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Sex Slavery...Human Trafficking...In The Church???

Daniel 5:25-27 25-And this is the writing that was written, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. 26-This is the interpretation of the thing: MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. 27-TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, 
and art found wanting. 

CNN recently reported that Toru Hashimoto, the Mayor of Osaka, Japan claimed that, although it was "a tragic result of war",  that sex slaves, known as "comfort women" used by Japanese soldiers during WWII,  were "necessary" in order to help the soldiers relieve their stress and tensions pertaining to war and military battle and conquest. In fact the last surviving members of the over 200,000 women that were forced into serving as "comfort women" have never received retribution or compensation from the state for their plight.

This has led many of them in Korea to protest at the Japanese embassy demanding acknowledgement and retribution for the horrible atrocities that were imposed upon this class of unwilling prostitutes  and ultimately their families so many years ago.

What Does Any Of That Have To Do With The Church?  

Initially, one would would ask that question. What do "comfort women" in WWII have to do with anything going on in the church? How about asking this? Does the church or certain individuals within the church have their own form or version of "comfort women" or human trafficking operations? I would say, unfortunately, for some, YES they do. I will go into that but at this point I would like to first state that I will make attempts to speak with these ladies (victims) in effort that they may tell their story in their own words and at that time I will reveal all details associated with this, including the ministers name and church. I will do this IF there hasn't already been a gag order (legal agreement to silence) set in place upon the victims. We'll see.]

Here Are The Preliminary Details:

I received credible information that a certain Illinois clergyman in a church that will go unnamed at the present, had received a woman's 2 daughters in exchange for and as a condition of her employment. In other words, this "mother" had given her daughters to a particular preacher, who (by the way) also has a reputation for sexual immorality especially perpetuated upon young girls. This particular pervert was not only given authority to raise them, but obviously to do with them sexually as he pleased over a period of time and from a very young age. This woman (the supposed mother) was and is a member of this man's church and is still employed by the man and to date wonders why her "daughters" don't communicate with her. In other words she is a reprobate and an apostate in the mind as well. She is as sick and twisted as the man (a supposed preacher) that took these girls in and used them and abused them over the years.  

Needless to say, when the young ladies became of age, the last thing they did was remain in the home as continued sex slaves. Quite naturally of course, the last thing on their minds was the church or anything that had to do with the church. It is an impossible stretch of the imagination and mind to expect that their views of God would be intact or in accordance with the bible in any fashion after having experienced some of the worst possible atrocities at the hands of supposed "men and women of God"...They (the daughters) certainly can't be blamed for their attitudes and sentiments. 

The thoughts of these ladies having endured a twisted environment of sexual abuse and abominable clergy sexual sins at the hands of apostate and reprobate minded individuals sickens one to the core of their being. Similar to the atrocities perpetrated by Ariel Castro who held 3 girls hostage, in chains and under deplorable conditions for at least 10 years. HERE This incident is at least as sickening if not more psychologically twisting, when it is thought that in this case folk were supposed to be representatives of Christ and all that si supposedly "good" within society itself. 

The criminal in this case (as I will call him) had a wife and a church, performed these actions in the home with a church community surrounding them but yet all of those around remained silent. This is yet another abomination on top of the already abominable acts and actions of the physical and psychological abuse and manipulation itself. So not only is the reprobate minister (the criminal) guilty, all of them that sat around silently and continue to sit silently, are guilty as well. Although I can't even find words adequate enough to describe how I personally feel about these terrible actions or the individuals behind them, one thing is for sure; without a doubt there will be a PAYMENT due in JUDGEMENT for all of these terrible actions and that payment will not be able to be made by these individuals. They will be judged and I am sure they shall be found wanting.

Victims Need An Advocate, A Help And A Way Out

In Nov. 2012 Jada Pinkett Smith went to congress to speak up and out on behalf of those who have been victims of sex slavery and human trafficking encouraging congress to enact legislation to both prevent such atrocities and to provide law enforcement greater power in dealing with such abuses. In fact she has appeared with Katie Couric to discuss the problem at length. One of the things that she focuses on is that sex traffikking is not something that poor people or persons that live in third world countries are experiencing. It is happening right here in the good ole USA and in neighborhoods that are affulent and well off.  

One would think this sort of thing is limited to the world or them outside of the church environment. As Jada describes things however, one can readily see that what she is saying most certainly encompasses the religious community as well. What about the wealthy apostate and heretical minister? You think it can't happen? Well, it is and as Jada describes, it is a problem with seeming indistinguishable characteristics. Take a listen to Jada in these 2 interviews:

Then listen as she expounds on the problem even further:

Other church traffickers and abusers aka: The WALL of Shame and Perversion!

Evangelist Tony Leyva
I often take time to remind people that the late evangelist Tony Leyva who was the father of the psychomanipulation phrase "touch not mine anointed" (in efforts to scare people into silence and keep them from talking about him) He himself trafficked hundreds of boys through the Southeastern part of the United States for a number of years, until the Lord reigned him in and he eventually died in shame, in prison of an aggressive cancer.

In the book, "Brother Tony's Boys", [W.M. (Mike) Echols, Prometheus Books 1996] we find that Tony claimed that the oral sex that he was performing on children and that he was having performed on him by the children, was "God's special way for his people to love one another"(Pg.23),  Tony was said to have taken children placed in his care by willing parents, across state lines to various preachers and ministers for their perverted sexual pleasure for over a period of 25 years. It was said that he himself molested over some 700 children.

James Cleveland 
Then the church yet hails, music mogle James Cleveland as the "king of gospel" even though he was a pedophile and a molestor of young children even reportedly transferring HIV to some of his victims. In fact in an article entitled "We Don't Want Another James Cleveland" GCMwatch reviews the story of Christopher Harris, on of Cleveland's former "foster sons" (under-aged prostitutes bought by Cleveland through the legal system) who had sex with Cleveland for over 5 years. In that story Harris describes a predator who lived a secret lifestyle associating with an underground network of perverts who ultimately gave him HIV.

One thing is for sure, HELL will be frozen over before I honor Cleveland in any way or receive any honor in his name. And those having received an honor or an award with his name attached,  should cast it and everything associated with it back into the Lake Of Fire from whence it came!


They have gone from dropping off their children to pedophiles, to selling them for jobs, money, fashion and fame. In a day where even the most holy has become profane, and the family has been so disillusioned the words of Jesus come to a starling reality...upon his return, will he find faith upon the earth? The church has become ripe ground for human trafficking  That is to the shame of those charlatans who have decided to use and abuse the sheep and those who remain gutless by looking the other way and saying and doing nothing when they could do something.

Of a certainty, those abusers and criminals do not know Christ. of this we are confident. They are not a part
of the true and living church of Jesus Christ. They are impostors  perpetrators and criminals who will face the prison bars of hell for their conscious decision to subdue the weak and deceive the masses.

Some say, "well they were abused and that is the product of it." Well, there were and are a lot of  people abused everyday, and they do not in any wise take on the criminal behavior of these and other criminals and pedophiles. So there is no excuse. There is no genetic or environmental pressure that makes these people do what they do. The problem is simple and it is singular... SIN

That is the problem and until it and the results of it are addressed from the pulpit to the back door, we have no help or chance of a brighter future. If you or someone you know is facing and or suffering from this type of abuse or even human trafficking  and that abuse is church related, be a part of solving the problem and delivering hope into the middle of what others could be a hopeless situation. Pick up the phone and call I Am My Brother's Keeper Christian Advocacy Council (IMBKCAC) today at (800)827-7279. We are waiting to hear from you today!


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  1. Pastor Burnett,

    1 Peter 4:17

    17 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

    Praise God for the stance you have taken to bring Human trafficking to the forefront in the church. Many believers do not want to talk about sex of any kind bad or good in the church. I am a rape crisis counselor with the YWCA, and many survivors, were victimized by church officials or leaders. Part of the problem is the victims are not believed when they do expose the perpetrator, were bribed with money to keep silent, or were told the perpetrator was a man used by God and the acts were in some way related to a Christian experience or ritual. The officials were not held accountable in their own church or the organization that they belonged to by the higher male church officials. This is a true atrocity in the Body of Christ. As you have stated, many people have been victims of sexual abuse and have not turned into abusers, this excuse will not fly on judgment day. I personally believe once a perpetrator has been named by the victim or parent of victim, steps should be taken to remove the leader or official, or have them to step down from office until charges are confirmed. We can’t continue to stand by and do nothing while the devil and his cohorts continue to make mockery of the Word and God’s people. It is time to stand up, put the perpetrators on blast, and get help for the hurting body.

    God bless you,

    A Soldier

  2. Even the military is not a safe place. While this may not be human trafficking, NBC nightly news they reported that reports of sexual abuse such as incidents of rape etc, went up from 19,000 a couple of years ago to 26,000 last year and then they said many of the incidents were unreported, few of them led to conviction of individuals within the military system itself.

    Thank you Soldier, that is shocking and so sad that it is true.

  3. This is a sad, but true fact in the false church today. Thank God for true saints of God who are not afraid to stand for the truth! But hearing Jada Pinkett Smith speak about the abuse of children is like the fox being in charge of the hen house. Because of the perverse life she lives, her own daughter is confused about her gender.

    1. Well none of that takes away for the truth that she delivers on the issue. If we have a requirement that before one addresses anything that they have to be perfectly aligned with our belief system, then noone would probably be saying or listening to anything anyone has to say. Jada has not claimed to be saved either, so I can't hold her to a standard whereby her actions should be biblical before she addresses issues. One never knows, God could use this as an instrument to draw her, as a Christian community we should be prepared for that sort of paradigm shift, I believe.


  4. I read a book where this issue was part of the story line - a family of women for a couple of generations were the personal consorts of a family of pastors whose church they supported. They were groomed to believe it was their duty, inducted into it as soon as the pastor felt the next daughter was ripe, even though none of them came to become wives of the men they had "supported." I wish I could remember the name of it, because the way the author had the women validating their actions among each other was jarring, and for the preachers as well.
    Sex/Human Trafficking, the white slave trade as it is sometimes called, has always been a heart wrenching issue for me, you just never know - there are people taken, hidden, locked tied down, being brutalized on a daily basis. Its just so terrible.

    1. Yes, this is a sad but real predicament in and associated with the modern day church and society in general. I know that some of these kids coming up missing are products of this as well. Then there is a burgeoning "home made" pornography industry that is receiving some of this play on and through underground and trafficked videos.

      One has to be careful how one spends their money and how one is entertained because they could be well facilitating this crime and other crimes associated with it.

    2. That "grooming" is certainly the whole key to making this sort of garbage work. I heard a lady recently state that her captors painted a picture and started a relationship that tapped into her desire for a better life. It was the promise of some grand future where she would have all the freedom, money and love that she could ever want that made her turn 8 to 10 tricks per day making her captors about $1,000 per day...

      Over time the picture they painted became more and more elusive. It was tarnished with continued trafficking, and then beatings then Lord knows what else.

      Now take all of that and place it in a man with "trusted" influence. Your local "minister". Certainly he wouldn't advise the young men or women wrong...They will certainly receive the correct instruction won't they? But what about that evil pervert? He follows suit with the extra gut-wrenching twist of spiritual deception. What is the oasis that one runs to when this happens? ONLY CHRIST can make this difference and bring about a deliverance from this...


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