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It Can Get Better, But Without HIM, It Will Get Worse!

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“Beginning with one inspiring video, Dan Savage used the web to create the It Gets Better project--a movement that has generated thousands of uplifting videos that give hope to teens.”

A Mixed Message, Gay Advocacy & Teen Bullying

Recently Google Chrome partnered with gay advocate and relationship advisor, Daniel Savage to promote the "It Gets Better Project". The campaign was developed in response to the recent rash of teen suicides and was designed to help give inspiration to gay teens by letting them know that as society evolves,  and as they get older, the world will become a more accommodating place for them as homosexuals and that they are not alone in the struggle for homosexual rights. In addition the campaign addresses teen bullying which has said to have been responsible for many of the suicide deaths. 

The problem comes in because of the rash of suicides and the supposed cause. Supposedly, the children that killed themselves did so because of treatment by their peers. Many were embarrassed on video and simply treated wrongly. Has one considered however that the mental pressure associated with being gay contributed to the suicides? It could be that just being gay and having an unwanted same sex attraction was bad enough and being placed in the open was what pushed some over the edge...Personally, I have not heard too many heterosexual individuals, who when exposed for having sex or liking someone of the opposite sex, that killed themselves as a result and left the family to claim bullying was the issue.

Certainly bullying is a problem especially they type of malicious bullying that children have learned from their parents and associates in modern times, but I think we should ask, could the suicide and mental pressure problem stem from just being gay and having an unwanted same sex attraction?


Before we go too far, anyone wanting to know my position regarding the social impact of the gay lifestyle should only summarily read any post on this blog dealing with the sin of homosexuality...FIRST, if one is honest, without question, they will notice that I believe that every homosexual deserves the right to safety and the ability to live freely as they choose as is the right of EVERY American. No homosexual deserves to be discriminated against in housing or employment etc., but similarly, no homosexual deserves the right to become or be favored or given preferential treatment in any of these things either. Finally, homosexuals, like all people, deserve the very best in health care and health care access. In fact if CDC reports are any indication of the current status of disease within the homosexual community, health care and access to adequate health care is essential. These things are without question in my mind.

  • HOWEVER, none of that excludes the fact that homosexuality (and I am including lesbianism in this also because some make a distinction) is a SIN, is harmful to the physical body and mental health of the individual within the lifestyle, and is not a good societal choice no matter how one looks at it. 
  • Homosexuality, like all sin, is a lifestyle CHOICE and is a practice that is out of the natural order or God's command for fruitful and blessed living. 
Homosexuality is a practice that the church should preach against and maintain a strong position regarding. Whether one is born a homosexual or becomes a homosexual over time, the fact is that, scripture has commanded that we be "born again" (John 3:3) and that "...if any man be in Christ he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new" (2 Cor. 5:17, also see Gal. 6:15) Christ has not somehow endorsed the sin of homosexuality in any manner and in any regard. Neither will there be a correction upon scripture that will somehow adapt to the times and say that homosexuality is now not to be considered a sin.

Who Is Dan Savage?

Daniel Keenan Savage
The host of Savage Love, Dan (aka: Keenan Hollahan) is a 46 year old journalist, author and a "relationship advisor" and of course a gay advocate. He calls himself a "faggot" and also claims to be a "wishy-washy" agnostic and atheist raised within the Catholic Church in Chicago, IL. He is a father who hopes that his son will be a "good straight guy". Of course this means that he hopes his son will be accommodating to homosexuals and homosexual couples. Part of his belief also seems to center around the thought that gay couples are potentially better parents because they allow their children to pursue their sexual identity without condemnation and condescension, which is in his mind a good thing for kids. (BTW: it appears that his son has chosen to be straight)

One of his primary causes is the issue of gay marriage. Dan claims that gay marriage is winning the battle for marital rights by about 50 to 51% in public opinion polls and that laws are being changed slowly, bit by bit and one by one to make homosexual marriages legal and accepted within society. Monogamy, according to Dan, is not "natural" and that we as individuals have not "evolved to be monogamous" and that allowing "third parties" into marital sexual arrangements can be a good thing, and even a benefit to the survival of the relationship. Dan admits that even in his 15 year relationship (in which he claims to be monogamous) he has wanted to have sex with plenty of other individuals and his boyfriend has too. He believes that it is healthy to leave "the door open" even if just a little bit, for extra-relationship sexual impulses.

Dan was recently contacted by a person wanting to promote an "incest pride movement" modeled after the gay pride movement. Dan responded to that request like this:

"Yea...that's really gross..."
Now, the question is under what rubric does Dan claim that incest is more gross than homosexuality? Is it because it is not accepted publicly or that laws restricting it haven't yet been removed. Well, there were also laws restricting homosexuality at one time, so obviously societal laws cannot be the standard whereby incest is considered "gross"? The fact is that there is much medical evidence that homosexuality and homosexual practices are as physically and mentally damaging as any sexually deviant practice including incest, so why is homosexuality given a moral pass on the issue of sexuality in general? 

Why? Because HE and others like him like it....plain and simple. Not because it is normative, acceptable and or commendable. It's simply because it's his choice of love and sexual satisfaction and he and others like him don't feel that it is an imposition on society to make you accept his choices of sexual behavior, and the choices of those like him.   

Without HIM It Will Get Worse!

Regardless of whether society accepts homosexuality or not, the sin of homosexuality has an overwhelming weight of bondage and burden. What one may escape by delving into the homosexual community and surrounding themselves with individuals of like minds and practices, cannot and does not lift the spirit  and mind of an individual who is left to reconcile their life with what would be considered to be "right" choices and values.  It is that pressure of balancing and reconciling what is wrong with what is right that is the problem for those contemplating suicide or pulling themselves back from society in general .

Yes, people are mean and aren't fair often in their rhetoric.Yes, some may be even overly condemning. Those things are certainly true in the world in which we live. However, doing wrong, and centering one's life around what is wrong, creates pressure against the knowledge of what is right and, although he does, man was not designed and or created to live in a constant state of disunion with God.

So what does one do who is struggling with their sexuality and desires?

Matt. 11:28-30 ~ "28-Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29-Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. 30-For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."

What every believer in some sort of sexual struggle must know is that the Lord has come that they might have life, and being bound sexually isn't living! If the objective is to simply find relief or a way to cope, that can be found anywhere and in almost anything. Christ has come to give us abundant life and reason for living and joy.

John 16:33 ~ "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."

When Jesus's time was at hand, he shared with the disciples that the chapter he was writing would not be the end of the story. There was another part that was to be written and that part was the part where Jesus would be exalted as one who had "overcome the world". Many things stand between us and this cheer of victory. However IN CHRIST, we are over-comers also. You see he runs a grand lead block for us and simply asks us to follow him and his instructions. One struggling with the sin of homosexuality or any other sin must know that Christ has come to minister to you and to lift the burden off your neck.

There is only inconsistency and confusion in the words of a man who calls himself  "savage". Confusion will not lead one to freedom, only Christ can do that. Be free my friend and live a life at peace in your mind, soul and body. Christ can and will break the chain of homosexuality!



  1. I received a criticism stating that since I believe in social rights and welfare of homosexuals, then I cannot claim that their life is a sin. The thought is that if it is a sin, then I should condemn it all together and make no position or allowance for it if I were logically consistent...


    I think that's a good and challenging assessment. To be honoest it rings of truth also. First thing I thought, well, if I believe that the sexually devienat sin of incest, or pedophilia is wrong, I wouldn't believe that they shouldn't be discriminated against, I would try to lock them up...but then I began to think...I would also hold that even those individuals have a right to fair housing, employment and other forms of human rights, AS LONG AS, they were not using those things or manipulating the situations to further pursue individuals in their activities...I mean a pedophile shouldn't be helped so that he can commit more pedophilia...same way for incest and any other deviant form of sexual practice.

    Now, what does that look like? I don't know, because one can't well restrict people and tell them they can't use the money they earn to promote a cause they like or that they can't use their homes to host people and events of their choosing...That's certainly not freedom.

    So what do I mean? I mean that noone's basic rights to exuist should be infringed upon or denied. I deplore and discourage homosexuality and know biblically that it is a sin worthy of hell, however, from a humanistic standpoint noone deserves to be so pushed down until they are "beat" into compliance with anything. That would be a form of slavery...I mean "What's your name?"..."Toby!"

    So that consideration is a good one and a valid point in my opinion, but I'm afraid if we address teh issue any other way, what type of glory would we be actually bringing to God?

    I don't know, maybe someone else can chime in on that issue also.

  2. Well, Unbelief is a sin but we dont see in scripture that unbelievers shouldnt work or be able to visit a loved one in hospital.
    The point of calling something a sin doesnt automatically mean that in order to be consistent we should want a sinner to be treated like a dog. Christ showed nothing of the sort did He but wasnt He consistent?
    He said that we should be kind and loving to those who hate us and in doing so we were like our heavenly Father for He allows the sun and rain on the just. Jesus even asked God to forgive those who crucified Him.

    just my thoughts.

  3. Sorry, blogger has had some serious issues this week. Please repost comments.

    I began by talking about the comment that I received about me being logically inconsistent...stating that I had been told, if I believe homosexuality is wrong and a sin that I shouldn't be willing to accommodate it within society. My support of homosexual "human rights and freedoms" while calling it a sin was inconsistent.

    Paul had followed with commentary regarding how Jesus interracted with sinners etc...and I thought that was on point and par for the conversation.

  4. GCMwatch has an excellent article in conjunction with this also at HERE

    These are spin doctors...plain and simple!


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