Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Presidential Promises. Is The Church Ready?

Thank God that this site has comments and commentors that offer a somewhat profound points of view. When that's coupled with information highly valuable to the reading audience and the research that goes along with it, it becomes highly exciting to me.

For this post we offer "Kudos" and special regards to one of our commentors Corrie Richards who gave response to a particular comment on the post COGIC Member Fought Prop. 8 & Encouraged Gay Marriage. Corrie brings information to light which is to be highly considered as we move forward as a church and community of believers. She's also granted permission for this posting and I've added the pictures but the words are Corrie's in their entirity.

Anonymous, let there be no doubt about it - Barack Obama opposes Proposition 8 and encouraged people on more than one occassion to vote NO!

The following is a clear example of how he feels. This is a recorded message that came to MY personal phone from a Gay Marriage supporter on Nov. 3rd. Please note that the following is verbatim. I saved the message!(female voice)

"I'm, calling to set the record straight about what Barack Obama really thinks about Proposition 8; he opposes it. Don't just take my word, listen for yourself."

[in comes the voice of Obama himself]

"I've stated my opposition. I think it's unnecessary. When you start playing around with constitutions just to prohibit somebody who cares about another person, it just seems to me that that's just not what America is about."

[back to the female voice]

"So join Barack Obama, and vote NO on Proposition 8. Paid for by NO on 8."

I think that's pretty clear, don't you?

Additionally, we also know where Obama stands on abortion. The supportive Saints like to say, "He's not pro-abortion, he just believes in a woman's right to choose", But that's just mincing words! The question is, what do you say or do to communicate your real position? Here's a link that I believe shows just what actions Obama is willing to take in support of his true beliefs on abortion:

Click here: Barack Obama Presidential Promises to Sign FOCA

Here you will hear him say that the first thing he plans to do after his inauguration is to sign the Freedom of Choice Act. The Freedom of Choice Act (H.R. 3719/S. 2020) is a bill in the United States Congress which, if enacted, would abolish ALL RESTRICTIONS and LIMITATIONS on the right of women in the United States to have an abortion, whether at the State or Federal level. Well, now we also have his position clearly presented on abortions!

I understand that we Saints like to think positively about people, and we should always be ready to give others the benefit of the doubt. But with Obama, there's no reason for any of us to be in the dark about what he stands for - He's told us in words and deeds for several years now, and it's recorded all over the place for us to read and hear! We don't need to guess or "suspect" what he stands for. So let's stop being in the dark about our new President elect, and stop trying to put our thoughts in his head - as if he's really "just like us Saints in his views". This is not true, and believing what is not true will cause us to pray "amiss". We cannot dress him up in "Saints clothes" and pretend that he's really standing for the same thing we stand for. We must stop using our "holy imagination" about President-elect Obama's positions, and come face to face with who and what the Black Christian community really supported in this election, then seek God's help - for him and for us!

He is willing and able to help us if we come to Him humbly and honestly. (2 Chron. 7:14)
Corrie Richards ~ November 12, 2008 3:44 PM


  1. Very good and timely information Corrie. Thank you for the documentation to back up the observations also.

    Church we've got some work to do. can we afford to be passive and absentee on this? You see what the "Son's Of Belial" are doing to the Mormon Church in CA. This is a complete mess.

  2. Thanks Corrie, a wolf (even one in politics) cannot conceal its true identity to those who exercise discernment.

    People have said that abortion and homosexuality continued under the Bush administration. What they mean by that is that voting against Obama because of those issues will not change anything.

    But they are sorely mistaken. President Bush signed legislation (Born Alive Infants Act) which resricted the murder of live children who could be killed even during the ninth month of pregancy. This is wanton slaughter of the innocents. Rarely is the case a needed one for the "health of the mother". RARELY.

    Under his watch there was legislation which required PARENTS to be notified BEFORE their minor child could get an abortion. Its been documented that Planned Parenthood has engaged in abetting sexual abuse of children by not reporting that young girls were raped and impregnated. They "clean up" the evidence by aborting the pregnancy.

    The president also refused to recognize homosexual pride day celebrations and did not allow federal departments to foist this foolishness of other employees. He upheld, DOMA and even though it is a bandaid upheld Dont ask dont tell as a standard.

    People dont realize that Obama has pledged to obliterate all barriers to homosexual equality. This is a stark contrast to President Bush.

    If there is one true reason Bush is hated is his refusal to cow-tow to the homosexual and abortion rights etremists. Their lust for control drives and colors every other sector of disagreement with the current administration.

  3. GCMWatch~ "Rarely is the case a needed one for the "health of the mother". RARELY."

    I think the statistics are less than 3%. I believe somewhere around 1% from the last report I saw. That by itself reduces the numbers from the current 1400 per day to 14 to 42. That's a big difference.

    Did any of you see Anderson Cooper CNN last night? That was a mess.

  4. Hi Harvey, I responded to your comment on my blog.

    P.S. On my main page their should be a link in the sidebar called "Charles Darwin: Father of Moral Anarchy?" you may enjoy reading that.

  5. Praise the LORD!
    Pastor Burnett and saints,
    the "Church" is suppose to be the one with the answers...but the "Church" is divided...we have so many voices today...The people(sheep) do not know who they are supposed to listen to? wonder the people fell for Obama. This is another list of judgements/oughts that the LORD will have against the Church in the USA.

    We are literally seeing the Judges chapters 17 through 21 being fulfilled before our very eyes. The following scripture depicts the Church in the USA.
    Judges 17:6 KJVR In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes.


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