Thursday, January 26, 2023

Pt. 2 Phizer...Who Is Jordon Trishton Walker? Exposed By Project Veritas

Continued from Pt.1 evidently when this demon, Jordon Trishton Walker, an alleged Phizer executive found out that he had been duped into spilling the beans on recorded video, he simply exploded.

In a totally unbelievable scenario, Jordon, after revealing that Phizer was engaged in "Directed Evolution" of the COVID virus (formerly known as gain of function research) and a plot to make profits for years to come manipulating COVID in an attempt to both make the public sick and provide a solution or corner the market, didn't pull out any stops in effort to discredit himself.

Claiming that he was being surrounded by White people, that he was lying trying to impress his date, that he was just kidding or joking about what he was saying, Jordon went  in a rage attempting to destroy electronic devices and have investigators arrested for getting him on video and asking him further questions...This probably would have worked in a foreign country, but there is still something called a 1st Amendment in America which even applies to Jordon, who is probably still trying to make up something to explain his absolute stupidity in this case...

Click HERE to see and hear the demon for yourself and watch how the love of money is STILL the root of not only ALL evil, but Phizer's evil and the evil of the scientifically enlightened even in 2023...what a complete mess!


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Pt. 1 Phizer...Who Is Jordon Trishton Walker? Exposed By Project Veritas

In what has got to be one of the more earth shattering exposĂ©s on the internet, Project Veritas, who's work is yet being banned by Google (as I don't know how long and or if this will even be available on this blog) has allowed a fool to tell all that he knows...In a complete meltdown, this devil, known as Jordon Trishton Walker, allegedly the Director Worldwide R&D Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning goes into detail regarding the Phizer mRNA COVID vaccine even shedding light on how "gain of function" research has been mysteriously and out of hat transitioned to "Directed Evolution"...In short, this demon, thinking he was on a date with another man, told his heart and mind to an undercover who was recording what appears to be a complete fiasco that may push Phizer and its ineffective applecart of covid vaccine deceit and garbage down the road. 

As of this writing, only Fox News dared to cover the story. But please don't be deceived, as Fox demanded and mandated their employees to take this or one of the other vaccines in exchange for continued employment, so they are not some type of hero in the process, but yet another hypocritical news organization...However, as of now, NO OTHER major news organization has approached the story and will probably not do so as Phizer has their hands deep in the pockets of  news and advertising organizations.

All I can say is watch this and tell me what you think...

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Monday, December 5, 2022

Kylie Jenner...The Blood Ritual Revised

I recently came across this very disturbing image and VIDEO authorized by Kylie Jenner, daughter of former male Decathlete Bruce Jenner, who now presents as a political conservative living as a woman. 

No doubt the imagery from the picture and video is highly disturbing. What is as equally disturbing is that Kyle, a social media influencer, has over 300M followers on Instagram, evidently the place from which she earns her money.  That this will have an effect on her most ardent followers and individuals that idolize her and everything she does is without question. 

Although this is not exactly new, the question that I have received most regarding this is, "What is she doing?"


Allegedly, she is advertising or developing a teaser for a new makeup line which was released on Halloween 2022, under the name "Kyliecosmetics Nightmare on Elm Street Collection" or something to that effect. So it is certainly a business venture, with a little mysticism, witchcraft and supernaturalism mixed in, as we have seen many adopt as a part of their advertising scheme. Combined with the pedophilic nature of the Nightmare On Elm Street collection or backdrop, one can readily see that the target audience is children. However, what is disturbing is the obvious amount of what appears to be blood in her presentation.  

Beyond Business

What the average onlooker, and even Kylie herself may not realize, is that this alleged cosmetic collection is actually giving homage to or rehearsing ancient blood ritualism dedicated to demonically inspired idols, dating back to BCE times perpetuated by Moabite and Ammonite worship of baal-peor, Chemosh, and Molech. For a greater understanding of this topic, one could go HERE

However, there are other aspects of the blood ritual, which I believe was an invitation and open door to demonic influence. Given the reach and scope of this young lady's "influence" I thought it would be good to share and discuss this here for individuals who may need clarity on exactly what is going on. 

I said this to my Facebook audience:

"Roman "Mithras" was a secret religious practice in which the soldiers, apparently before a battle, would douse themselves in blood of a bull as a symbol of sacrifice and acceptance of death in striving for their cause.
I believe, as I have studied, that the sin of "baal-peor" (Num.25) was not only inspired by Moabite worship of Chemosh and Molech, but also a blood ritual involving sex and blood. Similar to the worship taking place in Sodom, blood was used as a sexual lubricant with an effect of enhancing the sexual experience through a heated sensation.
So, even IF she is not taking a blood bath, here she is rehearsing and rehashing a spiritually inspired, ritualistic, worshipful practice that only has one intent, that being deception and entry into the demonic realm."

That this is demonically inspired, is without a doubt. That this is targeted towards youth, is also without question. That the church knows little about this is SURELY correct, however we are not powerless to do nothing about it.  The battle is not against or with Kylie. No doubt she is probably a nice young lady, however it is clear that the god of this world, is using her to "influence" the world to the demonic and against that, we must stand. 

Ephes. 6:12-13  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.


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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Update: Status Of Victims Advocacy For Clergy Sexual Abuse

I Am My Brothers Keeper Christian Advocacy Council: HERE


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Sunday, November 13, 2022

COGIC 114th Annual Holy Convocation...We Are ONE Church!

 About 12 years ago, I posed the question on this blog, "Is Yet Another Church Emerging Out Of The Church Of God In Christ?" due to the polar dynamics events, teaching and overall direction of the church. 

Today, some 12 years later, as the 114th Annual Holy Convocation of the Church Of God In Christ winds down, 2nd Assistant Presiding Bishop, Jerry Macklin, stated (certainly not in answer to my question):

"The Church Of God In Christ is ONE Church, united behind ONE leader, determined to accomplish ONE purpose, and that is to lift up the name of Jesus and move this agenda forward in the power of the Holy Ghost"

A Time Of Spiritual Renewal & Refreshing

It must be noted that this year's Holy Convocation has been one of the most spiritually powerful, moving and impacting gatherings in quite some time. Interrupted by covid, and a cautious approach by church leaders in dealing with it, especially in light of the damage done to COGIC leadership, the highly anticipated return to "Our Jerusalem" (COGIC Headquarters and birthplace of Memphis, TN) has not only seemingly energized the Saints, but has been the backdrop for a renewed sense of hope, urgency and necessity to both preach the Gospel, save souls and lead believers into the Holy Ghost baptismal experience with the evidence of speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance as the initial evidence of that indwelling. (as COGIC doctrine has been as taught by founding Bishop CH Mason himself.)  

With the exception of allowing and embracing the celebration of the "Greek system" (as that system  pertains and relates to education, through fraternities and sororities ~ which has always been taught against within most COGIC and holiness circles) COGIC leadership has definitely issued a call to renewal for the Saints around the world.

This call is bound to have a lasting impact upon people all over the world, in light of the moral and spiritual decay that we are witnessing, wherein people have intentionally confused women's healthcare with the right to kill babies through abortion, (and voted for the right to do so) reduced the identity of a woman to whatever a "man" thinks a woman is, and stood for an ungodly and perverted determination to mutilate children suffering sexual identity and body dysmorphia.  

Salt & Light

In the anticipated highlight message "The Challenge To Be A Witness" (Matthew 5:13 and Mark 16:15), Presiding Bishop J Drew Sheard took the time to talk about the Saint maintaining his/her position as the "salt of the Earth" against the moral decay and rudiments of the world through both corporate and personal struggle. 

A few notable sayings from the message:

"A sweet Gospel is what has everybody saying they serve God. A sweet Gospel has people doing what they wanna do and still saying they're saved"...

"We must all keep in mind that salt and sugar look alike, but there is a difference"...

"We are perfecting our pursuit of the things of God, and have lost sight of the God of things"...

"how many church folk are good for nothing?"...

" many instances the church has become no more than a social club, it has no authority to put the devil in his place..."

"...We've got people in position who haven't felt the anointing of God in years, they've lost their sense of righteousness, and they mistreat the people of God..."

"...We are do everything the world does, we say everything they say, we drink with them, we curse with them, and we do whatever else they wanna do..."

"...spiritual salt is of little value to the community as long as it is barreled up in our churches..."

Church leadership certainly shows and displays a sense of urgency in the ministry towards the world and to the members of the house of God. We certainly embrace the leadership of Presiding Bishop Sheard and the newly reconstituted General Board of Bishops and solicit your prayers as ministry begins to take shape and the church galvanizes herself under the direction of the Lord.  

Sexual Abuse & Victim's Advocacy

Finally, to answer the question, YES, you can believe that I AM My Brother's Keeper Christian Advocacy Council, is continuing her efforts in victims advocacy. Although the church has taken many steps to make and create a safer environment among all member churches, there is yet much work that needs to be done and we need you to continue to pray that our efforts get the attention and implementation that they are due. We will never be satisfied as long as perpetrators of sexual abuse and criminal sexual activity in any church, are treated with more caution and care than those who have been victimized. No, this isn't the only issue within a church who's membership appears to be growing again, by all accounts, but it is one that we dare not sacrifice and or look over. The health and wellbeing of our families and communities are at risk. 

I believe, through prayer and careful consideration of the word of the Lord, the best is yet to come!



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Saturday, November 5, 2022

Kyrie...Antisemitism or Buck Breaking?

I admit, I had to put this one together...OK...

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it." ~ John 8:44

Unlike the philosophical system of the Greeks, which 1st Century Jewish leaders vehemently opposed to various degrees, Jewish leaders were especially pious and eager to distinguish that "they" were true followers of God while all others, with very little exception, were "dogs" deceived, on the outside, and of an evil nature or "satan's children". New Testament Biblical references appear to be consistent with thoughts of the day and even expanded upon these concepts. In short Jewish leaders, who were especially proud of of their Hebrew heritage and unique relationship with God by their historical lineage, were distinctly Jewish and proud to let everyone know of the difference between themselves and others.

Let's be clear, JESUS was not teaching that the Jews, by lineage, genealogy or race, were devils and or satanists. In the specific context of the John 8:44 passage, it was the Jewish leaders who were questioning and criticizing his person and office. Jesus responded to the evil that was in their hearts and minds and revealed the source of inspiration behind their apparent blindness as to who he was in relationship to the purpose and mission of God.

In actuality Jesus could have been addressing ANY group or race of people sharing the same or similar sentiments as those to whom he was confronting. But Jesus was sent to the "Lost sheep of the house of Israel" (Mt.15:24) to do HIS (John 4:34) work and accomplish the mission according to the promise given to Mary (Gen.3:15) and the covenant promise established with Abraham (Gen.12:3 & 18:18)

The Jewish leaders to whom Jesus was speaking, like anyone else, were sinners, not following God, and in need of repentance. They were following the dictates of their own minds and evil hearts on many issues, and perverting truth into lies and this, as JESUS reveals, was inspired by satan himself.

Point Of Understanding

Unfortunately, in my opinion, many have undertaken Jesus words, perverting them, to support thoughts that the Jewish people are inherently evil, sinners and even satan worshipers. Thoughts such as these have inspired anti-Jewish hate and are not only antisemitic, but are rooted in an unwarranted racist view of Jews and, further, in my opinion, are inspired by satan himself.

It seems that to, on top of this, throw any amount of financial success, whether by honesty or treacherous means, there develops a complete anti-Jewish conspiracy laden with child sacrifice, human trafficking, pizza and human McDonalds burgers....Such sentiments are more than RIDICULOUS and only fodder for the mentally challenged. 

What Do We Have With Kyrie Irving?

Let's attempt to clarify the air here...First, to believe that Black people are descendants of Jews, or who are known as Hebrews, is an assertion worthy of examination and NOT an antisemitic thought or reference. The fact that there are Jews who appear to be White and Jews who appear to be Black is not anti-Jewish nor antisemitic. The fact that there are both White and Black Jews is not antisemitic unless one is given to racism or believes that, in this case, Blacks couldn't possible be Jewish by lineage and or descent. 

Example, clearly there are many Ethiopian Blacks who claim to be of Jewish descent and heritage. Legendary hypothesis has it that former Ethiopian King, Haile Selassie, claimed to be a direct descendant of King Solomon through the "Queen Of Sheba" (1Kings 10:1-12 & 2 Chron. 9:1-13), if true, this would certainly make him Jewish by lineage. Under this example we must note and restate that Black + Jewish by lineage DOES NOT equal nor equate to antisemitism. Once again, only racists would contend to the contrary.


In a tweet, Kyrie Irving referred to the book and evidently video referenced above. The work itself seems to not only attempt to prove that Blacks were the original Jews, which, once again, is NOT an antisemitic sentiment, but that those claiming to be Jews today are followers of satan and supplanters of the original Jewish (Black) people. [I will not critique the work at this point but I WOULD NOT hang my hopes on the truthfulness of the assertions I have seen...there is much better and accurate information available]

Allow me to quickly assert, there is NOT ONE SHRED OF BIBLICAL NOR HISTORICAL EVIDENCE FOR THE LATER SENTIMENTS. Specifically, THERE IS NO EVIDENCE that Jews are satanists, devil followers or otherwise under satan's direction and influence either in business, life and religious practice...SENTIMENTS TO THE CONTRARY ARE RIDICULOUS AND UNEVIDENTIAL and in my opinion, inspired by satan based on the history of the Jewish people. and their relationship to God.

What we seem to have with Kyrie Irving is a conflation of the two sentiments, 1, that American Blacks are the original Jews and 2, that modern day Jews, many of whom, who live as White, are evil, devils and under satanic influence, based on the acts and actions of some of more successful business persons, who also claim to be of Jewish heritage, descent and lineage...Because Kyrie referenced a book/movie that claimed both assertions to be materially true, and because he referenced such without distinction, he has been and is now labeled as antisemitic, blackballed socially, said to be in need of psychotherapy, has lost endorsements and may be on the trading block and in jeopardy of losing his job.

In my opinion, this label and resultant actions are also problematic, stereotypical and full of racist connotations.

Who's The Real Hypocrite & Racist?

While Kyrie is free to embrace whatever sentiments he wishes, the business community has withdrawn itself as a matter of association, claiming that it wants no union or relationship with such sentiments. However, if we look at just one sponsor, Nike, for instance, we can see their decision is fraught with bold hypocrisy. Where is Nike in the face of Chinese atrocities dealing with slave labor and Uyghur injustices and imprisonment? His employer has assumed Kyrie's sentiments are hateful, and therefore has withdrawn its support without any distinction as to what Kyrie's actual sentiments are, but his employer, the NBA is equally as guilty of turning its back on the inhumane treatment of people in China with one part owner saying that "Nobody cares", when it comes to making money with over a $10 Billion dollar investment in the Chinese marketplace. But yet, NBA spokespersons are relegating Kyrie to be trained to rethink or relearn his personal beliefs and opinions and get rid of his "racist beliefs".

Is Kyrie claiming that American Blacks are Jews? Or is he claiming that the Jewish people are actually evil and satan? Or is he claiming both? Has anyone asked?

The Danger Of Media Indoctrination

Earlier this week, during the interview, I heard a sports reporter say that because Kyrie had made a tweet asking blacks to "wake up" (this was especially in light of controversy surrounding Kanye West,) with a link to the movie "From Hebrews to Negroes", that Kyrie was "endorsing" the movie and the book. Although Kyrie said that he wasn't "endorsing" anything, but merely making a reference to the movie, the reporter insisted that he was "endorsing" the movie and the information it espoused and went on to suggest vehemently that Kyrie's reference was by virtue of his statements was an "endorsement" after which Kyrie, seeing which way it was going, shut the reporter down. In other words, the reporter insisted that Kyrie had complete union with the movie and all of its contents and assertions. This was wholly made up and fabricated by the media itself. 

Question: Was this a REFUSE TO VACCINATE PAYBACK? I mean Kyrie, refused to jeopardize his health and contribute to the unscientific and disproven notion that the vaccine would stop and or prevent the spread of covid. He chose to sit out rather than cave to the complete mess of the MRNA vaccine pressure. In other words he exercised his freedom, not only as a man, but also as a Black man. Was this too much for those who felt they were "in charge" of him? Although I am not one to cry racism at every corner or twist in the road, but as I will discuss below, we must ask and address the question under this circumstance; was it simply an extension and imposition of RACISM imposed by the reporter? It could have been BOTH!

Noone has called that reporter out for his RACISM! Why? Because they would never see themselves as one who will be used to "Break The Buck" and put him in his place. Was this a BUCK BREAKING MOMENT

Yes, this reporter claimed Kyrie to be guilty of antisemitism by association to his reference of a work which he may or may not have agreed with in full or in part. Yet, because, and only because, he was BLACK, did the assumption arise that Kyrie not only agreed that American Blacks were original Jews, but that he also that he believed, by virtue of him being Black, that Jews were evil, and under the influence of satan himself as the movie goes on to assert. 

My friend THAT and THOSE ASSERTIONS in face of the denial of Kyrie's clears statements that he did not "endorse" the movie is either RACISM, rank hatred or sensationalism!!! Take your pick because I believe all are on the table.

To My Black Hebrews  

I want to say, that I have nothing against anyone that believes themselves to be a Black Jew or Hebrew. More power to you...However, from a scriptural and spiritual standpoint you MUST be born again and salvation can only be found in Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. (Heb. 12:2) I reject Hebrew Israelism just as I reject Judaism and Islam as the methods of salvation. However, if that floats your boat, go right at it, as it is a free country to follow what you believe and see fit to pursue. Continue to seek, and know that your belief in that religious system DOES NOT make you an antisemite nor does it make you a racist. 

For sure, it is clear that freedom of belief in general and in this case, specifically Black autonomy, at all levels within society is under attack. It appears to be open season against those who stand and speak their minds and hearts in open society, and against those who would dare hold out the Bible as a reference and guide for objective moral truth and standard of life and living. 

Yet, we will LIVE with HIM as he has come to give us life, even in the face of those who would dare attempt to compromise our lives. 

Be sure, the TRUTH will stand even if it has to stand unsupported by men and on its own. It is for that truth, that I stand and can only hope that others will stand along with me. 


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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Fr. Calvin Robininson Affirms What We've Been Saying About The WEF

 As we stated in "Digital Identity. The Mark Of The Beast?" The World Economic Forum in no uncertain terms, has outlined a path to RESET THE WORLD and ultimately recreate it in the image of man. Fr. Calvin Robinson also exposes this evil and the intents of the WEF. This is a short video that you don't want to miss. 

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Monday, October 17, 2022

The Cost Of Reparations

I know many of my regular readers may think I may have gone off the "deep end" over reparations talk etc. Well, truth is, although reparations is not an end all to all problems associated with our community and in particular the Black community and the Black church (and don't give me this that the church is colorless, it is NOT.), the issue or reparations is one that every church and pastor should be fully aware of and enlightening the congregations about. 


We spend time praying for people's financial needs to be met and addressed. Some of you critics have implemented more "give to get" schemes than a little bit. Consistently telling, many times, poor people, to give and expect a blessing...Well, what if our church, your church, can raise itself to a level that everyone could give out of abundance and with greater purpose than looking to receive? What if families, can be equipped, to not simply occupy land and homes while renting and making others fat, but to actually own their properties, raise their families, create their own schools or at least have the ability to self direct and take control of their financial horizons and outcomes? 

This is the story and the land (so to speak) of reparations, which our ancestors paid for! They PAID through abuse, blood, sweat, tears, loss and suffering for our ability to come up in this world and not only take a greater place, our rightful place within society, but also advance the Kingdom of Christ from a position of strength. 

Reparations is an answer to long prayed prayers and a direct demand for our Government to finally get the issues right and address her response to the underlying atrocity of slavery and the resultant rejection of the era of reconstruction, the implementation of Black Codes, Jim Crow and failed promises of social and financial restitution. This issue is important whether one embraces 1619 under British North American rule or our country's founding as a Constitutional Republic 1776, as both segments embraced slavery as a method and practice. The minister, bishop, pastor, evangelist, missionary, must familiarize themselves with the issue and educate the people on why this particular time is so important and why prayers over decades could now finally be answered. 

Living In The Past?

I once thought that too. Until I really looked at the reparations argument. First, America has never failed to restore groups of individuals for their suffering. American has sent over $1Trillion in 2 years to Ukraine, taken in dislocated Afghans at a cost of $80,000 per individual, illegal immigrants (now calling them migrants) to the tune of $20,000 to $50,000 per individual, compensated Japanese Americans over $20,000 each (over 120,000) for 3 years of internment during WW2, overseen the settlement of some of the Jewish reparations as a result of Holocaust to the tune of over $55Billion dollars, the reparation of 11 Italian American's lynched in 1891 ($25,000 paid in 1892 a modern equivalent of $800,000 per family)...NOBODY accuses any of these folk who were repaired or who's sufferings were acknowledged by direct payments to their families as "living in the past". Individuals have those sentiments for Blacks because they can and or think they should.  In other words, many, who say they are "Christian" perpetuate the abuse of generations before them without regard for what God thinks and or concepts of righteousness, morality, justice and or truth. 

Yes, this may be challenging. Yes, like me, you may have to rethink what your once casually dismissed, but it is an effort certainly worthy of your time and one that history demands that we regard. 

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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Reparations...Do You Read The Bible? Calling Out Conservaties & Mark Levin

On Thursday Sept. 15th 2022 conservative talk show host Mark Levin, hailed as "The Great One" by media personality Sean Hannity stated that the civil war was good enough and that "nobody deserves" or should get "reparations", referring to the legitimate claim of descendants of Foundational Black American Freed Slaves. This broadcast is used to call out not only Mark for his inept, and ungodly sentiments, but also call on conservatives, especially White conservatives and many uninformed descendants of FBA Blacks to rid themselves of "Land Of Dixie" or "Dixiecrat" thinking on this issue and affirm the biblical narrative that is clearly in favor of FBA descendant's 1st Amendment right to petition the government for grievance which has been overlooked and set aside with conscious disregard for nearly 160 years since slavery was reversed directly for over 3.5million Blacks in the United States at the time. 

Music: Fred Hammond & Radical For Christ, "Somethin' 'Bout Love", 2004


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Friday, September 9, 2022

Religion. Black Americans. The Church. Is God Just Or Unjust?

The Black community has traditionally been very close to propositions of faith. In particular, the Black Christian church within the United States has been the place that has shaped values, held the community together and been the place from which much community change growth and development has occurred over the years.

To be clear, the abolition of slavery, the creation and promotion of civil rights agenda and many other things that we now enjoy, were direct products and results of religious and bible based concepts with secular ideology in tow. I contend that the proliferation of freedom all around the world would not exist unless it was for religious influence and in particularly that of the Christian religion and religious influence. I further contend that for someone to doubt the benefit of the church within modern society is someone who hasn't taken the time to study, but bury their head in the sand and someone who doesn't know or simply hasn't been taught how to reconcile history...HOWEVER...and that's a huge HOWEVER...the modern CHURCH has done itself no favors with her desire to be relevant, pseudo-spirituality, lust and desire for sin, search for physical and material wealth, and morally debase practices which allows, and in many cases, supports PERVERTS, sexual immorality, and moral & spiritual impurity, in congregations and pulpits all across the nation...

I mean, did you see the HORROR Church movie "Honk For Jesus"??? YES, it was a HORROR FILM, similar to "Friday The 13th" and "Halloween" or better yet "Psycho". From beginning to end this movie it was a complete horror flick, displaying the horrors of big church "showtime" (in many cases and places) and a look at what people will do and allow and promote within the church. Although this movie may have been about and mixed scandalous acts of the late Bishop Eddie Long & his predecessor (spiritual father) the late Bishop Earl(you ARE the father)Paulk. The movie's culprit was not only a sick, debase and narcissistic out of control pastor, but also a complete corrupt accountability and support system, beginning with what appeared to be, at first glance, an innocent/supportive wife, who, along with others, wanted relevance, acknowledgement and material position in this world greater than they wanted God, truth, right and moral and spiritual purity. I could give you a complete synopsis of the movie in the comments, as I was enamored with it, but I digress...

So while the church has her faults, flaws and sins, she is still yet the vehicle that God has used and will use to unite himself to this world. the fact is that no matter how bad it gets or is, the very "gates of hell shall not prevail" against her. (Mt. 16:18)

Sad Result Of The Church's Apostasy

The apostasy of the church, in my opinion, has caused a greater secularization of the Black community. Not only are former servants of the church running from her vowing to never come back, usually because of some church practice based on governmental or hierarchical structure, as opposed to doctrine and or biblical teaching, what cannot be overlooked is that common people who were raised in church and that have benefited from Church and Christian morality in particularly in their own lives, have, in many cases, also hit the door with a promise to not come back to the church. This has also, in many cases, fueled with disdain against church practices and actions and caused many, who's ancestors prayed for their deliverance and freedom to leave and move away from the very institution through which deliverance and freedom was prayed for.

Recently, in a Twitter forum sponsored by an organization named NewsToter, a topic was raised "Has Religion Helped Or Hurt Black Americans?" One question that I was looking to address was the matter of tithes and what has the Black community has received in return...however, I could not and was not able to get to that issue, but short answer, in too many places...WE BEEN ROBBED!!!

My message was that religion, in particular the Christian religion has certainly helped, but that there is a distinguishable difference between the practice of religion and that of spirituality or service to God...
I mean in my opinion, the very question is like a healthy, fed child standing on his mothers lap, with a full stomach questioning, "Is it good that my parents feed me?"...The very question overlooks the fact that you have what you have and are full solely because your parents and their efforts to feed you because you couldn't feed yourself. In this case it is the mother, that has fed you, otherwise you'd still be hungry or hospitalized for malnutrition or even dead leaving your ability to take care of yourself up to you.
With that said, as I was commenting, my phone went out and would not allow me back into the forum, but I was able to hear the recording the next day. After my abrupt mid comment departure, most were very nice, including the host himself, but a gentlemen raised a comment saying that I was a liar and that the God of the bible was responsible for over 266 wars and or conflicts and for some over 2M deaths and suggested that was his reason to reject religion and Christianity. Another also didn't know what the word "novel" meant as it pertained to historical events...It is that commentary, which has been common among many atheists, that I would like to deal with in the balance of this post.

The God Of The Bible...
Is He Unjust?
Has He Caused Over 2M Deaths Within The Bible?
Is Man Better To Men Than God?

Certainly the gentleman stating this erroneous information was not a biblical scholar, but he was also no less of a biblical critic than many of the modern atheists. At this point I will reprint my response to him, that was at least 15 parts on Twitter, with revisions and insertions to add additional information and clear up misinformation.
" brother stated after my phone went out last evening (not due to "judgement") that the God of the Bible was responsible for over 266 incidents of violence in which over 2M people were killed. For sure he is incorrect, but for sake of argument, I say he is on point and 100% accurate.

The young man is a good young man that believes in justice, right and equity, I am confident. Let's look at 3 things that displays the inadequacy of that (his) argument when we speak of the implications of religion (aka: Judaeo-Christian Biblical belief)

1- Israel's time in SLAVERY for over 400 years.
We BOTH agree that slavery is/was horrible and needed to be put down. In Ex. 3 God sends Moses to free Israel from slavery. Folk die as a result. (INSERTION: Even 1st born children die in the last plague. The critic says that God kills children. However, without exception EVERYONE'S 1st born could be saved during this plague. Only those who followed the instructions of applying blood to the doorpost and lentil, whether one worshiped and believed in the God of the Israelite's or not, would actually be saved.) Is/was God unrighteous by ending it (slavery) and setting people free?

2- God commanded that Israel enter land he had promised to Abraham & his descendants.
There were only 5 nations that God said should be utterly destroyed [INSERTION: Deut. 20:17, there are 6 nations depending upon how you count nations]. Leviticus 23 (and I meant Leviticus 18) indicates what the inhabitants of the land were doing. (INSERTION: Lev. 18:3 ~ After the doings of the land of Egypt, wherein ye dwelt, shall ye not do: and after the doings of the land of Canaan, whither I bring you, shall ye not do: neither shall ye walk in their ordinances...indicates that that practices, outlined in the chapter, were some of the practices that both Egyptians and Canaanites. v.25 indicates that it was because of these practices, which included baby and child murder and indiscriminate human sacrifice v.21, that God was removing them from the land) Among other things they killed indiscriminately, sacrificed children and totally perverted justice. Raping, pillaging, and denigrating themselves in every possible human way...Molech, a baby murderer was their god. God said they, the Canaanites were spewed out of the land because they defiled it. Would it have been justice to allow those things to go (on)? In other words, is the (Biblical God) unrighteous to STOP injustice? If so, then how are YOU or can you possibly be just or justified? Ie: if God himself can't order and decree evil to be stopped, then under and by who's authority do you "demand" anyone to stop their unjust acts or actions? In other words, to reject the God of the bible and claim some moral superiority is an argument of special pleading and logically inconsistent.

3- Have you ever hear of Pol Pot? (INSERT: 1976-1979) During his lifetime he was responsible for the death of some reported 2M Cambodians by himself.
Nothing to do with God. That was a product of the HUMAN CONDITION...How about Joseph Stahlin? (INSERT: 1929-1953) 6M to 9M people killed (INSERT: By conservative estimates. Some report 20M to 60M plus people killed) No God. in fact anti-God atheist. HUMAN CONDITION. How about Hitler? (INSERT: 1933-1945) over 7M and hated religion especially the Abrahamic faith of Judaism. HUMAN CONDITION.
How about Mau (INSERT: Mau Zedong, 1958-1962) Heard of him? In 5 years they say he starved to death and killed over 20M of his own people. 5 years! (INSERT: 20M is a conservative estimate. Many say the proper amount was roughly 45M people killed in 5 years under this God hating, humanist and secular regime)

You said God ordered the death of 2M through 266 conflicts and that would be over at least 40 to 80 years.
(INSERT: According to the numbers, SECULARISM and perverted concepts of governance through various forms of Marxism, has been responsible for the deaths of over 35M to over 100M people not including those killed through war in under 100 slightly over years)
The EVIDENCE says that INJUSTICES were ended by God as opposed to simply allowing things (INSERT: evil and senseless killings) to go on forever.

RELIGION (INSERT: The Christian faith) teaches that EVIL has an end and that even while evil proliferates, they that trust in God have life here, now and in the future. We have confidence that no tear shed, no striped back, no rape, murder, or other injustice will be without meaning and ultimate reckoning, Our "sky" hears us. YOURS however is simply an ongoing gripe with justice determined by you and for you as it only effects YOU. RELIGION gives us the ability to face injustice and stand up to it, bc (because) we know who and what supports our efforts and we look forward to HIM bringing that reconciliation to us.
As I was attempting to state last night, race based slavery is fairly new (that's what NOVEL actually means) considering history. Slavery occurred historically in spite of race, not because of race. Race based slavery is a newer form of slavery. Blacks and Whites, Arabs and Chinese, every race (INSERT: and ethnicity) has participated in slavery, primarily of their OWN people. You guys want to hear someone blame the victim so bad, you can't see the forest looking at the trees.

Young man, I AIN'T the one to see the tree as bigger than the forest. I also AIN'T the one to look at our current condition with fictition or fantasy, that some white supremacy boogie man, whether real of fictitious, is responsible for all moral evil...that AIN'T the case.

The HUMAN CONDITION (INSERT: SINFUL NATURE OF MAN) is responsible for moral evil and the actual physical evil we experience and our ancestors experienced. That HUMAN CONDITION has tainted (not taunted) ALL of us and if we really want justice, we should render our individual selves first as EVERY ONE is guilty.

I'll conclude by saying that noone is insulated from the sometimes absolute garbage that happens within the church. However, it is disingenuous and historically incorrect as well as biblically unsupportable to conflate racial hatred and bigotry with the church as a biblical teaching or something ordained by God. Where there was slavery and or injustice, God, through time, eliminated and stopped its ugly grip. The church has been the progenitor of concepts that stop evil, such as the evil of slavery, abuse and misuse and mistreatment of the innocent and support for people to treat one another in a more humane fashion for generations all over the world.

Just as we are not insulated from the evil that has crept into the church, we are also not insulated from the TRUE and real presence of God that we find within the church as well. There is church related hurt, but there is church and god related victory as well. God has not been so bad to any of us that we leave HIM behind, because he has not ever left us behind. It may take something to hold on, but don't be worldly smart and spiritually blind and defenseless. 

David, with all of his faults, ways and inconsistencies yet recorded this:

Ps. 34: 8 ~ O taste and see that the LORD is good: 
blessed is the man that trusteth in him.


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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Pull Up Peoria...YES, We're Talking REPARATIONS



If you're in the Peoria, Il. area on Sept. 24th, 2022, join me and other community members as we discuss REPARATIONS for descendants of Foundational Black Americans (FBA or Freedmen).  

The discussion will center around 4 agenda items:

  • Delineation for Black American Identity
  • Reparations for descendants by lineage of Foundational Black Americans
  • A Demand to STOP Illegal Immigration 
  • Protected Class Legislation For FBA Descendants

These discussions and adherence to demands for reparations are of vital importance within America today. 

During WWII slightly over 100,000 Japanese Americans were placed in internment camps and detained by the US Government for 3 years due to a perceived threat that Japanese American citizens would somehow be faithful to their homeland over their citizenship status as Americans. Although this was an atrocious act perpetrated by FDR (democrat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt) Those interred were not made to work, be slaves, nor were they beaten or treated as chattel. 

In 1979 for 10 years Japanese Americans petitioned for reparations. In 1988 nearly 40 years after their release, each person or family that had been interred received a cash settlement of $20,000 each. This was approximately $2BB spent to provide reparations to people who were neither slaves, nor kept as slaves for nearly 400 years, as is the history of Foundational Blacks in America, nor were ever treated as chattel. 

It is BIBLICAL and RIGHT to repair the damage done to humanity through chattel slavery and the theft of both a culture's person, time and intellect. 

We'll make the solid case along with additional information during the PEORIA PULL UP WHERE WE SAY REPARATIONS NOW!


To contribute towards this effort, please click the link above. Thank you!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Hip-Hop, Idolatry & The Church Pt. 31 ~ Church Girls Gone Wrong

In my 2013 post "Seduced Church: The Prostitution, & Sale Of The Psalmist" I started off with the following scripture:

Matthew 4:8-11 ~ 8-Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; 9-And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. 10-Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. 11-Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him.

Unfortunately, nearly 10 years later, after world political and social fallout, a global pandemic that was also a rebuke to the church and the world, and a host of other issues, we are still dealing with rank secularism and idolatry within the church and among many of our leading so called "psalmists". it seems that not only have they sold themselves out to nothing more than "the enemy" in order to make money and or be relevant but they are continuing to do so regardless of consequences or the trauma that their actions perpetrate upon both the church and public. 

A Timely Word & Rebuke

Recently, Bishop Patrick Wooden of North Carolina 3rd Jurisdicion COGIC, who has been one of the most blessed and outspoken leaders in COGIC for a number of years, and who is certainly a friend of mine, recently undertook the ungodly presentation of hip-hop songstress Beyonce, in her song "Church Girl". It seems that her production staff, along with her approval for sure, sampled a foundational Clark Sister's song written in 1981 by Twinkie Clark-Terrell, called "Center Of Thy Will". Because of the nature and source of the sample, and resultant use in a very debase song, much controversy has been stirred. 

The Facts Have Been Made Known

In 2018, I outline in my article Hip Hop, Idolotry & The Church series #29 that Beyonce, is by all accounts, a follower of a demonic religious belief known as Santeria. In that article I state the following:

"Within Santeria, the manifestation of a god is called an orisha. orishas (of which there can be many) can be perceived in the physical universe by initiates, and the whole community can share in their presence when they possess a priest. The orishas can be perceived through dancing, drumming, speaking to and eating with the spirits. Unlike Yoruba, in Santeria, a woman or a female can be anointed or dubbed a priest and maintain or posses special powers to the degree that the priest has "yielded to" or dedicated themselves to the particular orishas that they serve." ~ The Dunamis Word 9/22/2018

These orishas are certainly demons or demonic forces. In that same article, I document the case of former drummer Kimberly Thompson who sued Beyonce for spell casting and her "extreme witchcraft" practices. This case was probably was settled out of court with an NDA, was dismissed as neither side appeared in court to answer or address the restraining order issue. Amazingly, Kimberly was used to discuss mental illness and no additional information is available on the case. 

With a false religion, witchcraft, combined with all the evidence of possession that she puts out through her alter-ego, Sasha Fierce, it is not hard to understand that Beyonce is doing what she has done, for the most part of her career, by promoting her false deity through her music and presentations, and either directly or inadvertently seducing the masses to viewing her as some sort of icon and getting paid a LOT of money for it in the process.

I mean look at it, the very thought of "criticism" being leveled at Beyonce causes some to get angry, cuss, fuss and just overall hate the critic out of pocket no matter what is being criticized. This indicates that in the mind and hearts of many, Beyonce has taken on a "goddess status" and is untouchable and is above reproach. Many minds have been seduced and believe me, her CD's and productions are prayed over in her spirit of witchcraft.

The fact that Beyonce and her husband JayZ, who have both been the inspiration for a non-traditional view of religion, spirituality and moral values, openly in their music and personal statements, should be a strong indicator of what one is "getting themselves into" in seeking to do core business with this particular music group. In essence, WALKS, TALKS, QUACKS...OK...

The Music Industry & The Sample Game

Artists sampling the music of others within their music is not all together a new game, but one that has certainly taken new and expanded dimensions in the age of digital music production. To be clear, many of the major gospel artists and choirs have allowed their music, songs or certain parts of a song or presentation to be sampled by both secular and fellow gospel artists AND/OR, in many cases have used certain portions of secular artists works to make, produce and present gospel music. 

For instance Kanye West, who has either sampled the music of others or been sampled by others over some 3,000 times, has, during his recent tryst into gospel music and the church, sampled songs as far back as 1976 in order to produce many of his more popular so called gospel songs, some of which are still anything but gospel.

Gospel artist Kirk Franklin (the KING of secular artist remakes and samples) who has either sampled or been sampled over some 62 times with portions of his most popular songs, such as "I Smile" using samples from secular artists such as Scarface ("Smile" 1977), Bob James ("Take Me To The Mardi Gras" 1975) and Little Feat ("Fool Yourself" 1973). 

Others such as Mary Mary who's 2005 hit "Heaven" was nearly an entire direct sample of the 1971 hit "Want Ads" by Honey Cone, is another example of the gospel music artist borrowing from secular music. Then there's the 2010 hit "Walking" (man some of my most favorite songs) which sampled Run-DMC ("Here We Go" 1985) and Crystal Water's 1991 hit "Gypsy Woman"

Ooh, yes, we're not through...there's the incomparable Fred Hammond, who has not only sampled a portion of Stevie Wonder's 1976 hit "Love's in need of love today" in his "2004 Love In Need, but he also sampled the biggest beggar of all time, Keith Sweat (1987 "I want her") in his 1998 "I Wanna Know Your Ways" and even the SOS Band's 1980 song "Take Your Time(Do It Right)" in his 2000 "Willing To Follow You".  

Then, there is the most SECULAR degenerate of them all...Deitrick Haddon, who has leveled great animus against the critics of  both Clark and Knowles saying:

"Gospel artists have been sampling secular songs and turning them gospel for decades. And you've been worshiping and dancing to them songs! Now when they want to sample our songs we get self righteous and fake holy. That's the epitome of hypocricy" 

He went on to say:

“Let @beyonce make her song for her audience and you make your gospel song for your audience. Then mind your own business and let God be God. If you have a problem or a concern about BeyoncĂ© just pray for her strength!
On another note:
I’m glad that @twinkieclark is getting rewarded after some fake gospel label shyster swindled young, innocent Twinkie out of all her publishing!
Twinkie is one of my musical heroes and it does my heart so glad to know she’s getting paid. Someone with her talent should have been super rich but she dedicated her gift to a people that half way appreciate what she has contributed to the gospel!
Lord I thank you for the wealth transfer to a woman of God that deserves it. It blows my mind how God works"

First of all, Deitrick delivers so many false narratives concerning this, I could spend another entire article addressing it. For instance Twinkie is 66 years old and was swindled out of some of her publishing when she was in her 20's from what we understand. So that is nearly 40 years ago. Then how do we "pray the strength" of a devil or evil? That is a RIDICULOUS notion. In total, his are ridiculous sentiments put as if Twinkie was just swindled yesterday or that all people deserve the blessings of God's people, no matter their worldview, goals or aims.

However, there is a good reason Deitrick would be all for sampling without limitations. It seems that 18 of his songs have either been sampled or include a sample and MOST, if not ALL of them, he sampled parts from SECULAR artists. In other words many of his songs COME FROM SECULAR ARTISTS or contain an element in them from secular artists including the following songs: 

*"Fire" (1999) which samples "Ascension" by Maxwell (1982) and "Outstanding" (1982) by The Gap Band
*"Don't Go" (2006) which samples "Stay With Me" (1983) by DeBarge
*"Glory" (2017) which sampled "Juicy Fruit" (1983) by Mtume
*"Hold on 2 your Faith" (1997) which sampled "Stranger in Moscow" (1996) by Michael Jackson
*"Oh Yea" (2002) which sampled "Break Up To Make Up" (2002) by JAY Z and R KELLY
*"Holiness" (1997) which sampled "Walk On By" (1969) by Issac Hayes

There is more, but I seriously grow tired. 

What a BUNCH OF GARBAGE!!! Jay Z AND R Kelly??? Are you serious Deitrick??? To call someone else a hypocrite is the BLACK POT calling the Kettle Black....Your team has dealt with devils and demons, presented things to the church in the name of God, and you try to justify your DIRTY deeds...What apostasy comes this way???

Small Agreement...

To the point, of which I agree to SOME little extent, as I ALREADY STATED ABOVE, the sample game, from secular music to gospel music and vice versa, is strong and has been in existence for quite some time. So, in the ONE and ONLY area in which Deitrick and I can find some semblance of agreement, please be clear, Twinkie DID NOT start this trend, and Beyonce, who's team has either sampled or has been sampled over 400 times is no novice to the sampling game.

Now, none of this is an endorsement of the sampling game or what gospel music and gospel musicians or our "psalmists" are doing. It is a reflection of what is actually going on and why many people have called for an end to the gospel music "industry".  One can debate over that all day, but what should not be debateable is that gospel music and secular music may have common roots, but wholly different aims or end goals. Many of these people don't want you to believe that there is and should be a specific difference between the world and Gospel because they attempt to serve 2 masters, but that kingdom is coming down and ONLY the Kingdom of Christ will be exalted.   

Some Details On The SAMPLE PROCESS

There are 2 parts to the process of sampling. First, anyone sampling music means that SOMEBODY gets paid $$$. There is always, or should be an exchange of money from the sampler [aka: purchaser] to the sampl(ee) [aka: seller]. This means that the sampl(ee) would either ONE, get paid a flat fee or an amount of money for the sample, or TWO, receive royalties on the play of the music in which their sample is used. Sometimes, there could be a combination of both. It depends upon how the contract to sample is negotiated.

From industry insiders, normally under the latter arrangement, the payment to the sampl(ee) is roughly .06 cents per play, (under whatever ruberic play is counted) but that is for the life of the song in which the sample is used. Under the flat fee method, a person would get paid, a PRE-NEGOTIATED sum of money and walk away from the project. One payment, no matter how successful or unsuccessful the song in which the sold sample is used.

From a monetary standpoint, according to TVStarsInfo Twinkie Clark has a modest net worth of $6MM to $7MM, which pales in comparison to Beyonce's which is reportedly over $500MM. However, Twinkie has also been plagued with health conditions on and off which may take their toll financially. So I certainly don't condemn Twinkie (as we call her) for seeking to pad the bottom line and make money... However, unlike Haddon, who is ineptly blind in this instance, I will address the real issue in a bit...  

SECONDLY, under normal circumstances, the sampl(ee) is given the scope, range and sample use parameters BEFORE payment is made and the transaction concluded. In other words, the person who made and or produced, or has publishing rights of the original sample is usually and normally given full knowledge of what will happen to their sample and or song and the details of how that song will be used. There is always an exchange of vision and use of the sample and or song, is not blind. In other words, use of the sample, DOES NOT catch the seller or the publisher by surprise under most, if not all circumstances. 

IF that is true, Twinkie or her attorney's drafting and overseeing the transition agreement or sale of sample, would have also been given the vision of use for the sample and how her music would be used and what her music would in essence be promoting. That leads me to this 

The "Church Girl" Sample Difference 

Ephes. 6:12 ~ For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness
in high places.

 As stated, nobody blames Twinkie or anyone else for the "come up". God gives gifts and some of those gifts can be used to pay the bills. However, THIS TIME...there is and was a specific message directed towards the church and in particularly the women and young women of the church by the Sampl(ee) or PURCHASER. THIS is the PROBLEM!

It is without question that this song, "Church Girl" is a song which, like many of Beyonce's songs, encourages promiscuity and debase actions. This one in particular, seeks to call young women, FROM Holiness or the "Center Of God's Will" to LUST, HEDONISM, and degenerate behavior.


The CHURCH GIRLS are called by Beyonce, to leave the position of prayer and seeking God to be THOTTY'S   aka: The Ho's Out There......According to Beyonce...this CHURCH GIRL that had been seeking the Lord and going through trials was supposed to let go, go to the PARTY (aka: world) and don't worry about anyone's judgment, but "Drop it" and "Pop it Like A Thotty"... and be a "loose" church girl and not a "bad" and "snotty" one and "let it out"..."twirl that ass" like she "came up from the South" (admonition to what we know as TWERKING and a stereotypical vision of Southern Black women being sexually promiscuous (although she didn't refer to race, the suggestion exists))...she should "get her racks up" (expose her breasts) and he should get his "math up" (aka: get hard or erect) as this CHURCH GIRL "backs it up" on him...and she should do these things regardless of whether she is planning on going to church or not, because "she is trying to do the best she can"...In other words, this admonition is one of empathy, because this girl has no husband and even if she does, she was born "free" and needs to do something for "herself"...then don't be afraid to get paid for your actions (blank check) and be a prostitute "do it baby", "stick it baby" and in the end, Beyonce isn't trying to hurt anyone but "trying to bring life within your body" 

 So Beyonce's thoughts suggest that these CHURCH GIRLS have no life! 


John 10:10 ~ The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

As we can see, this song, using this particular sample, is NOT merely about music. It is about 2 diametrically opposed world views. It is about to POLAR OPPOSITE visions and views of life. one, where the life is subject to God, that is living in HIS servitude, and the alternate that seeks to serve self, if not always, then for times, when there can be a "letting down of the hair" and a less intense view of life itself. one in which these GIRLS and LADIES can give themselves to devils as some sort of pressure valve release to the flesh...

Romans 8:6 ~ For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is
life and peace.


Bishop Wooden was so on point in his analysis and it is GOD that used him to observe and bring this EVIL to the surface. With all of what is going on, our young people and Saints in general need to know that the position of prayer is the right position and that God is still God and will answer prayer and is soon to come. 

Twinkie DID NOT and DOES NOT need Beyonce to be relevant in any way. 

Obviously there are individuals seeking to undertake the issue and they are blind, held in the flesh and following friendship with the world so tightly that they cannot divest themselves from it. 

1 John 2:15 ~ Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

They know little or nothing of SANCTIFICATION and HOLINESS and if they do, they have been seduced by the god of this world into aligning themselves with his deceptive and degenerate vision for the human condition of life. 

It remains SAD that our leadership within the church in general has been so easily seduced into non discernment of truth, right and reality. What judgement we face from a GOD who is not simply some low life charlatan passing by, begging for friends...HE IS GOD and he deserves not only worship, but our very best in response to HIS being. 

Joshua 24:15 ~ And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house,
we will serve the LORD.

This Pastor and Supt. WILL and HAS, repented of sins and faults and will forever seek the Lord without compromise of HOLINESS which seems to have taken a back seat to humanism even within the holiness church and as people examine this issue. Thank God we can clearly see the sign of the time and the great falling away from truth.

One more can we be in consecrated prayer and CUSS at or to God, put it in a song and think it's OK? This is SAD!


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Friday, August 12, 2022

Do We Still Believe In Punishment & Restitution For Theft Or Crime In General? What Of REPARATION?

Proverbs 6:30-3 ~ Men do not despise a thief, if he steal to satisfy his soul when he is hungry; But if he be found, he shall restore sevenfold; he shall give all the substance of his house.

 Looking at the news today, among many other things, which will go unnamed here at this time, we can see much animus against many of the George Soros backed liberal prosecutors around the country who have refused to do their jobs and protect their community from criminals who are bent on destroying lives and using the system as a revolving door to commit more crime and violence. 

In Chicago, like many other major cities, not only can you fake an actual hate crime and nearly get away with it, in fact have the prosecutor argue with the judge over your sentencing, but even when thieves are caught, smash and grab crimes are barely even challenged. You have young people and others who see an opportunity to bust in stores, steal jewelry, and other items and merely run out and do what they will do. During the riots of 2021, because most were not protests, a young looter said that he felt justified by taking clothes and other items from the stores he was targeting because they had been "making money off my community" for years without giving anything in return...[I would say, YESSSS...if it weren't for the jobs, taxes for the services they were enjoying and the resources that he was taking...YEA!!!]

 Then switch to California who has about the worst Governor in history, outside of the one in Illinois and the "God's messenger" one of New York, current robberies are hitting business owners many of whom are struggling to pay adjusted insurance premium rates. After these incidents, many insurance companies are cancelling policies and coverage due to increased and excess risk. Then, in many cases, when these thieves are caught, no matter how much is stolen, criminals are usually released on bond, given a court date and many of them refuse to show up. Some make it to the dreaded traffic stop, where a quick search leads to either death or another quick catch and release event...(well may as well tell it like it is)

 Then There's The Church

To think that crime has escaped the church, or what some call "the church", you would be delusional. Recently, Pastor or Bishop Lamor Miller-Whiterhead and church were robbed at gunpoint. Critics said it was "due justice" for the church robbing the community every Sunday. {WEEEEELLLLL} Back to the issue...Allegedly, this Bishop and church were lifted of nearly $1MM in jewelry on a Sunday AM with about 25 people present in the congregation. I think I could say more, but it seems that this situation speaks for itself, although I can readily add that I have never taken more than $100 to the pulpit at any one time, in most cases...Oooooh question: DO CHECKS COUNT?

Anyway, it seems that thieves do not care, where or when they do the thievery or their crime of choice, and increasingly they don't care about the consequences. It seems that if we leave it up to the liberal elite politicians and community advocates who always invariably have plenty of security, and locks and chains on their personal possessions, low life peasants, such as me and millions of others like me, have no justice, recourse or equity in return.  

Have They Learned? A Deeper Issue...

While all of this is intriguing and the news focuses ad infinitum on every criminal and prosecutor who doesn't do "right"...the real problem is that this behavior has been learned by the way America has conducted her business since the Emancipation Proclamation was signed and slaves were freed. 


The case of US Army Veteran Jessica Elaintrell Smith, who, along with co-conspirators, plead guilty to stealing military equipment and selling it on EBay for profit. Although she was sentenced to 18 months in prison and 2 additional years of probation for her crimes, she was also ordered to pay RESTITUTION to the tune of $1.2MM and must meet certain minimum payment requirements even while in prison.  

This young lady faced her sentence with courage and stated the following:

“I know my apology does not absolve me, but I will seek forgiveness from everyone involved, and forgiveness from myself,”

In other words, it seems that this young lady understands that the commitment to do right is contained in more than just words. That actions must somehow be associated with them. 

In Analysis

So here, we have in one case among many thousands, a thief who has stolen, and not only is told to serve their time as a result, but also expected to PAY, a physical amount to RESTORE or REPAIR what was stolen and address the injustice that was done to the Government. 


One would be hard pressed to  say that SLAVERY is nothing less than THIEVERY. Yes, it comes with a host of other brutal and dehumanizing issues, but at heart and base, SLAVERY IS THEFT. A theft of person-hood, individualism, labor and remuneration for that labor. 

While America remains the ONLY civilized nation to fight a war in an attempt to end slavery and unify a nation [which I'll bet Brittney Griner wishes she would have considered in place of the Communists that she and others like her so admired prior to that 9 year sentence] she (America) has never made good on her RESTORATION and physical REPAIR of her acts that she readily admits were tantamount to evil.

REPARATIONS are a BIBLICALLY based method and manner to address the evil of thievery and other evils.

Germany knows this...Both East and West have contributed $25BB in cash reparations and $700MM in goods and services to pay Israel for the millions of Jewish people that were killed in Germany during the Holocaust and for the nearly 400,000 survivors who migrated back to Israel and other nations needing assistance as a result of Hitler's evil reign. This includes paying a lifetime stipend to those who survived the ungodly and horrible experience. 

Wrong was done. An apology was made...but RESTITUTION had to be made as an act of civility and contrition. 

What of the descendants of Foundational Black American slaves? The slaves and eventually their descendants called Freedmen? Since payment was overlooked and skirted by them, now their descendants make claim and their grievance known to the government under their 1st Amendment right.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

 Descendants of Foundational Black Americans, who were stolen and had their labor stolen from them and their descendants until now, are making a PEACEABLE assembly to redress their grievances to the GOVERNMENT of the United States. 

If we truly believe that there should be a PENALTY to theft, and that although apologies are good, RESTITUTION is also in order, there is no way that anyone can look past reparations and the request for reparation as a bad argument.

Descendants of Foundational Black Americans don't want reparation simply because we're Black...The nation doesn't exist to endorse a race or color (allegedly)...Descendants of Foundational Black Americans demand and petition the government for reparation because of our lineage, what was taken from our ancestors and what was promised in return, which has not, to this day been fulfilled. It is only right, that this country, the United States Government, who has recently delivered over $1BB in security aid and other sorts of assistance to foreign nations, engage the process for the benefit of these descendants of Foundational Black Americans, who had no other choice but to survive or die under an evil and even cruel taskmaster who was endorsed and supported by our Government with actions commensurate to the day. 

By the way...we'll get back to the church in a minute...covid only stopped some of her antics briefly and now people are looking for brighter and better ways to support evil...the sellout of "CHURCH GIRLS" to perverted evil and cussin' DOE...Both you are on the radar...this is so sad!


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