Monday, July 18, 2022

Reparations & #pullupseptember2022

Luke 4:18 ~ The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,

I recently posted this on Facebook after contemplating the issue of reparations. I wanted to share my thoughts on the process and some considerations involved. 

After studying this issue I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE that America owes the descendents of Foundational Black Americans & Native Black Americans for what she did not give and refused to give to the slaves they used, sold and treated as animals and land and livestock she took.

Don't get me wrong. No White person individually owes me or us, (descendents of Foundational Black Americans and or Black descendents of Native Americans, of which I am BOTH with a traceable descendency) a dime, and I'll never look at the issue or White people as though they do.

However, our beloved nation has never failed to serve the needs of others. For example, Ukraine, to whom she has forked over $Billions$ (over $54BB) she has not balked to take our/my tax dollars and give, while telling me/us, it's for our benefit.

To top it off, through her current inept leadership, she has allowed an invasion at our southern border and given $Millions$ in grants to illegal immigrants, to whom she has also given card blanch such as jobs, credit, business start up cash, housing, and food all in the name of "humanity" and "compassion". These alleged leaders have done this and continue to do so without hinting at the irreparable harm done to our Foundational Black & Black Native American community and other poor and minority groups.

In contrast current American leadership rejects the idea of compensating those of us who can trace our descendency to those whom she bought and sold and made to serve, under brutal and inhumane conditions, all with no compensation, or those whose resources she took, without consideration, including, but not limited to, land and livestock, all without any such adequate remuneration.

Why so indifferent or so less compassionate towards addressing and correcting actions and occurances you say and we both agree that were abhorrent and that do not reflect the values that we embrace as Americans?
It's not like you don't already have the records. Under your most recent scheme of a "pandemic", you even paid dead people to stay home when you sent out alleged "economic relief" payments. You have contracted banks to tell you what we are doing with every dime of money that we allegedly earned with our own labor, and yet persist to tell us that we have "privacy".

Further, you have the most extensive record keeping ability of anyone in the world. You can tell down to the newborn exactly who is who, and what is owed to you in taxes even if we don't file. But yet you prefer to focus on benefiting them none of us know, either outside of our country, or those coming into our country for whatever reason and by whatever method imaginable.

Maybe this is to soothe your mind or keep up an alleged "reputation", I don't know, but as the gentleman you knew as Malcom X, once said, "the chicken's have come home to roost". 

No matter how we got here, we are here now. As Redd Foxx once said, we're "chocolate mocha, pecan, vanilla, yellow, mellow, light, bright, and dxxx near white". No longer do we see fit to sit silently, while you serve the needs of everyone under the sun, extend rights that our forefathers paid for to groups of people because of who they have sex with and or how they feel about themselves today, all the while brazenly backhanding the legitimate descendents of them to whom you never fulfilled your promise.

And I'll say this about Illinois, a State which legalized slavery for nearly 100 years...

The limited number of $25,000 housing grants given to a extremely limited number of residents of Evanston, IL was only a shadow of what should be considered and what is right, but it stops far short of what has been long earned and deserved by the descendents of those who suffered such abuse and misuse.

We will no longer be deceived by your news media, nor dumbed down by your politics that declares that our Blackness isn't authentic without supporting you and your agenda, when nearly everything you support, and nearly everything on your agenda undermines and confuses who we are, our values, our families and our children.


My considerations as they are.

Pastor Harvey Burnett
Proud Descendent of Ojibwa Tribal Chief John (Eshquabi) Beargrease & Foundational Black American by Lineage

Lev. 6:4 ~ Then it shall be, because he hath sinned, and is guilty, that he shall restore that which he took violently away, or the thing which he hath deceitfully gotten, or that which was delivered him to keep, or the lost thing which he found,

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Saturday, July 9, 2022

Let's Talk The TRUTH About Police Shootings, Crime & Violence

Please allow me to make this clear from the beginning... this post is not anything I have done to make friends either politically or socially, nor to seek to bolster a secular world view or politic. There have been so many misstatements, and plain out false assertions and partially true assertions regarding many of these issues, that have led to so much division within our country, that I thought it best to simply take a look at the topic addressing some of the more pertinent issues at hand. 

No, I am not a so called crime and violence expert, but I have a solid record of addressing this topic by my actions from a front line position within my community serving the hurtng and those suffering fallout from "street violence" whether that violence was perpetrated by citizens or police. 

As a Black conservative, I believe the entire conservative movement must deal with and confront the FACT that there is not only street crime, where the lawless take the lives of others, but also "Blue Crime" or Police crime as well, where those entrused with securing the community are responsible for and guilty of killing. Those who support the police tend to think it is anathema to admit that the police do kill and many times that killing IS NOT justified nor justifiable. 

Non-Justifieable Killing

Let's be honest, our major cities are off the chain with homicide. In nearly all cases Black on Black crime and violence is destroying families and our inner cities. I want you to know that nothing can justify what we are seeing.

The top 5 cities for homicide in 2022 are:

1- St Louis, MO. with a rate of 69.4/100,000
2- Baltimore, MD. with a rate of 51.1/100,000
3- New Orleans, LA. with a rate of 40.6/100,000
4- Detroit, MI. with a rate of 39.7/100,000
5- Cleveland, OH with a rate of 33.7/100,000

These are followed by LasVegas, NV at 31.4/100,000 and Kansas City, MO a rate of 31.2/100,000

No, you don't see Chicago on this list do you? They are currently 10th on the list at 24/100,000. One would assume that Chicago is relatively safe as compared. However, many make the case that the opposite is true.

Regardless of the narrative, these are the facts concerning Chicago:

Chicago, murders (which have been high over 600 in the prior 3 years) are actually UP 34% year over 2021 with over 1,300 shootings and actual year to date murders of 320. 31 of those murdered were under age 18 as of this writing with 10 dead on July 4th alone and multiple babies shot in strollers, cars and elsewhere this year. The murder rate tells a different story than what is actually happening on the ground by sheer numbers. It appears numbers can be manipulated to fit a narrative, and my contention is that WE have been victimized both by conservative media and liberal media depending upon the narrative either have chosen to push.  

As stated, I DO NOT downplay crime and violence either in Chicago or anywhere, but one should ask, seeing that Chicago IS NOT in the top 10 cities for crime and violence in 2022 based on population, why is it getting nearly all the attention? Clearly, the violence is senseless, stupid and harmful to everyone, but narratives based on population or sheer numbers tell two different stories, at least potentially. 

Manipulation Of Public Sentiment

Murder is UNJUSTIFIABLE. Babies should not be getting killed in the womb, strollers, while playing or even in their homes or anywhere. Neither should adults be killed. However, neither should  anyone who is a non violent offender, especially those who do not have guns or are not brandishing weapons or agressive behavior. They also should not be killed either by police, other members of the public nor by those in authority!

In other words, to shift the murder of the citizenry from other citizens to police authority is not justifiable. 

Jayland Walker

I want to begin by saying, I don't know who Jayland Walker was, except for what is in the news. From what I can gather, a traffic stop, led to a police foot chase, and ended in 60 fatal gun shots fired by 8 surrounding police officers at 1 unarmed, now dead 22 year old Black male who was handcuffed AFTER he was killed. This was NOT justifiable in any manner. [ I don't care if you found an UNSPENT magazine and gun in the car...the man DID NOT have a weapon on him while being shot 60 times and was certainly not shooting back with air] Then handcuffs??? UNBELIEVEABLE!!! 

What brings me to that conclusion is that we can only view Jayland's death in Akron, OH, in light of the police arrest of a White, armed murderer who recently shot and killed 7 and injured 30 people in Highland Park, IL. (No, I don't know anything about this character either except for what is in the news and Yes, like him, his victims were all White, so this was not an incident that had to do with race) This ratchet piece of a person, not only murdered innocents, but evaded police who also followed him in a short high speed chase, had multiple loaded weapons on his person and in his car at time of arrest, and was taken into custody without ONE shot being fired. And the critic says,
"well, he didn't run"...well, Jayland DIDN'T MURDER!

Unequal Justice?

In my opinion YES, this is a case of unequal justice and the resolution was not commensurate with the crime in either case! Not that the clown in Highland Park should have been executed on the street like Jayland was, but a blind man can see the difference in both application and results of good policing. An anomaly? NO! This happens far too easily and often to Black citizens in particularly and the FACTS bear this out although the news media, both conservative and liberal, continue to smokescreen the whole issue as a  complaint towards either the Black community's morals and value ethics, or that these actions are a result of White supremacy and systemmic infiltration of policies and practices based on race. 

Ooh yes, it is an amazing the slight of hand that causes one to view the victim, in this case the Black community, and this young Black men in particular, as the perpetrator of their own misfortune...It is that "partial" information and slither of truth which allows many to buid a whole case either defending indefensible actions or calling for a hate filled response, rather than an effective response to the evil that we all face. We are in a society of extremism and blame, instead of balance, perspective, acceptance and growth. 

Dispelling Myths With Facts

Let's look at some facts to dispell the myths that seem to prevail when it comes to conversations regarding Blacks and their interractions with police and violencet crime in general. 

Myth 1: Blacks Offend More And Are Therefore Killed More By Police

FACT: Blacks are still the LEAST violent crime offending ethnicity, but yet account for the highest percentage of ethnicity killed by police annually.

The liberal and conservative news have used this myth so much and attempted to paint the picture from one extreme to the other. Conservatives often base their narrative on sheer numbers to obfuscate the truth here. The Left, usually base their assessment on percentage of population to bolster their position. Both (political conservatives and liberals) manage to skew the facts, to make us think certain things are normal. Political conservatives often say,"NOT TRUE. FAR MORE WHITES ARE KILLED ANNUALLY BY POLICE THAN BLACKS!"... This is a retort based on sheer numbers. But does that tell the story? 

Understanding The Narrative

Yes, it is true. More Whites are killed by police annually than Blacks based on sheer numbers, but I contend those using this narrative solely to justify the actions of police are using the WRONG METRIC and making FALSE ASSUMPTIONS to make the assessment. Both news media presentations (liberal and conservative) base their reporting on sheer numbers, and they both interpret sheer numbers to their advantage, playing the public. However, as stated sheer numbers only tell part of the story.

Here's what we know: Blacks represent only 13% of population and Black males 6.1% of total US Population. So anytime we see Blacks, especially Black men, leading any category by sheer numbers, there is a greater percentage of the community effected. The math is simple...1 out of 3 (33%) is greater than 2 out of 5 (20%) but 2 is greater than 1 considering numbers only.

Therefore a much better way to assess and evaluate what is really going on with violent crime is by looking at the RATE of SHOOTINGS (killings) per million or per 100,000 of population rather than by sheer numbers. Although one should be cautions about this approach, as I have explained above regarding Chicago and violent crime. Generally, when one uses this approach, amazing information is produced:

Myth Dispelling FACTS:

Blacks are shot and killed at the hand of the police at a 37/million rate 
Hispanics are shot and killed at the hand of the police at a 28/million rate
Whites are shot and killed at the hand of the police at a 15/million rate 

Yes, Whites are killed by police at higher sheer numbers because the population is greater, but they are killed at a less rate than Blacks and Hispanics, at least by police. So for one to be concerned over this issue is not some type of false narrative or over the top rant. It is a real situation borne out by the facts. 


In 2021,

Blacks accounted for 33% of all arrests for non fatal violent crime. 
Whites accounted for 46% of all arrests for non fatal violent crime.

Blacks were 36% of all arrests for serious non fatal violent crime
Whites were 39% of all arrests for serious non fatal violent crime.

Now, these numbers are not based on population. They are based on all arrests made, which has nothing to do with a racial population or demographic. News often skew numbers and create a case for race based moral ethics by blurring the line and using numbers such as these to suggest percentage of population or demographic.

You don't hear on ANY news, liberal or conservative that Blacks are arrested less for non fatal violent crime and serious non fatal violent crimes than Whites. The narrative is always different and tends to say that Blacks are not only arrested more, they also offend more in every category...While NONE of these crimes are good and all of the offenders should be prosecuted to the highest, the facts is that Blacks are a least non violent and serious non violent criminally offensive ethnic group, even less than Whites by comparison. 

Police In Fear

So WHY is the fear of a Black man running away, so much and so until 8 officers unload their clips to the tune of 60 bullets any one of those bullets fatal, into an unarmed offender? 


The answer to policing a community is not easy. Humans, that are prone to error and misjudgement, are at the wheel. What is additionally problematic is the blind allegience to partyline politics and desire to display some seemingly moral superiority depending upon what side of the issue one is on. However, people, fellow citizens, not all of whom are either criminals nor engaged in criminal activity, are caught in the middle, fed a line of garbage and used for propaganda's sake. 


Even though I have no regard or honor for the Black Lives Matter organization, amazingly they were able to sieze on this issue and dupe the American public and American businesses out of millions of dollars, go on to buy their homes, cars and vacations and otherwise live lavish lifestyles without giving anything to victims or victims families (I don't have enough time or energy to rehash all the absolute GARBAGE they did, but you already know...) Additionally, some claim that attorney's such as Ben Crump and activists such as Al Sharpton are nothing more than "race baiters", which, in my opinion is another way of saying "BLACK MAN SHUT UP and enjoy the "comforts" that you have"., which seems to be a run of the mill conservative sentiment every time a Black man speaks up on this and
related issues pointing towards race.  

Yes, these are extreme sentiments. It is said on one hand we should support police no matter what. On the other hand everything police do should come under scruitiny. On one hand racism is inescapeable and woven into the fabric or all that we do (alas CRT), but on the other hand racism is not an issue and has no effect on our everyday lives. Both sides will offer their version of the narrative to support their views, but neither extreme is better than the other and both extremes are incorrect and in my opinion, immoral. 

There is room for police accountability. Their is room for police improvement. Their is room for better citizen responsibility. There is room for activism on the issues and it is disengenuous to write off those who seek accountability as "race baiters" or "trouble makers" by assuming  that those who speak up have some nefarious motive, simply because you don't like them or don't appreciate their perspective. It is that perspective that you may just need to hear in order to understand, address and solve the issue. 


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Friday, July 1, 2022

Blacks, Trained Racists Towards Other Black Men = Woke Racism

“We therefore hold that the Constitution does not confer a right to abortion. Roe and Casey must be overruled, and the authority to regulate abortion must be returned to the people and their elected representatives.” ...“The inescapable conclusion is that a right to abortion is not deeply rooted in the Nation’s history and traditions. On the contrary, an unbroken tradition of prohibiting abortion on pain of criminal punishment persisted from the earliest days of the common law until 1973.” ~ US Supreme Court 6/24/2022

In the recent Supreme Court decision spearheaded by Justice Samuel Alito, that did not eliminate abortion, but correctly sent abortion back to the States to administer, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas issued the following sentiment:
“(In) future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold [contraception], Lawrence [sodomy], and Obergefell [same-sex marriage]. Because any substantive due process decision is “demonstrably erroneous,” we have a duty to “correct the error” established in those precedents.”...“After overruling these demonstrably erroneous decisions, the question would remain whether other constitutional provisions guarantee the myriad rights that our substantive due process cases have generated.” ~ Justice Clarence Thomas concurring 6/24/2002

Immediately gay rights advocates and anti-conservative pundits claimed that Thomas's position and the Court's aim was to overturn and torpedo Gay Marriage (which was also a process of Supreme Court action rather than States legislative and due process). 

Clarification: In Thomas's statement he opines, not rules, that all such cases, which generally have no basis within Constitutional law, such as abortion, which is NOT nor has ever been a fundamental Constitutional right, should all be settled by States and that such decisions should be managed at State level. Thomas basically affirmed that the Court should rethink how it came to conclusions in similar cases based on and implementation of similar legal theories and reasoning used to reverse the near 50 year old unconstitutional precedent establish in the Roe v Wade case. Justice Thomas is not attempting to reverse or negate any rights, but he is considering that the Court's mission should be based on and rooted in supporting and fomenting Constitutional rights.

The (IM)Moral Outrage!  

The result was a ridiculous amount of criticism towards the Court, and Justice Thomas in particular, levied from the political and social left. I mean we have politicians, all of whom have made oaths to uphold the Constitution, now REDEFINING the Constitution to suit their anger and demanding the Justices, who are to be independent of politics and protest to follow their whims. Some of these politicians, who took that oath are now claiming that the court is now an "illigitimate" institution (even though the Court is defined within the same Constitutional document they have been sworn to uphold) but they now say that the Court needs to be either dumped or expanded. Dare anyone say the same about the Presidency!

Moral Sentiments Revealed

However, what is really striking is that Black Americans, who allegedly and historically decry racism against Black Americans, especially when that racism is perpetuated by the "establishment", have followed the same path of racism and criticism that we have seen historically. This is the criticism, of all people, of the Black male Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Black Racism Towards Other Blacks 

It took no time to see what has been the primary dysfunction of Black America. First, some pathetic and out of touch, Black religious leaders, who either have no clue or simply don't care as to the damage that abortion has done to the Black community for nearly 50 years. As I point out in our article at In Defense Of The Faith, abortion has been tied deeply to Margaret Sanger's eugenics goals, the Negro Project, and the suppression of Black births and has caused (by conservative efforts) the death of nearly 800 Black babies per day. This is nearly 13 million Black children killed through the process of abortion. So many until the Black community, which was once the 1st largest minority in America is now the 2nd largest and slipping with a birthrate nearly eclipsed by deathrate. The fact is that Planned Parenthood, the organization started and led by Sanger, has NEVER over the same peoriod of time distanced themselves in an open and public statement against Sanger's goals.  

Statistics and facts don't seem to matter to many of the Black community's leaders however. Combined with other sins which have made their way into law, the abortion issue appears to create some type of unholy grail of sins which, according to the critics, should not be criticized in society. To speak against and on these things label one as insensitive, unloving, uncaring and angry and cause critics to revert to the same racism that they say they oppose. 

Here are some of the epithets that have been hurled at Justice Thomas by other Black individuals who don;t agree with his jurisprudence either on Roe or homosexual marriage. 

"Classic Uncle Tom nxxxer"
"Uncle Clarence"
"Stupid nxxger"
" Just another Stephen" (referring to a character in the movie Django)
"A classic Uncle Ruckus"
"Coon axx nxxxer"

Aside from the fact that even Blacks don't understand who and what "Uncle Tom" actually represented (he was actually a Black hero FOR saving the women in the story, but White racists would go on to later rewrite the story in effort to convince Blacks that Uncle Tom was a negative character) These were comments from many Black people as they took to the internet bent on displaying their moral outrage and obvious mental weakness. Without a doubt, all of these comments were designed to foment and perpetuate a negative image of a Justice Thomas who dared buck against alleged "Black culture" which seemingly has been hijacked by some of the most liberal and anti-moral values. 

The Liberal Racist Sentiment Still Awoke & Alive

The left leaning liberal White person has done no better and no more than show their latent and overt racism on full display.  For example, "I ain't no ways tired" Hillary Clinton in a recent interview, claimed to have had an association with Clarence Thomas in Law School well enough to establish that he was the "angry person of grievence".."full of resentment" and "anger"aka: An Angry Black Man

What's Behind The ANGER?

You're an ANGRY BLACK! Just because your views or opions are inconsistent with others and you decide to verbalize them and not waffel or compromise, as a Black man, you're considered ANGRY when you demand that others get off your feet and stop stepping on your fact you're considered "angry" when you do your job with excellence, and consistency and tolerate no less than the best from your counterparts.

[On a personal note, I have worked at many levels in society and when a Black Man, such as myself, is opinionated against the "group-think" and adheres to his position or questions traditional authority, especially the authority imposed by Whites in general, THIS is the exact label that is applied. Most certainly I have been called an "angry Black man" due to my position on various subject matter over time. This is a classic racist filled sentiment.]

Although I don't know Justice Thomas, I do understand the commentary and Clinton's comments were no more than her latent RACISM come to the surface and played out publicly and many of her friends, associates and fellow liberal, left leaning wokies, fully agreed with her sentiments, as many of them approach Black men and the Black community in a stereotypical fasion, and have no respect for the non homogeneous nature of the community.

WOKE RACISM Doesn't Go Without Notice 

This issue certainly hasn't gone without notice. Newsweek Opinion Columnist David Morrow points out in his 6/27/22 Opinion piece, Clarence Thomas has been called some of the most racist things by Whites since this opinion has been released. While I don't know if accounts on Facebook and Twitter have been closed as a result of the open name calling and racist rants against him, here are some additional comments hurled at this Black, educated Supreme Court Justice as documented
by Mr. Morrow:

"A dirty rich porch monkey"
"A coon ass mutha fxxxer"
"...another dumb field nxxxer"
"Clarence Thomas is still a nxxxer slave to his White nutcase wife Ginni Thomas..."

The Anti-Racists" Have Left The Room

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ANTI-RACISTS? As stated these comments were made openly and publicly allegedly by White people and according to the author, they were and are liberal, left leaning White people. These are the ones who believe that every devience, whether real or imagined, should have its own Constitutional right. The ones who create words such as "homophobia" and "transphobic" to label and brand those who don't believe in the endorsement of sexual sin or any other deviant proclivity, but they have showed the TRUE colors here and it is still tantamount to HATE, SIN, & EVIL 

You see the same ones who preach "inclusion" don't really want inclusion, they want full surrender!

They want you and I to stop believing what we believe, and stop being independent of their ideology, and if you are Black, in particularly a Black man, stop spouting ideas, values and concepts that aren't aligned with the narrative fed to Black people and the Black community by those chosen to spread such message, that homosexualism should be embraced, that transgenderism is good and that aborting babies is a good practice, in fact, as they contend, abortion (not good medical care) saves the lives of Black women!!!

Stay on the Plantation

These are the people who want you and I to endose and encourage their lunacy, sin and degridation. They want us to be quiet about drag shows and open acts pedophilia. They want silence as they make cartoon characters gay and transexual, call pregnant women, "birthing people" and can't define what a woman is! {back to the subject at hand}... 
In other words, the reason they can revert to their underlying racism so easily against Blacks who don't agree with them, is because they have never really stopped being racist themselves, they have always been intimidated by Black men, and they want Blacks to believe that thinking as a conservative on issues, and poilitics is evil, a betrayal of being "Black" and out of touch. These are the true sentiments and resiidue of  White Supremacy IF such exists at all. Individuals such as these have kept their little racist underlings by confusing the message in the news and lieing consistently and so much so until we begin to believe what they say is true and question what we actually know is true. 

It's DON'T LEAVE THE PLANTATION for many of these. It's stay where "WE" can reach you. It's "YOU AIN'T BLACK IF YOU DON'T VOTE FOR ME" that the Black community took like a fish on a hook for Joe Biden in the Presidential election as he ordained a Vice President who disavowed her association with Black Americans claiming her "Asian" half...but Black people still yet claim otherwise, because the liberal White dominated news media says so!

But you know this bad as the world is, some in the church are WORSE! I could go further, but I'll leave it there for now, to give these FAKE bishops and alleged spiritual leaders time to repent...Nope, we're not wrestling against flesh and blood. But flesh and blood is carrying out some acts that must be preached and taught against if we are to save this society and our community. 

Hope this has enlightend some, angered others and stirred each! 

More to come, for sure!


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Friday, June 24, 2022

YES WE CAN....END Federally Protected Abortion

In an historic decision reversing the Federal protection allowing over 50 million babies to be killed in the name of "medical freedom" abortion, though not once outlined within the US Constitution has been reverted back to the individual Stsates who can make such laws as are appropriate on the issue. 

In this video, I speak on many aspects of this issue and one thing I say BOLDLY:

NO PASTOR, PREACHER, MINISTER BISHOP OR OTHERWISE is of the LORD endorsing baby murder under ANY disguise. You are SHAMEFUL, PATHETIC, A REJECT and The LORD is against you!!! I don't care how much money you have to impress or pay your way through this weak and lethargic church system!
Enjoy the vid, more to come

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Friday, January 28, 2022

Don't Let "IT", Change You

In the Catholic tradition and always displayed by either statues in their churches or by elegant drawings and depictions within their stained glass windows are what is called the "Stations Of The Cross" These rembrances are designed to cause individuals to consider the sufferings of Jesus to and through his passion on the Cross by which, and only by which, we are saved. 

The Stations Of The Cross are traditionally identified as follows:

(1) Jesus is condemned to death,
(2) he is made to bear his cross,
(3) he falls the first time,
(4) he meets his mother,
(5) Simon of Cyrene is made to bear the cross,
(6) Veronica wipes Jesus’ face,
(7) he falls the second time,
(8) the women of Jerusalem weep over Jesus,
(9) he falls the third time,
(10) he is stripped of his garments,
(11) he is nailed to the cross,
(12) he dies on the cross,
(13) he is taken down from the cross, and
(14) he is placed in the sepulchre.

As opposed to the 7 last words or sayings of Christ on the Cross, the "Stations of the Cross" point out what was done to Jesus or what he did. The 7 last words point out what Jesus said and what he willed. As recorded within scripture, the 7 last words are:

(1) Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do...
(2) To day shalt thou be with me in paradise. ...
(3) Woman, behold, thy son! ...
(4) My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? ...
(5) I thirst. ...
(6) It is finished. ...
(7) Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit

The Victory Of The Cross

Heb. 12: 2 ~ Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Col. 2:15 ~ In this way, he disarmed the spiritual rulers and authorities. He shamed them publicly by his victory over them on the cross. (NLT)

Jesus's substitutionary atonment and victory on the cross gave us victory and SAVED us from the penalty of sin which is ultimately death or separation from God. He broke chains and bondage, giving us a new path and road to walk on and live. Through and by the Cross it is HE that has gotten us the victory and not we ourselves. 

Ps. 98:1 ~ O sing unto the LORD a new song; for he hath done marvellous things: his right hand, and his holy arm, hath gotten him the victory.

The Often Overlooked Foundation Of Our Victory 

"Father forgive them, for they know not what they do"

There is an aspect of the victory on the Cross that I would like to address even but briefly. Our victory centers around the first of Christ's last words on the Cross, after the 11th station and prior to his death and reveals that in spite of all the hate Jesus received, all the accusation, misinformation, disinformation, betrayal and all the negative that was placed on HIM, HE did not change from who he was! In other words, we are saved because his attitude towards us never changed even though I believe that was really what the suffering was all about from the enemies perspective. 

Could Jesus attitude towards us have changed without him entering into sin? 

Now, that is a question that is somewhat perplexing and to some degree oximoronic. First as God Jesus could not sin. He was without sin and no guile was found in his mouth. However, could his refusal to administer the grace of forgiveness of God upon man not been a sin? We'll examine that in a radio broadcast attached to this post. 

The fact is that Jesus was loving and kind from the beginning, he was/is full of grace and truth, came to complete the mission of the Father, and did not bow to retaliate the hate and anger that he received. Jesus did not become the unforgiving evil of the environment in which he was immersed. Through EVERY temptation, test and trial, and debate, Christ remained faithful and true untainted by the world in which he lived and ultimately saved.  This is the VICTORY on the Cross that makes all the difference and displays beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus received and will receive all the world's honor, without ever having to bow to it, its lusts or anything therein. 

In other words, no matter what Jesus endured, 

It's Our Turn Now

To me, this thought was intimidating. Seemingly, over the last 5 to 10 years, as people and as a nation, we have gone through a seemingly insurmountable amount of "things" in the way of tests, trials and tribulations. Covid by itself has nearly ripped the foundations of the world and allegedly civilized society apart. The church has not ared well and in many cases have acted and responded to pressures similarly to the world. Due to this, many things and people have changed. At least so it appears...

It has been interesting to hear and see how people, some of whom who claimed the ability to be "good without God", have revealed their most evil and selfish nature. We have people that were allegedly committed to values such as humanism, freedom and liberty, now reverting to concepts such as invasion of privacy, segregation and classiscism.

In the medical profession, for example, there are people who were once allegedly committed to saving lives, who now wish evil on others because of their medical decision to not vaccinate with a vaccine that neither reduces the prevalence of the malady for which it was designed to address, nor reduces the malady's spread. Not to mention people have rightly rejected this vaccine because they were tested and developed using aborted fetal cells, which some don't care who died or were killed as long as they can live. 

Can you imagine the insensitivity of people saying "deny them treatment because they didn't vaccinate" or "they should suffer for not vaccinating"? Then what makes it worse, is that we have some so called Christians, who claim to read the bible and hold to its values who feel the same insensitive way and follow the same unenlightened and immoral path of thinking.

Think of this...

What if we only treat and heal people who agree with life decisions of some so called authority? Example, what if we refused to treat those with COPD or emphysema who had a smoking history? The Surgeon General's warning has been on cigarettes for decades. Do we deny treatment to those people who now suffer?

What if we refused to treat homosexuals who have acquired HIV and AIDS because we believe that homosexual sexual activity is the cause of such illness? After all male homosexuals die of AIDS or ARC more every year than any other demographic. What if we simply say, "don't treat them they knew the risk"?

In both those cases and more, we would be considered barbarians. We would be considered the least sophisticated and least caring people on Earth in the modern era. Modern ignormamous, hellish and immoral scumbags...However, that is exactly what IT, today's stress, has made many become.

Adversity, A Revealer Of Truth

In my opinion, adversity does something that nothing else can do. It revelas character and substance of a thing, situation and or person! Adversity also reveals relationships, allegiances and alliances, both positive and negative, which is essential when it comes to personal and even corporate growth.

In these times and during this adversity, many people have revealed exactly who they are when the right, or should I say "wrong" circumstance arises. This has been a revelation that modern man is no more sophisticated nor morally pure and centered than those whom we call the barbarians of history.

Adversity displays just how greedy a person can be when money runs out or runs thin. Adversity in your health allows some to prove how faithful, loving and kind they are when your health or personal standing diminishes. Like Job, you do not know the mind of your friends until there is adversity and winds of change.

With all of that said, the greatest victory we can experience, is the victory of not allowing our adversities, or the attitudes we face during adversity, shape and mold us into what IT wants us to be or become. 

See, it is the greatest victory for Jesus to have been beaten, accused, lied upon to his face and hung on a tree in cricifixtion, which was the ultimate public embarassment and rebuke, to still ask God to FORGIVE the very ones that had caused his pain and grief, even while they were in the very act of doing so. 

I'll be the FIRST to say, like the song, IT WASN'T (or it ain't) ME! I have no ability to do that. Only Christ could provide that victory for me and on my behlaf, because my strength, with all that I know fails in the ultimate degree and manner. To be so kind and pure to a person or a group of people who are determined to push their evil, their will, their hatred and do it with approval of their peers and all authority??? It is beyond me what the constraining factor is, BUT GOD HIMSELF!


But what about you? Have you allowed your pain to change you? 

Part of the societal issues we face today, stems from people, who have historically suffered pain, but have left the God that was able to heal and manage pain and by their own drifting have now seemingly opened new wounds and fresh sores causing a deep scaring effecting a new generation even if by proxy in an emotional manner. 

Just be truthful, some of those acting displaying the most violent behavior and the most dissonance, have never been under the whip. They have never been not free. We have White surbaban kids marching and violently protesting, some about issues that they know nothing of. The claim of solidarity falls by the way side because many of them displaying the most violent behavior have never been in union with those who they claim to be in solidarity with during peaceful times. In many cases it is similar to a glorified science project to see how far one can go in the name of a certain cause or perceived societal struggle. 

One thing is for sure however, all these violent and pain centered activists have been in or are in bondage in their hearts regardless of their mental prowess or physical or material ability.

Where Is Our Spiritual Foundation?

Ps. 11:3 asks, if the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? We have a generation who has left God and the church, the foundation of our place within this society and the world, and gone to men through psychology and or self help ventures and aspirations and fallen way short of healing. Further, the isolation and realization of the limitations of man have driven a fierce anger and animus that has shown up in things such as Critical Race Theory (CRT), violent protests, destruction of property, murder and killing, thefts, lawlessness and other ill temperate acts, actions and ways. Killing and murder in most major cities are at all times highs, and lawlessness, both towards individuals and citizens, are at ever increasing proportions. 

All of these things and even more personal issues such as divorce and remarriage, school and kids related issues, financial pressures, material struggles and even issues within the church, are adversities that are ripe breeding grounds for change or revealing of attitude, heart and minds and how we approach those issues, and the results of those issues make all the difference in our hearts and minds. 


I therefore contend that among all the VICTORY that we gained on the cross due to Jesus sacrifice, the VICTORY of forgiveness, even in our ignorance, is the highest victory obtainable. As I see it, that forgivness is the highest declaration of God towards a wicked and evil human condition. That is the light that the dark could not, did not, and can not put out!

Ooh my God! Without that...that love and kindness...that enduring faithfulness...that ability to truely look beyond ALL of our faults and see our needs, we have NOTHING!   

You may have to read this post a couple of times to really digest what I am attempting, in my feeble and inadequate manner, to communicate to you, but at the end of the day, and no matter what you are facing, and no matter the unfeeling and unloving(ness) of the world and even those within the church towards you...DON'T let IT...don't let THEM change YOU!

If you bend your character in response to their brokenness, evil and inadequacy, they win...However, the bible declares that WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS, THROUGH CHRIST THAT LOVED US! (Rom. 8:37)

DON'T LET IT, your circumstance, the false accusation, the layoff, the broken family or any disadvantage, change you!!!

Remember, you have someone praying for you and most importantly, Jesus prayed for ALL of us that our strength and faith wouldn't fail. Why should WE change our character when WE have the VICTORY?


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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Sunday, January 2, 2022

"The Triumph Of Moral Conviction" ~ Guest Post by Stacey Rudin

While I don't know her personally, I was highly impressed by the writing of this attorney and author in a recent twitter posting. I actually gave her piece a title and asked if I could share it. Thankfully she granted me permission. I suppose I was drawn to it because I relate to this post as I have suffered great loss due to having a solid and strong moral conviction as it pertains to life, the service of God and service to mankind. I pray that you will enjoy and affirm many of these thoughts as I did.  

"The Triumph Of Moral Conviction"
By Stacey Rudin @Stacey_rudin
Reprinted by permission

"Robert Malone says in his Joe Rogan interview that the Woke Atlantic writer who smeared him was “obsessed” with the question, “what are you getting for doing this? Who is paying you?” Malone said, “I do it because it’s the right thing to do.” The writer couldn’t believe it.
This recalled to mind my first encounters with pro-lockdown liberals in early March 2020. These people—who I’d considered friends—were furious with me and very stuck on this point. “I don’t understand what you get by doing this.” They couldn’t comprehend the moral imperative.

David McCullough is $150k in the hole defending his medical license. Scott Atlas was smeared by 100 of his Stanford colleagues. Most of us taking the contrary view have had a tough ride, and we made $0. Yet people believe the mainstream. This has always amazed me.

I wrote about it here.

It says a lot about the mindset of people like that Atlantic writer that he can’t comprehend a selfless moral act. He can’t believe a human would do such a thing, act against his/her own interest for the sake of the greater good. His own behavior is motivated by the accrual of power in this moment. This is why he has to be part of the majority in an event like Covid. He needs to stay close to power bc that is the safest and sets him up optimally to succeed (shallowly speaking—he will be inherently miserable but will cope/ignore it).

We can see the results of a society filled with people like (pathological narcissists) this very clearly now. The geographical areas that are more power-obsessed can’t get rid of Covid. They need to virtue signal and form groups and “stay cool” because they’re empty inside
for the precise reason that they cannot stand alone, as complete individuals like @P_McCulloughMD @RobertKennedyJr @MartinKulldorff @DrJBhattacharya can do. All of their actions are focused on the short term accrual of status, so they will never realize how to fix their misery.

Deeper characters like those listed above will achieve the status of greatness over the long term, but they are not motivated by that. It is inherent to greatness not to be motivated by “being great.” The truly great risk everything for a conviction, an idea.

The triumph of the conviction creates the happiness, not the achievement of greatness. People are chasing the wrong thing when they chase status for status’ sake. It doesn’t work. It’s the doing hard very things, taking hits, enduring scorn and ridicule and staying upright.
That makes a person fulfilled. I guarantee the apparent “losers” in the Covid war are happier than the apparent “winners.” So this Atlantic writer of whom Malone speaks is hopelessly lost. He will live a shallow life chasing shiny things and be forgotten.

Malone may lose the battle, maybe even the war, but he will know at the end of the day that he did so “daring greatly.” He’s actually doing things, taking risks, throwing punches in the arena. He’s LIVING. He’s FREE. No one defines him but himself.

That’s what we all get, we anti-lockdowners. We are still free. If we lose this fight & along with it our freedom, well, at least we haven’t given it up without a fight. They can never take away our ability to look ourselves in the mirror and know that we tried.

There’s a spiritual chasm between Malone and his Atlantic detractor (I am purposefully not linking). That chasm is dictating the global Covid disaster. Until people re-examine their misplaced trust & motivations behind their own actions (status? comfort?) we remain stuck."

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Mass Formation Psychosis...Yep, WE Agree!

On a podcast with Joe Rogan, Dr Robert Malone pointed out the near mass hypnosis caused by the pandemic response, which he identified as Mass Formation Psychosis which is, in theory, a psychological mindset produced by a set of conditions by which people in panic of pending doom end up willingly sacrificing and ultimately relinquishing their freedom.

There are 4 conditions necessary to foment this condition:

1- The lack of societal bonding
2 - Viewing life as being without purpose or without ultimate meaning
3 - Free floating anxiety (worry) or depression
4 - High levels of frustration and aggression

There is no one that cannot say that all of these conditions have been touched within society over the last 2 years and especially since covid has been on the scene.

Every day we have been told over and over by news media, govermental officials and alleged public health officials of our pending doom, "unless" we adhere to their promptings which included seperation, isolation, depression (cold dark winter) with a side of being angry at those who don't accept the rhetoric. We are told our only purpose is to be a bridge for collective society and that individualism is evil, and all actions are for "the greater good".

This ripens the stage for a society that suffers from mass hypnosis triggered by promises that "one more thing" and one more relinquishment of freedom and mass conformity with the public narrative is all that is necessary to make everything right.

How many times have you heard, "if everybody would just get vaccinated, we'll all get back to normal", or "all we have to do is listen to our health professionals, and we'll be allright" or, as President Biden says, "our patience is wearing thin"?

How many times has society been told to isolate, stay away from one another, keep distant from friends and family, in fact don't even invite them to your holiday and personal settings unless they can satisfy certain criteria that is set by someone or a group of individuals you've never met but somehow who's words are exalted with a near religious zeal and fervor?

Then, even prior to and concurrent with covid, when our cities were being invaded by CHOP Zones and stores looted and riots were taking place, how often did we hear public officials and even some church leaders justify lawbreaking and civil unrest in the name of "social justice" saying that the nation and every institution in it was racist and in light of that anger and agression were justifiable responses?

Remind you that when the pandemic began, the church was told by officials exactly where it stood. The church was not considered essential or necessary. If not for the actions of the courts and reliance on Constitutionally protected rights of "free exercise", the church would not be functional today. In contrast, the root of the message of the church is intentionality and purpose. Governmental policy demanded that message would not be taught with regularity or accessibility to those who had found the message of the church essential. Therefore many were and still are without understanding of purpose and even their place within this pandemic.

This, coupled with heightened messaging of fear, anxiety and isolation, has led to economic instability, increased physical, sexual and domestic abuse among adults and children, increased suicide rates of youth between ages 10 and 24, and the highest level of societal and civil unrest in recent history.

It is a psychosis that allows people to allow leadership to advance forced medical treatments, and individuals to cheer the misfortune and even death of them that advance individualism and hold personal, medical and religious freedom in high regard.

It is a psychosis that embraces segregation and further isolation through mandates, identity and medical passes and restrictions, which disregard personal injury, and adverse effects of so called "mitigation" strategies.

In fact many of these leaders fail to tell us anything that would cause us to view the results of their efforts negatively and attempt to make us feel as if we're uninformed when we point out and make known the inadequacy and error of their methods.
In my opinion, yes, this is certainly a mass psychosis producing a cult like adherence to news and media personalities, allowing and encouraging many who have been seduced to relinquish personal freedoms and become subject to whatever instruction is next.Only now I see it for what it really is, mass hypnosis and seduction rooted in a commitment to redefine freedom and society in general.
May our eyes be opened!


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Friday, December 31, 2021

Your Invitation To Watch Night 2022

This year (2021) has been a year more than most that has taken us as a community of citizens and believers to places that many of us never thought that we would have to venture. It has been a challenge for many, with pandemic/endemic regulation, vaccine regulation, loss of jobs, inflation, social and political unrest, abortion revision, rise in crime and violence and many other things. 


“Sow for yourselves righteousness; reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground, for it is time to seek the Lord, till He comes and rains righteousness on you.” – Hosea 10:12

Welcome to New Year Celebration 2022...It is TIME to seek the Lord for those who didn't already know.  Join us tonight at 11:00PM CST for a WORD from the Lord as we leave 2021 into the great, many, and manifold blessings that the Lord has prepared for us in 2022.

Here is the link to the ZOOM Invitation:

Pastor Harvey Burnett is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: New Bethel COGIC Watch Night 2022 "The Battle Is The Lord's"
Time: Dec 31, 2021 11:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 970 9585 9718
Passcode: p8FUyt

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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

A Community Plan To Address Crime & Violence in Peoria, IL

 Violent Crime has been an issue in America for quite some time, but in recent years, especially through covid, violent crime has increased. Just up the road in in Chicago, IL, for example, there have been over 3,100 shooting victims and 535 homicides this year alone. 

The Non Essential Church

In part, I believe that the rise in crime and violence that we have experienced has been due to the
ineffectiveness of the church. This did not merely begin with covid...the church has not been effective and or relevant in the lives of many individuals for a number of years. For example, I would venture to ask, or better yet, ask your pastor, what are the main influences of crime and violence in your church's neighborhood and in your community?  Is crime and violence in your area due to drugs, gangs, poverty or a combination of each? How does the breakdown of the family structure factor into this? What is happening at the local school that effects the stability of the neighborhood and community? How is the church positioned to engage and address the issues?

Believe me when I say, I have received more emails regarding Marvin Winan's marriage (God bless him and happy for him) than emails regarding the violent murders that take place every week all over this country. 

This tells me that our mission and what gets out attention is misplaced at best...Violence in our communities and the disintegration of the family and destruction of the lives of your youth happen because WE are ineffective and have made ourselves irrelevant to solving the problems. This is not God's fault, nor is it The WORD'S fault. The blame belongs to US. This is why the world viewed the liquor store more ESSENTIAL than the church. While liquor and cigarettes were sold at the highest levels in history during the covid shut-downs, our churches were shut down, told not to worship and or told how to worship and when to worship, and in my opinion, RIGHTFULLY SO!

Off The Soapbox for a second...

I too the time to put together what I call is a topical plan to address crime and violence in my area and community. Although I do not outline "preaching the Gospel" it should be abundantly clear, that we do what we do BECAUSE of the Gospel and who Jesus is, because without HIM we can and will do NOTHING!

I have had this plan for a number of years but was recently sparked into action because the Violent Crime (VC) Rate in my area exceeds 10.4 per 1,000. This is against the backdrop that the State's median is 4.07 and the National avg. is 4.00 per 1, as one can see, WE have a problem!

If you are a pastor or leader, hopefully this can help you and encourage you to develop and implement a plan in your area that will allow you to minister to those hurting in our streets and PREVENT death from taking over our communities and neighborhoods. Remember, this is NOT about building a church name and or reputation, neither is it about promoting your "ministry"...This is engagement that you have to be ready for and directed of the Lord to do. I'll pray for you, and you pray for me...

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