Saturday, February 3, 2018

Hip Hop, Idolatry & The Church Pt. 27 ~ Super Bowl & The New Gospel

Now here's something that you don't see everyday Chauncey...
What's that Edgar?
Well, here it is:

No, I'll let you talk on this one. I've done 26 parts to this series and said enough.


  1. Hey Rev, Isn't Rance Allan a bishop in COGIC? Not sure if this is measuring up to the standards of holiness, especially as a bishop. IJS

  2. Yes he is...I mean half the singers were COGIC...LOL...

    Look, I enjoyed the program however. The athletes came with some good things and the player that had the testimony of loosing his wife was powerful...Except or the Snoop Dogg and Faith Evans intermingling mess with "gospel singers" it was good.

    Then in light of the NFL player that got killed overnight by a drunk driver...I think we can be reminded, no matter our vocation in life or money...WE all need Jesus!!!!

    So saddened by this:

  3. Someone said, "you ought to be happy God is saving these hip-hop artists!"...All I ask is WHEN DID THEY GET SAVED????

    All I know is that Snoop was last smoking GANGA, weed and whatever else he could to make him high, was worshiping Haile Selassie, as a type of rastafarian...

    Where is the TESTIMONY that one is SAVED, REPENTED OF ONE'S SINS and is now serving Jesus Christ as Lord and savior? If one were to start there, I could take this seriously...until then, I won't let him or anyone else PISS on me and take me for stupid like R Kelly pissed on them young girls (as he was supposedly "saved" too)and continues to seduce him as he does...

    1. Rev...Got a few questions for YOU...

      It seems to be a lot of collaboration with these "gospel artist" with these worldly singers. A lot behind this intermixing is the idea, the Christian can use this as a platform to help get some of these folks saved. I have NEVER heard of any testimony any of these folks believed the GOSPEL and placed their faith in Christ? Have YOU?

      I know for certain, these gospel artists go against the grain of the Bible I read to say "evil communication corrupts good behavior". Make me wonder if these gospel artists are fusing under false pretense. You commented "when did they get saved with regards to the like of SNOOP an them. I wonder the testimony of these GOSPEL artist, their testimony. I

      If they are not reaching the likes of R Kelly and SNOOP and Nicki Manaj, and no fruit seems to come out as a result of their mingling, why do you think they continue to coalesce? Not only do these black gospel artist associate, but they seem to do so without conviction. Any reason why?

      Why is it that SNOOP and NICKI and R KELLY seem to find it so easy to do their craft along side these "saints"? Should not these supposed "Christians" be transformed by the renewing of their minds, so not to be of this world? Is their something about the MUSIC that makes it easy for them to hook up? Are their music one in the same except one say Jesus, and actually as I think about it they both say Jesus? Are they calling on the SAME Jesus, they mention His name together? Shouldn't our songs be different from theirs?

      And one more thing, You were doing good staying away from the crude language. Now here you go (p@%%ed, not only once, but twice...COME ON REV, you can do better than that!


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