Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Teaching Lessons & Zero Tolerance

The Alleged & Accused Predator:

This is Pastor Edwin House of the Light House Church Of God In Christ of Crescent, Oklahoma.

"Nothing is going to change at the church,”

Or at least so says Pastor House. Even though he is charged with 5 counts of  lewd molestation he can't get away from our church. You know COGIC? My church. The church with leadership that has recently enacted a ZERO TOLERANCE policy against sexual abuse, misuse, and crimes.

The Alleged Co-Defendant & Accused Conspirator:

I am quite sure that by all accounts Mother Lovenia House, charged with child neglect,  Pastor House's wife, (unfortunately as pictured here) is a great women and I hope that what I read (about them both) and am about to say IS NOT true.

The reason that Mother House was arrested and is in this picture is because according to NewsOK she said the following regarding the reason why her husband/pastor felt on, and I said FELT ON, her foster child's breast. They reported:

"Lovenia House told investigators her husband touched the girl’s chest to teach her how boys might act if she continued to dress provocatively."

Now that's only ONE of the alleged crimes that Pastor House committed here but that by itself is enough to make me ask like my caveman friends  

Is that how we teach our youth lessons in the church now? We demonstrate upon their persons what they will experience at the hands of others, "if they don't straighten up"???

Is that how we teach lessons on what could happen in situations?

Is that how fathers should raise their children and how their mothers should support the children?

Is that how spouses display love toward one another nowadays? By letting them molest others to teach lessons? Maybe this is a new ministry in the church. The "Let me show you how someone will do you ministry"

It's The Child's Fault
Since I have been examining these type of cases, one thing that I have read and continue to read in almost every case is that somehow it is the child's fault when things like this occurs. NOW TO BE FAIR there are some jilted lovers, who sleep around with the pastor and when they don't get what they want they claim "molestation" "rape" or some other forms of abuse. Then there are others who only want $$$$$$...Can we say the initials DK??? (we'll talk about that one a little later)

All too often however, there are serious and legitimate situations where individuals are damaged and harmed with absolutely no fault of their own. These children are damaged from the beginning. Many of them not knowing what to do with their life, and to be taken advantage of like this is beyond tragic.

Where Do They Go?

With all of what is said, where do these youth go when they have experienced this molestation at the hands of older freaks and perverts? (younger ones too for that matter) What recourse do these that have been damaged have when even the women tell them "he was just showin' you how them boys will do you if you're not careful"? Real leadership must stand strong to affirm what is right. Protect the children and care for them, not use them.

Zero Tolerance

Well, all I can say is , Thank God, that COGIC now has a ZERO tolerance policy regarding these issues. With the help of the leaders of the COGIC, I'm sure that this pastor will be removed until a full investigation can take place. Even though the church supports the pastor and says he did no wrong, COGIC's ZERO Tolerance policy will straighten things out for us, the young people that have been damaged, will hopefully get all the psychological and spiritual help they need and all will be right with the world shortly!



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