Friday, August 22, 2008

WOW! Not my Chironna!

As I have often stated on this blog TBN seems to be the meeting place for apostates, heretics, inclusionists, ecumenists and a host of other types of spiritually defunct and sensationalist teachers.

TBN yet has some good programming so one can’t "throw the baby out with the bath water" but the bad programming is especially bad programming. Particularly when it comes the likes of false teachers and mystics like Prophet Mark Chironna.

Mr. Chironna seems to have a spiritual/gothic/quasi-Christian thing going. Black punk attire with rings and dingo boots. Often sending a Bela Lugosi type of chill up one’s spine he presents some of the most strange prophecies and irresponsible rendering of the WORD I have ever seen or heard. I can imagine that he is a learned individual but certainly teaches beneath that ability. He follows in the same line of teachers that I addressed in The New Enlightenment Pt. 1 in that he believes in the metaphysical power of words and also the law of attraction which are both cult and occult concepts. His TV Outreach show is called "Creating Your World" which confirms the assessment of his belief in the ability to manipulate the physical world through the transcendent spiritual powers and the power of words.
I recently witnessed him present a portion of his new series entitled "The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within You subtitled Unlocking Your Destiny Powers" Now that title is full of problems that could take the rest of this blog to expound on but I’ll be good and get to the point. I’ve never heard so much heretical teachings in one 20 minute segment of teaching.

There are 5 phases to this series (as if one isn’t more than enough). I was entertained and utterly amazed by Phase Part 2 entitled "The Obedience Of Faith" These are some of the more shocking and unbiblical things he unashamedly taught to his Christian audience:

Concerning knowledge and the implementation of it:

"Your intuitions and impressions must lead to a written word then to a spoken word."
Mr. Chironna in this paradigm expresses his belief that intuitions and impressions are the directing forces in our lives and help create and support one’s epistemology (Philosophical process regarding the methods by which one knows something) He suggests that "impressions" and "intuitions" are equivalent to the power of God’s word or at a minimum they offer a conduit by which one can manufacture a direction in one’s life. The scripture says however that "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord" (Ps. 37:23a) and that the Spirit of the Lord would "guide you into all truth" (John 16:13) not that we would be "impressed" or be led by our "intuitions" into all truth.

"The concept is hear it, write it, speak it. This is a metaphysical practice as commonly found as essential to metaphysical worldviews and religions of mind science."

He next introduces the concept of aligning oneself with God and his word. On the surface I say…YEA! We can agree on that. But his conclusions, purpose and outcome are totally unbiblical. He says that when a believer comes into alignment with God in their

Walk &

Then they will create a "Field Of Attraction" upon themselves and their lives.


Is that not Eckhart Tolleish? Come on, I really thought at the beginning of the show that we were going to be learning the bible and how to get closer to God. I thought that maybe we were going to launch out into some deep spiritual truth. Instead we were launched into metaphysical reality and a Christianized version of the Universal Law Of Attraction as taught by Rhonda Byrne in The Secret. What a travesty! And THIS supposedly goes out all over the world supported by "Our many TBN Partners"

He then went on into another strange Gnostic tirade on how to receive from God more effectively. He said this in sequence, and remember these are his words:

"Identify energy drainers and replace them with energizers"

OK…Then he just keeps going, and going and going (I couldn’t resist that)

"Declutter your life and align yourself to your higher purpose…build your self esteem."

At this point I’m worried because my desk…well let’s just say, it’s not exactly the place to lay something that you want to find again right away…but I know how to find anything and know where everything is (within 10 minutes) so I guess I’m good. Then he goes on to say this,

"Once these things are done, make your wish list!"

Allrighty then…"make your wish list"…Then what? Well he sums that up as follows:

"Things will fall into place"
"Resources will become available"
"You’ll make connections"

In all of these things what do you notice? I’ll tell you...

God is strangely absent. All of these things are things for you to do with no or little regard for God and no direction to do them because he has said so. Christ is not center. Your intuition, impressions and desires through "wish list" is most important. Is that Christianity? It’s not Pentecostalism no matter how many tongues he speaks and his teachings are certainly not biblical.

God and the bible are merely a means to an end. Since God is not the center, he becomes a way for the flesh and human desire to achieve what it wants without and apart from the direction of God.

Then, as a well calibrated watch, he provides the closing "hook". He explains to the audience how to make all of this work for them in these words,

"There are 21 days in which your life will be changed. As you sow into the impartation of revelation, you receive from it [revelation] It is possible to hear revelation and never grow from it, without sowing into it" This is a give to get scheme by which Mr. Chironna manages to stay in business.

He, Mr. Chironna, drops the bomb that all of what he’s teaching won’t be of any use if the listener doesn’t "sow into it" aka GIVE ME SOME CASH. Also he wants you to know that if you miss the 21 days, it’s not his fault, it’s your fault for not "sowing into the revelation"

My, my, my, Chironna….This is tragic. I was tired and trying to relax and rebuild after a tiring Sunday and saw this. There is truely no rest for the weary.
Question: At what point are these heretical teachers not Christians? Comments Are Welcome


  1. For the "Prophet's"sake (LOL - I can't help but laugh when I read these self-appointed titles), he better hope his spiritual tool kit works in hell. Mind you, it will be a very short wish list: "Lord, Jesus Christ, SAVE ME A SINNER!". Go figure, that's the one and only thing this guy SHOULD be preaching!

    Pastor, I'm loving the blog! Keep up the great commentary. It's a blessing. BTW, I really have to start praying for these men...they are, after all, His children too.

    Peace!! Jim, Edmonton

  2. Jim ~"I really have to start praying for these men...they are, after all, His children too."

    [My Canadian Friend, you're right on point. I think that's the difference I'd like to see here. To be able to prayerfully observe and speak the truth, exposing ideas and concepts that are destructive and giving correct measures for the people of God to take in both getting free from this bondage and the tools to identify similar tricks as they partake of other ministries.

    In other words, if we can help the Children of God become more discerning, we will have done a good job.

    Y'u-know, I also believe some of these ministries each some things they do because they feel they need to so that they won't get left behind. They want to be the featured attraction in a big 3-ring circus.

    Another question too, at what point do these heretical teachers invalidate their Christianity? i know some would take the approach that they were never Christian but I many cases I beg to differ. Just a question that I think we should look at though.]

    God bless and I'll speak with ya later.

  3. He is a devil. A psychic. And a mystic. He is in that Joseph Garlington clicque of mystic and ministers mix.

  4. Gnostic teaching,as new Enlightments. He teaches nothing new but old ideas of Gnosticism.
    Another is humanistic, that you have the power to better youself.
    In the way intuitions and impressions. And this is on TBS?

    Thanks for this post brother Burnett for shining a light on the heresy.

  5. "at what point do these heretical teachers invalidate....Just a question that I think we should look at though." - great point.

    I often wonder which of these men (and women) started right, then deluded themselves (allowed themselves to be deluded - I may be answering my question here) and bought into the lie; and how many were agents for the evil one right from the get go, with the sole purpose of misleading the flock.

    The reality is, they mislead the flock, and we stay well away from both. I do wonder though, if some of these could be turned back and if so, should we (continue to) pray for them?

    God bless you Pastor, and everyone else on this blog! Jim, Edmonton

  6. Jim,

    I agree with you. I was looking at 1 Cor. 4 into 1 Cor. 5 with Apostle Paul dealing with fornicators and other issues within the church. Paul says to put the wicked person away from amongst them (Ch 5 v.12)

    Now that was direct and to the point. I, like you, don't believe that false teachers should have the opportunity to continue to rotten the church with their lies and apostasy.

    Is. 9:16-17 ~ "16-For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed. 17-Therefore the Lord shall have no joy in their young men, neither shall have mercy on their fatherless and widows: for every one is an hypocrite and an evildoer, and every mouth speaketh folly. For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still."

    Look at that. The Leaders cause the people to err and God will have no joy in the people even though they were only following directions from these apostates. The problem is the people were endorsing the apostasy by their presence and adherence to the message.

    Do these apostates want to get the right place in their teaching? Some of them know better but they want status quo so they can be a part of their “club”. Then there’s

    2 Tim. 4:3-4 ~ “3-For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; 4-And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

    Another question, which one is worse the supporters of these apostates or the apostates themselves? They both may be equally culpable, but these are some important questions and observations and I hope that those on the fringes looking at this begin to think more critically on who and what they support, even if it is on TV.

    Thanks and God bless.

  7. "But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse,deceiving and being deceived." 2Tim.3;13

    They not only deceive other's with there lies but deceive theirselves.
    The problem is that they believe what they teach is the truth.
    Have you ever tried to commuicate with someone that believes a lie and no matter how much you show them the facts of the truth they still believe the lie rather that the truth? I would say pray for them, but God would have to open their blinded eyes.

  8. Beckrl ~ "I would say pray for them, but God would have to open their blinded eyes."

    That's it my friend. God has to open their eyes. It's similar to the God haters, Atheists and anti-Christ advocates...God has to open eyes. All we can do is set forth a biblical case.

    I've seen some of the followers of these people and their lies claim the opposite however. They believe that WE need prayer????

    That's the travesty. Some are blinded by the flesh.

    Thanks My Friend.


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