Sunday, August 13, 2017

RACISM & The White Church Challenge

From Facebook

I often speak of the church and its engagement within the community. Most times I am interpreted as focusing on the Black church (a church where membership is made up of predominately Black individuals and families) and it's involvement...

However, I want to be clear I will ask, where is the voice of the White minister and the White church on the issues?


I challenge the White church, churches whose membership is predominately comprised of White individuals and families, to lead rallies all around the country and in every community to condemn White supremacy, alt-rightism and race based fascism and injustice. 

We know that ALL hatred is sin! However, we are dealing with the sin and evil of White supremacy, which had its stronghold on this nation for generations. That sin has cost the lives of families for all generations. That hatred separated and damaged not only Black families, but White families forever. It is this form of hatred that must be condemned. Noone need be detract from the message of condemning that form of racist hate and un-Americanism. 

Unlike the inadequate response of our President who condemns wrong on "many sides" let us condemn wrong on the side from which it has arisen...wrong on the side of RACIAL HATE, based on White supremacy, White nationalism and White racial intolerance. 

I challenge White churches (churches whose membership is comprised primarily of
White individuals and families) to not only call this sin and evil out but evangelize the lost! Reach and teach the truth of racial equality to them that hold these views, and commit to evangelizing the hearts and souls OF THE LOST with the TRUTH of God's word. 

I would ask that all my Facebook friends share this with their pastors and church leaders everywhere. Encourage every church and church leaders to engage. It is the CHURCH that should be a beacon to the community. Let US take our place and be the salt of the earth and light that Jesus has called us to be in these times and condemn White supremacy and racial injustice clearly, forthrightly, and in a unified manner. 

Pastor Harvey Burnett
New Bethel COGIC 
The Dunamis Word


  1. How may I serve, Assembly of God raised.

    1. Thanks for reading and for asking.

      My opinion...I believe that churches should seek to open dialogue on this issue by first, providing a class or group speaking specifically on this topic. I believe that the church and church members need to be able to see the real arguments here. We should be able to examine what and why civil rights and racial equality was so pervasive and long sought after even after the civil war had been fought and was over.

      I think it should be examined, from community issues to employment and what the lack of economic opportunity and inadequate education has created both among Blacks and poor Whites living in America.

      In doing this, I believe it should be taken out of the context of sin and blame for a minute. Let's just look at the circumstances which led us here, and the biblical narratives or lack thereof that either contributed to the cause of prohibited freedoms.

      We can't be afraid to take the blame for what is ours. It was Jim Crow, not the Holy Spirit that separated the Assembly from the Church Of God In Christ. As fellow Pentecostal believers, I believe we should not be afraid to engage that issue. Jim Crow would not allow us to worship together, and for a minute Campmeeting worked, but then there were too many calling for separation of race while touting the bible and yet speaking in tongues. We must confront that and place the blame not on one another, but on a plan directly from the enemy that we were not equipped at the time to overcome.

      In short, TEACH and open for dialogue.

      Recently, a White friend of mine and I were talking about policing issues. After he shared with me his stories of harassment, and just plain old meanness from law enforcement, I couldn't help but to conclude that we as Blacks do not have a monopoly on the community policing issue. I mean he was White, with no tint or shade in his skin and was treated terribly, so much until he sued the police and took them to court not just once, but twice.

      Now, everyone I know needed to hear his story. not because he was a White man, but because his story involves all of us from a human perspective. All of us must push for better policy because it is beneficial for us ALL not just for some.

      So my friend, open up the Assembly to brothers and sisters that care and that will speak the truth in love and that will reciprocate by allowing you to share so that we can bridge gaps. I'm not simply talking about pulpit ministry, I'm talking about teaching, interacting and working together.

      Sit down and forge a community plan with inner city churches. Help one another open doors that would be otherwise closed. A mighty fist will do more damage than loose fingers any day.

      So our answer, is the answer of Godly and Christlike unity. Throughout all this, I have not had one Assembly pastor or otherwise call me to even discuss the topic. That is shameful...

      But thank God for you...YOU broke through the shame and I feel blessed because of it....THANK YOU!!!!!!


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