Monday, May 7, 2012

COGIC Issues Pt. 3...Clergy Sexual Sins 2012 Edition

I have been doing my best to avoid issues such as these, but recently COGIC claimed to have taken strong action and removed Pastor Erik Cooper of Dominion Harvest Church COGIC of Phoenix, AZ. from his pastoral office due to sexual  SINS. Quite naturally this caught my eye as it would have been one of the few publicized removals of anyone from office that had to do with anything other than money or alleged mishandling of money in recent memory. 

This was the press release that came forward on May 4th

Statement on
Pastor Erik M. Cooper

This communication comes in response to claims received by our national office concerning alleged lewd conduct and inappropriate sexual acts alleged to have been committed by Pastor Erik M. Cooper, of Phoenix, Arizona, with an adult female church member. Upon presentation of these accusations to Pastor Cooper, he submitted his resignation and official separation from all responsibilities within the Church of God in Christ (“COGIC”). This includes his local church, district, the Arizona jurisdiction, and the National Church.

The Church of God in Christ has accepted Pastor Cooper’s resignation and has taken steps to cancel and nullify his COGIC credentials, of every kind and description, including his ministerial license, his ordination, his appointment as pastor, and his membership in the Church of God in Christ.

Pastor Erik Cooper
The Church of God in Christ has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual misconduct of any kind within this organization. The publication of our 2002 Sexual Misconduct Policy outlines our strategies for reducing the risk of sexual misconduct, and outlines standard procedure for all of our churches should this type of abuse occur. Ultimately, this policy outlines ways in which to address the specific needs of the victim(s) and the perpetrator(s) in such a way that the good of all will be met.

Additionally, COGIC has established a National Sexual Misconduct Review Board to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct, and to function as a special disciplinary committee confined to coordinating a process that will meet the specific needs of the situation from a Christian and Biblical point-of-view.

We earnestly pray for all persons who have been impacted by this matter and have no further comment.

Church Of God In Christ-Public Relations
930 Mason Street
Memphis, TN 38126

(901) 235-2160
Now, I had quite a few reservations regarding this particular release which was also reported on Report COGIC Abuse.  For starters, removal of a pastor within this church is a borderline act of congress. There are all kinds of notifications that must be given and the pastor certainly has an opportunity to respond and appeal any decisions. The statement however sets forth the idea that this removal was quick, forthright and in accordance with a “Zero Tolerance” policy regarding clergy sexual improprieties and that policy also benefited victims of clergy sexual abuse.  I responded with the following commentary:

 "I have a few problems with this statement and COGIC statement and actions.

1- There is NO POLICY in place that addresses victims or victims issues and the 2002 policy advising leaders on how to avoid sexual sins and hypocrisy is only that…a “how to” guide against sexual abuse and misconduct aka: SINS.

To try to link a supposed “victims advocacy” to that policy is simply incredulous, not to mention false. If I am wrong, PLEASE correct me openly and place the policy front and center that addresses victims in any manner…I would like to be embarrassed regarding this issue and be proven wrong. I would like to think that in a church such as COGIC that we would have a VICTIMS ADVOCACY program clearly outlined whose ONLY focus is to minister to victims and their needs, NOT an advocacy co-mingling their duties with pastoral discipline, but I guess that may be asking too much.

2- COGIC goes from one extreme to the next. It’s either go into complete silence on issues or throw everyone out and call them anathema…this is not BIBLICAL NOR IS IT GODLY. Certainly this man should have been removed from office, but to dis-fellowship him??? What is that??? Does he NOT have a soul? Does he NOT need to be saved and restored as well???
There is no mention of his repentance, but he did however resign, evidently without incident. This displays that he at least acknowledged his actions. I have no inside information on the situation, but I don’t believe that the bible teaches dis-fellowship of those who have failed. Isn’t there a call for repentance and restoration? Isn’t that or shouldn’t that be the priority in anyone’s failure?

3- This statement reeks of politically correct IMAGE management. To jump in, in such an imbalanced manner ONLY after phone calls or inquiry regarding his supposed sexual relationship with “an adult female church member”…PLEASE! There are men RIGHT NOW, whom COGIC has been silent regarding that have been with CHILDREN, and MULTIPLE individuals, some yet in office, and yet COGIC has NOT said a word and even refuses to acknowledge their actions or the subsequent fallout and spiritual condition of the victims…Why has this man and his affair been singled out? This is certainly egregious, but why now, when since 2002, we can place our hands on over 10 cases where there is nothing but ABJECT silence???

The statute of limitations DID NOT absolve bishop Brown from the SINS that he committed and perpetrated upon those CHILDREN, his wife’s family members from what I understand, years ago. COGIC remained and has been silent only to say that they fully reinstate him.
Bishop Westbrook’s Jurisdiction in Washington may appear to be operating as normal, but we KNOW the financial duty and strain as a result of the sexual misconduct and the potential loss of that building at any time.

Further, a good man, Bishop McCarthy’s legacy was tarnished and his jurisdiction is no more, split into a East and West because of a SILENT COGIC in dealing with sexual misconduct and absolutely NOTHING geared towards victims from this supposed 2002 policy.

What may have an appearance of right here is vastly wrong. COGIC has thrown out a sinner, casting him to the dogs, pretended that something adopted in 2002 that dealt with pastors and leaders also dealt with victims,(which is certainly not true) and skirted past other equally if not more horrific situations to focus on this one and hail it as some type of “poster child” for COGIC actions against such behavior.

Sorry…I’m not impressed and I further contend that our leaders have yet failed in this area once again.

Supt. Harvey Burnett
T,.T. Rose Dist.
Peoria, IL.
Illinois Third Jurisdiction
Bishop Robert Sanders
(so now noone will have to say “that preacher from Illinois”, you know EXACTLY where I am and where I’m from)"

Well, ask and it shall be given...Thankfully, I received a response to my commentary from at least two sources, one claiming to have excellent knowledge of all events in a greater detail. I believe that the content of what was delivered to me is certainly worth noting.

The COGIC statement and the recounting of events differ greatly from what was delivered to me. It would seem that there is something very much awry regarding the pastor’s actions, COGIC’s response and scope of the Zero Tolerance policy. This is part of what I was told and what I wrote in response:

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU and I stand enlightened and apologetic regarding this particular incident with Pastor Cooper.

It would seem that Pastor Cooper is unrepentant regarding his sins. It also seems that specific proof was brought to the attention of certain COGIC leaders and officials regarding Pastor Cooper’s indiscretions (SINS) and he refused to acknowledge the information and rebelled against calls for him to submit himself. Evidently he has a history of sexual improprieties dating back to a time when he served under Bishop LeRoy Anderson.  According to sources, Pastor Cooper was UNREPENTANT in issues at that time and although there seems to be a mounting trail of women, he remains unrepentant regarding any of it.

It also seems that COGIC did NOT simply kick this preacher out as I had feared earlier. This particular preacher RAN as not to face the music of being sat down due to his sins and for a period of restoration.

THANK my sources for CLARIFYING the situation and bringing this information to light. I am repentant for speaking prematurely assuming that this man was presenting himself for godly and spiritual correction. It doesn’t seem as if that is the case at all.

When a preacher refuses to repent and simply wants to skirt on to the next skirt, what can be done and what can we do? Stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. It seems that is the thread of this particular ministry unfortunately.

Now, another problem is the “covergirls”. The song was sung, “Stand By Your Man”. That is an acceptable thought. However, our first priority is God.  A man that is a habitual adulterer MUST be made to repent for his actions and simply facilitating his unrighteousness won’t work, even if you are the spouse. It seems that until this minister gets help and deals with his apparent sexual addiction, he will continue to do this with a wife (not necessarily the same wife) in tow.  The problem also seems that the church will be in tow as well, which is even just as tragic.

To my fellow COGIC bretheren, this still does not address the victims advocacy that we desperately need. As I previously stated, it does not need to be mixed with pastoral discipline. It needs to be solely about engaging, healing and restoring victims. Evidently there is a trail of victims in this case. It seems that they may have all been adult age. Evidently they also need a certain amount of healing and restoration no matter their level of involvement in this fiasco.

Due to the information I have received, I am highly confident that this preacher was dealt with in an appropriate manner. HE has chosen to withdraw from COGIC and the church simply says If you don’t want our discipline, then proceed. I agree with that sentiment 100%

Supt. Harvey Burnett
New Bethel COGIC
Illinois Third Jurisdiction
Bishop Robert Sanders"

Clarification Of Truth

Based on the information I received, COGIC did not dis-fellowship this man. This man ran as fast as he could to the nearest exist because it seems that he didn’t want to be outed for his sexual sins. This seems to be consistent with what is already known because under current church procedure, under normal circumstances, COGIC doesn’t have the authority to simply remove a pastor without due process.

The questions is why was COGIC willing to make such a big case out of the removal or departure of this pastor from its ranks?  Was there more here than meets the eye? I believe it was.

It could be because this man had a history of sexual impropriety and was yet promoted through the ranks. It could be because he was a regular guest at some of the more influential churches and could raise an offering. In fact the word is that one of the persons he was having an affair with showed up at a revival which he was conducting at a General Board member’s church with certain evidence of his sexual sins, to which he denied when questioned.  The doors certainly closed, but it doesn’t appear to be because of the righteous zeal of COGIC policy, it seems that there was no other option, except legal options, which if undertaken would seem to have led COGIC into the path that it was trying to avoid. In other words it was cheaper to leave him rather than try to preserve and or restore him in the name of COGIC, or argue that he hadn’t left the church properly.

Was this release an attempt to simply say…”We don’t own him so don’t sue us?” Pastor Sherman Allen followed the same path. Remember, Allen was a card carrying member of COGIC preaching at many venues regularly until his alleged sins hit the wall also. When he was accused, Allen departed and some COGIC spin doctors claimed that Allen had never a part of the organization, even though everyone knew he was. Then there is Donald K. Barrett, whom I know personally that is said to have dis-fellowshipped himself as well rather than repented and gone through a period of voluntary discipline. 

We're not finished with this one. Sit tight while in the next part of this series we will attempt to address and answer why a popular and well connected COGIC Bishop was reinstated with full rights and privileges of the church after he allegedly molested and raped his two nieces from very early ages. The case was initially decided based on a statute of limitations issue, which I believe was misapplied by the Circuit Court judge in the case and is currently under appeal. 

Some question, why does this interest me? My question is why wouldn't something as egregious on every side NOT interest and be of great concern to you? 

Saints we have a lot to pray for...Since judgement is beginning, it must first begin with us. 


Update 5/24/2012:

It seems that Pastor Erik Cooper sued his accuser for harassment in effort to stop her from telling his business. Well it seems that on May 17th 2012 a hearing was set so that Pastor Cooper could make his case and present evidence that he was being harassed and lied on. What happened???

It seems that Pastor Cooper was a NO SHOW in court regarding the very case he filed claiming that he was being harassed. Since he didn't show to present any evidence that supported his claim his case was SUMMARILY DISMISSED. 

Now, how does a person sue someone for "harassment" and not show up for court and there is no out of court settlement? Might it be that someone was afraid that there may be perjury charges filed if lies were proliferated in court? Might it be that someone didn't have a case to begin with?

I don;t know, but what I do know is that the person defending herself WON and the door seems to be open because he didn't present a case. If you don't believe me, the basic info of the docket can be found in the Arizona Superior Court files under case # CV2012-007189  


  1. Hello Pastor.

    It seems to me that COGIC is particularly plagued with this issue.

    Also based on this posting and other info I have heard, it seems that the leadership is especially corrupt.

    My question is why would anyone, whether a Pastor or a layman, want to remain affiliated or associated with a corrupt organization structure in the name of Church?

    1. Zezinho,

      So are governmental authorities not corrupt? Are we leaving our countries as a result and formulating our own individuals ones? How about the institutions of doctors? I know some who are crooks and practice medicaid fraud and even fight for criminals to be set free. In fact last week there was a large federal sting on medicaid fraud and hundreds of doctors were implicated. Do we now stop going to the doctor or train our selves to be doctors because of their corruption? Do we simply sit and say lawyers are of no use because we find corruption?

      Separatist sentiments sound emotionally validating, but really don't offer a solution in real time. The sins of others does not spread to the innocent like a contagious disease. The church is to be contended for because Christ has established it. Jude told the church to "earnestly contend" for the faith. Was that an instruction because the faith was not being challenged or was it because it was facing much challenge? He never told his people to run, isolate, create new unattached groups or seek ground where there were no challenges. In fact the Jesus of scripture ran headlong into the most challenging situations.

      so there are valid reasons to be IN the Church Of God In Christ as I am, and to further point out and continue to make a difference as I do.

  2. Thank God , you are staying put in COGIC and making a difference.

  3. I would prefer to be carried by 6 in a funeral procession, than judged by the individuals who commented on this issue. I am surprised at the language and the faulty use of misinformation. It’s disappointing that saved, sanctified, Holy Ghost filled people of God are sounding like Fascist, low level thinkers. Yes, you are all entitled to express yourselves, yet there is a difference in expression and judgment.
    The use of a senseless dichotomy of language, changes the entire meaning. The May 4th comments, (Supt. H. Burnett from state of Ill and this “ghost” author of this blog) stated "he resigned" and then stated "the church removed him", it's a difference between resign and removes.. {resign is a voluntary act, and remove is an act of force}. Another example of the judgmental, insulting verbiage is "The Cooper statement" and writing the word somewhat in quotation marks in front of Evangelist, which is indicative that his credibility is questionable. I don't think you would like someone saying you’re "somewhat" saved? I wouldn't expect to believe anyone that states the term “The Word is…..”when according to our belief, The Word was God (John 1:1), and not hurtful comments to your brother in Zion. The verbiage is horrific, another example: “he RAN…”, “chasing skirts”, “a sexual addiction”, “can raise an offering” no need to quote more. I am stunned. The results of the comments are judgmental and cruel.

  4. It was a wise decision that The Church of God In Christ made to remove the article about Pastor Cooper. The article totally defamed, attacked, insulted, humiliated, pre-judged, misinformed compromised his reputation and ultimately caused him to be alarmed, annoyed and threatened. The negative unwarranted attention was unnecessary. He was compared to others who have concrete criminal cases. I mean, the other contrasting characters mentioned, were actually charged with a criminal offence and Pastor Cooper has never been charged with anything! The comparison stated there was a crime committed when this man has denied any wrong doing. Matter of fact, several Arizona state and federal laws have been violated by the distribution of these false accusations throughout the brother-hood against Pastor Cooper. We hurt one of our own sons when we do not know all of the facts. It’s similar to spanking our children before we allow them to explain, “…Go get the belt, you did it!” Then we as the parents, we get on the phone and tell everybody “guess what this child of mine did.” You know I’m telling the truth!!
    If this issue is so disturbing, then pray.
    The Word says in Matt 7:2 "For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you." I don't believe any one of you desire that. The objective of my response is fairness, and respect. I challenge you to trade places with your brother in Christ. Please allow me to briefly explain my rationale: Did anyone stop and think that there is no crime (as indicated in the above statement) and Pastor Cooper is denying the allegations, because the allegations are false? Notice what the author of this article states… “Interestingly, the COGIC statement didn’t say if Cooper admitted guilt or that he repented then resigned, just that he resigned. That could explain why the church took a slightly harsher approach to removing him from office and nullifying his membership…” When the “whole” truth is disclosed about the details of events regarding the process of this matter, you will find out that Pastor Cooper, did in fact state that the allegations were not true and the accusing female was lying. She had and currently has a legal, documented, historical trail of lying about this matter and similar cases from a various states court dockets.

    1. Now, COGIC has removed the article link and you show your hand with this comment: "The article totally defamed, attacked, insulted, humiliated, pre-judged, misinformed compromised his reputation and ultimately caused him to be alarmed, annoyed and threatened."

      Evidently YOU have personal and inside information if it be that you know how Pastor Cooper felt about the COGIC press release. Since YOU leave evidence supporting my assumption, then answer the following for me:

      1- Did Pastor Cooper become involved in inappropriate sexual relationships under earlier in ministry under Bishop Leroy Anderson?

      2- Is there a trail of inappropriate sexual relationships that have been made known, but that have been shuffled under the table?

      3- Was Pastor Cooper in revival (or conference) at Bishop Jerry Macklin's church when the primary accuser presented certain facts to Bishop Macklin which were initially denied by pastor Cooper?

      4- If Pastor Cooper has been defamed, as you contend by a person who has a "history" of these type of allegations, has pastor Cooper subsequently taken action against his accuser for charges of false accusations and defamation of character? If not why nor? If so, when and where will further information regarding this be made public? In fact where can the accuser's character information be found.

      5- Since there is confusion over whether Pastor Cooper was dis-fellowshipped or whether he simply left along with his church, Please explain to us the process and how pastor Cooper able to disassociate himself and his church from COGIC so quickly? Is there a summary of the churches vote to withdraw and was that filed with the General Secretary's office?

      Since you make statements as if you are close to the situation, you may know the answer to these things. We would like to know.

  5. Has anyone pondered the idea that this person is lying? Then the response would be- Why would she lie? I am a very busy person and time is of the essence so, I would be here until Mother's Day with a list of potential reasons "why" this person would lie? Perhaps she was rejected by the Pastor; it is not uncommon for some of the women in the church community to desire a Pastor or a man in leadership. Hence, will go through desperate measures to gain anything they can from a man (including negative attention). Has anyone thought of the idea that the "showing up at a revival while he was preaching with proof” of negative activity sounds like a scene in a ridiculous Life Time movie, it's farfetched! If the victim has suffered grave harm, than she should make it known to the necessary parties. If the victim has suffered grave harm, then there should be record of some type of treatment or aide. If the victim has suffered grave harm, then why isn’t a civil suit or criminal suit in process against Pastor Cooper? It’s not…I checked the state court dockets! This is known behavior for people who are money-hungry or rejected or disgruntled. The rejected party wants to feel in control again. It depends on their mindset that will determine what actions the rejected person will commit. Keep in mind, the truth always makes sense. I have another question, as I raise doubt, why is the Supt’s source of information so relentlessly “telling” this “story.” Perhaps, this is a personal charge against Pastor Cooper? I don’t proclaim to know all the facts but I, unlike most of you, know most of them. Supt. H. Burnett at first, were a partial advocate and then rebutted with some examples of other men of God. He excused one Bishop and crucified the others, including Pastor Cooper. I can appreciate the Supt’s disappointment. I was equally shocked at the Supt’s boldness “so no one won’t have to say that preacher from Illinois you know exactly where I am and where I am from”, was that meant for confrontation? I would think that a Supt. in COGIC would exercise greater wisdom when quoting hearsay and innuendo comments from other persons that are not direct witnesses of personal matters concerning Pastor Cooper and the Arizona Jurisdiction. I cannot agree with hurting each other. We as a church, the body of Christ have been hurt enough. We as African-Americans have been hurt enough and in particular African-American men have been hurt enough. We all fall short, therefore, sin is sin. Sin is not measured like the criminal justice penal code system. The idea of little sin or big sin doesn’t exist. So, sexual immorality will be dealt with like gossipers, cheaters, murderers, liars and all other contrary actions.
    I am gravely concerned these with actions of “moral superiority.” It deploys a message of projective identification. This situation is sad. This issue mimics a form of domestic violence. We are abusing our brother in Christ without hearing his side of the story. Thus, the vicious judgmental and personal insults create an unsafe platform for Pastor Cooper to respond. Proverbs 2:11 “Discretion will preserve you; Understanding will keep you.” The responses were Ad Hoc. If there was an opportunity for many of us believers to have our wrongs exposed, what would we find? So, let’s practice the Fruit of The Spirit-Love. Pray for Pastor Cooper, he is a husband, father, son, friend and most importantly he’s a man of God. By all means brother and sisters….let’s bring the truth and fair play to the conversation…Amen 2 that!!

    1. You said:"If the victim has suffered grave harm, then why isn’t a civil suit or criminal suit in process against Pastor Cooper?"

      That references the question I ask seems that the ONLY one hurt as a result of these accusations has been pastor Cooper. Where is his filing of either defamation of liable?

      Now, you also state that you know most of the facts, as stated previously and as confirmed with this statement:"I don’t proclaim to know all the facts but I, unlike most of you, know most of them."

      Now, it seems that your claims is that this man is totally innocent. I only know the MO of some within COGIC to put up with and promote adulterers and such the like no matter what they do in many cases as long as money flows and it can be managed with reasonable and minimal effort. I can call names of men who never deserved promotion as they were unfit when their names came up, but were yet promoted because they were able to place a certain amount of money on the table. If pastor cooper has a history of sexual miscounduct, as MULTIPLE sources also close to this situation have chimed in on the issue and personally claimed to me, then he is just another in that sad line of those destined to meet this fate.

      I have no axe to grind, just speak truth and support it please.

  6. If you can read and comprehend, then perhaps you will find my statements coherent. Who I am and what I officially know about this matter is not of importance to you or others. I do not choose to deliberate in all of the questions that you have posed. Pastor Cooper's legal representation is well able to respond to the questions that are pertinent to the matter. The best public response to this matter (in my legal opinion)is a legal statement with a file and court docket number and a court date. Pastor Cooper will do all of his talking in a legal fashion in stead of a judgemental, self-righteous, mis-reported, erroneously written blog or bias riddled website. If you want to find out about the accuser's past history...than google her name and do a simple research inquiry (as I have done) since you have "self" knowledge of all the incidents and history of Pastor Cooper's life. Why should I make your job easy since you have all of the judgemental statements ready at hand to condem a man for everything he has done wrong. You don't even reside in the State of AZ, neither do you know the laws of AZ to speaking from an intelligent posture. You were not in "1" meeting or discussion regarding the above mentioned statements relative to Pastor Cooper, Bishop L.R. Anderson, Bishop Macklin (or the revival incident you've mentioned}. So how can you take a sainted position on any of these matters....when the word of God states...."testify that you (personally) see..." and further states..."don't be busybodies in every men's matters...."!

    Like I said earlier, Pastor Cooper is doing his job in praying and pursuing this matter from a legal posture (since state and federal laws were broken in this matter). What are you doing of the cloth...Super Saint... besides fueling the flame of gossip, hearsay judging and talebearing? Can you answer those questions and teach the body of Christ how to handle (alledged) sin, strife and tale bearing in the church?


    1. While this situation isn't funny, YOU have got to be the most funny poster I've read in a long time. Not only are you an IDIOT, but you leave a trail of evidence and statements like this:Who I am and what I officially know about this matter is not of importance to you or others."

      Obviously, it's important to you because YOU took the time in your prior missives to deliver the connection to I suppose establish some kind of credibility, now you cower like a roach when the light is cut on...which is it? Do you know ANYTHING or not? If you do, address the questions posed instead of obfuscating behind what someone is doing and preparing behind the scenes...Do you know how many times that line is used by individuals SUCH AS YOURSELF, who are drowning in their own self importance??? If you don't know anything then shut-up? What can you say???

      You argument is GARBAGE and your statement not only displays lunacy, it displays complete immaturity. To assert that because a person doesn't live a place or that he wasn't "in the room" when statements were made, is not only evidence of that lunacy and immaturity, it is also evidence of a person who is a professional manipulator...

      This is what MANIPULATORS like you want...SILENCE!!! Blessed quietness and prayer...Isn't that right??? You NEED and even demand people like me and others to shut up and stop speaking TRUTH about the garbage you either do, facilitate or perpetuate. You can't stand TRUTH and the light shining on your utter and complete CRAP!!!!

      Listen ELDER...go home, get a LIFE, REPENT of your sins and then tell the truth! That's what we need. We won't be silent, confused or manipulated by your GARBAGE anymore. We all know there are women who lie. But we know men who will too EDDIE LONG, EARL PAULK, TONY LEVYA...ALL liars will have their part in the lake and fact is, I don't believe ANYTHING you have to say, because you obfuscate from the truth in everything pertaining to this issue. Yet you claim to have some superior position of understanding and knowledge.


  7. Pastor Erik Maurice Cooper needs to be sat down! He has hurt and harmed so many of Gods people. Not only by his sexual indiscretions but emotional and spiritual abuse as well. He has flaunted his power and position as if he is above God and above discipline. He had issues in Lancaster, Calif and then he ran to Arizona started one church and messed up then started another church shortly after only to terrorize us with his demonic possessions. It is time that the church get right and lets go home. People have their lives on the line and they trust the leaders to lead them to God. There are a whole lot of people affected by this man and his wife (the 2nd one from NY). This should have happened a long time ago. He was just booked recently for not paying child support for his five children by his first wife! He needs an appointment with the altar! I understand that this story has caused the COGIC members to look at the policy in its entirety and I am supportive to your claims because if what Erik Maurice Cooper has done to countless people is occurring in other places then we need to go back to the drawing board. How long will we allow spiritual massacres by the hands of leaders?!?!? These are Gods people!

    1. Thank you Ladyxcluded,

      Now look at this FOOL of a defender for this remorse or consideration for any of the VICTIMS of this man. I've received similar info by other individuals...Let this bringdatruth LIAR have it.

      Thanks again!

  8. Ha! That's funny...I must have hit a nerve with in your self righteous character. It shows your bias of opinion in this matter. You probably have never been promoted besides being a Supt. in the church and you are angry with others that were. This shows that you, along with others have a personal axe to grind against the Man of God and a personal reserved place in hell (with your name on it)for judge's and those that condemm other's. Your name calling is not impressive and not attractive as a saint of God (by my estimation, you're not interested in being).

    Im not silent at all...Im just glad I have the priviledge of seeing ignorance on display and Im glad I know what church "not" to attend when Im in Peoria, Ill!! You and your, like-minded, male partner(D.L. Foster)really know how to show the "world" how to handle the sensitive matters of the Saints and the church! Im glad that I dont belong to either one of your churches'! No one would get a Godly and fair hearing when matters like this come up in the church!! Look out Atlanta, GA and Peoria, Ill......the Judges of the Saints worldwide are among you!!!! God have mercy!!

    A word of caution in the what you never know when you might have to eat them (literally). In other words...for your remedial and ADD personality....Watch your mouth... (pseudo-saint)!

    1. No IDIOT, you hit a nerve with your LIES...Now in order for you to be so close to the situation, you are A COGIC member. Further you would also have to be a COGIC Elder, that is IF you're telling the truth. I fell ashamed for my fellow bretheren if you are representative of individuals that consider themselves of importance. I make it a point to NOT hang out with folk of your sick ilk...In addition, you couldn't handle a SECOND in our church, because i make it a point to teach on manipulators, and self exalted users like your passing by is a privileged that we certainly honor and couldn't thank God enough for...

      As I stated your childish, SILLY, psycho-manipulation is ineffective and isn't desired or practiced here or ANYWHERE this ministry is or goes...You have NOTHING that I will ever need. God doesn't trudge the sewer to bless anyone!!! So crawl back in it and maybe you might learn something from those of us who actually do what the BIBLE says to do, care about the people of God and the church, more than self and what we can get from the church.

      Someone asked me, why I don't's the encounter with idiots and charlatans like this that gives me motivation to stay...this was not how the church was, but these playboys and homo hos have made it a den of sho-nuff thieves and I LOVE standing in the middle of it all proclaiming the righteousness of God. See, I don't have to worry about a salary or an annual day. I buy my own dinners. So I have no commitment to liars and thieves. Especially when they lie and steal in the name of God like this adultery advocate is doing here.

  9. It is often said...that a "wounde" dog will holler...ummm! For you to be calling out All Charlatan's, Liars, Adulterer's and Homosexuals..etc...You seem to be doing what Shakespeare said..."...thou protesteth to loudly...!" While you are so busy castigating others...could it be possible as Nathan the prophet said...".thou are the man.."? I wonder what's in your own private closet, just waiting to be exposed....ummm....? Who died and made you the boss, the judge and jury of mankind? Oh, by the way, my title is....Im a child of God with a soul and Im saved. Don't worry...there is still plenty good room at the altar for you (and other "sainted" members like you). That is if you have not already received your "Angelic Wings" and you're just visiting us on earth during one of your Angelic Tours here on Earth. Be Blessed Super Saint

    1. First of all if you want to be truthful while talking about someone's anonymity behind a handle, change your handle to BRINGDALIES...because that's all you're doing and all you have done toward this issue. You're the one barking...I was minding my own business until you showed up with your lies of obfuscation

      I KNOW for a FACT who would have been involved in any disciplinary, or discovery in this case and they all would have been COGIC officials or ordained personnel with few exceptions including family...I'm aware of protocol and more than likely the procedure of those who would have confronted Cooper with this type of issue. So throw a stone at that!

      I made up my mind a LONG time ago to not be like the pulpit hoes that you evidently cover for. I made up my mind not to be a "stand up guy" for sinner in the pulpit like you obviously are. We have at least one person that addressed Cooper's issues on this blog, and another on another blog and more that have called me to CONFIRM and CORRECT me regarding this man's character, which I was holding out to be better than reported, and all you say is "I know the situation and you may literally eat your words"??? What are you??? CRAZY????

      I think so!

  10. Those who were trying vehemently to defend this man need to read the update I posted at the end of the article...

    OK, how does a person trying to clear his name sue a person for harassment and NOT show up for court to prove his case?


  11. I know why COGIC responded in the way that they did by making a press release regarding this man. It seems that they were given somewhat of an ultimatum and that this preacher couldn't help but from delivering a picture of he and his penis from a cell phone for review...I suppose that this was to entice at least one of his victims.

    Before anyone gets started, we are in receipt of the cell phone records confirming my statements.

    Sad to say that this is not simply a COGIC problem. He didn't do this in the name of COGIC. However, is is a moral problem and a sin problem in particularly.

    Repentance will do just fine, but I don't know if the first estate can or should ever be regained, especially with the depth and deliberate intent to lie, confuse and obfuscate. Only time will tell.

  12. COGIC NEEDS TO CHECK BACKGROUNDS! This is the results of putting a novice in power! The bible states do not do this or they will bring shame on you! This guy is a real embarrassment to the COGIC church. Mr. Cooper went for a younger mistress and ticked the older mistresses off! He drug his previous spouse to the state within months he was screwing multiple women in the same church who could move him forward. He has four children and refuse to take care of them without a COURT forcing him to do so; this same church never address him about this behavior. Mr. Cooper was arrested for non payment after lying to the court claiming he was indigent. The church believed this con man blaming the spouse! Spouse didn't make these babies alone!SHAME ON COGIC!

    Does George Zimmerman come to mind? Zimmerman had over $135,000 in the bank after killing Trayvon Martin (over Skittles and Arizona Ice Tea) but he claimed he was indigent. Lying to the court now re-arrested!

    Back to the so called Pastor Cooper. He married someone in the church to push him forward so he could gain more money while driving expensive cars hiding his money leaving his four children penniless; refusing to take care of them. How can any man (his case boy) look at his children and refuse to care for them or even take them to get some cotton candy? Heartless creep! Now he is cheating on the second wife who stole him from the first. I met this jerk back in 1996 and knew he was a wanna be looking for and easy ticket to the top. CHECK COURT RECORDS ON THIS CON ARTIST ARREST! MUG PHOTO available.

  13. Brenda,

    Thanks and you are correct, background checks are essential. As a part of COGIC policy background checks are now essential for any new churches or ministers coming into the organization. So that is a part of current procedure.

    The problem exists for individuals such as this who either have been around for a long time to bypass any background screening, or for those who haven't had people step forward against them and their actions.

    Another problem is that in cases such as this these were grown people acting out in sin. There was no "crime" according to the letter of the law committed and sex was consensual even if it was filled with manipulation. So this is a moral issue more-so than a matter of criminal activity.

    It does take "2 to tango". No matter this man's advances, somebody yielded to sin and him. That is a problem and I can understand the reluctance of the "victims" to come forward, but unless those women do come forward, as at least one woman has in this case, admit their part in it and display his part as well, nothing will ever be done about such ungodly activities perpetuated by such frauds.

    So one one hand, yes, we can blame Cooper, but these women weren't slaves, nor were they held captive. There was something they were hoping to receive beyond sex and sexual activity. I don't know what that was. Each one of these women can speak for themselves.

    Cooper was certainly wrong and it seems that he was facilitated both by his church AND the women that yielded. Only thing I can encourage is that they stand, tell the truth and not back down.

  14. To be honest with you. I may not know alot when it comes to C.O.G.I.C Doctrine even though I was raised COGIC all my life. My Pastor only taught the Word of God. I do recall a story in the bible regarding a lady who was to be stoned but Jesus stepped in and said "He without sin cast the first stone" She did say sorry to nobody because he knew she was sorry. I don't know pastor cooper but I will be going to his church on Sunday hopefully to join. I have heard nothing but good things about him. He is a Man of God. We all have issues that we face so I dont understand why COGIC always act like no other Bishop or Pastor Falls short of the Glory of God. Thats always been my issue with COGIC. It has become a Cult you have to be accepted and you can be removed.. THAT DOESNT SOUND LIKE GOD! What ever happened to plan ol relationship and encouraging? COGIC has turned into a Business instead of a Body of Christ. I will never judge a Pastor for his sin. He has to work that out on his own. When I visit on Sunday I will praise God and Worship God. I heard Majority members left. Thats because they weren't there to serve God. They were there to serve the Pastor. PAstor cooper doesnt need a license to preach HE IS CALLED AND QUALIFIED! I feel sorry for those Leaders who think they have teh power to sit someone down or strip them of their calling! You better becareful! God has forgotten his sin but you all are still trying to remember it. MOVE ON AND GET YOUR OWN WALK!

  15. Kianna,

    Thanks for commenting and I hope you have a positive experience at Pastor Cooper's church. However, I think you miss the real issues involved.

    The issue is LESS about a man making a mistake, bad judgement or even committing a sin. As you affirm, NO ONE is perfect. So the standard of perfection is not the call here.

    The problem is that Cooper "manipulated", "used" and "abused"...He used his position, title, fame (if one can say that he had any) and all of those things reserved for those who are responsible with those things, to get sex and otherwise seduce those with whom he had relationships.

    That is the ENTIRE difference and a distinction that places this in a completely different category. The standard IS NOT can someone fail? That is obvious. The standard IS the utter debauchery and ungodly lifestyle that one embraces to create and facilitate that failure...

    Did some of the women benefit with time and attention given by this man? Certainly, but their feelings, emotions an all were played upon and stroked. Many of them were manipulated into action that they didn't want. Is Cooper somehow exempt from the manipulation and games that he played to get sex and whatever else he was able to achieve?


    So I hope you understand the position here and even why this article exists in light of the thousands of ministers that have fallen. This one has special characteristics that we see over and over and they all begin and end with MANIPULATION, ABUSE and issues well beyond private personal failures or's one thing to fall, it's another thing to be manipulative, cunning and deceptive and even predatorial.

    THAT, my friend, is worth pointing out and shouting loud about.

  16. Here's an example of what I am saying:

    Recently a popular married minister died. Before his death it was confirmed that he had not only had multiple affairs, but was a regular at strip clubs even having threesomes with his stripper girlfriend flying around the country and other countries ministering and laying up with these women, doing drugs and all that they did.

    Now what's wrong with this picture? This is not just a "failure". This is not just about an "imperfection"...this is a person who has embraced ungodliness and mingled the profane with that which is holy. There was no scruples and the church was only used ultimately for a cover and a supplier of funds for the pursuit of debauchery.

    THAT is the line of distinction. THAT is a horse of a different color.

    If he had failed or committed adultery...yes that would be bad. However, there is a big difference between that and flying around the country having group sex, doing drugs and pretending....All of it is sin but there is a big difference...


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