Monday, November 12, 2007

The Battle For The Church & Sexuality

On Sunday Nov. 11th 2007 BET aired the show "Meet The Faith". The topic was homosexuality within the black church. The panelists included Sherry Lee Ralph, Keith~Gay Blade~Boykin and Bishop E. Bernard Jordan.

Although I've not been too impressed with Bishop Jordan in the past, for reasons I won't go into here, I was hoping that he would be able to at least get a good, right, and well centered word across on what homosexuality is and why the church must preach against homo and lesbian lifestyles. Unfortunately, Bishop Jordan was in no way ready for this panel, or at least, when they GAVE HIM A CHANCE TO SPEAK.

Similarly, BET's show "Exalted" featured Bishop Carlton Pearson who has left every sound Biblical doctrine about the ministry of Jesus that he once knew, and entered into fantasy land with his doctrine of inclusion, which is a step even beyond what many Primitive Baptists believe, and ventures into flat out HERETICAL Biblical understanding promoting dogmas such as "Jesus didn't say he was God" (Which ANY BIBLE STUDENT KNOWS HE DID CLEARLY~ JOHN 8:58, JOHN 14:10-11, MATT. 9:5-6, MATT:28:18 and the list goes ON) and that "Jesus wasn't a Christian" and that he "didn't come to save Christians" the last 2 statements show his utter confusion because they make no sense.

From these shows and their content some things are very clear:

  • Homosexuals and Lesbians have a right to all protections under the law as anyone else in society, and sexual orientation SHOULD NOT be the determining factor for secular employment, housing and other norms. Before you ask, I DO NOT believe in extending spousal benefits of insurance to homosexual or heterosexual partners. Doing so undermines the concepts of family and commitment and is bad for society on a number of levels.
  • Both the church and the homosexual community often speak about this subject in a too highly of an emotional manner. So much so until neither really gets a good understanding without being emotionally riled up or offended.
  • The homosexual community DOES NOT feel that the Bible condemns their sexual orientation based on the traditional scriptures used. They feel that they were born or produced as a part of a diversity among mankind as Same Gender Loving individuals.
  • Many church leaders and ministers DO NOT know the scripture well enough to set forth a clear straight forward argument based on the Bible and the ability to reason.
  • Homosexuals cannot discern the topics of sexual orientation and its relationship to God and sin and consequently twist the Bible and history to serve their views.
  • The passions of the homosexual are unbridled. This DOES NOT mean that they are predators or out to only get sex, it means that they have no control over sincere feelings and emotions toward same gender individuals.
The Gay movement is led by vocal and visible "gender benders",bloggers and television personalities such as Ellen Degeneres, Keith Boykin, Jasmyn Cannick and countless others that promote homo agenda such as Tyra Banks. All of these have decided to move toward their primary objective. That objective is in part, to redefine family, the church, and ultimately steal the Glory Of God. Now, please don't think for a minute that I believe that they (within themselves) are that calculating. No, it's not a conspiracy after the flesh, although some of it may be well coordinated. In reality, it is the spirit that is controlling their actions.

An example of this is found when many of them repeatedly infer that the church was built upon homosexual participation and giving and further that it (the church)CANNOT make it without them and their ongoing support. As proof they often refer to the many pulpits that have been deceived into allowing homosexuals special functions in the church, while simultaneously preaching against the homosexual orientation and the homosexual lifestyle. To exacerbate the problem further, the homosexual declares that many, if not most, of the preachers in the pulpit are "In the closet" and that just about all of the church's musicians and gospel artists are gay or lesbian. This again, is an attempt to call into question the motivations, actions, and messages from some of the country's most influential ministries. More to the point, one of the greatest questions they pose toward any preacher that stands against them and meets their criteria of being homophobic is "Is He Gay?"

There is no wonder or mystery to this strategy. The devil's name "satan" simply means accuser or one who brings an accusation to bear. This is why those of us who are truly spiritual know that they are doing no more than the spirit of the enemy is promoting them to do. Remember, our fight is not against flesh and blood. (Ephes. 6:12)

Now, as a church, we must admit that we have a problem. Too MANY PREACHERS, MUSICIANS, SINGERS, AND GOSPEL ARTISTS are IN THE CLOSET. It's a tragic shame but it's true. Then, still there are a lot of ministers and leaders who are on the DL and live double lives from the pulpits. What we must do is REPENT, allow God to purge his church and get back on our knees and on our faces ask the Lord to forgive our sins and lift our shame. (II Chron 7:14)

We must be affirmed in knowing that NONE of the church's failures excuses or affirms the homo, lesbian, adulterer, or fornicator in their ways of ungodliness. It only proves what we already know. The devil is the father of lies, SIN and is a killer. The devil's primary aim is to cause the church to bow down to him and steal the Glory Of God from it.

What did Jesus tell Peter?
  • Luke 22:31~32 "And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren"
Thank God for the prayer of Jesus! This scripture points to the fact that Peter represented what would become, the ministry and revelation of the church. satan's desire was to get control of that ministry and leadership and replace the revelation of God with his own shoddy version of secularism and unfounded dogmas.

On a web site dedicated to the promotion of the gay agenda, a reader asked a question of the site owner/administrator (who by the way claims to be saved). The question was how did the site owner know that what they were doing and saying was ordained of God, and how were they sure that they were right?

The administrator went on to answer by saying that he/she walked by faith, and the belief that their life experiences had prepared them to answer these questions and basically promote the gay agenda. That same web site is actively soliciting Same Gender Loving (SGL) or HOMOSEXUAL churches to be a part of their church network. Their objective is to financially support and build up homosexual ministries, pastors, and leaders in an effort to provide an alternative to churches who preach and teach against homosexuality.


Biblical Exposition

Although the gay community says that they were born the way that they are as a complete, whole and diverse human being the church must first note the following:
  • God only created 2 types of individuals from the beginning and HE called them MALE and FEMALE. Any other type of individual born any other way or outside of one of those categories is a product or result of SIN that entered the world through Adam's disobedience. The homo or lesbian need not take the blame for what they feel, think and believe...SIN is to blame and it has placed those things there through the veil of the FLESH and through the tainting of the soul because of SIN. The answer to this dilemma is the same one that Jesus spoke to Nicodemus in John 3:7b "...Ye must be BORN AGAIN." No matter how or what you were born with the first time, a NEW BIRTH in Jesus will destroy the yoke and begin to set things in God's proper order. (I Peter 1:23) In addition, Paul points out to the Corinthians (who by the way had a significant homosexual population) in II Cor. 5:17~ "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." Christ deals with our nature and essence NOT merely our feelings and emotions. He deals with who we are and what we are.

  • Jesus categorized ALL sexual impurity as SIN~ Matt: 15:19-"For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies: These are the things which defile a man:..." ref. Luke 7:20 Why would God punish me as a heterosexual for sexual impurity and incentivize and reward the homosexual for non biblical sexual desire? MAKES NO SENSE.

  • Paul reaffirms that all sexual impurity and inconsistency is a work of the FLESH~ Galations 5:19. In this passage Paul goes on to name 4 sexual categories of sins. Adultery, fornication, uncleanness and lasciviousness. These four categories define ALL types of sexual SINS and impurities known to mankind. The first 2 are plain and easily understood both by homo and heterosexual individuals as being sins. The latter, Uncleanness deals directly with homosexuality, lesbianism and cross gender desires and cultic sexual practices. The last one, Lasciviousness, deals with bisexuality, sexual contact with non human beings and fetishes. ALL OF THESE ARE SINS OF THE FLESH. It doesn't matter how you feel as it pertains to your desire for these things. The feelings themselves indicates the presence of a sin nature that MUST be submitted to God simply because HE said so.

People in general have a hard time reconciling the fact that SIN dwells within them even without a knowledge of it. ONE DOES NOT HAVE TO GAIN A WORKING KNOWLEDGE OF SIN TO BE IN SIN. The HOMOSEXUAL reconciles that they did not ask to be Same Gender Loving individuals therefore God does not and will not consider them sinners or in a condition of sin.

My questions and response to that is Mr./Ms Homosexual WHY DO YOU FEEL SO SPECIAL as to not have to wrestle with issues of sin and unrighteousness? Why do you feel that your birth into this world was somehow immaculate and that you BY NATURE were born holy and your desires are all inherently PURE? NO, you were born in SIN and INTO SIN JUST LIKE ME! Your sin is not my sin, but guess what IT'S STILL SIN, and it's all WORTHY OF DEATH!

Just in case you still want to play church and hold on to your SINS, please be reminded of this:

In I Samuel 5 the Philistines took the Glory of God or the Ark Of The Covenant after many years of struggle and after God had punished HIS people for their sins. The short of the long is that when God began to deal with them, (the Philistines) they were stricken with terrible disease and their god (dagon) was found broken and upon his face in their temple.

The Philistines moved to rid themselves of God's Glory because they soon realized that God was a terrible and All Mighty God and one that THEY could not handle or bend to meet their desires. Don't forget that God is the same God today!

Flesh CANNOT handle the Glory Of God.

All humanity WILL bow before the presence of HIS greatness (Philippians 2:10). Weak, strong, flawed, hetro and homo. Only them that love HIM enough to purify themselves at the CROSS will be seen by HIM in peace (I Jonh 3:3). No FLESH will glory or be justified in HIS sight (Romans 3:19).

Now, so far as the fight with the church and for the Glory of God, it's been tried before and every society, every person, every religion has failed through history. The battle is the Lord's and he wins all the time and every time and ONLY what HE does will last.

Heb. 4:11-16~ "For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do. Seeing then that we have a great high priest, that is passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast our profession. For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need."


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Please See The Open Letter To Dr. Bobby Jones Asking For His Repentance


  1. Praise God Pastor Burnett,
    What do you respond to "THE WORD" accept. AMEN! When everything else passes
    away it is "THE WORD" that will be standing! I Bless God for you and those
    that are a part of the "Remnant". Those who say, "For God I live and for
    God I'll die!" and really mean it! We are definitely living in a time where
    God is saying "Choose ye this day whom you will serve!" If you are lukewarm
    His promise to you is that you will be "Spewed (spit) out of His mouth!"
    Problem is that many have been spit out and are under the dellusion that
    they are still in the will of God and He don't even know them because they
    are workers of inquity! God has made His Word so simple that even a child
    cannot err. It's when we choose to have our cake and eat it too that we
    create areas of gray and begin to complicate the meaning of God's Word to
    suit our situation and/or to soothe our conscious. God knew these days were
    coming and told us so when he said, "Men's heart would wax cold and they
    would rather believe a lie rather than the truth!" I thank God I know who I
    am in Him and I stand with you Pastor Burnett and all my "Blood Washed
    Sisters and Brothers" on the side of Holiness!
    Be Blessed & Stand Strong As We Fight the Good Fight of Faith!

  2. Hello Pastor Burnett! Wow, you really come with an uncompromising message. What a relief. I posted the question to below to Gay Christian Movement Watch. I didn't really 'get' the response provided, when as you'll see I asked a very simple and valid question. May I ask you the same question?
    "What is behind all the homosexuality and sexual sin in the Black American Church?" A sista from another country would really appreciate your opinion....

    I’m from another country. So what’s the norm in the States isn’t always typical here. I’ve been reading comment after comment about how Black Gospel music is filled with gay men, both out and on the down low. Apparently this includes choir directors, soloists and music ministers- not just recording artists.
    The comments are usually prefaced with “everybody knows…” meaning you don’t have to live under a rock to know the reality of homosexuality proliferating Black Gospel in the States.
    My question is simple.
    This is not the case in my country, so will someone please explain to this sister what’s going on in the Black Church world Stateside?

    GCMW: JJ, until there is some sort of accurate counting of these men and a comparable study of those who are not, it may be an overstatement to say that black gospel music is “filled with gay men, both out and on the downlow”. Of course the nature of sin is that it seeks to remain hidden, thus such a count would certainly never happen. If and until it does, much of the cumlative remarks would remain in the realm of speculation.
    Questions that need to be answered is: How many men are in black gospel music? Of those men, how many are professed homosexuals?
    Why is

  3. Dear Sista JJ,
    Did you leave a response at GCM Watch if your question was not given the answer you expected? What about the response you didnt "get"?

    Also what country do you live in? That might help contextually to answer your question. You might be surprised to know that homosexuality is everywhere, even in your country. Also who exactly is making the statements that you are citing. (Thus, our response to you.)

    You said your question is simple, but surely you know the answer is both simple and complex all at once.

    Of course the simple answer is SIN. Sin is the cause of rebellion and disobedience against God.

    Are you saying that you didnt know that? Are were you looking for some specific information other than that? And what exactly did you want to do with that information? Is it to help someone in your country or to help reform black gospel music in the US?

    Please clarify.

  4. Oh hi there! Fancy meeting you here, hehe! Here goes:
    "Did you leave a response at GCM Watch if your question was not given the answer you expected? What about the response you didnt "get"? "

    No I didn't leave a response. I figured that's all you had to say on the matter. What I didn't 'get' was the stastical approach you suggested in lieu of offering an explanation. Granted, overstatements are frequently made and rumours are spread. But without going as far as to quantify & qualify the presence of gay activity in gospel music, I was merely looking for your opinion of possible root causes behind it all.

    "Also what country do you live in? That might help contextually to answer your question. You might be surprised to know that homosexuality is everywhere, even in your country. Also who exactly is making the statements that you are citing. (Thus, our response to you.)"

    I live in Western Canada. I'm not surprised to know homosexuality is everywhere! To offer context, a bunch of us here are African American descendants. So this is our cultural base. And we sing black gospel music. To us, the great talents Stateside have set the standard in many ways (musicianship, arrangements, vocal performance...etc). *Perhaps its part of the overall inferiority complex Canada has with the States, LOL! (Just a joke, Canadians reading this, don't go crazy! Although you know there's truth in this.)

    Anyways, imagine our utter shock when some of these people we have greatly admired and styled after have been exposed as gay. I'm talking Walter Hawkins, James Cleveland to start. Don't laugh...ya we got our info a few decades late! Then a few folks from here toddled down to the GMWA. Came back speechless. Never saw so much gayness, including flirting, eye-ing up, lewd comments, etc. in their life. All in the name of Jesus. They stammered, "I never knew Black people acted like that!" And then there's what Pastor Burnett has written on this very blog. Gives one the impression homosexuality is, along with other wild behaviors he's mentioned, a pervasive problem. Last night I was listening to G Craige Lewis on YouTube likening the GMWA acronym to "Gay Men With Aids" and putting that whole convention on blast....I could go on but there's some sources for you that have created this impression for me.

    "Of course the simple answer is SIN. Sin is the cause of rebellion and disobedience against God.

    Are you saying that you didnt know that?"

    Yes sir, I did know that. No need to be condescending, please. We don't have this as a pervading problem in our churches or gospel scene here though. Again, we're a few years behind! So what's happened (in your opinion) in the African American community that has produced this?

    I suppose we're still more traditional here, so if you're singing gospel music or preaching, we assume you've chosen to believe the Bible and live a Christian life and that's all there is to it. So for example, if you're a pastor and start having an affair and it gets out, Black folk will run you out. No pastor here has ever dared to have a child out of wedlock and parade it around like Brother Burnett mentioned.

    "You said your question is simple, but surely you know the answer is both simple and complex all at once."

    Well not really. Obviously we are more simple-type folk up here so perhaps I was naive in expecting a simple answer. And we probably don't understand all the complexities having not had to deal with them in the Black church world here yet.

    "Are were you looking for some specific information other than that?"

    No, not really looking for some other specific info.

    "And what exactly did you want to do with that information? Is it to help someone in your country or to help reform black gospel music in the US?"

    I don't have an exact motive behind asking this question, and no plan is in place to "do" something with the information. No it is not to help someone in my country. And it is not to my intent by asking this question to undertake the reform of Black gospel music in the US.

    In fact, I can't quite wrap my head around much of the flagrant activities in the Black
    American church let alone devise a plan to reform them from afar.

    However, what I am compelled to do is really live a more righteous life, look again at the standards for holiness and hold myself to a higher account lest I disappoint someone who is moved by my message and talent, and then finds out my walk does not match my talk. In essence, learn from these poor examples of the Christian lifestyle and purpose to be different.

    So could a 'lil country girl from Canada with mud between her toes' live right and sing right and reform Black gospel in your country?

    Can't promise that, Brother!


  5. Sister JJ,

    I will offer a more in-depth answer to your questions very soon, but my initial responses and observations are as follows:

    The Black American church has walked on "egg shells" far too long in dealing with many substantive community issues. I personally believe that ministries have been so enamored with Growth, Visibility, Purpose, 5 Star Service and Stardom so much so that it has tailored and fashioned a message to serve ITSELF rather than serve God. In doing so, it left off from building the Kingdom one individual at a time to building larger buildings and acquiring more land and material.

    In far too many ministries this acquisition of materialistic fame has been done at the expense of vast groups of individuals who were told that God will "work out everything" if they just "love HIM and praise HIM enough", and that "what you're going through and feeling is ONLY A TEST."

    One of those neglected American Church segments is filled with homosexuals, an ever increasing number of whom who DO NOT ADMIT OR ACKNOWLEDGE their homosexuality or bi-sexuality as a SIN and further cover it up by marrying across gender partially because they know that wholesome heterosexual relationships are the right and the acceptable thing to do)Many of those same individuals unfortunately yet like sex with and maintain sexual relationships with other homosexuals and live double lives as a result.

    You see, this is just like with any sin. The lust of it and for it is NEVER satisfied. What was once shame has now been replaced by boldness and a request for acknowledgement, position, place, purpose etc. Many of those very same things that the church endorsed when these individuals were being overlooked.

    Put all of that together with the fact that we are in the "Great Apostasy" that Jesus mentioned in Matt. 24 and that the moral compass of America (United States) is pointed toward further moral decay, and on top of that, the most socially liberal sector of the American community is the black community in general...That becomes a HIGHLY VOLATILE mixture ready to explode in the faces of the church and public from coast to coast.

    I believe that this class of people have been neglected by the American Church. The reason I say neglected is because the church failed to ADEQUATELY TEACH on these issues. The church has taken segways on Sunday morning but other than that minimal actions to correct wrong and address the problem. Therefore, many homosexuals and lesbians have been left with no or very little understanding as it pertains to their sexual inclinations, desires and SINS. The Black American church has partially confused this issue with issues of civil liberties and civil rights. Many of its ministers and leaders have forsaken their duties to preach and teach against SIN, (and I think I've demonstrated that homosexuality is a SIN) and have chosen the path of least resistance.

    Now, I've asked others to chime in on this issue also. Many of those individuals are personally aware of SPECIFIC sexually deviant behaviors of MANY of the top Gospel artists and ministers and are in the fight to bring the message of TRUTH, holiness and purity to God's people. I hope they will add their personal knowledge to this conversation. We may be further surprised by what we read.

    I'll get back later.


  6. Thank you so much for your thoughtful response Brother Burnett!
    I do appreciate it. And I will direct other puzzled Canadians to your blog to read your explanation. Truly, the issue of corruption in the Black American church has bothered many of us for a long time. It's saddened us, discouraged us and we've often dropped our hands and asked, "What's wrong with our Brothers and Sisters back home!?!"

    You broke it down, and you know what...when you look at it, there isn't the same level of "Cult of Christian Celebrity" here in Canada. Name me one hugely famous pastor or gospel artist from here? Not just Black ones, even try to name a White one. Hard pressed to come up with a big name I'll bet.
    When we want big names, we bring them up from the States. Even with secular entertainers...if you want a name you have to typically leave Canada and try your hand down south.

    I'll bet this has saved us a lot of grief though, now that I think of it in the context of your explanation.

    It saddens me though, that the Black church leaders have been winking at sin just to 'build big and huge'. I know these folks realize their music ministers are creeping around; they've heard 'Bishop Preachgood' has been caught with a man...but when you can sing and preach-in the money...we'll just look the other way. How wicked!!
    There are souls at stake here, not to mention the heartbreak and trauma gay relationships typically reap for those both directly and indirectly involved. And what of the wives and kids of those that creep!? They're potentially in the highest risk category of AIDS!!

    So leadership will wink at your pain, wink at your sin, wink at your crisis of faith and then say, "Now get on up there and sing good now. Preach 'em in today!"

    I find that to be complete exploitation. Nothing less! Oh, let me stop now lest I rant. sigh.

    As you can tell, I really do get it now.

    Thanks again Brother, I will be checking back.


  7. Pastor Burnette,

    I want to commend you on your righteous stance against Homosexuality. This scourge has been infiltrating the Church in recent times and is relentless in its desire to devour the flock.


    This is Kyle From Pulpit Pimps. Although I am a Conservative Christian and may disagree with you on some points I fully agree with this terrible movement within the Church.


  8. Thanks Kyle,
    No matter our scriptural differences I Thank God that we can identify when individuals are trying to twist and manipulate the scripture to create a totally different God. That Pastor Christian currently posting on Pulpit Pimps is a flat out mess. Ole Melly-Mel got him under control though(LOL)Thanks for stoppin by.

  9. Saints, look at this thread:

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