Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is This An Angel Of The Lords Presence?

Lights In The Sky Over China ~ Could This Be An Angel Of The Lord?

For as many as 30 minutes before the tragic and horrific earthquake in Sichuan, China; what is known as "Earthquake Lights" appeared in the sky. The video shows the notable discolorations in the sky at about the 10 minute mark before the quake. It has also been confirmed that similar lights have been observed before earthquakes in Peru and Japan over the years. Scientists liken the phenomeon to the Aurora Borealis or some form of electromagnetic or radio wave interference, or maybe some sort of "Earth Plasma" discharged just in advance of a quake into the atmosphere.

The question I pose is simple...Is this an angel of the Lord's presence? Is there any scriptural support for or against the notion that the Spirit of the Lord appears visably before tragedy of any sort? I'll be posting some pretty heavy material on my more regular subjects in future posts but I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this one and other issues regarding the judgement of the Lord. For those of you that are hard pressed to believe in miracles you may want to read my study on Antisupernaturalism, Historical Critical Methodology & Miracles before you answer.


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