Friday, October 15, 2010

Pastor Burnett, 877 Blessed & Chicago Radio

Sunday Oct. 17th 2010 Pastor Harvey Burnett, founder of New Bethel Ministries and The Dunamis Word blog, will be the featured Pastor on "The Power That Worketh" radio broadcast on station WSRB Soul 106.3 FM Chicago at 3:30 PM CST. 

This will be a 15 minute segment and there will be a live internet stream. So please tune in. Simply click the WSRB link above and the "Listen Live" tab and you're in. 

This segment, on a secular station, is called 'The Pastor's Round Table' where there will be discussion about the mission of the church in the communities in which we live. The host of the show is Mr. Curtis Green the founder of 877 Blessed877 Blessed is a church locator designed to connect individuals with churches in their area all over America.  

Be sure to tune in. This is bound to be a powerful 15 minute


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  1. For those who were able to tune in I hope you were blessed. We certainly didn't get into any controversial waters, but what was discussed was powerful...Did you know what the bank foreclosure debacle was really about before this segment??? I had no idea myself, but I'm spreading the word!

    GOd bless Mr. A.C. Green and I look forward to being on the show again.


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