Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Legacy Of The Modern Church

Time To Air Some Dirty Laundry

The 21st Century church is undergoing a modern metamorphosis of epidemic proportions and if it were not for the prayer of Jesus:

Lk. 22:31-31~ "31-And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired [to have] you, that he may sift [you] as wheat: 32-But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren."

The church and all believers would certainly be without hope.

If it were not for the promise of God, I would also be confident that the mutations that we see are irreversible. Why? Because what is emerging does not look like, act like, taste like or even smell like what the apostles and early church died for and what the pioneers of the faith contended for. In fact what is emerging doesn't even resemble any part or type of the dedication that the church had 50 years ago.

Pt. I: Pastor, We've Advanced So Much

Yes we have made our advances in the 21st Century. As noted in my post What Does 21st Century Holiness Look Like?, we as a people, now look better than ever. We live in better homes, we are more mobile and more adept on an array of issues. We are regular thespians in our Platonic and Socratic understandings of the world in which we live. We have made progress in networking, information exchange, systems upgrades, ecumenical ministry target marketing and all, but at what cost has this success come? What has the church paid in return for many of the advances that we have made? Has it cost us a debt that we cannot pay?

One only need to look around to see why I'm even asking the question. From leadership on we seem to be
suffering from a dreadful hangover preceded by all night binge drinking and drugs that have filled our minds and hearts with our self and self advancement. The immoral lethargy that has been left in our wake will continue to speak to individuals for generations to come. Currently, we have persons claiming to be Bishops of the Lord's Church that have multiple wives contrary to the scriptural mandate. Yet others that live in  and embrace homosexuality in spite of biblical prohibitions. Then there are the many cons and rip off artists the virtual Simon Magus's that are ever so crafty at setting a stage of illusion until you almost believe even against what you already know.

Now, they don't hide their intents. The Tonex's are only replaced by more accepted homosexuals such as double earring wearing Donna Lawrence and others like him who seek the freedom of Gospel while remaining bound in, to, and within their sins. Even when we think they're down for the count, they ofter reemerge as television and reality show personalities with new spouses and life partners that they supposedly acquired on the dating scene and by the "leading of the Lord".

Many of them have even created a new biblical apologetic to deal with their modern failures and excesses. Leaders such as Paula White, claim that the will of God is so obscure at times that marriage is now only for a "season" and they even bring scripture to support their views:

Ecclesiastes 3:1~"To every [thing there is] a SEASON, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:"

They have lived and spent so much in their time and energy chasing destiny, $5,000 pens, mega conferences, CD and DVD sales until they have forgotten about the difference that they were supposed to make. Now it's all about the $$$ and "what have YOU done for me lately?"

One thing we can say, is at least this morphological change is an equal opportunity metamorphosis. It covers all denominations and stretches across all theological boundaries and has no particular appetite other than a more rampant desire for sin heresy and unrighteousness. It would seem that there's plenty of company and a right environment for it to flourish.

The Outside Influence
This morphological condition of the church is promoted and encouraged by entertainment personalities such as my dear Queen Oprah, who entertains weak kneed pastors and spiritual leaders who claim that

 "being gay is a gift from God,” [1/8/09, the Rev. Ed Bacon Pasadena’s All Saints Church, Episcopal on Oprah's Spirituality 101]

Now, there is a spiritual leader or guru on almost every street corner and if that weren't enough, palm reading, tarrot cards and Ouija board use is on the increase especially among the youth looking for a supernatural manifestation or a way to find out how and when they'll receive what they want and desire.

Because the preaching of the Gospel has been perverted into the preaching psychology, self improvement and behavioral centered talks, whole denominations are more than empathetic to certain causes of unrighteousness and ungodliness and have found that it's better to go with the flow like any old dead fish than to actually resist the flow by swimming upstream to make the stand that our community needs. The evolutionary swing of the church is well underway and in full bloom.

Pt. II: Not My Church?

Although your church is not exempt, some within my church continue to take me to levels of exacerbation that I never would have imagined or thought that I would see.

Just contemplate on this story for a minute:

Looking at the pictures of these two young black persons, one would think they are perfect candidates for salvation and are typical examples of the church's mission field. Although this it is true, it may not be true how we think it's true. You see, up until recently these individuals claimed to be "saved" folk who were in Pentecostalisms original sanctified/holiness church, The Church Of God In Christ.

The story goes like this, you see, this young lady, 16 years of age, invited a married man to her home late at night through sending various and multiple text mails  for oral sex....YES ORAL SEX... This must have been the new Bill Clinton way to not really have sex...nevertheless, this was done on a Jr. SAINTS (or at least church member's) invitation...The part that is even more strange is that her momma was home, her stepfather was home, even her mommas momma was home at the time. the house was full. All of the  efforts and  consorting resulted in an early AM encounter whereby the church musician, known as DJ (pictured below) was arrested after he ran from the house butt naked in the middle of the night and was found hiding in the back of his car cowering, cold and did I already say butt naked? HERE'S the news story of you have a hard time believing me. 

Now, I want to ask, does anybody see anything wrong with this picture...or should I say THESE PICTURES?

Thanks to our advancement, we are able to see people almost johnny on the spot (no pun intended) when things happen. These photographs are current photos from the websites of the individuals. One minute, I almost forgot, about the blurb that goes along with this 16 year old (claiming 18) young lady's picture which read as follows:


OK, If you could read that, you see that this young lady says that she loves God FIRST, then herself and all others come down the line... Then she goes on to say that she hates boys that try to get at her because of her looks and that she may be young but she is smart...Hmmmmmm!

First, after the God part, are any of what she says even biblical sentiments? Is she espousing or pronouncing any Christian doctrine or even church doctrine. After all she is one of the main subscribers to her church's web site, right beside the young man listed below. What is that? Let's look at how smart she was:

Was she smart enough to not call a married man? NO!
Was she smart enough to meet him outside the house? NO!
Was she smart enough to not leave a text rail? NO!
Was she smart enough to repent of her sins and lust for a married man? NO!
Was she smart enough to find a way around righteousness and God. OBVIOUSLY NO!
Was she smart enough to simply live right, turn around not showing her posterior and present herself as a godly young lady? NO!

I'm sorry but I can't see the smart here that she professes to have. Secondly, and probably even more importantly, is this what our Jr. saints are taught within the confines and walls of our churches? Have our churches become so ineffective and let the standard down so low until the only change that we see is change while the music is playing or the favorite preacher is preaching?

I direct this specifically to the young members of my church. I told ya that God sent Donnie to deliver a particular word and that word was to rid ourselves of sexual immorality while we had a chance. In fact in the city where these two young people lived, not too far away from the church, the call of God was made for them and others to turn, repent, purge and be clean. But what happened?

Then look at this brutha...Is that YOUR Church's musician and music director? Are you sure?

Does your church musician call himself a SUPERSTAR? Does he/she proudly display their  tattoos open chest and lead with a decidedly soft sexual provocativeness? Is this the presentation of the modern church?

This is the young man who I mentioned above. (DJ aka Dwayne Wilson) the young man who was so selfish that he didn't care about his wife, his family, his church or his God. He just had to get him a little (or not so little) young thang in the middle of the night, in her room, in a house full of other grown folk. He though so much of her that he snuck through her window and at some point got confused and pretended that she was his wife, that was at home probably knowing and praying that he would slip up just enough to embarrass himself openly...but maybe not quite this much openly. Anyway, this is what it landed him:
Arrest Date/Time 11/17/2009 03:11
Assigned Court GS
Division 07 Session 9:00 a.m. Court Date 12/09/2009 For ATTORNEY
BondSet 30000.00 Bond Paid 30000.00
Sequence # Description Class Disposition Fine Amount
This isn't new. We all remember J. Moss another recent casualty of Lust back on the battlefield claiming to be better and even more effective than he was prior to him fathering a child, offering to pay for an abortion and refusing to even show up in court.

Then there's the leadership. I feel for my brother pastor (Pastor Rolfe) , who is seemingly a forgiving man; but the Pastor seems to miss the picture, by failing to distinguish the difference between infidelity between adults and a criminal act.

“The word of God teaches us to forgive and to pray,”...“The best thing I can do as a clergyman is to extend God’s hands of forgiveness.”

It seems that pastor Rolfe is completely unaware of the dangers of molestation and pedophilia within the church. I will say that I don't believe that he's alone in his lack of understanding, but how could this be? The bible is replete with instructions of what to do, what to avoid and why God is not pleased in situations like this. Many (Pastors) in this situation are afraid to speak and set things in perspective because some members of the congregation (they feel) may be offended and take their body and money elsewhere. But to out of hand say that you must forgive a criminal who's involved with possibly multiple women in the church, and certainly has no respect for the integrity of the ministry...What about them that really want to be saved and them that need the protection of the church and leadership? What about those that thought that the church was supposed to be a safe haven for their kids and young adults? Is there no support or reconciling of what is right and what is wrong for these that are members of the flock of God?

With all of this I began to wonder, are these the type of images that holiness is producing in the 21st Century? Is the church now the buffet for sex and sexual immorality? Is our style and ability to integrate the 'world' into what we do now our defining measure whereby we can affirm that we have arrived?

Pt.III: The Tale Of The Freaky Deacon

As I said this isn't a COGIC only issue. This is a sinful heart issue. Those sinful hearts unfortunately cling to every organization and denomination under heaven. For example, we can look to our PAW (Pentecostal Assemblies of The World) brethren and the Greater Grace City Of David  in Detroit, Michigan where a certain unnamed, faithful, and alter working deacon tied to get a hold of my sister...YEP, I said my sister, some time ago. Now, this deacon also solicited oral sex not as a recipient, but as a willing provider.

Here's a sample of the text trail that he left:

1- Please can I eat it?
2- If you don't like oral sex, what else can I have?
3- Can I taste it?
(She asked why he was so vulgar and as a saved man why he wanted to do what he wanted to do. This was his response:)
4-  because I'm willin' to wine and dine U 5- It's no fun winen' and dinen' and don't get no (xxxx).
(When she responded: "You must be used to women that just don't care about them-self. That's 2 bad") 
6- Yea, tell that 2 one of them suckers u b with, I don't mine spendin' money as long as I'm gettin (xxxx)

The deacon, thought that he should be free enough to ask a fellow church goer (that didn't go to his church-thankfully) for sex outside of any marital commitment. This deacon is said to work the alter and even assist with communion in his church.

Even In My Own District:

In dispelling my duties as a Supt. I have also come across some situations that made me cringe and pray. One such situation was that of a young lady who was especially gifted to sing. She came to me from another church claiming that she was struggling with bisexuality and immoral and unhealthy sexual practices as it pertained to the church. What was happening? You see this church was only interested in looking like they were having church. The shouting, dancing and loud talk were all the rave. However when the youth left the church, they were getting involved in sexual sins.

So here we have one of the primary psalmists of the church being pressured after church by one of the choir member/musicians of the church for sex and this was known to be happening. Not only that but she had a personal struggle in her relationship with other lesbian oriented women in the same church...What did the church and pastor do?

Kept right on shoutin', dancin, actin' and playin church!

Pt. IV: The Clash Between The World & The Church

Unfortunately, the legacy that we are leaving is not a good one and it certainly won't be an inheritance that our children will enjoy or be proud of. Now we have church folk that approach one another like the world and with what the world is familiar with (FYI: "the world" is holiness church terminology for those who don't serve God)

I would offer this in contrast however, there are not many people outside the church that will do or be entertained or involved with these vulgar practices. As I often say, every sinner doesn't sin the same and some, although sinners, would never do some of the things that we find some of our fellow Christians doing in church. So this isn't simply a problem of "the world" per say as it is a problem with eroding moral values, and a lack of respect for mankind and a low personal and self respect.

Self respecting individuals simply don't engage in these sorts of behavior, yet alone SAINTS and people of God seeking God and being serious about their spiritual relationship with him.  Yes, we may have faults and I don't want to discourage anyone struggling in any manner and seeking to overcome those faults and sins, however there is a difference and the scripture still says this:

Proverbs 28:13 ~ "He that COVERETH HIS SINS shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh [them] shall have mercy."

No matter who we are, COGIC, PAW, AOG, ELCA, BAPTIST, CATHOLIC, METHODIST, PRESBTYRIAN, and the list goes on and on, we can't simply avoid the issues of sin and unrighteousness and think that God will bless us anyhow...It won't work!

If there's anything we can practice, it's righteousness and true holiness:

2 Corinthians 7:1~ "Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, PERFECTING holiness in the fear of God."

I pray that our churches and youth groups will go back to chastity and righteousness as a way of living. I pray that the men would go back to being accountable and keeping young ladies out of their faces. I pray that our TRUE mothers would return to teach the young ladies how to handle and respect their own bodies. I pray that leaders of God's people will be so concerned about the people that they will do what a commentor named Nightmare who frequents this blog asked me...He said, (and I'll paraphrase) IF you in the service of other people found that you had to go to hell to save them, would you do it?

To some that sounds foolish and makes no sense. Why? because many will never place themselves in between anyone else and danger. I got the message from nightmare's comments and am proud to say that if he means by this that in order to save someone, are we willing to pay the ultimate price, I gladly say yes Lord!

We know that God is faithful and certainly righteous, however the question remains, ARE WE?


Special Update 12/5/2009:

According to the Commercial Appeal of Memphis, Bishop Jerry Maynard has been voted as CEO of St. Mark COGIC. Pastor Rolfe will remain as pastor, but Maynard will be CEO. What that means, I don't know. However if you would like more information on Maynard who was as good as gold in my book at least until Bishop G.E. Patterson passed away...go HERE and HERE...That's the new CEO. Lord help us please!


  1. Pastor, I gotta digest this before I can really comment, what is going on?

    I am not playing holier than though I have had my struggles with sexual immorality but for me I was depressed, sick in my soul and kept crying out to God!

    I am confused by saved people LOVING sin in this manner, the worse feeling is that you have dissapointed God and that fellowship is broken.


  2. A businessman and church deacon had me alone and isolated. With my arms pinned, he forced kisses on me as I struggled and asked what in the world he was doing! He said "I just love you with the love of the Lord". I was very lucky that it ended there, but I'll never forget those words.

    My husband (my ex) told me it was my fault for being so friendly. I had a lot of guilt for a long time before I matured and realized that men can be pigs. The picture of Jimmy Swaggert is in my mind, those crocodile tears and his confession "I have sinned against you Lord".
    What used to be hidden is now coming to the light, and not many care! What used to be uncommon has become common. The little foxes ARE the vine! As long as you have a congregation that will look away or say "that's ok", nothing will change. Not much different from all the false teaching out there because it's all spoiled, corrupted.

    So what's a christian like me to do? Expose it (as you have done) and defund it. Make the case that the congregation in these noted instances is sowing into moral poverty and destruction.

  3. Laura,

    totally on point. Yes, this is a total mess. If they don't get honest with God and repent then he will allow them to be exposed in the worst way.

    It's sad that many of these individuals have had plenty of time to repent and get this right, but now the house of cards is falling down. Thank God for that, just wonder how many people have been damaged through the years...

  4. Paul,

    It was and is heavy. I though about not doing this piece, but I said i wonder if anyone else is in the situation and feeling powerless? I said maybe this will give them hope to know that there are many of us who are on their side and who have not bowed our knee to baal.

    A personal struggle is one thing. We all are striving and will continue that until Jesus comes, but crimes and endorsement of crimes is another. Then there is the total violation of God's word...when people approach things so callously they are devoid of the spirit of God and righteousness...that's the problem.

    We can struggle together and we'll be good...but when the people of God and the helpless are treated like candy in a candy store and picked over so recklessly that's a whole new deal.

  5. Praise the LORD!

    Pastor Burnett,
    I have been following things afar since October. My 82 year old widowed father is at a point in life that he cannot take care of himself anymore. So I have been helping my only and oldest sister with his health. He has been in and out of the hospital 3 times since October 9th. But praise GOD, the LORD has been merciful and really doing a great work of spiritual healing as well as physical healing to my father. But you are still in my thoughts and prayers.

    I have been seeking the FATHER and crying out to HIM concerning our Ichabod state in American Christianity--the glory has departed Israel(the Church in America). There is a spiritual civil war (Saul vs. David) going on in the Church right now.

    The Ark of the Covenant was taken from Eli and his sons became apostates. GOD is judging Eli and his sons. GOD is judging Saul's house right now. David(the true Body of CHRIST) is hiding in the wilderness right now...going through severe purging and chastening and being taught through the examples of Eli and Saul right now what not to do. And just as David wept for Saul...We are to do the same for these modern day Sauls and Elis! Amen.

    The Tabernacle of David will be raised up by the LORD after the Eli's and Saul's are removed one way or another. This young minister of music getting caught...look at it from this perspective...his getting caught means GOD loves him enough to chasten him, and to keep him from further destruction if he repents. If GOD had not brought his sins to the light, the young man would have surely lost his soul and became 100% the devil's child. I tell people all the time...punishment, shame, and demotion is GOD's hand of correction and a form of salvation..if the person repents! That's the key.

    I now know why my Bible fell open to the account of David's concern to bring the Ark back to Jerusalem (our bodies are now the temple of the HOLY GHOST). David did wrong the first time...and a man lost his life. David got things in order with the Levites and Priests and Israel(the Church) was restored and lived in victory! Because the Power and the Glory was back!

    The Phyllistines (world) is making total fun and mockery of the Church in America...because the Ark(Power) is gone! Yes, we have anointings, and spiritual gifts come from GOD...but the "DUNAMIS" ...The Ark of the Covenant that dwelt in a box...GOD is going to chose men and women after HIS OWN heart that HE can dwell in and HE will do the works through them(HIS Body of CHRIST). GOD will not give this power to Elis and Sauls!

    Be Encouraged my brother...GOD is not through with us yet...These things must come to pass!

    EnochWalked AKA Elder Grover W Stephens Jr

  6. Wow....I just don't know what to say...WOW! This is all very disturbing. I was a part of a church a while back whose leadership exhibited some scandelous stuff that I later found out about through a friend. This post is making me think of all the craziness going on in the church and it's just wild. Whatever this disease is that's permeating our church, I pray it doesn't touch me. I just had a pastor friend...someone who I would have never suspected...get sat down due to moral failure in his marriage and it hurt. Really bad. I really looked up to him. Still do. Yet I can never look at him the same. It just compels me to examine my life constantly to make sure I'm on point and walking in repentence. I don't want to be duped into thinking I can't fall. Know what I mean?

  7. EnochWalked,

    Great to hear from you my brother and I the Lord give you and teh family strength in taking care of your loved one, I know how that is as I've expereinced that with my Mother-in-law also.

    Quick ad: Readers email me for some LTC Long Term Care insurance to address those important financial issues. That will take a load off financially IF it's ever needed...The current directive is to place everyone in a nursing home and there is limited or no dollars for home health care which has been proven to be the best recovery aid for people that are in need of care.

    OK, back to the real deal-LOL (and I'm NOT shamed because the church suffers right along with it's people in events and times like we need balance)

    Elder, you're right on point. The glory has been reduced to men and been stripped away from God. You remember this post don't you:
    God, Taking His Glory Back From The Philistines

    This along with your commentary and assessment is on time for this day.

    Lord help us!

  8. Khalid,

    I know the feeling my friend. I had a ministry associate partner of mine that had a very bright furure of kicking off a joint ministry and doing some great and wonderful things in the name of the Lord, but he fell into sin also.

    Thank God he made it out and is rebuilding, but he had every bit of potential as anyone I've ever seen.

    Failure is not the real issue with me. I mean when we evaluate ourselves honoestly we can't be too intense on that (in my opinion)...The problem I have is these excuses and new biblical techniques of these cats to justify their sins and the blatant minimization of sin...

    these individuals do this and then say things like "is that all that was done?" as if it is somehow less significant or even normal.

    So look Bru, if you have an issue, we'll pray together, you do the same for me if I have one, but when WE make excuses and all this other garbage up then we're in danger of God's wrath. Some of these people don't even acknowledge their sins, just keep skipping like it doesn't matter.

    So thanks and good to hear from you. Did you get my email some months ago? I learned something my brother...of which I REPENT...You- know.

    (BTW- for the reader we're not talking about a personal sin or sins either, I'm talking about an error in judgement)

  9. Pastor, Id hoped beyond hope that I would see just a slither of righteousness emerge somewhere in this case with so much ripe potential to reverse what we have been documenting happening in the church. It was like after the PB made his comments, God immediately allowed a test to arise. I would even venture to say the people in a sense are irrelevant, but the circumstances are.

    If ever there was a clearer opportunity, this was it.
    As you have said this dirty laundry has laid bare numerous and layered inbred vices in the Lord's church, yet the silence and detachment of leadership is stunning and staggering dereliction.

    All I have to say is that I am deeply dissapointed. Whatever hope I had that I was speaking to men who possessed Christian character is gone. As EW said, ichabod is indeed upon our doors.

    I still trust God that all things will work together for the good. And I will still cry aloud and spare not with no respect of persons until the Lord relieve me of this burden.

    To EW: God bless you my brother. Miss you much and pray God's will and blessings be upon you and your family.

  10. "Khalid,

    I know the feeling my friend. I had a ministry associate partner of mine that had a very bright furure of kicking off a joint ministry and doing some great and wonderful things in the name of the Lord, but he fell into sin also."

    Brother Burnett:

    No one 'falls' into sin, they 'walk' right into it, face first and eyes wide open! The Bible states this about when a man commits sin, "...Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:
    But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.
    Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death." (James 1:13-15 KJV)

    It seems almost every day, another story comes out about incidents like this happening in the church. I must say though, I was raised COGIC, and stuff like this has been going on for years in the COGIC church, I know for a fact. I'm a 'mature' adult now, but I remember as a young person in the church, I knew of young teenaged girls around my age that ended up in hotel rooms with visiting 'evangelists' that were running revivals at the church I attended and forced into sex. My own pastor during the time, a married man with children, carried on affairs with women in the church and several 'babies' came forth from his 'dallying', one of them, a girl my age who was married. He got her pregnant and she had an abortion. Her marriage eventually ended in divorce. He even summoned me down to his office after church one Sunday night. He needed to 'talk' to me about something. My mom had called my friends to find out where I was, because I had not made it home from Sunday night service and my friends had returned home from church long before she called them. My mom got in her car in the cold winter night and drove down to the church, tore through the sanctuary, downstairs to the pastor's study and barged right in. We weren't doing anything, but I don't know what he would have done had my mom not come when she did. I do know that the guy had something up his sleeve, he just could not execute his plan that night! also, I was almost raped by a church musician. I had to fight this guy off me, he had me pinned down and I could not move. But, it was like, all of a sudden, the hand of God reached down and just pulled this guy off of me. He stopped trying to rape me, like cold turkey, and never said a word to me. The whole incident was surreal, and it traumatized me. But I thank God, He got me through it. I was a saved teenager during all these incidents and was and still am serious about my walk with the Lord. These men were just predators in the church. There were so many incidents like this at my church and other churches, as well, homosexuality and you name it. Yet, folks kept right on bucking and sweating and shouting and speaking in tongues and preaching and singing and dancing and falling out (wow)...
    God is pulling the covers back and exposing all this sin - and it is about time!

  11. Excellent post. This really has been a problem in our church for too many years, but I guess I only noticed it when I hit puberty and started to attract wanted and unwanted attention. Mothers taught us to keep our legs closed, but if someone pries, manipulates, or worse forces them open you get the same treatment/closed eyes as the one with her legs akimbo. I went to AIM in Tampa and I promise late after a service the elevator door going to my room opened on a floor where a girl was sitting facing the elevator sitting semi indian style where one knee is bent upward, in a skirt. Its only as the door closes I realize what my tired eyes saw - this girl flashing us in the elevator? Not flashing cause she sat there and didn't move just looked back at us as a kid got off.

    I can recall being a teen and having an issue with some of the goings on between males and females. We suspected a musician who married a church girl cause he got her pregnant, was the father of his teen (14-15) sister-in-laws child, cause she was mum about the father, and he lived with his wife in the family house with parents and other siblings, and he was foul-all over the place. 15 years later I still don't know that is not his child. He was attracted to my cousin who was 15 at the time and would try to get her hemmed up as Laura described. For that reason she didn't like coming to church during district or state functions when his church was present. I know had we went to our bishop he would've shut it down! But I guess since this was not really discussed in church, we just had to duck and dodge being accosted with unwanted advances.
    Where is this man today? After he divorce 1st wife, he remarried but still carried on affairs as his popularity as a church musician increased. He divorced again and was living single until he was arrested this time last year for statutory rape of a 15yr old. Today he is in jail, minus his legs - I believe he was diabetic but I understand someone got hold of him in lock up and showed him what they thought about his crime.

    Your comments about your sister reminded me of an incident a couple years ago another relative inadvertantly gave her cell number to an admirer at another church, who proceeded to blow her up with raunchy jokes and "forward this to 10 people if you love dolphins" type of stuff the very next week and they had not had a real conversation yet. The final straw was a picture sent of a womans hand on her computer mouse, which at first glance looked like something other than her hand on a computer mouse (I even looked down at my hand on my mouse and did not get the same effect the picture did). An hour later she was emailing me her new cell number.

    So now I'm an adult and I hear some of the "compliments" from "brothers" at church that let me know you only focus on my anatomy, even dressed attractively but not as to attract. If I wanted to hear all that I could've stayed in the world. Its no wonder some sisters backslide for a minute and get them a muslim or something. Between the ones trying to get in your pants, the ones switching in theirs, the few that can talk reasonable to you without their wives giving you the eye, the one preaching our place is in the home barefoot and pregnant (by who I wonder, not none in here), the too old, too young - a simple convo like "good afternoon sister, you are looking lovely today, want a bean pie and a paper?" starts sounding good to you.
    I could keep telling stories about indecency and ungodliness in the church, it should not be so!
    But I am believing God for my help, lest I would surely fall as well.

  12. God Bless you Pastor Burnett,

    Honestly, this type of behavior that we are seeing the church does not surprise me. It is all a reflection of the leadership. I know that you said that you admire the sermon on sexual immorality by Donnie McClurkin. I have to disagree. I personally believe that Donnie is dealing with this himself seeing that he promoted Steve Harvey's new book on TBN which blatently gives a 90 day rule for engaging in sexual relations. Its a no wonder the children are seriously suffering with sexual immorality. I believe that during his sermon he was inadvertently releasing a lustfull spirit onto the youth. Donnie McClurkin is a people pleaser and nothing that comes out of his mouth can be valid unless he severs his ties with the world.

    I know that I am really sick and tired of married christians engaging in infidelity. It gets really frustrating when every week we hear about another gospel artist falling.

    I'm beginning to wonder if these people really have a heart for God or has God given them over to a reprobate mind?

  13. Ashley,

    How you doin'? Glad to hear from ya. You said:"I know that you said that you admire the sermon on sexual immorality by Donnie McClurkin. I have to disagree."

    What are you to disagree with Ashley, the message or Donnies lifestyle as you know it or perceive it to be? Does the message not have credibility because of the messenger? I mean we could go through the biblical text and see many messengers that did not have the lifestyle to back up what God told them to say but they had the word from the Lord. So I want to think this one through...

    I understand the fact that an unclean vessel is unfit for the master's use, but on what basis do you decide what messenger is unclean or what message is unworthy?

    The reason i ask is because you also said this:"I believe that during his sermon he was inadvertently releasing a lustfull spirit onto the youth."

    Now, I think I'm saved, immerse myself in God's word and relationship everyday and I saw and see none of that. In fact I see the opposite of what you contend. So the problem I have is that we can't both be right possessing two mutually exclusive positions.

    So I believe with assertions such as the one's you make, it's good to draw the basis and determine was this your opinion or was or is it what the Lord showed you?

    Now, what do I know? I know that tabloid internet placed a dirt nasty uncredible source out saying that Donnie was engaged in homosexuality recently, however that same tabloid source and others have produced no proof of anythign they say. They just say something without support...I know that I have decided not to get my 411 from tabloid internet sources unless their assertions are supportable.

    I don't know Donnie other than by his music and television appearances. So far as Steve Harvey, he may profess to be saved and many people root for him to be, but I've never heard him say he was saved in a biblical sense, and aside from that I've never heard him say he was giving council from the Lord...he wrote a book that was not a biblical book to my knowledge. I guess I expect sinners to do what they do and give advice based on their moral basis...

    Now I agree that the church and church people shouldn't promote ungodly material and maybe that was Donnie's fault, or maybe he hadn't read the book, but is that a basis for saying that he released a lust spirit on the kids in Memphis???

    I'm sorry Ashley, I don't connect even though I agree with the primary premise of your comment there is yet too many problems associated with your assertions...

    I know you didn't ask for that but your approach didn't and doesn't go without notice and maybe a request for further clarification.

  14. LaPreghiera,

    Thanks for your comment and I hear ya. I'm sorry but I laughed when you said this: a simple convo like "good afternoon sister, you are looking lovely today, want a bean pie and a paper?" starts sounding good to you."

    In the wilderness anything that resembles water is a sight for sore eyes-LOL

    On a serious note, thanks for sharing that. now that pastor will not go without the judgement of God. I'm one of these that don't believe you can damage people all your life and simply skirt by. Where's the principle of reaping and sowing? It only applies to them that are saved? I think not. God has a good memory and he decides to forget things but not because he's absent minded.

    That guy was a criminal, not a pastor. I guess that's what I see. These criminals are seemingly given a pass, while the good one's struggle. I say cutt the resources off from tehse charlatans. If the money dried up the devil will come out...You mess with a devil and his money and you'll find out all you need to know...try it, I gurantee it.

    Thank God you're making it though sistah, Thank God you're making it!

  15. This young man exposed himself as carnal a long time ago, if you look at his myspace and listen to his song "Show me" watcha got, girl! feat 8 ball, its not a surprising issue. The question is, is this young man saved to begin with?

    Who is being exposed is the Pastor and he doesnt get it. You being The Pastor allows a carnal man to be a minister in your church? Is this a church or is it a social club? What is/was the Pastor involved in where he feels he cannot deal with sin? Where are the Church leaders who should be taking a stand?

    Where did this young woman get this boldness from to text this man regarding oral sex? She is also being exposed. This is not the action of someone new to this type of thing. Where has the innocence gone. Children used to want toys and play hopscotch, now they want cell phoned and hundred dollar jeans and sneakers, dont even mention when they become teenagers.

    This church has failed big time!

  16. Hello Pastor Burnett,

    I'm doing great thank you, I'm sorry to respond later than expected. I think we will have to agree to disagree on this one. Yes biblically there are plenty examples of God using people inspite of their ungodly lifestyles; however, my problem lies in that Donnie McClurkin "switches up" his stance depending on what platform he is on.

    For instance, he preaches against homosexuality in the church but he goes on tour with President Obama who is one of the biggest supporters of homosexuality. He preaches against sexual immorality in the church but then interviews Steve Harvey.

    When I see leaders behave in this manner where they will say one thing on one platform just to contradict themselves on another it reminds me of the scripture in revelations where Jesus said that he would rather us be "hot or cold than lukewarm." It also reminds me of the scripture that says that a "double-minded man is unstable in all of his ways."

    I'm not aware of Donnie's personal life as I don't really keep up with him like that. However; because of his waywardness I do believe that a lustful spirit was put on the crowd. I know that we will see more incidents in the church of these types of sexual immoralites.

    Thanks, God Bless

  17. Ashley,

    What's up Ashley?

    I understand the gist of what you're saying and won't be too antagonistic on most it but I want to point out something.

    You said:For instance, he preaches against homosexuality in the church but he goes on tour with President Obama who is one of the biggest supporters of homosexuality. He preaches against sexual immorality in the church but then interviews Steve Harvey.

    Granted, but things weren't done necessarily in that order. The preaching in church and on stage against homosexuality has been consistent with Donnie. He was on awards shows doing this often. His trip with Obama he was actually blindsided when supporters began to compalin that he was preaching against homosexuality and Obama hired a gay pastor to counter his message...Donnie actually left the team and didn't look back. I believe that was Obama's brainchild and Donnie was like MANY religious folk, excited about the prospect of a black President. So far as the interview with Steve Harvey, I'd like to know if you've found any research that supports the fact that Donnie set him up as a guest or was this a product of TBN's producers? I can't say that I know but since you claim this is an area of contention, I believe it's best to work with the facts of how it got to be. Now one thing that I do know is that Donnie didn't make a stand for what many people thought he should have stood for...So maybe that was his fault even if he didn't schedule the guest himself.

    The part of your commentary that kinda 'erks' me biblically is your belief in transferrance of spirits upon believers and the ambiguity of a time frame whereby he would be considered ok from his "waywardness" as you call it.

    You said:I'm not aware of Donnie's personal life as I don't really keep up with him like that.

    That's understandable, and neither do I but why penalize him like this:"However; because of his waywardness I do believe that a lustful spirit was put on the crowd."

    That makes no spiritual or biblical sense to me. Now are you flying under the assumption that when a person is "wayward" that they can place or transfer a spirit on saved people?

    I think you do because you concluded like this:"I know that we will see more incidents in the church of these types of sexual immoralites."

    Are we to assume that it's because of Donnie's influence that we'll see more sexual improprieties in the church among the youth?

    I'm sorry my sister I hope you know I love you but I don't see a conncetion here. These practices are happening in spite of Donnie not because of Donnie and last I looked the word said that we had something greater on the inside of us than was in the world...I don't see how anyone can put something ungodly on me and I act out on it unless I don't really have what I confess to begin with...That's works in metaspiritual constructs but it's short on biblical support.

    A whole bunch of people have all kinds of history that they bring to the church, but if it's not a current reality, how are we justified by holding it against them?

  18. Oh, no you didn't post that text message to your sister from the 'freaky deacon'....

    I was shocked, I laughed, and I was disgusted all at the same time. Pretty interesting post. Thanks.

  19. Anon.2:10PM,

    I tried to call this guy too and the only reason I didn't post his name is because we haven't spoke yet...

    A friend of my sister's introduced them thinking that he's ok because of the church etc...before the second date this guy starts sending this mess from his phone. You know if he did this toward her, he's got some others and the phone is probably packed will all kinds of garbage. It'll probably self destruct if it's left alone too long.

    Thanks for stopping by

  20. LOL @ the phone self-destructing! What a mess! Well, I hope you find out who this crustacean is, and post his name...he ought to be ashamed of himself, but sadly, we know he isn't. This is my first time commenting on your site, but I do pass by here sometimes, so...again, thanks for the laugh! I appreciate your realness!


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