Monday, April 30, 2012

Savage...It Only Gets Worse...Then There's You!

At a recent high school journalism convention no less, Daniel "Mr. Tolerance", and self proclaimed "Faggot" Savage, took the opportunity, along with tax payer dollars, to terrorize and indoctrinate youth on his thoughts regarding closely held religious beliefs, not only twisting scriptures totally out of context and providing plenty of false biblical interpretations, but also calling biblical admonitions against homosexuality "bull-s***t" that should be ignored. Remember this is the President's national anti-bullying adviser.

THANK GOD for all the BOLD & BRIGHT STUDENTS that walked out on his utter PROFANE GARBAGE!!! Let the crap be relegated to the SEWER where it belongs!!!

If he had gone to someone who actually studied the bible for it's real message, instead of those who promote  propaganda to justify their sins, (aka: Sam Harris or any of the modern irrational atheists and such like) he would have known that the bible does not endorse slavery, especially the chattel slavery that his forefathers more than likely practiced within the United States. Conveniently he fails to mention is that "Origin Of The Species, By Means of Natural Selection or The Preservation of Favored Races In The Struggle For Life" is the materialist myth chalk full of racist and sexist assertions all in the name of science. 

What's equally as important, is this how tax payer education dollars are being spent? If a Christian took the time to waylay the Quran, there would have been outrage. If a Christian or other person of faith pronounced and explained biblical admonitions against homosexuality, there would be a stark condemnation, but where is the condemnation against this?

Let's see, 

When it's against the bible and religion in general, it's called Freedom of speech

When it supports the bible against modern immorality including that of homosexuality, it's called religious bigotry??? 

OK, now we see what the definition of tolerance really is for those claiming a more peaceful, humanitarian and intellectually fulfilling path of modern moral relativism. 

The fact is that we certainly can see the light...the question is can Savage see the anything but himself and his own ignorance???


National Organization For Marriage : Savage Pick On Someone Your Own Size 


  1. "We appreciate the level of thoughtfulness and deliberation regarding Dan Savage's keynote address"..."Some audience members who felt hurt by his words and tone, decided to leave in the middle of his speech and to this we want to make out point very clear: While as a journalist, it is important to be able to listen to speech that offends you, these students and advisers had simply reached their tolerance level for what they were willing to hear."
    So says the National Scholastic Press Association in a statement regarding the incident.

    OK, what does that statement mean? Noone's "feelings' were hurt...The facts are that the students weren't willing to be propagandized with false information and silly, bible bashing rhetoric all in the name of tolerance. his whole argument is a total logical inconsistency that he tried to cover up as some type of grand lesson. I don't think he was expecting the results and the response he got. Just when he thought he had deceived the world into rejecting morality and moral standards, suddenly a new generation proves that they aren't dumb to these bogus and ridiculous arguments.

    KUDOS young people...there is plenty of hope for our future!!!

  2. You know, what's funny about people like him, is they'll never twist their lips to bash Islam. Despite in Islamic countries, to this very day, homosexuals who practice openly will be killed. Doesn't he find it ironic, as he bashes the bible, that a christian nation gives him the freedom of speech to say what he wants, even against the bible, and he doesn't have to worry about being killed? He can practice his homosexual lifestyle, and the laws of a christian nation prevents anyone from physically harming him because of it. What do you think would happen to him in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan and he walked around proudly declaring to be a homosexual while bashing the Quran? He'd be dead in minutes. Probably from stoning or beheading or being buried alive or being set on fire or some kind of combination.

    Also, notice how the christian students responded. They got up and walked out. Now what if he was in front of a crowd of young, arab men bashing Muhummad. He'd probably be in the hospital right now in a body cast....if he survived. But i'm sure all that is lost on him as homosexuals like him twist themselves into pretzels to bash Christianity but defend Islam.

    1. FM,

      That's true 4 real! The freedom under which he even makes the commentary is provided by CHRISTIAN conventions and understandings of freedom. It wasn't born out of secularism. It is CHRISTIAN ideal, morals and values that facilitate freedom, not Darwinism.

      He would certainly be scared to say this to a bunch of Muslims because he is a coward that must take advantage of children in a captive setting to try to unload his garbage on them. He sounds like a he's got classic pedophile symptomsm, take advantage of those weak or in a weaker position whenever you can...SAD!!!

      If you're going to talk about journalism, talk about that instead of promoting your worldview. I have programs directed to the behavior and improvement of children in the school setting and not ONE TIME do I ever make reference to Christianity, atheism or try to indoctrinize in my beliefs. Neither do I make the materialistic worldview the center of my talk. There are other more appropriate settings for that and none of that is what the students come for.

      Savage is a RANK and UTTER idiot and I can't understand why in a million years that anyone would give him any credibility at all.

  3. This seems to me to be another failure of the ADULTS to protect the children. Just as we would attempt to cover the eyes of a child from a gory, brutal murder scene we should shield them from this. We should also teach them to know truth from a lie as the ones who refused to listen to the individual. Yes it may be freedom of speech, etc. but it is the spiritual equivalent of being sprayed by a skunk.


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