act?

    They acted as their brothers over in Haiti, South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc. They right away descended into murder and mayhem and looting. Instead of organizing and trying to form civilization, they did the opposite. Black men, who are 6% of the USA population, account for over half of those who committ homicide. And most of those are black men aged 15-35, which further reduces it to about 3%. So we have about 3% of the population committing over 50% of the murder in this country which occur.

    Differences in biology can explain a lot of this. Blacks, men and women, generally have higher levels of the hormone testosterone. Generally, the higher the level of testosterone the more aggressive and violent one is. Add to that differences in brain chemistry from whites and orientals and you have much of your answer.

    However, no one wants to face this reality. Black people or white people. This is why, black people behave in a certain pattern throughout the world in almost any situation. This is why I say something is wrong with the black race. Whites and orientals can generally build civilization wherever you put them.

    I'll end with two examples. Australia today is a first world nation. However Australia was founded by white convicts. England needed a dumping ground for their convicts and what we now know as Australia was it. These convicts made Australia into a first world nation, which it still is today.

    Liberia was founded by the US government for freed slaves. Some freed slaves were sent back to Africa and given a country to build themselves. But if we look at it today, what is the result? Would you want to move to Liberia, I know I wouldn't! I think we both would rather live in Australia instead of Liberia if we had to choose.

    I say this because I dont like our condition as a people. And the same old hand wringing and weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth about poverty, racism, guns, no after school programs, etc., that has been going on for over 40 years now won't get us anywhere. Instead, things keep getting worse.

    If its in the DNA, which it most likely is, lets admit it so we can somehow fix it.



  12. @FM okay, let's stop insulting a whole race of people. I'm educated, hard working, faithful woman of God - and I'm the norm, not the exception. I pointed out the difference between Japan and Haiti, to show a money trail that leads straight to the pockets of pimps that keep the poor enslaved. It is hard to break the cycle, but it can be done.

    And by the way, my DNA is rooted in strong black people that worked hard and never begged for anything! My family and many others were honest hard working people. And there are many successful black people in every profession, breaking through race ceilings and raising the bar.

    But no one can deny that over the past 5 decades, there has been an intentional break down of black families – I call it a social experiment run amok. The Boule has been well paid to keep the field Negros in the field. The very programs that were intended to help blacks have enslaved blacks; birthing a serious entitlement mentality, turning some men into boys and some woman into a shadow of femininity. We are reaping some bitter fruit; but it’s not too late to turn this thing around.

    And FM, you have to keep in mind that the media will only push all that is negative regarding blacks. There are many, many positive things going on in black communities across the country, but again we are only spoon fed the negative. Example: have you ever seen the documentary on the “Wild and Wonder Whites of West Virginia”? Talk about trash, but yet as the story is told, these people in all their wicked ways still come out looking like folk heroes! But If that were a black family, people would point and say, see I told you those (the n-word) were bad people.

    FM, there is much truth in some of your comments, but remember who controls the media. For every “there they (blacks) go again story” – there are many untold “there they (other races) go again stories~

  13. Lady D...I see what you're saying, but when it comes to fixing our problems as a people, it doesn't matter that a few are good, church going folks who never committed a crime. Doesn't matter one bit at all.

    Genetics is a complex subject. Thats not to say its an absolute. But if the majority of black people have to go to church and get saved just to act civilized, thats a huge problem!!!

    The media actually censors black crime. In cities all across America this summer there were mobs of black teenagers and young adults that were looting businesses and beating and maiming people just for sport. The media was completely silent on mentioning that it was black teens and instead referred to them as "youths".

    White crime isn't being hidden, it's that whites generally don't committ such crimes. They do sometimes, but for there numbers its few and far in between. That is why areas with a high white or oriental population is generally a safe area to live. That is why areas and countries with high black populations are the most dangerous on the planet.

    But no one wants to say it out loud and it is ruining us as a people. And blacks visit more madness and mayhem on one another than anyone else! That is why whites have fled the inner cities to go to the suburbs. It wasn't racism, it's that they didn't want to find themselves the victims of violent crimes.

    A few days ago at a Chuck e cheeses, a 50 year old white lady was beaten and put in the hospital because she asked some black guys to quit cursing in front of children. How did the black men react? By busting her face!

    Now i'm black and been around my people all my life. I could've told that white lady that if she dared to correct them or ask them to quiet down, she had better be prepared for a violent confrontation. I wish it could be different, but reality is reality.

    There is a reason that certain races exhibit certain patterns of behavior throughout the globe. It makes me sick when I turn on the tv and see some race baiter like Al Sharpton saying "black men shoot each other because we dont have enough community centers".

    That doesn't even make sense! Why don't japanese men need a community center to keep them from shooting each other over a dirty look, or wearing the wrong color, or standing on the wrong street corner, or a pick up game of basketball, or insert some other nonsense here?

    There are about a billion of us blacks on Earth. If 100 million were like you Lady D, that would still be only 10% and the extreme minority. Because the fact of the matter is if most of our people were like you, the problems that plague us throughout the world don't even exist. Theres a reason no one locks their doors when they see a group of asian teens or why a gathering of amish youths doesn't 9 times out of 10 end in brawls or gunfire or why high schools with a majority white/asian population don't need as many security officers as the county jail.

    Here in Detroit, we have high schools which have police precincts inside the school, because black students can't help themselves from being violent! High schools which need armed security!!!

    I wish we would admit the truth and take steps to fix it. Let's stop blaming everything and everyone else under the sun for our problems!

  14. Hello everyone,

    I had to comment on this discussion because a friend and I were discussing this today. We were discussing the differences in the behaviors of black people. We both own property and rent to low income black families. We were debating why some of our tenants tear up properties, don't pay rent or live with deadbeats who prevent them from paying their bills. We discussed if the problem came from ignorance or lack of education but after reading the post of pastor Harvey & Lady D, I now see that it's their mindset. Most of the tenants are on government assistance which affects the way they see themselves. I can say that originally I was really upset with our people & I had agreed with what fm stated. But I think the real issue is how do we help our less fortunate brothers & sisters realize that they don't have to behave this way and how do mend the ill feelings among our race that have been displayed in the posts by fm? Its really difficult to try not judge & to understand why some of our people behave the way that they do, especially when it gives a negative perseption of all of us.

  15. Also I have to say that I also voted for Obama and I got caught up with the whole 1st black president movement. But now after seeing the high rates of black unemployment,the state of our neighborhoods and the whole homosexual agenda, I now know that I was wrong. I know black people who are skilled or educated & can't find jobs. It makes me wonder if there is something that is going on behind the scenes that is preventing our people from getting jobs. I know people who refuse to get food stamps because they have worked most of their lives and come from generations that have worked all of their lives. They try to stay busy going to school or volunteering to stay out of that whole government assistance mentality. But I also have to wonder who do you vote for when you don't support Obama or his opponents?

  16. FM,

    You said:"Black men, who are 6% of the USA population, account for over half of those who committ homicide. And most of those are black men aged 15-35, which further reduces it to about 3%. So we have about 3% of the population committing over 50% of the murder in this country which occur."

    First of all, I would like to see the statistics on suicide in the black community. So if you have a link, I would be interested in taking a look.

    Secondly, none of this lends any credence to the laws that were biased against the poor and especially against the black individual. Federal judges have long known that the laws were biased. They actually penalize and focus on the victim in many cases. Recently we've seen some reversals in the criminal justice system on this issue. HERE, HERE, HERE

    This wasn't a genetic problem it was a philosophical and social/political problem imposed by the powers that be which are and were generally developed by white folk.

    An additional study on the racial profiling element of criminal justice can be found HERE.

    Here is some of what they said in their conclusion:
    "One strategy for immediate system enhancement that arises often in the emerging racial profiling literature calls for enhanced training for law enforcement personnel to better sensitize officers to the subtle and unintended ways in which broad-based racial assumptions and stereotypes may lead to racial profiling and other racially skewed justice outcomes, just as they may lead in the larger society to racially skewed patterns in employment, housing, education, and other major societal activities. Convincing police officers and other public officials of the continuing need for such training may turn out to be one of the chief consequences of racial profiling studies."

    Now, another assumption you make that is a racist one, is that blacks cannot function within their community without law enforcement or threat of penalty.

    I don't think that's supportable by the evidence, but let me revert to your position and assume it's true...I don't see a greater civility among any other race of people without law, ethics or some code of morality being placed before them. So although blacks may be visable in this regard, which the news is certainly willing to portray everything thing that blacks do as the worst thing in the world, I don't believe people in general are in any better position simply because sin affects all regardless of race or color.

    J Phillipe Rushton was a Darwinian evolutionist who believed in race and favored species in the struggle for existence. His theories were apropos to the day (1930's), but discounted on many errors that he made. Observation is only one part of science and does not necessarily constitute truth. His assertions certainly wouldn't be viable for a believer, because in his world there is no room for spiritual influence.

    Sin is a universal factor. Color is NOT a curse neither is black genetics the problem. Margaret Sanger, the developer of Planned Parenthood, may have thought so, but she was wrong just like Rushton.

  17. Youngmiss,

    Thank you for commenting and I hear your dilemma. Let me start at the latter because I feel the same. i am not poised to vote for President Obama, but the alternatives seem like choosing poison....I guess I can only go as conscience leads at the time based on the best possible information available. It certainly will be tough. Not because Romney is a Mormon or because Gingrich may be ignorant to his racially biased positions, but because NONE of these politicians can be trusted and nothing is as simple as any of them make it. In addition, to fix things, some things may have to be further torn up or torn down.

    So I am leery of politics in general and NONE of these politicians make me comfortable enough to say, OK, we're going to be all right because "insert name here" is in office.

    To the rental issue...I'm sorry for your experience. Historically, low income blacks were family oriented and took care of their property. I remember many projects back in the day had families and they swept up, maintained the grass and kept the property in good order. I've seen and experienced this for myself.

    Today we have a generation that has been broken. Many of them don't know the value or responsibility of maintaining their environment and that stems from deeper inconsistencies. There has been a breakdown and that breakdown has included the church.

    Example: you have a rental property and the church is down the street. Back in the day, the church would know all of those neighbors whether they attended the church or not. The modern church knows noone in the neighborhood. It just exists and conducts service.

    Now, if the church knows that individual and is committed to the betterment of the neighborhood, isn't it likely that that relationship would have an impact on what happens in your property?

    I have intervened and stopped neighborhood fights and conflicts that were bound to escalate to murder and all sorts of confusion. Why? Because I reach out.

    The biblical system is broken and that's the problem.

    What do you do as a landlord? Use that opportunity to bless the people of GOd.
    1-Look for opportunities to serve families which you can evaluate that have a moral base that's conducive to the preservation of your property.
    2-Create a welcome packet that not only introduces them to you and your business, but to services such as food pantry etc, that will benefit them in the community including introduction to the local church.
    3- Tell the local church, that you have a new tenet that you would like them to meet and establish relationship with your new tenets as well as keep an eye on your property.
    4- Help create or establish a neighborhood association and make the tenet of your home an automatic member of that association or neighborhood watch. In fact arrange for a meeting held at the house in the first month of residencey.

    Can you do these things without violating constitutional rights? I don't know, consult a lawyer, but I think many parts of this can be retained.

    As Christians, we can go a step further than the world's perception of how business should be. I think any of these steps can be a significant part of enhancing your "ministry" to low income families through housing.

  18. One more thing for now, I certainly don;t want to make any of you feel bad because I've been blessed by these viewpoints and FM thank you for saying what many are thinking, but are afraid to come out with.

    Now, I have heard a certain popular religious teacher say that blacks are cursed because they lead the stats in every negative statistic in the US.

    Not only does this person do the work of the now defunct KKK, and revive them himself, but he also oversimplifies the issues.

    One cannot talk about black liberation or black community improvement without dealing with education, community policing, religion, economic empowerment which includes jobs and job training and business development, poverty and a range of issues that effect and impact the black community.

    Simply looking at the numbers only displays the RESULTS of failure in all teh areas I name. If it is that blacks are the only ones providing the services to blacks in all those areas, assumptions may hold true. However, in most of these instances it's whites or others who hold the purse and provide the services...Now don't go the other way on me...whites are not totally to blame, but they cannot escape their responsibility in the issue.

    The ability to implement plans has been in their hands. As a people we are responsible for what we do with those opportunities, but there is responsibility on all sides...and speaking as the leader of a church, for what it's worth, I'm here to tell you that I AM CONVINCED THAT WE HAVE FAILED AS A COMMUNITY OF FAITH (I'm not yelling, I'm emphasizing-LOL)

    My philosophy is that it all begins at the church and with the people of God. If failure exists it is associated with OUR failure as leaders and as a community of faith. Believe me, I AM NOT exempt or exalted in any manner, and do all that I can to reverse this horrible failure that has been perpetuated within our communities.

  19. I see your point, however, you must admit, it is difficult not to notice a certain pattern of behavior around the globe. In London, England, which have no history of slavery and racism, black people still act the same. Blacks in London account for much of the violence that occurs in the city. Just like here in Detroit.

    South Africa was a 1st world nation under apartheid, but when given over to black control quickly descended into 3rd world chaos.

    The Congo, under Belgian control was the breadbasket of Africa. Now it is the rape capital of the world and can't even feed itself.

    Haiti gained independence 200 years ago and has been a cesspool every since.

    In Canada, another country with no history of slavery and racism, black folks are filling up the jails and prisons. Not because of racism, but because they keep committing crimes.

    The thing is, it's not about who commits more crimes, it's the problem with building a nation or civilization. Black people can't do it without help. Asians and whites have proven to be able to do it on their own.

    Here's a though experiment....I think you live in the Chicago area. Well, think about what would happen if the southside and westside of Chicago was walled off and given to the black people there and they were told to build a successful nation. The japanese could do it, the germans could do it. Without question. Now give that area to black people and you come back in a year or two and see what happened.

    Those areas of Chicago would be indistiguishable from Haiti or the Congo. The only difference would be the weather. Madness and mayhem would be the order of the day.

    I know that if a natural disaster happened here in Detroit, I have no illusions about how the majority of us would act. There would be no such thing as order and civility. Just like in New Orleans and Haiti, there would be rioting, raping, looting, and mayhem on a mass scale until the military could come and restore order.

    The fact of the matter is that the japanese didn't riot and cause mayhem when their earthquake happened. Even though everything was in ruins, they were still orderly and civil. And they didnt have their hands out saying "someone help us"! They did for themselves. The same when Iowa was hit with floods. How did the white people their respond. They didn't descend into an orgy of rape and murder and blaming George Bush, no they rebuilded and remained orderly and civil.

    There are racial differences in biology that govern behavior. However, they're politically incorrect to discuss. It's not that they have been disproven, it's that the only science allowed is science that proves the politically correct point of view. Therefore, an honest open discussion about it cannot take place. The PC point of view is that race is a social construct. But thats wrong, race is a biological reality. Just like sex. Men and women are biologically different, not just copies of one another with different genitals.

    And if we could recognize race is a biological reality and not a social construct and that biological differences govern behavior, maybe science could somehow alter that.


  21. Thanks for those crime stats also. What they basically say however is that by percentage of population blacks are offending at high rates...but by sheer numbers whites are offending 45% to blacks at 52%.

    However those numbers are driven by 3 categories, Felony murder, drug related murder and argument murder. In fact drug related murder is 65% for blacks and 33.9% for whites.

    But look at it. white folk exceed 70% in workplace murders and almost 80% in murders that have to do with poisoning.

    Now, merely based on the numbers (to show how numbers don;t tell the full story) are we to not go to work if white folk are there? How about to restaurants? According to the stats we're all likely to be poised if white folk have anything to do with it...

    Stats don;t make a whole case, BUT they are important. That's the problem I have with people who simply pull out stats and claim Armageddon. The facts don't normally support the premise.

  22. FM,

    I gave some misinformation in that last post:

    I'm sorry but I couldn't help but fall out on the floor with that last post...You said, cut out a part of Chicago and see what happens in a year or two-LOL-LOL-LOL!!!!

    OK, well that was the thought of Booker T Washington and the difference between he and W E B Dubois. W E B wanted reparations and our own nation. The Nation Of Islam, under Elijah Muhammad, adopted that position as well. Malcom X later deviated from it and I believe that was his death.

    Whereas, WASHINGTON, taught that blacks should develop their own communities and skills and compete with whites and whoever for jobs, contracts and whatever was offered. He didn't believe in restricted communities, but he believed in full service communities that had everything every other community had only empowered and run by black ingenuity and effort.

    Now W E B(who was also a Social Darwinist -I believe)implemented his Boule leadership known as the "Talented 10th" through the NAACP and the Urban League. This was W E B's premise of the whole discourse:

    "to attempt to establish any sort of a system of common and industrial school training, without first providing for the higher training of the very best teachers, is simply throwing your money to the winds."

    They, the "Talented 10th" were supposed to be the gatekeepers of the black community and those responsible for teaching and instructing the others.

    What does that say though?...Read it says "without first providing for the higher training"

    W E B's whole premise starts out with a "GIMME" or a "You should do this for us FIRST"

    W E B couldn't get into a majority white venue or with the wealthy white elite. BOOKER T was the one who got the invitation and the money from Andrew Carnegie, at that time the worlds wealthiest man.

    What did Carnegie know that most other affluent white males knew?

    That any people that began to receive without labor will continue to receive without labor. NOW, wait a folk labored in slavery for FREE...So we can't wholesale write off the fact that something should have been done, but to do it as it was done and to simply say to a few blacks, "we'll give you all this money so that you can maintain it for the rest"...has proven to be a combination of the greatest mistakes that this country has ever made.

    Once W E B's premise were bought into, preached and taught in every facet of our community as it was, it ruled and brought us to this point today.

    Prior to America, you can't write off thousands of years of history based on what you see in the modern world. Black folk were always better and more powerful than this.

    Let's fast forward and look at Haiti for a minute...If you think for a minute that only blacks were the influence to the destruction and condition of Haiti you've got to be kidding yourself.

    The Europeans, (French, English and Spanish) had the greatest influence in the rape and desolation of Haiti . This was Christopher Hitchens gripe about the good ole "Christ Like" Catholic Church's role in the destruction of Haiti. The desolation of Haiti was perpetuated and sponsored by misdirected and greedy white folk. Black folk are certainly responsible for their actions, but those folk were not simply black folk trying to build their own. Their own was taken and used for alternate purposes and the worst of humanity (tyrants) were placed in leadership and it became what we see today...a bastion of corruption...

    So nothing is as simple as what we see my brother and don't assume that I claim to know it all, I only know that what we are experiencing, there has been much of a foundation placed in it and we have suffered by not being built on the rock...the SOLID ROCK of Christ!

  23. OK,

    I think I got it right now...sorry about that historical blunder...

    I credited the Talented 10th to Booker T. That was a Dubois construct. I had the situations backwards and credited the worng individuals which is something I often do on this subject for some reason.

    OK we should be good now...

  24. Here's a good historical narrative on W E B Dubois: HERE

    And a good one on Booker T Washington: HERE

    There is a quote in this as follows:"Washington believed that the best interests of black people in the post-Reconstruction era could be realized through education in the crafts and industrial skills and the cultivation of the virtues of patience, enterprise, and thrift. He urged his fellow blacks, most of whom were impoverished and illiterate farm labourers, to temporarily abandon their efforts to win full civil rights and political power and instead to cultivate their industrial and farming skills so as to attain economic security. Blacks would thus accept segregation and discrimination, but their eventual acquisition of wealth and culture would gradually win for them the respect and acceptance of the white community. This would break down the divisions between the two races and lead to equal citizenship for blacks in the end. In his epochal speech (Sept. 18, 1895) to a racially mixed audience at the Atlanta (Ga.) Exposition, Washington summed up his pragmatic approach in the famous phrase: “In all things that are purely social we can be separate as the fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress.”"

    W E B called this the "Atlanta Compromise" and taught that this approach wasn't beneficial to black folk.

  25. Pastor Harvey,

    Thank you for all of your suggestions. I will definitely look into implementing some of your ideas.

    I would like to address to fm by stating that I understand where he is coming from. I also had an idea that some of our people had been cursed. As I stated before, I work in the rental industry and I have had our people break into my properties and steal copper wiring and pipes and move in and use drugs. I have seen it all. But I have never seen it this bad before. This use to be a low income problem but now it had begun to affect the middle class as well. I feel that we can't just give up on the black family and especially the black man as a whole. If we simply say that the problem with some blacks is biological than we as Christians are simply giving up!

    Previously,I had to realize that I had taken a position that is similar to fm's beliefs because of what I had experienced personally with the black man in my family. I have a father who provided for our family and appeared to be going down the right path until he retired and stayed in the neighborhood in which I was raised. Now he has become a product of his environment and has done some things that I would never have imagined that he would do. When I learned of all of this I was angry at him for staying in that environment and I thought that his behavior had nothing to do with him personally. Until I realized that he was a vietnam veteran and had worked in the citizen protection industry in which he saw and experienced some of the worst crimes known to man. Should I just say that this happened to my father because of his biology or should I recognize that this is something that is spiritual. I agree that the curse for some of our people comes from sin. My father is not a Christian and neither does he desire to be one. I think that the real issue is that many of our men have turned their eyes away from God and in this new age of pornography, drugs and internet cafe gambling, they have found new interests, which has lead to the destruction of our families.

    It is easy to just chalk the problem in our black communities to biology but there has to be something we can do as Christians to help our people, because if we don't do something no one else will.

    In closing there was a rally to save ourselves on BET when the hurricane hit Haiti. Where is the rally to save ourselves here in the United States? We need to pray for our people like we have never done before. And also these problems are not only affecting black men but it has affected the low self esteem of our young women. Someone I know recently went to have some pictures developed at a store and was told by the clerk that they had just developed 150 pictures of unclothed young black women. The lack of the black males in our homes has left a void in young women's lives that they are also trying to fill with destructive behavior. A Pastor Burnett stated, we as the body of Christ have to become involved in our communities if we want to see change because as I stated before these problems are affecting all black people not just a certain class or age.

  26. Thanks everyone for a very enlightening and insightful conversation. FM thanks for bringing your "A" game, making some good points.

    And Pastor thank you for a godly rebuttal and giving the benediction, pointing us back to the Cross and our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ; by no other Name can any race of men be saved~

  27. I do believe in the talented 10%. The talented 10% of black people have to take the bull by the horns and lead. The other 90% is hopeless without those 10%. There was an article in Detroit today of funeral directors fed up with the levels of violence in the city (which ironically is bringing them business). And I don't think anyone is more qualified to speak on black violence than inner city funeral directors. The man in the video owns Swanson Funeral Home, which is one of the premier funeral homes here in Detroit. I think he is a COGIC member as well.

    But whatever the cause may be, only God is the one that can straighten it out at this point.

  28. Thanks FM, I have made that video another post. It is an important and timely message.

  29. Here's just another little thing that we have to contend with with this Presidency:

    January 31, 2012

    Dear Friend,

    On January 20 the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reaffirmed a rule that under the new health care law, virtually all private health care plans must cover sterilization, abortifacients, and contraception.

    The rule is set to take effect August 1, 2012. Non-profit religious employers that do not now provide such coverage, and are not exempt under the rule’s extremely narrow definition of religious employer, will be given one year to comply.

    To correct the threats to religious liberty and rights of conscience posed by the new health care law, the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act has been introduced in Congress (H.R. 1179, S. 1467). This measure will ensure that those who participate in the health care system “retain the right to provide, purchase, or enroll in health coverage that is consistent with their religious beliefs and moral convictions.” It is more important than ever that Members of Congress be urged to co-sponsor and work to pass this measure.

    If you have not contacted your Representative and two Senators on this matter in the last couple of days, please click on the link below to send your message.

    Responding to the January 20 announcement, Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York and president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, stated: “In effect, the president is saying we have a year to figure out how to violate our consciences.” Noting that the Obama administration “has now drawn an unprecedented line in the sand,” the Cardinal-designate urged that the HHS mandate be overturned.

    Thanks for all you do in support of life!

    Michael Taylor
    Executive Director

    Click the link below to log in and send your message:

  30. They don't believe their own rhetoric. I see it as all politics doing and saying whatever it takes. Once again, we have to ask if they think Americans are that stupid to fall for the guilt-card.

    Or maybe their DO believe this nonsense and it's just all part of their idiology. We don't want to go down the road of socialism, but there is a surprising percentage of Americans that think it's the right way to go.

  31. See, why is it that African Americans have to be recruited to work for an Obama reelection? Then to associate his reelection with Black history month is especially manipulative to me. We already know he's made Black history. He's not through yet though...This is a mess!

  32. Stated this in look what we have...Stacey Dash, Greg Anthony and others under attack simply because they won't support this President who clearly has failed policies all the way around...

    Guess what, I ain't either!!!!


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