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Seduced Church: The Prostitution, & Sale Of The Psalmist

Gospel Artists 
Dial 666 To Make A Deal
Matthew 4:8-118-Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; 9-And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. 10-Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. 11-Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him.

One thing is for certain. as we have already established...the gospel minister is in trouble...we have seen the meltdown and breakdown...In my Hip-hop Idolatry & The Church Series #9,  I have taken a look into the world of music cross-overs. As noted in the post over the years we have seen artists that have gone from gospel to secular music and from secular to gospel music and such the like. As I noted then, it is a tragedy and it still is a tragedy. 

Secularism: When The World Looks Good & Considerations Of God Become Small

The term secularism can be defined in the following manner:
1. Religious skepticism or indifference.
2. The view that religious considerations should be excluded from civil affairs or public education
Our friends at Real Zone allowed a pastor to define secularism highlighting it's spiritual implications as follows:
“Secularism is a movement that opposes God and everything that is associated with God. Secularism promotes independence from God. It removes God from people’s thoughts, the educational system and from programs and policies. It is, therefore, wrong for anybody to criticize or label as secular, an artist that sings a song which is not blasphemous of God or his commandments. “
Secularism is more in line with a culture or a world view. A way of doing things that does not allow the influence of God or Biblical based moral decisions to come into play. The artist or individual is pursuing a "career" using the instruments that belong to God with no consideration for HIM and when there is consideration it is usually a reinterpretation of material facts to suit. 

The problem is further summed up like this...folk that only have a gift and a place because of God, fail to subject and submit that gift to God in favor of money, fame and worldly accolade and career advancement. They have cheapened themselves by using their gifts inappropriately and even against God to favor, honor and support an anti-Christ industry of secularism displayed through music and various forms of entertainment. 

Evil Communication Corrupts Good Manners (1 Cor. 15:33)

I mean look at it...we have gospel artists and even leaders and administrators of organizational music departments such as pastor Kim Burrell, Assistant International Music Director in the Church Of God In Christ, who has not only said that she wants to "sing with Prince", because she feels that he is "anointed"(what a JOKE!) but has also made career decisions and moves in union with homosexuals such as Krishnar Lewis (Lewis Agency) to not only produce music, and videos, but also the show "Whatever It Takes" The title is all in it as Kim says:

"I'll do 'whatever it takes' to sustain the momentum of my success, as long as I have my dream team" ~ video promo
Unfortunately, Kirshnar now has stage 4 rectal cancer that has metastasized from what has been said in the video, so it is a wonder how long this relationship will continue or go on. We do pray from Krishnar's salvation. In short there will be at least 2 persons whom pastor Burrell will have been around that is in serious need of a move of God, but yet she seems focused on the "momentum" of her "success" as she does not apparently want that hindered in any way and will do anything to keep it going. 

Kim isn't the only one by any means that is misrepresenting the office of "psalmist" as they have become to be known in many modern Christian circles. There are others such as Erica Campbell of  Mary Mary who have not only employed perverted rap artists such as David "Put Your Panties On The Floor" Banner into their music, but Erica has also recently said  the following of her husband and former/current secular/gospel music producer "Baby Dub" Campbell:

“I feel like my husband has been called to minister,”...“Now I said, ‘Lord, when I first started dating this guy he worked for Death Row Records, but he was from the church. That was a perfect combination for me: a little street, a little church.”
For Erica, the street/church combination worked...It worked so much until she married a man who produced music for one of the most suspect secular music labels in America. Shug Knight's former bloody baby, Death Row records...(now WIDEawake-Deathrow; sold in 2009 for $18 Million.) I guess that was slightly better than Tina, (the other Psalmist) who almost killed her husband, as she admits, when news of his infidelity surfaced:
“Once I became aware [of the affair], I initially wanted to kill my husband,”...“I was considering adjusting the will, the living trust and all that kind of stuff. I did physically try to stab him. Several times…I never got to the point of physical harm, not really, but my words…My words hurt.”
Does any of this resemble "gospel" or what "gospel" should be? We know that men are imperfect, however, there is not a glimpse or a hint of "redeemed" in any of these actions and sentiments. Can you imagine telling your young people to find a man that is a "little street" and a "little church"? What type of biblical advice or admonition is that? Can you imagine receiving praise and worship, hanging on God to move for you and being led to that by a person who has a knife in her purse waiting for an opportunity to stab her husband because he has acted selfishly and in an ungodly manner? What happened to values of prayer, seeking God and doing what David did, going into the HOLD? However, a secular mind, does secular things. There is no doubt about it.

(Update 56/4/2013: According to the Ebony article, the affair occurred about 2 and a half years ago, prior to the reality show and Tina only sought to stab him with a fork. Now I happen to like Tina and certainly don't minimize the pain that she felt and certainly pray for her. She is a family woman and I like the fact that she tries to arrange her life to place family first. I know this was a rough revelation for her and pray for the best, BUT in times like these, WE revert to our roots of righteousness. The streets say "kill", and the inclination to do so is certainly born of the flesh, the Lord says trust HIM.)

Romans 8:7Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.  

What Is Genre? Whatever It Is It Doesn't Matter To Them

Generally speaking, the term "genre" indicates the type or class of music that is being presented. There are certain movements within the music that are specific to each genre of music. This is basically how the music is identified or classified. What we are talking about is greater than one form of music sounding like another. We are talking about the complete crossing over of the message and point of emphasis of the music from one category or type to another.

In the minds of the modern crossover gospel artist, genre (the type of music sung) is a marketing opportunity or a way to make more money or increase the artists audience. There is no resemblance that the audience or target is looked at as a ministry opportunity or mission field. They are people that need to become new fans like followers of the "Pied Piper". The psalmists themselves are unaware or uncaring about why there should be a difference between clean and unclean.

Doing The "Twist"

I believe it was Chubby Checker that did a dance called "the twist" back in the day. Well there is a new "twist" and it begins in the minds of many of these gospel artists. Some artists are simply confused and looking to blame everyone else but themselves for their faults and decisions. This sort of mentality is readily seen in artists such as Shei Atkins, who says that although her mission is to help people live out their faith, blames her pursuit of "crossover" and engagement with secular music and the secular music industry on the people in the church. She claims that it was those "judgmental church people" (many of whom have helped to make her famous and able to live the lifestyle that she enjoys) that have caused her to leave the gospel music industry. She has said this:

"Although I love God’s people, I can’t waste years trying to break this mentality and use that as an excuse for not doing what God told me to do,” ..."Every part of the body of Christ is unique and beneļ¬cial and if we all work together, we would be so much more powerful. God is more concerned about how you live than what genre you’re categorized in.”
Like many of her colleagues Shei is confused. First, she slaps the face of the people that have supported her from nothing. Then it's even worse for her spiritual understanding. How in the world can a person think that anyone can be "helped" and encouraged to live a godly lifestyle by being turned to worldliness and secularism? This is rank and utter confusion. At heart it is obvious that those with sentiments as such do not want any sort of accountability. Shei readily blames the church for judging her music and message by the standard of the word of God. Can she possibly be serious? The real question that needs to be posed is can a person lead one into God's presence with such confusion of the mind and dilution of the spirit? Why? Because it is obvious that she is not saved or if she was, she has walked away from HIS supremacy in her life. I am willing to KNOW that it is an impossibility that folk in this sort of condition are hearing from the Lord in any way, other than as he convicts them of their sins and encourages them to repent and do their first works over again. Shei's additional tirade against the church can be found HERE

Even The "Bishops" Are Confused

Even persons that you think would hold individuals to a higher standard have gotten into this sort of "psalmist apostasy".  More than likely the real reason is because even they enjoy the popularity that it brings and also live off of an industry which feeds their monetary needs. For example, recently the Bishop Paul "Eddie Long must repent" Morton declared that there should be more "love music" in the gospel music industry as he affirmed:
“When you are with your spouse there are some songs you just don’t want to hear. When I’m with my wife I don’t want “Amazing Grace”. Give me a love song!”
In other words, when the bishop is alone with his wife, and after the Viagra has finally kicked in...for that 4 hour countdown he doesn't want to be bothered with thinking about Jesus or who Jesus is. He wants Luther or Wonder...Whether he wants "honey love" or not, bottom line is that he simply wants to be able to engage his wife with an exclusively "Jesus free" mind...OK....(I'll leave that alone) 

The "Anointed" Have Mingled & Been Seduced

Certainly Fred Hammond, one who has been said to be among the most  anointed "music ministers" in gospel music, has responded to this apparent "need" among the saints for more love songs, by not only producing a "love song" CD, but even more recently a mixed secular/gospel group United Tenors (UT). Previously, Fred said this about his decision to do "love songs":
“I knew I had to do this record. I knew it was time for me to share my heart about love. I knew that the body of Christ needed to hear these songs, but I honestly didn’t know how it would be received. I always say that I’m a ‘step out of the boat’ kind of artist, and I am grateful for everyone who has stepped out with me to support this CD. It is humbling and it is heartwarming and it is a reminder that when God gives you something – to move on it, even if you don’t fully understand what He is doing,”

So according to Fred, this "love song" project was something that he was led of God to do because the "body of Christ needed to hear it"? OK, is that true? No one asked me and I'm in the Body...at least so I thought... Don't get me wrong, there are some good songs on the CD, but the question is, is this what the psalmist has been commissioned to do? Sing love songs so the people of God can feel better about "gettin' down" with their spouses? Is this what the people of God should be led to embrace by the leading of the "psalmist"? Secularism in the name of the Lord and romance? The conversation needs to be had. Is any of this really the leading of the Spirit? What does this do to ministry and the work of the Lord? And for heaven's sake, could somebody please tell me how any of this edifies single believers trying to live out their commitment to Christ?

Remakes & The New Reality 

Then we certainly don't and can't forget the remakes of secular songs such as "Oooh Child" by dancing Kirk Franklin and shoutin' Donnie McClurkin. It seems that there were a host of Franklin song on the CD 'Hero'  that were simply reworked secular songs designed to basically bring the past into the present and in my opinion incite "familiar spirits". We are also reminded and the efforts of other artists such as J. Moss  and even Jonathan Butler who do both secular and gospel music at the drop of a hat if the money is right. After all, music is music right?

Finally, (but by no means least) there's the BET reality show "The Sheards" which has exposed the younger Sheards (Kierra and J Drew II) desire to gain a larger audience almost by any means necessary. In this show J Drew II  continuously and consistently seeks to not only go into secular venues, but to immerse himself into the secular industry itself. Kiarra has her own vision for her musical future by proclaiming that the new "genre" (secular music) is necessary and simply good for her "brand" and business all together.  Can you believe it? The "psalmists" of God are now a "brand", seeking fans, a "target markets" and ultimately a new audience and larger following to sell more units and get more popularity and fame and move more units. Remember, the devil said, simply "fall down and worship me and I'll give you all the accolades of these kingdoms." Have we forgotten what we so eagerly learned in kindergarten and first grade bible study? It seems that the importance of it has fallen away from us, for sure. 


I could go on and on with others who have done their "do" before the world, committing adulteries, fornication and down right feuding and being ungodly...To go down that trail would be a futile effort in my opinion because it seems that many of them don't care and all people like to talk about is the next scandal.

To the point, our gospel music personalities aka: the psalmists, have been willingly PIMPED by secular music and have willingly sold themselves and their gifts into prostitution. This means that they have engaged and embraced things and people that they should not have ever considered embracing. At the expense of the people of God and the mission of Christ, they have delivered their goods to the devil for one ultimate and singular purpose...to take the glory from God and deliver it to the devil himself.    

Somebody Got To Make Money...Why Not Me?

Now, it is the devil that grants the popularity and fame. It is the devil that gives the stage of exposure. Singing to mere church folk just isn't good enough. Secular stages, settings and contracts are essential to fame popularity and success. The psalmists have embraced people who speak in dollars and market-share. They do not speak in scriptural verses nor do they speak in spiritual edicts or by spiritual references. They speak in sales and increased popularity with and in the world. For them it is a win-win of dollars with the illusion and false promise of preaching or being able to "reach the masses". Like Kirk Franklin prepared us in his famous imitation gospel/secular song "Stomp" by stating "Just in case you think gospel music has gone too far"...Well, it has. Gospel music has gone too far!...Not only that, but because of the compromise of the so called psalmist, many of the most popular ones are simply not fit for worship. They have embraced another love all while singing about the God they "say" they love:

1 John 2:15 ~ Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the 
Father is not in him.
The system that the modern psalmist loves is one that gives them popularity and fame and accolade. It creates "ungodly" friends and illusions and is based on sensual, earthly, and devilish wisdom. We must dispel the myth that all roads and paths are the same or are ordained of God. They are not.  

The Secularism Of Gospel Is Not A Parallel Path

What makes this and these actions so pervasive is that the devil himself has been the author of the delusion that the secular music path is simply a parallel to the gospel music path. The claim is that these are simply two roads that run parallel and that can be bridged or turned on and off as the artist sees fit. However, nothing is further from the truth. 

Secularism and Gospel are not two "parallel paths" or options to build or engage industry or ministry. Parallel paths run in the same direction even if they end at two different points. The path between gospel and secular are is different. They are diametrically opposed directions and value systems. They are two totally different and opposite directions. In order to embrace one path, the other must be turned away from. Although the sound is an important identifier, the sound  of either of them doesn't matter. One brand of music can sound like the other and still not be on the same or a similar path and be far from the other. This is similar to the "gulf" that was between the beggar and the rich man in eternity or in hell. (Lk.16:26) This chasm cannot be bridged. it wasn't meant to be bridged. The way of God and the way of the devil are two totally opposite realities with two completely different ultimate realities and purposes.

This is the message that needs to be heard...it is IMPOSSIBLE for the gospel artist to "crossover" to secular music. What is actually happening is that the gospel is being REJECTED and the secular embraced as a new path. There is no mixing of truth and mixing of unrighteousness. There is also no drawing of the secular artist into gospel. There is only a desensitization of those who listen to gospel to these things.

The gospel has been sold into bondage and the gospel artists have prostituted themselves for fame, fortune, and pomp of the world.  This was the promise of the devil. To make those would serve him wildly popular and rich beyond belief in this world.  


If unrighteousness is embraced, righteousness is rejected. If righteousness is embraced, unrighteousness is rejected. This is the key to the temptation of the enemy when he tempted Jesus in the wilderness. The lesson we learned was this:

First, everything already belonged to God, including the people and their adoration because every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that he is Lord.

The devil only offers illusions and temporary fixes but the come with a price. The price of fame, and accolade of men is the loss of anointing, place and relevance. I believe this is in part what we are seeing when we see sin running rampant among those who's lives should be representative of the Christ they sing about.

Strangers have crept in, but we are not unaware of them. We see them. Unfortunately for them, they haven't fooled us that can discern darkness from light.

Isaiah 14:11 God draws a sharp contrast at the judgement that he was to deliver in spite of the celebration using "viols" (12 stringed instruments) among the Babylonians. Many have said that the devil himself, being the chief musician of heaven at one time, also had instruments built into his body to make praise to God. Having drawn himself away from his purpose, his aim now is simply to draw the same type of praise that he once gave God, to himself.

Since Jubal in Genesis 4:21, we know that music has always had a special place and purpose among God's people. Smiths Biblical Dictionary says this:
  1. The golden age of Hebrew music . David seems to have gathered round him "singing men and singing women." (2 Samuel 19:35) Solomon did the same, (Ecclesiastes 2:8) adding to the luxury of his court by his patronage of art, and obtaining a reputation himself as no mean composer. (1 Kings 4:32) But the temple was the great school of music, and it was consecrated to its highest service in the worship of Jehovah. Before, however the elaborate arrangements had been made by David for the temple choir, there must have been a considerable body of musicians throughout the country. (2 Samuel 6:5) (David chose 4000 musicians from the 38,000 Levies in his reign, or one in ten of the whole tribe. Of these musicians 288 were specially trained and skillful. (1 Chronicles 26:6,7) The whole number was divided into 24 courses, each of which would thus consist of a full band of 154 musicians, presided over by a body of 12 specially-trained leaders, under one of the twenty-four sons of Asaph, Heman or Jeduthun as conductor. The leaders appear to have played on the cymbals, perhaps to make the time. (1 Chronicles 15:19; 16:5) All these joined in a special chant which David taught them, and which went by his name. (1 Chronicles 23:5) Women also took part in the temple choir. (1 Chronicles 13:8; 25:5,6) These great choirs answered one to another in responsive singing; thus the temple music most have been grand and inspiring beyond anything known before that time. 
I have spent some time in this post outlining the problem and it is serious and evident to see. I thought that I would leave it up to you to comment on what needs to be done to get this right...What must be done to make this right? Can it get right? Please feel free to address this for all those who look on. I would also like to hear from those in the industry if you are not ashamed to respond. Has the industry and the secular elements of it helped or hurt you personally...you're take please....Thanks.


Update & PS:
Don't think for a minute that the top selling gospel artist of all time has escaped. Marvin Sapp will have his share of explaining to do before the throne as well as I explain HERE.  


  1. Well written, That is why there is not much anointing in the music because the artist are too secular. BTW what music did people make love to before recorded music-They sure did not hire a singer ouyside the bedroom

  2. Thanks Keith,

    As I see it, we have a problem when Eddie seduces boys and when Paulk molests children and when Bryant has babies out of wedlock in the church, and rightefully so. I mean the list goes on and on...Many folk claim the ineffectiveness of the church and the minister when these things happen...

    Now when these "music ministers" not only give their gift to the world but also lay up, freakin', having babies out of wedlock, committing adulteries etc, because they are "popular", people want to look at the "grace of God" and how they are yet "anointed"...What happened to Long's "anointing"? How about Paulk...why didn't they say he was still anointed?

    What it is is SEDUCTION of the saints and the church. We have been desensitized and established a whole new set of principles to guide how we approach God and none of it is based on biblical principles or allowances or encouragements...to call some of these folk "ministers of music" is an apostasy, YET that's exactly what we do and dance to their music...folk are under a spell....

  3. God Bless Pastor Burnett,

    1 Timothy 6:9-11 ~9 But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. 10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. 11 But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.

    Thanks for opening up another heated topic that needs to be addressed in the Body of Christ. Unfortunately this is not new. The artists mentioned are only but a handful of the artist of the 21st century that has succumbed to being rich at the expense of their salvation and souls. There were many before them that came out of the church to cross over to secular music and lifestyle; Sam Cooke, Richard Penniman (Little Richard), Albert Greene (Al Green), and Aretha Franklin to name a few. They were raised in religious homes; some of them had parent(s) who were pastors or held some office in the church, but the lure of fame and fortune was a greater pull for them and their families. The difference with the latter group is the church is more accepting now than the early church.

    The early church had no problem identifying sin in the body, exposing it, and casting it out if the believer did not want to be restored or reconciled. There was no compromise for sin; it was sin no matter who it was in.

    Jude 1:22-24~ 22 And of some have compassion, making a difference: 23 And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh. 24 Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy.

    We need to go back to the Word and stop playing church. Jesus Christ is still on his way back. Will He find faith in the earth?

    God Bless,
    Soldier on the Wall

  4. This is what I said on facebook regarding this issue and some thoughts generated regarding the article:

    "Now the "claim" in the modern church is that these people "lead us to the throne", "set the atmosphere for the blessings of God" so that "we can receive"...OK, if that is the case, that that is their mission then they are held to the highest standards as well....

    Look at this, most sane folk would't have a preacher who stays up all night Saturday at some club dee-jayin' and m-ceein' club and strip contests simply because they have a "voice" to do it...You would have a FIT if they sold their vocal talents to the club for "club fun" What in the world except for the seduction of the devil himself would make ANYONE think that the actions of these entertainers (because they are not ministers) are acceptable????

    Folk have all kinds of double standards and at the end of the day they are just as seduced by these folk as they are by the devil to say that they are OK....just the way it is...."

  5. Here's another commentary I posted in response to the reasons that it is hard for "popular folk" to stay saved:

    "Listen this "miss the mark because of popularity" isn't relevant. ...The same path of HOLINESS (Heb. 12:14) for one is the same path for all. There is not gonna be a"popular heaven" for any of these folk. The problem is Ps. 11:3...the foundation has been destroyed...Jesus was drawing folk out of the club and off of dance floors for years before gospel music became popular. God spoke to one of our members while she was on the dance floor and in the club and drew her out...The club ain't a "hedge" and although it is broadway, it ain't a "highway" either and none of these folk deliver too much of a gospel message if they do at all...most of them unfortunately don't even know scripture.

    What these are are efforts to dilute and to make common or mainline. These are efforts to make people comfortable with the "idea" of salvation...Salvation was never about an 'idea"...Rome and secularization was about an idea, but not salvation...Salvation is about a paradigm shift and change of heart, mind and will.

    A sinner practicing their sin should not feel comfortable around a saint or a believer if that's the language that is preferred. John 16:8 said that the Holy Ghost will "reprove the world of sin", not make them comfortable or affirm them in their sins. Look at it, folk singing gospel while a person is there drinking Hennesy, Red Dog, and gin...Smoking, flirting and preparing themselves sometimes for illegal and illicit hook-ups....then at the end, we say it is successful because now more people "know the artist" and what they like to sing....What is that??? Like they said on Sesame Street, SOMETHING doesn't belong in that mix...

    Now we can talk about Jesus all day with sinners, and I guarantee they weren't continuing in their sins in his presence, but we can also talk about Apostle John when he was in the same bath house as heretic Cerenthus...when John found that out, he broke camp saying that he had to leave lest lightning strike and the house and he be destroyed along with Cerenthus. The last Apostle wasn't trying to get in the mix, he was trying to proclaim the truth so that all men could be drawn to it..."

  6. Thanks, Pastor B. I hate to say it, but I am almost completely tuned out to the current Gospel music. I have digitized music on my smart phone that I listen to that dates as far back as the late '60s. I have a few current recordings in my playlist, but not too many. I seem to enjoy the older music from the 90's on back much better. As much as I have loved and enjoyed Gospel music most of my life, I'm not sure what has happened to me or why things have changed; but I don't think I'm the only one feeling like this. Please keep me in prayer; I'd like to feel my "old musical self" again someday.

  7. "After the Viagra has finally kicked in...." Bwhahahaha! Pastor, this article is on point! No where in the bible will you find the holy mixing with the profane, the clean mixing with the unclean. And when they did, the judgment of God came upon the saints swiftly. I can't believe that these people think they are really hearing from God when nothing they are doing lines up with the Word of God. You send a mixed message to those you claim to be helping.

    I personally know Shei Atkins. I was one of those people who supported her when she had nothing. Her statement on why she turned to the secular world is disappointing. When she started out (her first album) it was all about Jesus. She and her husband had been warned on more than one occasion about letting themselves get caught up in the secular world, but we see how that turned out. Some of us knew that at some point she would end up doing secular stuff because she had the voice and the look.

    Pastor I always say if you want to do music and get paid for it, then say that. Stop hiding behind the word "ministry"! Stop blaming the church for your musical shortcomings! The real reason you turn to the secular market is because you want to get paid, plain and simple. Check out Kirk Franklin folding like a blanket on the issues of homosexuality and pornography, http://www.gcmwatch.com/10190/kirk-franklin-pulls-a-joel-osteen-on-gay-marriage-and-porn. SMH

    1. LOL....I can see the next rumor now, "Bishop is addicted to Viagra"....all kinds of stuff like that....Isn't that something about Shei??? I couldn't get to that story on Kirk for some reason...

    2. Pastor Foster was having issues with his website, but it is back up and running. You should be able to access it now, I just tried it and the link works.

  8. My view is that the motivation for secularizing gospel music is the labels themselves. Many artists sign contracts that dictate performing in secular venues and churches at the same time. With Motown now creating a gospel label, many artists have signed on with Motown Gospel. I have felt that individuals should use their talents to build the Kingdom of God. Music is a ministry and not a way to "get rich quick." There are so many talented, Godly individuals that have no desire for worldliness but are put off by what they see in the industry. I love some of the older music, too. As far as Shei Atkins is concerned, she secretly wanted to go secular but stuck it out in the gospel music community. Many of the Christians that criticized her for certain songs and her appearance really meant well and wanted her to be pure and authentic. Some of her music while in Gospel did push the envelope and many people did not like that. I watched a music video of the "new" Shei Atkins and I was very disappointed. I think what also happened was that these artists saw the secular performers make millions of dollars and they wanted their share of the pie. When I was still watching Bobby Jones Gospel, they did a feature on Vickie Winans and how she claimed that she got all of her wealth through Gospel music. When you add secular elements to your music, you are walking a dangerous tightrope that will suck you in if you do not have discernment. I think there is still time for Gospel artists to have their own label and keep the music pure.

    1. Good words said well, Johnny; thanks for sharing them; and thanks to Pastor Burnett for "blogging it like it is!" :-)

  9. Great stuff Pastor.

    Question - how do you combat the folks that use the Song of Songs as a reason why loves songs are ok.

    1. Paul,

      Do you mean the Songs Of Solomon? Many people raise the issue because of the suggestive words and lyrics found in the book and say that it is the equivalent of a "love song" as well. There are 2 things I could say about this:

      1- The focus of the Song Of Solomon was God and his love for his people and there was a contrast being made between God, his people, love and wisdom and even seeking and pursuing relationship between God and mankind. of course the illustration was a husband and a wife, however the church is also fashioned as a bride as well. (2 Cor. 11:2, Ephes.5:25) This leads to the thought that what Solomon said was not simply carnal rambling about sex and lovemaking. (although he would be the one to do so out of all the OT characters...700 wives and 300 concubines-1 Kings 11:3,WOW!)

      However this leads to the next point:

      2- The word of God is spiritual and not carnal or given to carnality.(John 6:63) If God was giving an instruction on how to make love, I think we would find much more explicit information. When God dealt with it he said, "be fruitful and multiply" (Gen. 1:22, 9:1&7) he gave no "indepth" instructions on how to handle it....With that said, none of his edicts distracted away from his instructions to righteousness or led people into carnality and carnal living...

      These people don't want to hear about Jesus when they are talking about "love". He (God) is just an add-on to their music making. I mean, look at the Bishop, he said he doesn't want to hear it.

      Then look back a minute...BeBe and CeCe with "Heaven"...that was deliberate to leave out the name of Jesus and reference to God. So we had "gospel artists" singing about the Lord undercover and in discreet so that they could gain a greater "target audience" who may not want to hear and have the word Jesus named...

      OK, can we preach to Muslims like that? How about Buddhists? In fact can we do that to the world period? Simply preach on the "down low"??? I mean I would love to increase my "target audience" as a minister...but guess what...God called me to preach the TRUTH and in doing that I must preach CHRIST.

      1 Cor. 1:17 ~ For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel: not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect.

  10. Someone said, "it's only music" and "nothing's wrong"...yea OK...nothing wrong with defilement and filth huh? To show how wrong and serious it is and has become read THIS MESS.

    There is a problem when that which is supposedly pure draws from that which is dirty, stank and defiled. if you don't believe so, ask some of those dying and starving children in third world countries who are forced to drink unclean water and their mothers who hold them while they are dying.

    This is a REAL battle and it ALL means something.

  11. I think you have very valid points.
    Nonetheless, according to the word, we are not to Judge others. This includes our brothers and sisters in Christ. No exceptions.
    Brother, I urge you to seek the Kingdom of God and it's righteousness and use your influence to talk to people about the LOVE that GOD has for us, and the eternal life that Jesus has given to us by his Grace. Once this message truly enters the person, if they believe it, the holy spirit, teamed up with prayer and the word will work and sanctify the person.

    I understand that you'd like to shed light, but we can't counter-attack the works of Satan with our minds and by trying to define or "expose" others.
    The end times are upon us. Millions are falling into the pit of eternal damnation because we have focused too much on other things and forgotten the great commission. Jesus cries when he sees humanity falling into the dark hole that was not meant for us.

    He needs us to push his Gospel and think about all those who have not heard of him yet. We can help them by living like he did, walking as he did, and this will be a witness to them... but this is impossible if we are focused on worldly things such as the marriages of these artists and the lives the lead or don't lead.
    Please don't be deceived or offended by my message as I don't know you and came across your blog through a Google search, but I hope to one day meet you and hug you once we enter the Kingdom of our Lord.

    Let's spread the gospel with our words and ALSO with our actions and lives! You have a great blog here but it's very much like a Christian version of E! news... now if the Lord himself has told you to disclose these artists' lives then by all means continue your work... but remember that this means the Lord could have also told these artists to do the things you are "disclosing". There is salvation for all, but God wants our whole hearts... not just part of it.

    How is this edifying the body? How are these posts going to help an unbeliever who lands on this page? Satan will use these posts to tell an unbeliever "Look, these Christians are all a huge HOAX" and they will miss the point!

    May our Lord and Savior continue to bless you and walk with you through this straight and narrow road!
    1 Corinthians 10.12

    1. Tulips,

      Thank you but dealing with error filled interpretations such as the one you present regarding this issue is the problem. Please allow me to post part a recent comment I did handling an objection from another person confused on the issue as well. It is also pertinent here:

      "Thank you for your commentary and you are certainly entitled as this is a free country, but let me just show you how much you simply don;t know what you are taking about from a biblical point of view:

      If the bible is our guide for life living and all things and Paul is an example of what Christ wants us to be, and I am almost sure that you will agree on both of those counts, then how do you explain Paul OPENLY rebuking Saints who had erred? Such as

      1- Cephas (Peter) in Gal. 2:11~ When Cephas came to Antioch, I opposed him to his face, because he stood condemned

      He went on to say about the APOSTLE: 14-15~ 14 When I saw that they were not acting in line with the truth of the gospel, I said to Cephas in front of them all,“You are a Jew, yet you live like a Gentile and not like a Jew. How is it, then, that you force Gentiles to follow Jewish customs?

      2- Then how about Paul's admonition to Timothy in 1 Tim. 5:20: "Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear."?

      3 How about Paul turning folk over to satan who had openly spoken against God and pretended to be Christians, as in 1 Tim.1:19-20: 19-Holding faith, and a good conscience; which some having put away concerning faith have made shipwreck: 20-Of whom is Hymenaeus and Alexander; whom I have delivered unto Satan, that they may learn not to blaspheme"

      I mean I could go on and on on people who Paul openly rebukes and commands the church not to have anything to do with. "

      To that I could add, that ANY judgement that we make is not to be based on our human interpretation or standards of righteousness such as the one you IMPOSE on my commentary. You start off as IF the bible is your guide, but offer nothing but a convoluted and mixed emotive intertwined with human agency.

      The basis of your commentary is about the damage that exposing sins does to the mission of Christ in the world. That is a deceptive and deceiving thought however. The DAMAGE to the mission of Christ is done by those who have been seduced and deviated from the path of truth and righteousness. That is the problem. Biblically correcting anything was never the problem, FAILURE to correct however was.

      Our job is not to make Christ look good or HIS church appealing to the world. It is a false gospel that attempts to do so. Was Jesus trying to make himself "look appealing to the world" when he at least on two occasions BEAT the money changers out of the temple and kicked over their tables? (Mt. 21:12, Jn. 2:15) Or how about when he told the Pharisees that their "father" was the devil? (Jn. 8:44) or called them hypocrites (references TOO MANY TO LIST)

      The unbeliever is helped the same way we all are...by TRUTH. It is that truth upon which HIS Kingdom is established and deviating from that is the the problem.

      Thank you.

    2. I really believe that the problem that we have is the problem that is not unfamiliar to the bible record...IDOLATRY! We have made folk idols and hold them, at all costs, separate from any issues of sin and or correction.

      What of the word that tells us that SIN is a reproach to any people? (Prov.14:34) Did it say that the correction of sin is a reproach? NO, it said that the sin itself is the problem! That is not comparing what they do to what I do...that is a comparison of ALL THINGS to the standard of the word of God.

      What we have is a post modern church that does not wish to be confronted with their idolatry nor do they wish to be corrected in their wrong, simply because others are wrong with them. In other words there is unity in unrighteousness. The problem is that simply because men agree to a thing, does not mean that God agrees. In fact, in MOST instances, the agreement of men is totally contrary to what God has said, done or is doing.

      This same idol worship has walked into the church (not crept) and it has come at the expense of TRUTH and biblical righteousness. To redirect, correct, and show the standard is the role of the PROPHETIC office in every generation. This hints us towards another problem...that lack of any prophetic vision among the people. I'm not talking about the Junanita II' or Bernard's s that call themselves prophets...I am talking about them that have delivered and continue to deliver themselves to Christ and continue to deliver TRUTH, whether in or out of seas to the church...As a pastor, I say BUMP the rest...GIVE ME JESUS, TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS or get out of my face and stop playing games.

      I want to go to heaven, and I will not play around with these idols trying to meet their standards when too many of them are unrepentant, and on their way to hell.


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