Monday, January 18, 2016

Can't Take Our Heritage Away!

In a recent update of the fundraising portion for my new book, "Ministering Effectively"
I reminded the audience that our heritage in Christ and in church could not be simply taken away and done away with as the secular left has seemingly proposed. 

My reason for saying this, is because as we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday we are reminded that the tribute to him erected in Washington, DC. in 2011 included everything BUT his heritage and the real reason that he engaged the civil rights struggle as he did. 

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
To be clear, there is NO REFERENCE to Dr. King as being a "Pastor", a "Servant Of Jesus Christ", or one who "Served God". There is not even a reference to scripture or the bible as being the guide or motive for his efforts in the movement. Also, one only need to look at the title of the memorial, "Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial" to see that even his title "Dr." has been taken away by the liberal elite under a liberal Black President. 

In their efforts to not "offend" and to be so inclusive, as their necessary condition is these days, those who created the memorial, and those who approved it (which include some of Dr. King's own family members) took the ultimate step to rewrite history, and only acknowledge the portions of history that they agree with and to offend the very un-enigmatic roots and source for the strength of Dr. King during the struggle.  

This is a SAD shame on America and upon every person of color in America who has endured unfair and unequal treatment based on race or ethnic background. This is a SAD shame upon America to realize that in a memorial that addresses so called "civil rights" that religious rights and freedoms are clearly struck down as being insignificant and are under attack. 

This is what I said in the new note:
Can't Take Our Heritage Away!

Interestingly, there is overwhelming historical evidence that the modern civil rights and social justice movements were birthed out of the church. In fact, if we look at positive change that occurs in the world, overwhelmingly the church is at the center of things and the place where ideas are transformed into action.

As we celebrate another Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day, let us be reminded that secular society, while attempting to honor him, has tried to strip his memory of his heritage, within the church and God.

Although the highly controversial monument was erected in Dr. Martin Luther King's honor in 2011 without a SINGLE reference to Jesus Christ and or scripture, we know that without Pastor King's desire to serve both his God and his community, that Black and poor minorities would continue to be trivialized in their plight for change.

"Ministering Effectively" is looking beyond self, self desires and needs, and refusing to adjust to the "status quo". That is what those that truly serve HIM do!

Your gifts towards this book helps send the message out to countless millions that we CAN overcome anything with Jesus and that each individual can bring change to their community.

How many Dr. King's are there out there? How many of us are willing and ready to "Minister Effectively" to our Christ KING? 
May the Lord continue to bless you this Pastor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Thank you for your prayers and your contributions!
The critic can say what they wish, but those who believe in and are confident of the truth clearly and unobtrusively know that the fight for social justice, liberation, and freedom, even freedom from slavery was birthed out of the church and because of the Bible and its teachings on the same issues of liberation. 


My son recently told me of a conversation in which a person said that they didn't believe in the bible because it endorsed slavery and that most slave traders in American history used the Bible to affirm their racist beliefs.

I responded by pointing out and saying this...
"Are we as confident that the slave traders did what they did because they believed in the Bible, or because they were White and sinners who felt that they could do it? History affirms that the only reason that slave trading was challenged as an acceptable practice, was not because of some secular and materialistic paradigm (survival of the fittest certainly endorses slavery) but it was because of the biblical paradigm and world view that men, some even slave traders themselves, could no longer give themselves to an institution that was so diabolically against love, humanity and all the good and moral things that humans embrace. We know from history that it was because of the Bible that abolitionists fought against slavery. So are we really as confident that folk believed in slavery because of the bible? I think not! Slavery was always a product of elitism. What the Bible calls a "proud look" which is a sin. Money and the love of money was at its heart, which the bible condemns as a moral ethic in the service of humanity. So it can hardly be said that slavery was a product of the Bible and or God when everything that slavery represented was opposed to him. So ask the question again, was it mostly because of the Bible or because some were White and sinners? We are confident that slavery as an institution was condemned because of the Bible and belief in God, but less confident of the alternate." 

"Amazing Grace!" Men find liberation in the cross and as we celebrate Pastor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, let us remember that the cross can do for us what noone is able to our souls and deliver us from SIN and unrighteousness!


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