Monday, April 16, 2018

"Come Sunday" Pearson & Demonic Lies Exposed

Who Paid Bishop Pearson $100,000 For The Azusa Stage?
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Y'u-know, every now and then you see and hear something that seems to be so utterly fantastic, that you just know you are seeing and hearing things...

Now, I already knew that Carlton Pearson, the former leader of the "New" Azusa, was off base and deceived by demons, claiming to have received a "revelation from God" that one does not necessarily need Jesus to be saved, and that ALL men would be saved in the end without judgment and that there is no hell.

Well, obviously Pearson, through Netflix has decided to go all the way with that message once again and has since stirred much controversy, both with the accuracy of the account and the substance of the account as well. 

Now, to be honest, there are many modern day heretics and apostates that hold various forms and variations of that same type of belief, such as former pastor Rob Bell who, since claiming that there is no hell, now also claims that the bible, though powerful, is an amalgamation of man made and man centered stories etc. Read his answers to questions such as inspiration and infallibility HERE.

However, what makes Pearson different, is that he somehow expects that everyone should accept his

belief because he claims to be right and the bible, and those of us who have interpreted the bible message to the contrary, are just simply wrong.

The scripture however is clear regarding Carton's false belief:

Gal. 1:8 ~ But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

Carlton, Bell and others like them, are to be rejected by the church that is centered in Christ, because they have rejected the truth and established another path of salvation that is incompatible with what scripture teaches.

Well, the ultra critic says, "Carlton is not preaching another gospel because the gospel is the birth, life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus."...To that critic I simply say you probably LOOK as SILLY as you sound!!!!

By denying the elements of the message of Jesus, which includes hell, ultimate judgment and reconciliation of all things, both for the righteous and upon the unrighteous, is to deny the gospel itself. The gospel is the complete and inclusive (isn't that something?) message of the savior and God's actions and intervention in the world.

God has promised not only blessings upon the faithful but JUDGEMENT, as a righteous equalization and reconciliation of all evil in the world. Not only will the products of sin be dealt with but death and hell will ultimately be cast into the "lake of fire" aka: the second death. (Rev. 20:14)All those that have abused, maimed, killed, and hated God and all that he is to the n'th degree without repentance and faith in Jesus, will suffer hell as well.

I have addressed hell and the eternality of hell, more in depth in these 3 articles both HERE , HERE and HERE. One should read those articles prior to debating the issue.

Come The Pearson Heresy

Carlton Pearson evidently set out to tell his story obviously believing that he could manipulate it and the message he now preaches to draw some and rewrite the narrative of how he actually got where he is...In a recent message at his church the Bishop J Delano Ellis recently addressed the part in the movie where Pearson was called (according to Pearson himself) to tell his new demonic doctrine to a Bishops council in effort to persuade them that they needed to "rethink" the gospel message and what they had been preaching...

Beginning at about the 54 minute mark, Bishop Ellis takes Pearson's movie presentation apart and recounts what actually happened and how Pearson's false teaching was abundantly rebuffed by the Bishops present.

Preacher why is it important to point out a doctrinal dispute when there are so many souls that need to be saved?

What one believes could have an eternal weight of difference in how one lives and conducts themselves in this present world. If a person does not believe that they will give an account for their actions and that is nothing more to existence than the material world, then all evil is justified and right is only something that is contrived of men. In fact, under a purely materialistic paradigm, which I don't believe any men are under even if they profess themselves to be, there is only reward for being self-serving. There is no moral duty to be kind or embrace any value of life where one does not benefit. There is no sacrifice or self sacrifice, because I(the person) become the TOP of the food chain.

Secondly, if Carlton is right, the worst and most atrocious persons that ever lived to display their hatred for humanity are rewarded. Therefore suffering, as difficult as it is to sometimes understand,  completely makes no sense if what he believes is true. Why should not a person kill everyone they know, if ultimately they will be rewarded with heaven in spite of their acts of hate. In his view hatred and love are equal but opposite actions and both are rewarded the same...Who wants to believe that garbage????

So that is why issues such as this, especially considering the source from which these issues arise,  need to be discussed and disputed openly. Because there is a God and he is the ultimate righteous judge and will judge righteously all men need to know clearly that blessings for the righteous and punishments for the unrighteous are a part of God's divine plan. 


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