Monday, June 13, 2016

Islam, Submission With No Peace Pt. 14 ~ The Crisis With ISIS

We stand WITH the victims, citizens and families of Orlando, FL. and America herself, suffering from the reach of domestic terrorism. While there are pundits attempting to make this event an issue of gun control, and an issue of homosexual civil rights, the fact is that the ideology that took the lives of some 50 persons and injured, and maimed some 53 others, is an age old philosophy based and rooted in a particular interpretation of the Quran that has been the generally accepted interpretation within the Muslim world. 

Although the murderer in this case, claimed his allegiance to ISIS with no mention of simply wanting to kill "gay people" what he did was a sick act of hatred, thoroughly condemned as an act of pure religion or service to God in any way. Christians should CONTINUE to preach against the sin of homosexuality, but should also be mindful that God has not called a single Christian to KILL ANYONE in the name of Christ because of the sin they embrace. 

So liberal pundit, we, as Christians, DO NOT take the blame for what is done in the name of Allah or the god of the Quran. As we will discover in the video-series below, Allah is NOT the God of the bible and the teaching of the Quran, whether liberal, moderate or extreme, cannot be harmonized or reconciled with the teaching of Christianity or the command of Christ. 

It is my prayer that you leave the webpage tuned to The Dunamis Word for the duration of these programs brought to you by the John Ankerberg Show, and that you will listen to the content, because this just may be the information you need to make a difference in your community. Also feel free to visit and join our Facebook web page "In Defense Of The Faith" where we present information regarding this and other matters of Christian faith, lifestyle and values. 


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