Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Watch This" Pt. 4~ "You Are Not A Man, You're A Monster!"

Jamal Parris, the eldest plaintiff in the sexual misconduct suit currently levied against Bishop Eddied Long, New Birth MB Church and LongFellows Academy looks into the camera and send a message directly to the bishop regarding his filed sexual abuse lawsuit. Here is what he had to say to Fox 5 of Atlanta:

On one side there is a church cheering it's leader. On the other there is at least 4 young men who share essentially the same or similar story and clearly outline what seems to be a horrific story of both manipulation, guilt, and confusion which has led to a horribly damaged worldview and memories that cannot be erased.

The following from Atlanta V-103's Wed. AM interview with the Fox News I-Team and lead reporter Dale Russell who also spent over 3 years investigating the BVishop Earl Paulk scandal which yet continues at some level to this day.

Pt. 2:

Pt.3 ~ "Did Anyone AT The Church Know?"

Could this be a shakedown of epic proportions? Or could the bishop have followed the steps of Earl Paulk thinking that he could escape? Let God be the judge but we have nothing to be proud of in all.



  1. Pastor, it seems that only Part 1 was posted.

    I think these people have it wrong as far as would anyone know or why wouldnt people talk.

    There is no evidence that no one talked. This has come out because a lawsuit has been filed however the boys had to have been talking about it prior to this, but we still didnt know did we?

    Many times people hear and know things but its kept under wraps, even in churches that are way smaller than this one.

    When a man is in authority people endeavor to keep their secrets. Especially if you have someting to gain.

    They seem to be very naive in the way how things work.

  2. I've corrected the posts and teh videos. The first one is where I get the reference from in the title.

    I'll get back after I've reviewed these again. Blessed.

  3. Let's see there was Tony Leyva, J.D. Husband, Earl Paulk, and now accusations against Eddie Long.

    Now the first 3 were sexual abusers and pedophiles without a doubt. I'm not sure if Paulk was a homosexual or whether he molested boys, but he did molest young girls.

    Husband molested young boys and was a homosexual. Leyva molested young boys, but didn't claim to be a homosexual.

    Both Leyva and from what I understand Paulk, claimed that certain sexual contact was OK between them and the children they molested, and Leyva specifically claimed and taught young men that oral sex between the boys and he (the molester) was "GOd's special way that boys can communicate to one another".

    I wonder did Leyva have any influence on Paulk? I do know this...Leyva was conducting major revivals and services during the early 80's. In fact in about 1984 he was at the Omni in Atlanta and various places down south doing major meetings.

    From the video, it seems that one of Long's primary and early influences was Paulk.

    Now, this may be nothing more than speculation, but it seems that a line of behavior could have been stricken straight through from Leyva, to Paulk, to Long. I HOPE THIS ISN'T THE CASE...but something has to account for the same type of sickness and behaviors IF this is true about Long.

    Now, If these boys are lying, there must be a mental illness. I don't know of anyone who would claim "oral sodomy" ,especially by another man, unless it were true or unless there was a mental illness.

    These are my thoughts.

  4. This is a lovers quarell. It seems like the man in the video was in love with the bishop. His presence was seduction...come on, this young man is sprung. Just a spurned lover.

  5. Anonymous, at least he showed his face and gave his name which is infinitely a much greater grace than your lowlife, gutter remark.

    You are a sick fool to even suggest such a thing.
    An anonymous sick fool at that.

    Comments from perverts like you would never see the light of day if this were my blog.

  6. The young man in the video seems to be a lot more credible, convincing, and honest than Long,and regardless of anyone's opinion of him, remember, Long is the professing "man of God". This man is willing to confront Long face to face.Time will tell.

  7. "Lovers Quarrel?"

    what a statment.

    So this started out by these young boys having a crush on Eddie Long since they were 14,15,16? Its not that they really wanted a father figure and were manipulated but again they were in love with the man.

    From what I can understand, many times this kind of relationship usually ends in some sort of sick dependency. In that it is not really any surprise that there is an emotional attachment.

    Your comment anon is the most shortsighted, ignorant, thoughtless and careless remark I have read in a while.

    Pastor, If these boys are lying they need to go to acting school because based on what I saw in this vid, I see many Oscars in his future.

    He didnt even want to give it in the first place.

    Mr. Long hasnt denied anything apart from saying he is not the man the media are portraying him to be. Thats clears is a whole lot doesnt it?

  8. Paul, I said the same regarding these young men's accusations. Now, they could claim sexual abuse and leave it at that, but did you read the details of the suits?

    1- It is nothing else BUT manipulation. He (Long)trained these guys from 14 years old on and 2- the detail of activities indicate that these guys aren't lying. If they were lying, they could have left certain details out and still yet make a case, they go into embarrassing details...

    Just in case one didn't know, embarrassing details is one of many literary criterion of determining whether events occurred historically.

    Yes, I know there is a difference between examining historical literary narratives and examining the details of this suit, however the shell of facts is similar in any historical work so far as determining truth.

    There are facts contained within the suit and this gentleman's personal testimony that are embarrassing and damaging to his person. This only lends credibility to what he is saying overall...Whereas Eddie guards what he says, uses a script, doesn't reflect except for to say, "I'm not perfect."...Well, who is??? That's a no-brainer...That's a tautology!

    The same criteria will be exposed in court and although public opinion means very little in a courtroom, if these gentlemen stick with the truth and do not deviate or obscure even their mistakes, Long, New Birth and the accomplices named in the suit are in serious trouble, because a lie will be exposed and all he'll be able to do is stammer and stutter and that won't be good.

  9. Pastor, now everyone can see what you been saying in your other post about the Bishop Long. I am also gettin tired of folks saying dnt judge the man of God. But God tells us to judge those who claim to be save but don't live the life. We can't sit back & keep allowing false preachers to preach lies causing many to go astray turning there back on God. Instead of people bashing these young men they need to be praying for them. What he was doing in the dark has a bright light shining exposing him.

  10. Pastor Burnett: your thoughts on the commentary on BELL at apostasy watch.

  11. When the news first broke, I actually believed the story... but then reserved my objectivity to hear what Bishop Long would say during church service. I was super surprised at the theatrics, the ceremony of church that surrounded the day..... he anesthesized the congregation..... and then made a non-statement.... and the David v. Goliath comment was tremendously out of place... and then the young men coming forth... it doesn't look good.... It is interesting to note that the investigative reporter had significant time on the Paulk case and was looking at New Birth on a completely different assignment when he heard about the case... Bishop Long and New Birth are deeply damaged by this one....

  12. Oragonsistah,

    Good to hear from you again, and hope all is well...

    Regarding the article, this summed it up for me:

    "Verse 9: How can a Bishop CONVICT those who contradict the word when he himself is not above reproach? When he is “human just like us”. Now I am not saying we are all not human but the whole point is this, if you are going to walk in these lofty titles and accept the praise and adoration of men and revel in being honored in the chief seats in feasts then you cannot get “caught up”. We cannot have it both ways. Notice in Titus it talks about leaders who have gotten “out of order” and left the CHARGE TO KEEP."

    All I can say is THANK YOU Apostasy Watch!

    The cost must be counted up before taking on this yoke. The seriousness of ministry demands that a person is stable minded.

    i was thinking today about people whi say, "awww, them church folk just runnin' from somethin' so they need the church to hide"...I said, yep, I'm runnin' from sin, death and hell...I'm runnin' from whoredom, adultery, and double-mindedness and murder and the only one able to do all that established the church and his name is JESUS!

    As a minister, I CANNOT engage in some conversations and some things that others can at times. not because I'm so much better, but my life must run a different course so that i can be ready for HIS service in remitting sins and lifting hearts...this is a fulltime job but many of these approach only from the natural and material standpoint and claim an identity of the people...All I can say is remember Saul when GOd was looking for him. (1 Sam. 10:22)

  13. Queen,

    Good to hear from you again also sistah...

    Look, I said no matter what, repentance is in order...Well, after looking at all this flesh...anyone suggesting otherwise is deceived also.

  14. Greg J,

    I too am spiritually intrigued by this whole deal and looking at said it right, just doesn't look good and everything that is revealed is even more damaging...

    Now, I was talking to a friend the other day about this...I wonder do any of these guys have Monica Lewinski to pull? If I were Long I would be petrified that someone could produce my DNA...

    The reason I say that is because it would seem to me that this attorney would need more than mere accusations to close a legal case against Long. I mean everything will be exposed and that seems to be worth more than damages so far as Mr. Parris seems to be concerned, but without physical evidence there is wiggle room.

    Anyway, thanks for the commentary and do so anytime...

  15. You know another person who my heart goes out to deeply in this???

    Mother or Mrs. Long!

    I was looking at her there by her husband and I couldn't help but pray, Lord protect, help and strengthen her heart.

    Now a man that does this sort of thing (IF the bishop is guilty) will keep this away from his spouse, but her intuition has already kicked in at some point...the thing here is that she would simply trust that her husband loves God and not micromanage him. Obviously he convinced here that he needs much "space" in ministry.

    The reason I say this is because I know myself...Sunday is the day all day with my family. After church there's the family dinner and fellowship every Sunday. I don't often take engagements on Sunday because I don't like to miss family fellowship. But on the other side of that I know how ministry can be used to gain freedom from family and enter into some sort of "loose" standard of accountability...I know of some leaders who consistently use their "busy-ness" as an excuse or a way to free up time so they can pursue their personal sins...

    A spouse thinks the man is praying and he is praying allright...praying that he doesn't get caught in the wrong place with the wrong people or engaged in the wrong conversation...

    Mr. Parris said that bishop would get with him sometimes before and after service...If this is the case he would have had to tell his wife he was otherwise engaged in ministry and not given her time among the congregation. You can't tell me that her intuition kicked in long ago telling her that he was doing something that he shouldn't...however, If this is true, she too would also have been a victim of his manipulation.

    The critic says, "save your sympathy"...I say I only want all these folk to be healed and saved but there are casualties that some of us don't often see as being victims. I only pray that no matter what Mrs. Long and the family will be well.

  16. Oooh,

    One more thing and I'm monna leave ya'll alone for the night...

    A very popular preacher had been to ATL preaching and having certain conferences and told me that Eddie Long sent him word regarding his appearances to the effect that he (the minister) hadn't arrived until he spoke at Eddie Long's church.

    The preacher told me that Eddie said that if he wanted success in ATL ministry that he (The minister) had to come and "LAY DOWN before me". Those were his words. He told this preacher that if he wanted success he had to come and "lay down" before him.

    OK, I could go all kind of ways with that one, especially after reading the alleged facts of the suits, but the point is that he (Eddie Long) told this minister that years ago...

    Now, I have no clue as to why this particular minister has never told that story outside of his personal circle of ministers. I won't say who the minister is but in light of everything, I found it interesting that he would keep quiet.

    Maybe he was and has been in too much shock to say anything...I don't know.

  17. Gcmwatch,

    Because i don't agree with you, im a lowlife. Wow, how christian of you.

    I've posted on your blog and I know that you won't post comments that don't agree with you, even if they don't break any rules (such as not using profanity, etc).

    Im the exact same age as the guy in that video. At 17 or 18, it's no way anyone, i don't care who you are or how you got here, could have "manipulated" me into a homosexual relationship.

    Has anyone stopped to ask the question "Why aren't the police involved?" Read this article gcmwatch

    In that article, it mentions that it isn't enough to say they got enough gifts until they said yes. And that's exactly what happened! They never said they were raped, or made drunk or drugged.

    That's why I cannot have sympathy for any of them. I watched the video, what did he want someone to do, play sad violin music in the background? Give me a break.

    Why now??? If this happened 2004, why now, all of a sudden, does he decide to come forward? Has anyone stopped to ask that question? People forcibly raped usually don't wait six years to go to the police.

    Maybe Eddie Long did tell him what he wanted to hear just to get a sexual relationship with him. That happens all the time. What if every woman that was told what she wanted to hear by a man just to get them in bed, sued said man after he dumped her?

    The courts would be overrun with lawsuits. I'm not defending Eddie Long, but it annoys me to no end to hear about how these young men were just innocent little lambs that didn't know any better.

    Personally, if I were on the jury in this case, they wouldn't get two nickels to rub together unless they were PHYSICALLY FORCED!!!

  18. And the reason I posted as anonymous is because I didnt' feel like signing up for a google account. It's not like I'm trying to hide if that's what you're implying.

  19. Anon,

    I guess Gcmwatch saw you a from a mile...anyway,

    I won't throw out the baby with the bathwater because your commentary has some merit, but you overlook two things

    1- the unusual psychological effects on youth from a "trusted" figure and
    2- The unusual psychological effects on someone from a person in authority.

    Even though Lewinsky had DNA and a President that lied, her argument was powerful because of the convergence of those things. Now the DNA sealed teh deal, so I'll agree that they need more than "suggestion" to make a legal case.

    This is wht the bishop is being silent. His attorney doesn't want him to say anything erroneous.

    A person who isn't guilty doesn't have to manage that...although there are contextualizations of truth that one has to be careful of if it's the truth it will be consistent.

    So legally, he could be found innocent. Morally, he'll never be the same even if he's acquitted in court.

  20. at anonymous, you can simply put your name in the bottom of your comment, so there goes that arguement.


  21. Gcmwatch,

    My name is irrelevant because you wouldn't know who I am anyway. I know a little bit about church too, my grandpa is a COGIC pastor and supt in Detroit.

    Can you dispute anything I say? I have no problem admitting that some manipulation may have been involved.

    But manipulation isn't the same as being forced or threatened with violence.

    As Pastor Burnett pointed out, morally the bishop is wrong. In that sense, it is all his fault. He's the one who claimed to be a man of God, not the young guys he had a relationship with.

    Just from what I've read and heard, this simply is a homosexual relationship that got out of hand.

    The man in the video says "His presence was seduction" that sounds like a definite homosexual attraction and he talks like a spurned lover who has been hurt because the man he loved walked away from him.

    Should he get any money for that? No. Do I hope he learned a lesson, even a hard lesson? Most definitely.

  22. Anon,

    I think what you miss is that the bishop seems to have used his position to dupe their minds psychologically and threw all this stuff at them at once to stagger their minds. These guys do not appear to embrace any homosexuality as all of them account that when they were pursuing relationships with women, the bishop would block them. They were trained, overwhelmed, and psychologically molded to an extent.

    Now, once again, that's what they allege. However, aside from that the psychological manipulation from an elder to a youth, from a person in prominent position to another and from a person who was shaping their lives at an impressionable stage in life to another cannot be minimized. You can read any edition of Psychology Today and read many stories about this sort of twisting and manipulation. People will act out differently than their character or even their personal desires because of this sort of relationship.

    What makes a woman walk the streets and get with stank men with a high potential of all kinds of diseases and then give her money to and say she loves a man called a pimp? this is psychological manipulation. To say that the prostitute is a prostitute at heart and her dissension is simply being "spurned" is not fair, feeling or kind to her in any way. The same applies to these boys.

    Restated, I don't believe this is a case of "spurned lovers"...I think it's a case of deep manipulation and individuals just saying, I'm tired and will not simply sit back and take it anymore...once again, that's based on the allegations and what I've been able to gather so far.

  23. wow, people come on here with their dukes up!! anyway, Elder Burnett, you are soooooo right when you point out "1- the unusual psychological effects on youth from a "trusted" figure and
    2- The unusual psychological effects on someone from a person in authority."

    That is the nucleus of this situation.....

  24. No matter what there's a problem here...either Long is not guilty and the accusers are jacked up and extortionists, or the accusers are right and Long is another of a list of pulpit freaks and apostates...

    Either way, it all exposes greater and more significant problems among the members, how people perceive leaders and what and who we actually worship in the body of Christ.

    Some say Long is no more significant than anyone else...I'
    ll agree with that but the timing of this makes this situation a very significant case and issue.

    "Joe's store front church 'round day way" wouldn't have generated this much attention neither would it have caused the conversation that this is causing. In my opinion a reevaluation is in order.

    Last I looked these conferences were well attended, money was flowing and in spite of all the rumors, million of dollars per month was going into TV and all the other venues of "ministry"...It was being supported by someone who said, they didn't care, they would prop up whom they wanted to prop up.

    We've got to look beyond the standard arguments and get back to the place where the church is performing and endorsing what God calls matter guilt or no, this is obviously NOT it.

  25. Anon, your assertion of some love thing gone bad is way too simplistic.

    Pastor Burnett has said it right, you cannot minimize the influence of a prominent person and especially a prominent person that is taking interest in a fatherless Child.

    Listen to what the young man said, he didnt want to dissapoint the man.

    Again, even in twisted relationships feelings and emotions can still be great towards such an abuser, especially since it is so subtle.

    Also, the sex may have started at 17 but it seems the relationships started before that.

    I sense pride and self righteousness in your comments.

    Since you are 17, you would do best to listen to people who have been around longer than and know more than you do.


  26. EnochWalked said...

    Pastor Burnett,
    The thought came to me, if this accusation were against any normal citizen that has contact with young teenagers or minor, they would have lost their job by now. Imagine of Eddie Long were a school teacher, he would not be able to get a job in his line of work. What if he was youth counselor in youth prison, group home, or just a normal citizen...he would probably be on America's most wanted list, and most likely charged with some type of serious criminal offense.

    There is hypocrisy of the highest order with New Birth Baptist Church by keeping this man in his current job. If anything, he should have been "Suspended" until the legal process is done. What Long did Sunday was damnable and his congregation cheering him was even worse! What GOD-fearing christian would "praise" a man with these type of allegations!

    That congregation would have said "We want Barabbas!" And Crucify JESUS!

    This is sickening and I refuse to claim Eddie Long and his church as part of the Body of CHRIST. The BODY of CHRIST is not a HARLOT! Amen.

  27. Paul,

    Im not 17. I think what I meant to say was that I wasn't 17 that long ago. I'll be 24 in December. Maybe they were psychologically manipulated. I'll say this, if I were on the jury they would have to PROVE that they were so psychologically manipulated that it was impossible for them to say no AND that bishop Long knew this and took advantage of the situation. Short of this, it would be hard to get me to buy it.

  28. So what you are saying is that there is no such thing as manipulation for one can always say no?

    Its seems as if you love simplicity and cannot see beyond yourself.

    I am thinking you have never been in this situation, so I will leave it at that.

  29. Some people underestimate the problems associated with youth manipulation and other circumstances like this.

    Some assume that a 17 year old should have better control. In an average world I agree. however, these guys were trained, introduced and received some benefits from their situation and what was told to them. in other words this was their point of reference from this man...

    A man of authority who noone says is wrong...being told certain things for years and other who knew what was said and done without challenge...If you dont know truth you begin to believe and attach yourself to it...

    When the light comes on and age and associations start to cause you to see yourself and others, then it hits. In this case that was facilitated by Long who withdrew himself in an abrupt manner...benefits went along with it and certain perceived "truths" were undermined also.

    That combination was probably overwhelming for all of them (IF their allegations are true) So there's more to psychological manipulation than, "they were a certain age, they should have known better" Lewinski was a certain age too...certainly knew that giving a married man a blow job in the Oval Office was a no-no, but did it anyway...Why? Authority, position and power can obscure a persons vision and judgement when they believe it is focused on them. That's why authority carries great responsibility.

  30. As a Boy Scout Leader of seventeen years I find this vastly amusing.

    I mean beyond amusing. Beyond perverted even.

    There is no reason under the sun why a preacher/minister/mentor should ever be lavishing expensive gifts on those over those of whom they claim authority.

    The damage was done far before the allegations of sexual transgressions ever came out.

    I could write a book on this.

    Most of the comments blaming this one or that one are totally absurd.

    No person in an authority position over younger folks should ever be conducting themselves in this manner. It is an open invitation for criticism and totally inappropriate. There is no possible excuse for this man to treat these young men in this manner.
    It stinks of favoratism. It reeks of elitism.

    If this church allows this minister to proceed after these transgressions, then they deserve all the mocking and scorn that they deserve.

  31. Paul,

    You're right. I've never been in that or any homosexual relationships. Burden of proof rests with those bringing allegations. Therefore, they have to prove what they want me to believe, that they were psychologically manipulated.

    I truly believe something sexual happened. Whats in question is the hows and whys surrounding it.

    Where i'm from, a man is a man. No one can entice you into homosexuality using gifts, money or manipulation if you don't want it. Being poor is no excuse.

  32. Boy Scout Leader,

    I agree. This sort of line should never have been crossed period. This is why I say that even if he is not guilty of the charges, the bishop must repent. he mishandled and misused his position egregiously.

    Secondly, for a church to applaud a bishop or any leader with such serious allegations against him was totally ridiculous. That NEVER should have happened. That wasn't the time to celebrate.

    Celebration happens if he's not guilty and if he didn't act in an inappropriate manner. So far it looks as if he did no matter what else he did, so i don't believe the church is in a position to celebrate at all.

  33. Your comments are getting worse and worse and more self righteous.

    Who said it was all about the gifts that enticed these young men, what about the relationship more so than the relationship.

    You dont want to believe them for you keep lookin at the situation from your SELFISH perspective.

    The young man said, we saw him as a father figure but according to you that cannot be true.

    So where YOU come men are more men that anywhere else? You have no clue about the men where you come from would do if presented with a financial offer or what they would do if they were influenced from a child. You can only speak for yourself. I have had many experiences where the man behaving as if they are THE MAN have been the biggest clowns going.

    You are only 25, again humble yourself and learn from people who know more than you.

  34. Hello Dist. Supt. Harvey Burnett,

    I know that we all agree that this is a terrible situation. However, I wonder how they are going to "prove" that Eddie Long did it. Apparently there was no penetration involved with these young men.

    Also, does anyone else notice that these men are staying pretty "low key?" I would believe them to be lieing if they were in the spot light and doing a million interviews but it appears that the media is chasing them down.

    Either way, what is it going to take to get people to wake up and really be able to discern these pastors. I've always thought there was something wrong with Eddie Long, I just wonder why others didn't see it either.

  35. "A former wife of bishop Eddie Long accused him having a violent temper during in their 1985 divorce papers. The former wife Dadara Houston claimed that she and her son fled their home to
    escape abuse inflicted by Bishop Long. Houston claimed that bishop Long beat her when she was pregnant with the pastor's son and decided to flee their home for saftey reasons.

    Houston claimed that bishop Long used fists in beating her up when she was 7 months pregnant with the bishops son. Bishop Long was at that time the assistant minister of New Birth Missionary Baptist church. In response, bishop Longs attorney Criag Gillen said that the allegations that happened almost 30 years ago are not true. He added that he was furious that abuse allegations are now being made part of the ongoing sex scandal."

    OK that's HERE

  36. Wow, its keeps getting worse doesnt!

    Pastorr, not sure if you saw this vid on the link

  37. Paul,

    Yea, I saw that one. LaGrande is a different case because I believe he is the sone of someone who was in leadership at the Charolette church. I may be wrong but this one is probably the most intense of the cases and I believe he may know more than even the other guys.

    I mean it seems to only get worse for the bishop and New Birth and those named.

    We'll see...

  38. He really does seem to know a lot.

    This is a nasty situation, its heartbreaking.

    I hope the message that comes from this is that we shouldnt idolize man. I hope people realize this!

    I was so turned off by TBN also. I switched to the channel, I think Sunday, only to see them running some kinds Eddie Long marathon or something of that nature.

    How can they be so low to do that?!? A BISHOP must be above reproach. So until this thing has been cleared he needs and should according to scripture sit down.

    But these people are bigger than the word of God!

  39. This young man is not lying. His body language confirmed everything he said as truthful.

    My heart goes out to him and the others. God is bringing judgement on His church. Christ is coming soon. We had better be ready.

    Peace to all of my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

    Jim, Vancouver

  40. @ 24 year old Anonymous,

    I am a little late to this discussion but I will try to lend some light on it.
    Did it ever occur to you that these boy/men came to love Bishop Long well before they were manipulated into a sexual relationship with him.? This discussion is not even ABOUT gay or straight boy/men. If they were kids who were struggling with their sexual identity and Long manipulated them into sexual activity it is just as repulsive. he is supposed to be a pastor and man of GOD. Those young men were in church either because their parents dictated they be there for the supposed benefits of belonging to New Birth or because they were looking for a spiritual respite and support; maybe both.
    He set himself up as their surrogate father; told them to call him that and treated them as such until such a time that they did love, admire, aspire to be like and appreciate him, THEN the so called Bishop moved in for what he wanted. Sex. I am certain they were conflicted to some extent and in Jamal's case perhaps greatly conflicted.

    You read into what Jamal Parris said that he probably did not mean in the way you interpret it. I believe Jamal meant prior to the sexual activity, being in Bishop's presence and it acompanying favors (trips, money, cars, clothes, shopping sprees, exposure to main stream celebrities and religious icons) was seductive. How could he mean the allure of Bishop Long was seductive when he said he was trying to wash off the smell of his cologne (and GOD knows what else)? Why would he be crying in the car on the way home if he was willingly seduced in the manner that you think he meant it?
    Everything is not as black and white as you see it. You really don't know disadvantaged people would do to come up some in world, especially when scripture is twisted and a powerful person is persuading you. Remember this is not really about whether those boy were straight or not. It IS very much about who that so called Bishop is though.
    Your comments are thin, shallow, uniformed and disrepectful. I wish for you insight and more time.... to live and grow.


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