Saturday, May 16, 2015

Is There An "Elephant" In The Christian Church Regarding Social Justice & Race Equality?

Bishop T D Jakes speaks on justice and equality and the silence of the modern church as it pertains to issues based on race and equality.

The only problems as I see it is, that the MEGA church, has certainly been silent. New Bethel (the church I founded and pastor, which is a comparatively small church) has preached a spiritual, and salient message for years regarding these very important issues, including the issue of Black on Black crime, and how to address it and overcome it in our communities...through all of this, I have heard very little to nothing from the modern commercialized TV church. I guess when folk like Jamaal Bryant start speaking up, that is a signal that it is apripos to say something about the issues....

A friend of mine, who pastors a predominately White congregation, told me that if he preached a message of social justice and equality that his tithe income would suffer and his business revenues would decrease...That there were just certain topics that were not good for revenues. To me that is the most sad testament of the condition of the modern church. We value our revenues, more than we value truth, justice and liberation. 

MUST SEE: This is one of the most profound interviews we've ever conducted with Bishop T.D. Jakes. Jakes talks about love, life and what he calls "the elephant in the room."
Posted by CBN News on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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  1. Now, this is a truth that I believe cannot be denied...The mega church has not led the fight for anything except money and liberation from IRS investigations. Where is there voice on issues such as Israel, ISIS, the proliferation of jihad in the US and other such issues? It has been the comparatively small church that has led that fight:

    While we wait on the mega church to count up how much their money will be affected if they undertake certain issues, we can and should be busy about our Father's business. Thank God for the many wonderful programs that The Potter's House brings to the community. That is certainly not to be criticized...but if we are in, let's get in all the way.

    Maybe this is a first step in this direction, but don't be afraid to step in all the way. No matter how much of an impact someone is making, the impact can be so much more great IF they walk in faith, even in this area of ministry.


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