Friday, January 23, 2009

Yes We Can ~ Eliminate Abortion. Can't We?

Thursday Jan 22nd was the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade in which the US Supreme Court upheld the right to murder babies. This act is shrouded in more culturally acceptable language and has been traditionally called the "woman's right to choose" but as I often say "a rose (in this case poison ivy) by any other name..." etc...
According to the Associated Press, supporters of an individuals right to life took the opportunity to descend upon The National Mall in Washington DC two days after what was one of the most widely hailed Presidential Inauguration ever, only this time, there was no celebration due to any political victories, there were only reminders of what is arguably one of the worst decisions in US Supreme Court history and reflections of what that decision has done to unborn American Citizens.

As a reminder, and as outlined in In 100% Change Man, and Barack-ing the Gay Agenda, Can We Really say Yes To This Change?, since Roe v. Wade in 1973 it is estimated that over 50 Million babies have been aborted or killed. This is in comparison to the following statistics and facts specific to how this has affected the African American community:
  • Since 1973 in the African-American community 203,695 people have died of AIDS
    Since 1973 in the African-American community 1,638,350 people have died of CANCER
    Since 1973 in the African-American community 2,266,789 people have died of HEART DISEASE
    Since 1973 in the African-American community 13,000,000 (13 MILLION) people or (BABIES) HAVE BEEN KILLED under the guise of abortion aka a woman's right to choose. This amounts to approximately 1,452 deaths per day.

One of the myths that I have already clearly outlined in Abortion Issues & Myths is that abortion should be lay because it is "medically necessary" in cases of or rape and incest. The facts are that abortions arising from rape and incest only constitutes about 1.5% of all abortions annually. In addition since pregnancy from rape or incest is not an instantaneous occurrence, it has been found that immediate and proper treatment in the hospital and removal of semen from the uterus is an effective method of reducing or eliminating this threat also. [See the results of studies of 4,800 victims of rape in the St. Paul-Minneapolis area, as cited in John F. Hillabrand, "Dealing With a Rape Case," Heartbeat 8 (March 1975):250] In addition, the term "medically necessary" is an ambiguous and subjective term stating that a woman has a right to have an abortion for any reason she prefers during the entire nine months of pregnancy, whether it be for gender-selection, convenience, or rape. Therefore, there is a significant difference between what is essential for someone to live and what someone desires because their life is inconvenienced.

According to The Washington Although our new President choose not to attend the march he did issue a statement saying that he agreed with the Roe v. Wade decision expressing in part that it, "not only protects women's health and reproductive freedom, but stands for a broader principle: that government should not intrude on our most private family matters."

First of all this statement is totally ridiculous and contrary to the scheme of government in general. In fact because government is so large and will expand under his Presidency he is simply providing a legal equivocation on the issue and covering it with an an emotionally charged sentiment with which we all agree...we don't want gov't to intrude into our most private and family matters, however we all know that some matters, that are considered family and private, are often open to governmental intrusion. Example, taxation...Your check has your name on it and is for the benefit of your family, however if you don't pay your taxes guess who intervenes? Example, our prisons are filled with a disproportionately high number of black males. Many of them are there due to drug use (not sales)...They were engaged in a "private family matter" but guess who had the right to intervene? Further, I am aware of hospitals and states taking rights to conduct certain medical procedures even when the "family" has "privately" decided to seek alternate means. I have seen families have to seek legal council and go to court to try to exercise their "family and private" rights. There are a host of other examples that could be used, the fact of the matter is that the President's addressing of this issue is an obfuscation of his more deeply held belief that he espouses that a human is really not a human and has NO RIGHTS at the moment of conception...

Nonetheless, these statements also agree with his previous statements on the subject:
  • "I may be opposed to abortion for religious reasons, but if I seek to pass a law banning the practice, I cannot simply point to the teachings of my church or evoke God's will. I have to explain why abortion violates some principle that is accessible to people of all faiths, including those with no faith at all."~ Senator Barack Obama "A Call To Renewal" Washington DC 6/28/2006

In this statement our President provides a pluralistic argument called the imposition of morality and totally eliminates that thought that all laws (whether good or bad) are a product of a value system or set of beliefs. By minimizing biblical beliefs and making those beliefs only products of faith, the President displays that in his understanding, certain moral values either do not exist or are not generally accepted outside of the faith community. He specifically links an anti-abortionist stance to religious belief. That is simply not the case.

"And so I think anybody who tries to deny the moral difficulties and gravity of the abortion issue, I think, is not paying attention. So that would be point number one. But point number two, I am pro-choice. I believe in Roe v. Wade, and I come to that conclusion not because I'm pro-abortion, but because, ultimately, I don't think women make these decisions casually. I think they -- they wrestle with these things in profound ways, in consultation with their pastors or their spouses or their doctors or their family members. And so, for me, the goal right now should be -- and this is where I think we can find common ground. And by the way, I've now inserted this into the Democratic party platform, is how do we reduce the number of abortions? The fact is that although we have had a president who is opposed to abortion over the last eight years, abortions have not gone down and that is something we have to address." (Presidential Debate, Saddleback Church 8/17/2008)

This argument for abortion is called the Argument Against Public Policy Forbidding Abortion. The path of this argument as President Obama uses it is textbook. These are the three points that President Obama generally hails in the defense of abortion:
  1. There can never be a just law requiring uniformity of behavior on any issue on which there is widespread disagreement.
  2. There is widespread disagreement on the issue of forbidding abortion on demand.
  3. Therefore, any law that forbids people to have abortions is unjust.
Every African -American in the United States should demand that Obama relieve himself of these views. Frankly stated IF he is right in his approach then we (African-Americans) should all have remained enslaved. Why? Because there was WIDESPREAD disagreement over the abolishment of slavery. So much so until a war was fought over it and the country was cut in half.

DISAGREEMENTS on an issue DO NOT make an issue invalid. But yet our President continues to provide this sort of rhetoric in the name of unity and finding common ground.

So where does President Obama get this overall idea? I believe he received it from former Supreme Court Justices who have ruled on the issue:
  • "We need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins. When those trained in the respective disciplines of medicine, philosophy, and theology are unable to arrive at any consensus, the judiciary, at this point in the development of man's knowledge, is not in a position to speculate."...he further concludes..."In view of all this, we do not agree that, by adopting one theory of life, Texas may override the rights of the pregnant woman that are at stake." ~Justice Harry Blackmun, "The 1973 Supreme Court Decisions on State Abortion Laws: Excerpts from Opinion in Roe v. Wade," in The Problem of Abortion, 2d ed., ed. Joel Feinberg (Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 1984),195-196.
In other words because there is seeming or apparent disagreement on when "life begins" we revert to a "non- life theory" as evidence and support for the position???
  • "The Missouri Legislature [which said that life begins at conception] may not inject its endorsement of a particular religious tradition in this debate, for 'the Establishment Clause does not allow public bodies to foment such disagreement" ~ Justice J. P. Stevens "Webster v. Reproductive Health Services," United States Law Review 57 (22 July 1989): 5044-45

In this case the anti-abortion sentiments were said to be "religious traditions" and ultimately statements of faith, and the "establishment clause" was used to work against the state endorsing religion.The facts are that just because a philosophically and scientifically plausible position may also be found in religious literature such as the Bible, that does not mean such a view is exclusively "religious."...Ooh what a tangled web we weave...
In The Rumor Mill

Word on the street is that 1st Lady Michelle Obama is currently pregnant. Now this may be totally unfounded and one can do the research for themselves but IF she is, I wonder is it really a human in her womb according to President Obama's understanding.
Then I wonder does it have any rights or a right to live?
Then I wonder, if it (he or she) does have a right to live, why doesn't every unborn child in this country have that same right?
As I have pointed out before, I would like our President to explain that to Sasha, Maliah and me.
Final Note:
What is your churches and Pastor's position on this issue? Have you heard a message preached on this subject from the pulpit or even in a teaching class? I would like to know.


  1. Pastor Burnett,
    A sobering commentary that needs to be proclaimed worldwide. Please read these 2 links,

    The 2nd one is a sad indictment on our black "christian" people.

    I will talk to you later and have a blessed weekend.

  2. In 40 plus years I have been cognizant of my membership in the black church, and participating with it on every level, hearing sermons coast to coast and in large urban churches to small rural ones, I can honestly say I have never heard one, single message on abortion. Never.

    The only exception is the times I myself have either talked about it or taught about it.

  3. Pastor Foster, you say what? Wow!

    Well, I mentioned on this blog recently since my great awakening 12 years ago, I heard abortion being preached and dealt with from "white" televangelists, pastors/churches starting around the presidential elections and TBN(yeah I know) around year 2000(I voted for Al Gore, I still had my generational NAACP/Black liberation theology, always vote Democrat as a black mindset) and 2004(I voted Kerry because claimed he was pro-life and the Spirit showed me Bush was a phony christian!)

    GOD used a pentecostal storefront church in Petersburg VA and I gave my life to the LORD on my 26th birthday 1997. I was drawn to the gifts and operations of the Holy Ghost and left the "Black" Baptist faith for the 5-fold fellowships starting in 2000. Most of these fellowships(including my own) are very very SMALL(3 people to 20 people)!

    I have heard sin in all of its forms being called out and preached against in SMALL fellowships! Fornication, adultery, and homosexuality are torn apart. Curiously, Abortion is very, very rarely mentioned even in the small fellowships--I would say less than 3% of all the preaching I have heard in the past 12 years. When it comes to big time ministries, television, and the black churches...I have heard only one message on abortion. The pastor said and I can remember his words to this day. He addressed it but he did not address it. "I hear what the Republicans say about not killing the baby, but what are they going to do to feed and raise the baby! They don't do nothing to help take of the baby" But he did not condemn abortion! He did not call abortion MURDER/SIN!

    75% of the preaching has been on blessings, breakthroughs, get your harvest in both small fellowships and large ministries, radio, and tv. This is over a time frame of 12years. It is sad. Now, I will say from 1 on 1 discipleship and spiritual mothering from my spiritual mother, she is a prophetess and she is OLD SCHOOL OLD SCHOOL! The woman lives, eats, and sleeps Holy 24/7 as well as preaches and teaches it. She grew up in the time where pastors/preachers and churches watched over men's souls! That is very rarely used properly today in ministries. I have had in-depth private conversations and she taught me about soul-ties from fornication, babies having babies, and that abortion is MURDER! I have heard her say it more than once! We have started a fellowship from scratch and I will tell you it is very hard and unpopular up here in DC/Baltimore metro if you ain't gotta a choir, and look prosperous to build ministry. But we rather have quality than compromise for the sake of numbers! Amen.

  4. Thank you both for your insights. Gcmwatch...I've had a similar experience. I can't remember a message prepared on this subject anywhere else I've gone.

    That's tragic.

    Brother Enochwalked, All I can say is thank you and you've done it again. Check front page. Bothe articles were inspiring and thought provoking.

    I was saying the same thing as the coach though. I see some "golden calfers" but I'm willing to give it a chance that it's not like it appears to be.

    God bless.

  5. Enochwalked "But we rather have quality than compromise for the sake of numbers! Amen."

    What you say? I KNOW that's right!

    An old Bishop told me some years ago, he'd rather have 5 that could get a prayer through and live right than a house full of tongue speaking devils...Now that was from a 87 year old man who did speak in tongues as the Lord gave him utterance.

    I'd rather have piece even if I have to be my own choir. Believe me my vocal skills have developed and I simply thank God for the gift!


  6. Pastor Burnett,

    I praise GOD for using you as a witness in this issue. I am posting an uplifting link about another black pastor that is standing in the gap.

  7. First I would like to thank you Pastor Harvey for your insightful and truthful blog. We can't get this anywhere except for in the bible. I'm glad that you asked the question of what our pastors think about abortion. It was just recently that I realized that the church is completley ignoring this issue and treating it as superflous to the body of Christ. Here's my story.

    I had just given birth to my son (show is now 2 months old) my pastor came over to visit my husband, the new baby, and I. He (my pastor) is a man who voted for Barack Obama and respects everything that he stands for. I had to ask him, how do you justify voting for a man who stands for things that are abominable to God? I was speaking specifically of homosexual marriage and abortion. God said that his judgement is on those that shed innocent blood. As the argument went on further I told him the statistics and numbers behind abortion and how it is causing the African American population to decrease at an increasing rate. His response was, "well people are going to get abortions no matter who is in office. If Bush didn't stop them than Obama can't either. We support corrupt businesses all the time." I was astonished at his answer. I couldn't believe that he had that much disregard for slaughter of innocent babies. I call it slaughter because that's exactly what and abortion is. What a sickening argument. I told my husband people havent stopped murdering and stealing so does that mean we should shut down the jails and release everyone from prison?
    I have not been back to his church since then. I'm having a hard time respecting him as a man of God and as a pastor because of he does not adhere to the truth but simply makes excuses for those who are wrong. I know that he loves God but I question how much he really loves God's people. Unfortunatly this is how a lot of pastors feel.
    I used to be an strong supporter of abortion until I found out the process. The day I learned the truth I got on my knees and repented for ever supporter such an atrocity to innocent babies.
    My husband says that I need to be patient with people. But my pastor has been saved for over 20 years. How do you still maintain that attitude after knowing God for that long?

  8. Sister Lynch,

    I'm sorry for the delay. I had an answer all ready and the computer froze...I really need and Apple-(LOL)

    Thanks for your comments regarding this issue, and that powerful testimony. I appreciate that very much and was blessed by it.

    You asked me this:

    "My husband says that I need to be patient with people. But my pastor has been saved for over 20 years. How do you still maintain that attitude after knowing God for that long?"

    Now I'll first start by saying 2 things...You made a wonderful argument and deduced the absolute right answer from your pastor's initial answer. His passive answer was pat, off point and incredulous.

    The second point is that your husband is correct. Jesus said, "In your patience possess ye your souls"(Lk. 21:19) So, I'm not sure if there is a time frame in which the pastor should have "got it" or not. I can only say that this seems to be a ripe mission field for you to bring him (the pastor) to accountability toward you (one of the sheep) and others which you may not know who are looking for direction on this issue.

    I don't know your church structure, however there may be an "Elder's" board which may field a written dialogue from you regarding this issue or someone with whom you can "officially" approach the pastor with information requesting that he biblically and spiritually address the issue.

    If that doesn't exist, document your efforts in writing providing information as well as scripture that you feel is important and request a specific response to the issue and a clear and concise explaination of ministry position regarding the issue.

    His voting for Obama should not be an issue as many good Christians voted for him. Some cetainly disagree with me regarding that issue, but I will not divide with a fellow Christian for their vote or support of a politician such as this. There are greater "fish to fry".

    In short, make a case and respectfully demand and answer and refuse to be placated, or patronized. If you aren't respected you have your answer on what you should do and how to proceed. If by virtue that he hears you then you could be singlehandedly responsible for helping the ministry to gain a solid, biblical foundation on this issue. Either way you have a potentially great work at hand.

    Use any information from this site to assist you and please come back to let me know how things turned out. I'll be praying along with you. Keep up the good fight of faith!

    God bless.


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