Friday, February 4, 2011

We Won't Marry 'em, But We'll Pretend

Illinois Governor
Pat Quinn
"Today is an important day in the history of our state because today we are showing the world that the people of Illinois believe in equality for all," Quinn said. "We look forward to individuals and businesses from across the country choosing to move to Illinois where we believe that everyone is entitled to the same rights."

Set for en-action June 1, the law of the land of Lincoln stems from the signing of Senate Bill 1716 which creates the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act. According to CNN, the newly extended rights include:
  • Automatic hospital visitation rights,
  • The ability to make emergency medical decisions for partners,
  • The ability to share a room in a nursing home,
  • Adoption and parental rights,
  • Pension benefits,
  • Inheritance rights, 
  • The right to dispose of a partner's remains
Not only do these rights extend to gay couples, they also extend to those heterosexual couples who have been "shackin' up". All one has to do is pay the appropriate fees to the county and received a certificate. 

The Religious Freedom Part

At least Illinois decided to not make persons with religious prohibitions against civil unions participate:
"Section 15. Religious freedom. Nothing in this Act shall interfere with or regulate the religious practice of any religious body. Any religious body, Indian Nation or Tribe or Native Group is free to choose whether or not to solemnize or officiate a civil union."
Isn't that sweet?

The complete bill can be found HERE.



  1. I think the solutiion to that is to have government removed from marriage (and alot of other things). That would make it strictly a religious concern.

  2. Now, that one I never thought through FM, removing government from marriage...I wonder what that would look like???

  3. As an aside, I didn't know if you know this but did you know that gay and bisexual men have a lifespan of 20 years less than all other men (all things being equal)?

    They also are afflicted with many more diseases virtually unknown to the heterosexual population such as anal cancer.

  4. Hey Supt.! Happy New Year! I won $5 on the SuperBowl; the underdogs always have the drive and motivation to be successful. Speaking of the underdog, Illinois see the writing on the wall:"We look forward to individuals and businesses.... Yeah, it's all economical. Illinois got a huge deficit like the other 49 states. See, my community(gay folks) we are the resurgence to revitalization, we begin growth-wealth start ups, and we start small biz. The gay rights movement is a powerful moving train; eventually, those not onboard will be left behind forming the minority.

  5. FM said, " govt. removed from marriage"
    Hey, wanna see an Egyptian riot in the US? Ban divorce! If marriage is sacred, divorce rates are ski high overall and at crisis level in the black comm..
    Need I say more about the crisis of the african ameican family? Now, pray on that!!

    FM said, "diseases virtually unknown to the heterosexual population"
    FM, have you ever been penetrated in the anus by a male? Well, I have Not! Surprised? A homosexual relationship is much much more than sexual proclivities. FYI: heteros perform anal sex acts too.

    Finally, all squabbling aside, we should work together fighting against all disease. Also, we can work on solutions for black self hatred, preventing black on black murder, keeping recidivism low, and putting black folks to work. FM, you and I can make this dream a reality-- Together. Yes we can!

  6. ausfahrt....

    The CDC has calculated that 800,000 to 900,000 people in the U.S. are infected with HIV, and that 385,000 of these have AIDS. Furthermore, somewhat over half of all those living with HIV or AIDS — amounting to over 400,000 of the infected and about 200,000 of those living with AIDS — are male homosexuals.

    Using an upper bound of 4% of all U.S. men, if there are as many as 3 million gays, then at least one of every 15 has AIDS and one of every 8 is infected with HIV, for a total of approximately 20% of the homosexual male subpopulation.

    Now, approximately 80% of MSM with AIDS or HIV are aged 25-49. A male homosexual with AIDS costs society about $35,000/year in medical costs, while one with HIV costs society about $14,000/year. This compares to the average toll in medical costs for men of the same age of about $1,700.

    MSM with HIV/AIDS thus cost society about 10-20 times more in medical costs per year than non-homosexuals of the same age. To compute a rough estimate of the typical medical costs for the ‘average homosexual male,' we could assume that those who have not been infected with HIV or AIDS have the same level of medical expense per year as non-homosexuals (undoubtedly a lower bound given the many other diseases associated with homosexual practice), and then add in the costs associated with HIV and AIDS. This gives an estimate of $5,560 per year per male homosexual compared to the average of $1,700 per year for non-homosexuals.

    Thus, simply adding up the medical costs of one disease — AIDS — leads to the conclusion that the typical homosexual costs society somewhere between 3 and 4 times the amount of the typical non-homosexual. And the problem is likely to get worse. Another 20,000 or so MSM get infected with HIV each year (Clark C. CNN , 5/30/01). Since fewer than 6,000 homosexuals are dying of AIDS per year, the number for whom society will be paying medical costs is bound to grow.

    So, if you really want to help the economy, stop living this abominable practice. And, stop with the strawman arguments about marriage and divorce. These are separate issues. Face facts. Your lifestyle is killing you, it's killing children, and it's killing our society.

    Furthermore, here is what your perverse lifestyle will lead to. This is what we in Canada are currently fighting:

    "Bill C-389, the transgender Bathroom Bill has been scheduled for debate on Monday February 7 in the House of Commons. That means a vote could possibly occur as early as Wednesday February 9."

    C-389 will add the terms “gender identity” and “gender expression”, whatever that means, to the Canadian Human Rights Act and as identifiable groups to the Criminal Code.

    A so-called right to "gender expression” could result in men gaining the legal right to use women’s bathrooms, thereby providing the legitimized access that sexual predators often seek.

    Besides putting women and children at risk, some pro-family leaders believe the endgame of this bill is to gain access to the educational system where radical activists will have a chance to control our children's hearts and minds once and for all.

    The law is a teacher. If this bill becomes law, it will grant the perceived "moral authority" for gender-confused activists to demand that transgenderism be taught in school as something that is natural and normal. In fact, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty's Full Day Kindergarten program already contains a requirement for teachers to combat "preconceived notions about children's...gender". The passage of Bill C-389 would make it more difficult for parents to resist such curriculum. The damage it will wreak directly upon impressionable children cannot be overstated.


  7. ausfahrt,

    Number one, you're trying to be funny, which you're failing at. Number 2, I would respond, but Jim said it all.

  8. Ausfahrt,

    Now one thing we both agree on, the usury of teh State of Illinois to get out of debt.

    I think it's ashame that they will do this and we all know the only reason. They need additional revenue for entitlement programs which they are top heavy in.

    Now, I mean no disrespect by this, neither do I compare homosexuals to criminals, but I think if the state could legally release criminals and make them pay some type of registration fee, they would do so no matter what happens to the community as a result. This state is terribly mismanaged.


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