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Running Scared: Gov. Nathan Deals Away Religious Protections In GA

"I do not think we have to discriminate against anyone to protect the faith-based community in Georgia of which my family and I are a part of for all of our lives,"..."Our actions ... are not just about protecting the faith-based community or providing a business-friendly climate for job growth in Georgia. This is about the character of our State and the character of its people."

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has backed down from a position of protecting religious freedoms vetoing a House Bill known as "The Free Exercise Protection Act", due to significant pressure from gay advocacy, media and the entertainment industry who have all converged to threaten all persons who believe that religious freedoms, and freedoms of corporate entities such as churches and church backed organizations, should be protected at all costs. 

>>Read Georgia's HB 757 As Proposed<<

Led by a group known as "Georgia Prospers" corporations from Comcast/NBC Universal, The NFL, Disney, Intel and Home depot to name a few, have arisen to to say that

bolstering religious freedoms and protections are not in line with their values or their corporate missions. Rather than say this openly, they say that "discrimination is not in line with their values" or corporate missions and that the loss of the business that they generate for the state with result in approximately a $3 to 6$ billion loss of revenue for the State. 

Diversionary Tactics

As presented by corporations it would seem that religious values which exclude individuals due to their sins, are a matter of "discrimination" and not a matter of Constitutionally protected human freedoms and rights. Fact is that these corporations, taking a page from the book of the bully and diversionary tactics of gay advocacy, are doing no more than simply threatening and throwing their weight around any way they can. 

False Issues

For example, Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff, who also threatened Indiana prior to their passage and later revision of religious freedoms protection, promised to create "a rolling thunder of economic sanctions against the State" if the Governor of Georgia approved the law. Led by efforts similar to this corporations have been seduced to believe that they are fighting for the freedoms and protection of their employees some of whom who are of the LGBT community. Noting that these same companies have never campaigned for the protection of traditional marriage and religious values in any way, their message is one of bias and filled with hypocrisy. 

Though appearing to advocate for a "just cause", in reality, by virtue of their advocacy and uniting to pronounce terror and doom upon a State for protecting and preserving the rights of its citizens, especially the religious and religious leaders, the corporations have set forth ideals that religious values are not static, nor are they essential and that they are subject to compromise. 

The Real Issue?

There are multiple laws proposed to address and provide religious freedom and protection in Georgia. 7 of them listed below as follows:
  • House Bill 837 – “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” 
  • House Bill 218 – “Preventing Government Overreach on Religious Expression Act” 
  • House Bill 756 – the “Discrimination Protection Act” 
  • Senate Bill 284 – “First Amendment Defense Act of Georgia” 
  • House Bill 816 – “Student Religious Freedom Act” 
  • House Bill 870 and Senate Bill 309 – Student Athletic Uniforms and Play 
  • Senate Resolution 388 – Georgia State Constitutional Amendment to Fund Religious Organizations

Out of the 8 laws that have been proposed to provide protections to various of Georgia's citizens based on religious liberty, which have been rolled back in the country since the ratification of gay marriage by the United States Supreme Court, there is only 1 law that is of particular interest to gay advocacy in the State of Georgia. It is known as House Bill 757 - the “Pastor Protection Act”Sponsor: Rep. Kevin Tanner, R-Dawsonville.

>>Read Georgia's HB 757 As Proposed<<

According to a CNN Money Report the critics, many of whom threatened to "boycott GA., said this:
-- The Weinstein Company said it will move production of its biopic of Richard Pryor out of Georgia "if this unlawful bill is enacted."
-- AMC Networks (AMCX), whose TV hit "The Walking Dead" is filmed in Georgia, said "discrimination of any kind is reprehensible" and called on the governor to reject the bill.
-- Time Warner, (TWX) which owns Turner and CNN, pressed Deal to "exercise his veto" of a bill it called "a contradiction to ... the type of workplace we guarantee to our employees." Thousands of Time Warner workers are based at Turner's Atlanta headquarters.
-- Live Nation (LYV) CEO Michael Rapino also asked Deal to veto: GovernorDeal do the right thing and Veto House Bill 757. Proud to be an #LGBTQAlly."

I believe that maybe it is time for the religious right and Christian Conservative movement and simply put, those that wish to LIVE biblical values within society and community to stand up and show these corporations who has made them wealthy. 

I call for the Christian community to BOYCOTT THESE VOCAL by one and company by company in an organized manner and fashion NATIONWIDE!

SHOW THESE BUSINESS THE POWER OF A DOLLAR EVEN IF BUT FOR A DAY! Allow these businesses to experience the monetary impact of their actions.  What would happen if in certain states and at certain times, noone in the Christian community patronized a particular business? how about if Coke sales were down in a State for just one week? What financial impact would that place upon the company? What if Christians boycotted the movie theater one weekend? 

Furthermore, these business and organizations who have been duped into these causes need to get real! For example, if anyone should be compassionate to Christian values and causes, and should get the story straight, it should be Hollywood and the entertainment industry. It is the Christian and religious movements that have helped to make value centered movies and values centered children's entertainment popular and respected within society. It was the Christian family that demanded that value centered movies reflect our entertainment values. The resurgence of Hollywood and the entertainment industry in modern times was a direct result of modern day Christian influence on the entertainment industry. It certainly wasn't gay advocacy nor secularism that made the difference monetarily for Hollywood.

In addition, the sports industry and venues such as those they use, are dependent upon family and family values to prosper in multiple ways including attendance at sports arenas and complexes. The sports industry, including the NFL should thank all them that have and hold traditional Christian and religious values, both for the majority of the athletes that compete in their sports, and the bulk of their supporters who stand by these organizations financially. 

These companies and others should know that it is the investment dollars of individuals who adhere to Christian moral values that invest in their firms through stock and bonds and other investments that have made them successful. 

For these same companies to simply "band-wagon" on the issues without taking time to research the issues is simply a fantastic, overly dramatic, and highly unwarranted social and political position to take. 

The law in GA as it was proposed did nothing more than PROTECT the same customers who made all of these businesses wealthy. As stated above...READ THE ACT...The Bill simply kept individuals and entities from doing what is tantamount to a leveraged takeover of the acts and operations of religious organizations, not "Christian businesses". This is a distinction with a difference. The bill protected "Pastors" and "ordained ministers" in particular and "faith based organizations" Faith based organizations are defined as:
"(1) 'Faith based organization' means a church, a religious school, an association or 81 convention of churches, a convention mission agency, or an integrated auxiliary of a 82 church or convention or association of churches, when such entity is qualified as an 83 exempt religious organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 84 1986, as amended. 85 (2) 'Government' means the state" 
The Bill also protected faith based organizations from being compelled to hire individuals who live lives and observe moral practices contrary to their teachings and beliefs. Why should a church be compelled to hire a satanist? 

>>Click  HERE To View The Hypocrisy Of Secular Corporations<<

If these corporations believe the smoke and mirrors, where are their offender to work hiring standards? Where are their pedophile hiring standards? Where are their hiring standards to equalize pay and numbers of individuals hired from other sexual minority groups?

It is clear, this is not about equalization and the rights of their employees. It is about making the church and the religious subject to secular values and ideals. This is the place where mammon is god and is worshiped or God is God and is worshiped. This is the place where a decision is made to either believe God and honor him or believe man and the systems of man and honor them...

For me, I'll,be drinking LESS COKES and certainly won't be attending some of the movies I planned to see. I also won't be buying the DVD's when they come out either...I will also advocate to break up monopolies such as Comcast, and help bring true cable competition back to communities, and when I do get a little money, I'll be careful as not to invest in companies who bandwagon issues and seek to rid society of Christian values...

Ooh, one more thing...about those NFL tickets....NOT!!!!


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