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The Land Of Over 13 Million Abortions Per Year

Chen Guangcheng

“Please Mr. Obama do everything you can to get me and my family out of this country” ~ Chen Guangcheng 5/3/2012

It’s Amazing What Even A Blind Man Can See.

“Chen Guangcheng, is a self-taught blind lawyer from the Linyi area of Shandong province, was imprisoned for exposing the violence used in enforcing the family planning policy in Linyi and providing legal assistance to peasants in 2005.  In January 2007, he was found guilty of “intentional destruction of property and gathering a mob to disturb traffic” at a hearing from which his lawyer and witnesses were absent because the lawyer had been beaten up and the witnesses kidnapped so that they could not appear in court.” (source)

Thanks to their ONE CHILD policy, China is a place that performs over 13 million abortions per year for no other reason than to control population growth by limiting the total number of children per family to one. 

As noted in the comments section of “The $$$ Billion $$$ Giant Strategy Of Planned Parenthood” Chinese governmental officials routinely apply pressure and incentives to families to uphold their ONE CHILD per household guideline. Male children are favored as opposed to female children. In fact it has been said that if a family determines that  a child is female, even if there are currently no children, an abortion is encouraged.

I wonder where are the American women’s advocacy and human rights groups on that issue? Where is NOW on that issue? It seems that all of them are either lost or sit in absurd silent.

Remember, China Is A Communist Country

In addition, what is often intentionally lost by the news media, when it comes to reporting on China, is that China is a Communist country, ruled by the Chinese Communist Party which does not allow laws geared toward personal freedoms as it pertains to expressions against the state, including expressions in freedom of speech. In fact speaking against the government or governmental policies can cause one to receive beatings, land in jail or even be put to death. Remember under communism, the condition of the whole is more important than the benefits granted to the individual.

That sounds a little too much like where American domestic policy appears to be going to me…but I digress

On the economic tip, China is America’s greatest lender. According to a March 2011 NPR report, the Chinese hold over $1.2 Trillion of  US debt. This places America in a very awkward position of a paid vassal or servant and lends and understanding to why America was and has been so slow to respond to many social and human rights problems associated with China and Chinese policy.

China is also becoming America’s greatest competitor for natural resources and in particular oil and gasoline. What makes it even worse is that China has a monopoly on the metal used for consumer electronics, including the metal used in the guts of computers and cell phones that Americans simply can’t live without.

With all of that said, it is no wonder that when blind, Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng recently sought asylum at the Chinese-American Embassy (considered to be US soil by international law) that the United States and embassy officials staled, changed stories, and completely vacillated on what they had told Mr. Chen (as we call him) and claimed ignorance to what he wanted even claiming that Mr. Chen simply wanted to go back home to be reunited with his wife and speak with governmental officials:
“He wanted to be reunified with his family, he wanted to stay in China and be a freedom fighter”  ~ US-Chinese Ambassador,  Gary Locke CNN 5/3/2012

“At no point did Mr. Chen acknowledge that he wanted US political asylum” 
~ White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney 5/3/2012

Well if that was the case, why did he contact the embassy to begin with? Why would a man, whom American officials hid for almost a week before acknowledging even his very presence, suddenly change his mind? You mean to tell me that he just stopped by to say HELLO???

American Official’s Explanations Are Incredulous.

According to reports, Mr. Chen wanted to leave the US Embassy only after it was apparent that US officials were intent on doing NOTHING to help Mr. Chen but asking him to repeat his story over and over again. Mr. Chen realized that he was like a ship without a paddle in the middle of an angry, raging sea. In addition from all reports, he was lied to, told that all he had to do was go home and things would be well, BUT he wasn’t told about the death threats and threats to harm that his family has been receiving both from Chinese  governmental officials and other government supporters.  He changed his mind because American officials displayed that they are a bunch of self-centered, and self-serving cowards in the face of China and Chinese policy once again. In addition, they also viewed their own hypocrisy.

The Hypocrisy Of Abortion Itself

How can the United States rescue a man for speaking against abortion when abortion is the law of America? Abortion has destroyed over 50 million American lives since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision; the Black community has been devastated by over 13 million abortions over the same time period, so it seems that to speak up for Mr. Chen's rights is to speak up against American policy and as we can see, they certainly won't do that…

As stated earlier, both Mr. Chen and his wife have suffered and been beaten for their dissonance. Mr. Chen served a 4 years prison sentence for his advocacy against the One Child policy. He was released in Sept. of 2010 after being imprisoned for openly advocating against the government’s position on the issue. According to reports, his home was and is a virtual home prison, with cameras, microphones and all kinds of observation devices installed at the direction of the government to monitor his actions, visitors and every word that he says.  Mr. Chen said this:

“My house is basically under surveillance 24 hours a day and we can’t get out of the house at all. Only my mother can go out to get something for us to eat and stay alive,”

Having fear for one’s life and being under constant surveillance and you mean to tell us that Mr. Chen didn’t know what he wanted when he was allowed the opportunity to speak with US officials?

Spin Doctoring & Diversion

The Secretary of State and gay advocate, Hillary Clinton, along with the news media in tow (especially CNN), has managed to change the issue away from abortion rights to an issue of censorship and human rights which are totally ineffective arguments against a communist regime. If this were an issue dealing with gay rights I would have to believe that the government would be certainly more focused and act with much more resolve.

This is intentional as I wonder what can America say?

Why and how can the US Government define what a human right is? This is a question that we’ve asked a long time and it seems that the answer is only acceptable in the sight of relative moralists.


Hear Mr. Chen say that he is pretty worried: BBC News China

Update 5/24/2012:

Dr. Chen was freed and allowed to come to the United States along with his wife and children as "students". Though they are currently "free", they are yet in fear fro their extended family as the Chinese govt. is yet maintaining their physical threats in retaliation for assisting Dr. Chen in his efforts. 

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  1. As long as women have the "right" to an abortion in this country, men should also have the right to opt out of paying child support. Think about it, men who don't pay child support are often demonized, and treated as scum too low to even be spit on, but if a woman decided to kill an unborn baby, simply because she doesn't want it, it's "her body and her choice" and no one is allowed to even think about thinking badly of her or that person is a "woman hater". Tell me, which one is more evil? Also, a lot of times, child support isn't going to benefit the child, it's going to benefit the woman. It's not uncommon for child support to be used on vacations, car note payments for late model luxury cars, rent and mortgage payments, girls nights out, and other foolishness and if the man objects to it he's not a "real man". But women can up and decide to murder (lets call it what it is, abortion is just a prettied up word) the baby if it may in any way cause her the slightest inconvenience, but hey it's her body.


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