Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Are Your Children Safe At The Doctor?

One would never think in a million years that aside from potential germs, that the Dr's office could be an unsafe place, and that medical professionals entrusted with the most intimate details of our physical bodies would perpetrate terror upon children.
Then we enter the world of Dr. Earl Bradley who received a 160 page indictment on 471 counts of sexual crimes against 103 children some as young as 3 months old...3 MONTHS OLD! He is currently being held on $2.9 Million cash bond. This is one of the most tragic events I have ever seen. Aol News reports the following:
"Charges against Bradley include first-degree and second-degree rape, first-degree unlawful sexual contact, first-degree reckless endangerment, second-degree assault, sexual exploitation of a child and continuing sexual abuse of a child. "These were crimes committed against the most vulnerable among us -- those without voices," Biden said. The crimes were "committed by someone with whom an entire community and parents had placed their trust." Bradley was initially arrested on 33 felony charges, including rape and sexual exploitation of a child. That arrest came on Dec. 16 after a 2-year-old girl told her mother that Bradley had taken her into a basement room of his office and hurt her. A search warrant executed on Bradley's medical practice and home resulted in the discovery of more than 13 hours of video recordings depicting multiple incidents of child sexual abuse, authorities said. It remains unclear how many of the alleged victims in the recordings have been identified. The number of alleged victims has significantly increased throughout the course of the investigation, prosecutors said. They said they expect to add more counts to the already lengthy indictment."
The Biden in the story is the son of Vice President Joe Biden, Attorney General Beau Biden.  Mr. Biden stated that reports on this molester go back as far as 2005. CNN reports that this may even go back as far as 10 years. It is also reported that everyone has joined in the effort to make sure that Dr. Bradley never practices or sees the light of day again. The Delaware Board of Medical Practice revoked Bradley's medical license at a public hearing last week. and reportedly stated the following:

"The order entered by the board today furthers its mission of protecting the public," board President Raymond L. Moore Sr. told "Our actions to date reflect the seriousness of the charges and of the impact on the victims. We are imposing the most severe sanction available under our statute by permanently revoking the medical license of Earl Bradley, M.D."
There are plenty of questions about all of this such as how did the Dr. get alone time with the children?
Where were the other professionals in this practice? Did they notice anything strange over the years?
Why did it take the court so long to move and respond off of supposedly credible complaints over the years?

In short, it was the video evidence that is the most damaging. Hours of videos of children being abused. What a tragedy. Parents hold on to your babies. I know I will.



  1. How sick? he became a pediatric Dr. so that he could molest these children.

    How on earth can these types of allegations be made and no one say a word. Even if they were lies, you just have to look into it as much as possible and he can sue those who lied after the fact.

    May The LORD deliver and stregthen those who have been abused and may this man repent of his sins and turn to Christ.

    Pastro, not sure if its important but you put Dr. "Biden" in the paragraph that says CNN says it may have been going on for ten years.

  2. Thanks Paul, I'll get that corrected but it is a shame.

    As you said, someone either didn't listen or didn't care about 10 years ago and now everyone cares. I mean did it take the video tapes to convince? I've heard some people say just looking at him indicates that he has a problem. That may well be true, but then there was all kinds of chatter previously that's sad.


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