Thursday, November 9, 2017

110th Annual Holy Convocation: COGIC Partners To Combat Abortion

Thursday Nov. 9th, 2017
St. Louis, MO.
In a break with the liberal establishment that has sought the endorsement of COGIC for a number of years, pandering for votes at nearly every occasion, leaders of the anti-abortion group, Human Coalition, arose to announce a partnership with one of the nation's largest denominations, The Church Of God In Christ, to combat abortions and increase the number of adoptions around the country.

As noted by Human Coalition church outreach director Dean Nelson, COGIC is the ONLY major denomination in the country to make a fully fledged partnership with the organization in the fight against abortion.
"...and we are pleased to say tonight, that we are partnering with the most Christ centered, socially conscious, African American denomination in the country, the Church Of God In Christ" ~ Rev. Dean Nelson Human Coalition
Promoting The Family Life Campaign, COGIC is partnering with the Human Coalition to fight for the rights of the unborn and increase adoption through a revised "One Church Once Child Campaign" which will be rolled out in a nation-wide effort in 2019. 
"...we have not found a single denomination willing to stand up and say, 'enough is enough, we have to bring an end to the intentional killing of the unborn' except for the Church Of God In Christ..." ~ Human Coalition Leader In TX
It seems that Home and Foreign Missions President Bishop Vincent Matthews, has seen the urgency in extending the church's mission to include the unborn and those children who have been abandoned by parents for one reason or another. 

To Bishop Matthews we say THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU GREATLY!!!!...and WHAT An AWESOME MESSAGE!!!! "Infiltration"

Now, this is astounding news especially to the liberal elite, who simply have assumed that COGIC is on board with liberal agenda. Remember, it was just some time ago, that former President Barack Obama was asking the church for support as he promoted not only abortion but the gay agenda. I believe that Obama's attitude was heightened by the church's misstep in endorsing the UDHR which has been used to promote the homosexual agenda around the world.

Nevertheless, to the acutely trained ear, and to those who have observed that the most vocal Black rights advocates in the nation say little to NOTHING regarding abortion or the ravages and assault upon the Black community through abortion campaigns in the name of "women's health".

Hopefully the church will heed the call and make significant inroads in ministering against this horrible and deceitful dearth to the community called abortion. 



  1. Too bad you hardly hear messages on a regular basis, the tons of churches doing services more than once a week, about the sanctify of life, the unborn. It should never have taken an out reach from the Human Coalition to grab COGIC hand on this highly biblical and moral issue. COGIC should have been beating the drum, and leading as a drum major to be an ambassador before the world where others should be joining them in the fight to save the unborn child from death. Instead of taking this back door approach with a simple hand shake gesture, COGIC should have made the world the devils ploy to use abortion as eugenics to kill African American children before the exit the mothers womb. No wonder Obama had no problem asking the GRAND OLE CHURCH to align with His movements. It's because of menial efforts like they do here.

  2. Now, you can criticize the church all you want, but that doesn't change the fact that NO OTHER church has even made such a commitment outside of the Catholic Church which has for years conducted anti-abortion campaigns.

    So you say that COGIC is somehow deficient, however, where are the Lutherans, or the other Evangelical organizations? And doing this in a national meeting, the highlight organizational meeting of the year was not a "back-door". It was coming to the ball at the height of the party.

    So thanks, and you're welcome to your own opinions, but just know we are welcome to our own assessments of those opinions as they pertain to propositions of truth.

  3. The fact that they did this at their 'national meeting", for such a grass roots issue like abortion, makes it more suspect, even to the point it appears to window dressing.


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