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The Anomaly Of The Black Conservative...How Should We Vote?

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This election season there has not been more of a heatedly debated topic. "How should the Christian vote?" "should religion and faith have any impact on the voting process? "and if so, who should the Christian vote for especially considering the liberal, if not non-bible believing President, and a Mormon (Non -Christian) Presidential candidate. Within the Black community the argument has been ramped up to include that the thought that "You're Not Black If You Don't Vote For Obama" Which I discussed in a previous post entitled The New Civil Rights.

This conflict has been sadly revealed and heightened to epic proportions as people criticize others for their political choices in the most vile ways and manner. While individuals such as former NBA star and
entrepreneur Magic Johnson affirm that "Blacks won't support Mitt Romney", he has yet managed to garner the support of Black conservatives such as Tara Wall, the support of Black politicians such as Condoleezza Rice and the support of Black entertainers such as Stacey Dash, and Mia Love and the support of Black sports and broadcasting personalities such as Greg Anthony. All of these Black folk have publicly exercised their rights and personal freedoms by openly saying that they support Mitt Romney for President.  Well, last we looked these folk were it seems to be inaccurate to say that Blacks won't and don't support Mitt Romney or the Republican agenda and many Blacks will do so for the first time in their life.

Wondering Why?

The Acceptance Of God
There is really no wonder why Blacks by the droves are seeming becoming apolitical and
or at least leaving the Democratic party in the dust. No Wonder...Under the first Black president and most liberal policy maker in history, it was the DNC who balked at issues pertaining to God, even excluding the mention of his name from their platform, replacing it with the term "faith"  in effort to cater to a growing number of secularists and non religious humanists that don;t want to be confronted with a right/wrong or absolute moral value system that is invoked when the term God is implored  Many of these modern, secular moral relativists have found a home in the Democratic National Party amongst an American climate that has become nearly 50% lukewarm at best toward  God and religious and biblical moral values. Many Blacks simply don't like the idea that their party of choice has such an issue with accepting God as if religious belief and biblical moral values are contraband.

Earvin "Magic" Johnson
Economics: The Declining State Of The Black Community
Then with Black unemployment at 16.7% in August 2012, (the highest since 1984) it is ever increasingly understandable that those who are not blinded by allegiance to color or political stigmas, (which is the same claim that many Blacks have leveled at Whites for years) can see things for what they really are... No jobs, and lack of opportunities and killing small business through taxes and regulations are killing the Black community in particular. It seems that Presidential candidate Mitt Romney recognizes this as he has said:
“I am proud to have the endorsements of so many leaders in the black community,” said Mitt Romney. “They know all too well that the economic downturn that has continued to hammer our country has been even more devastating for black Americans. Together, we will work to end that downturn, and we will not rest until all Americans have the jobs they need, the quality education they are owed, and the opportunities they deserve.” ~ 9/2012 Mitt Romney, Black Leadership Council Online
While White unemployment is currently slightly under 8%, the fact is that an Obama Presidency has not indicated or thoroughly communicated it's concern for Black unemployment, poverty or even crime at any level except through much talk and rhetoric with little or very little results on the ground.

A Mixed Bag

The Acceptance & Proliferation Of The Homosexual Agenda

Yes, it is a positive to have many of the health care provisions that have been initiated under an Obama Presidency.  The initiation of Wall Street reform has been a welcomed  change for those affected by such reforms. Although banks are yet looking to charge fees for all that they can. The good has been seemingly outweighed by a regression in social moral values such as the acceptance and promotion of the homosexual agenda. In fact this is what the President has said about his presidential tenure:

"My expectation is that when you look back on these years, you will see a time in which we put a stop to discrimination against gays and lesbians whether in the office or on the battlefield. You will see a time in which we as a nation finally recognized relationships between two men or two women, are just as real and admirable as relationships between a man and a woman." ~ President Barack Obama to the HRC 10/10/2009
Biblical Moral Values Are For Sunday, Not Ordinary Life
The thought that biblically based moral values are somehow second class or negotiable items id probably one of the most essential thoughts in the evaluation process for a Christian. If this is the case, then Christians we truly have no real problem assessing and evaluating the basis under which their vote should be cast. the current administration has reduced biblical values to a hodge-podge of personal choice trumped by the state or controlling party. However, under this approach, often called a radical pluralism or pluralistic view, personal freedoms are a product of the state, and government as opposed to a product of God and true rights of being human. The founders of the country's system of government declared that human rights were unalienable or not given or conferred upon us and mankind by the state or government. This is an important and essential distinction, because it speaks directly to what type of values that we should embrace and why certain values should be excluded or minimized. I'll discuss this more in the podcast Pt. 2 listed above. 

This is what I stated in a Facebook forum regarding the issue of what is called a "moral agenda" and why it may be the deciding factor for most Christians:
"Where there is no moral agenda, or where all morality is merely a relative construct or a design of men, you have NOTHING. That includes no right, no wrong and certainly no justice. In fact these things only become an illusion imposed by those in the majority who agree to certain standards and statutes.

The moral agenda is the most fundamental agenda to a civilizations growth and development. If there are no principles that are uncompromising and absolute in all time frames and epochs, then there can truly be no unalienable rights. Those are the rights that America once believed that came from God, that were non-negotiable, and without the ability of any man to either dispense or retract.

When these things are eroded as they are under this current administration in many and various ways throughout society, we have nothing. No basis for which to stake a claim in this human existence. We will have complaints, but they will be without agreement to solve and address. In fact there would be no standard or objective non relative method upon which to build society or base truth. In other words all truths become equal and all values are the same.

Think of that. There would be no true condemnation for the most vile among us. There would be no standard of reward for the most virtuous. Neither position could be considered a morally superior pah. But yet we all readily recognize morally superior paths of life and choices almost without argument or disagreement.

Politicians don't have the right to separate us from these values and standards that are both absolute and beyond their ability or the government's ability to establish or confer. But they will do so, IF we sit silently and say nothing." ~ Pastor H. Burnett
The reason that this is such an important issue is a reason that many may not connect. It is important because it is in live with the secularist and anti-God notions of the humanist agenda or humanism. Remember, it was atheist Dr. Paul Kurtz that outlined in the Humanist Manifesto of 2000 the following 3 agendas as follows:
"For the wider platform for human progress as part of a New Enlightenment needs, I submit, to advocate secularism in the above three senses:
(1) the separation of religion from the state;
(2) the humanization of values that satisfy the deeper interests and needs of human beings; and
(3) the decline of religious practice, entailing the growth of the Human City in place of the City of God."~ Dr. Paul Kurtz's Council For Secular Humanism's Humanist Manifesto of 2000.
Embracing Abortion aka: Choice

Now, the "myth" has been perpetrated that abortions are essential because of rape and incest, as if killing and innocent life is somehow better justified under those conditions and that all abortions center around those circumstances. As I said, stating either of those things is no more than a modern myth or novel speculation. Abortions based on either of these circumstances are less than 2% of all abortions historically. 

To his shame, our President and the DNC, embrace the worst type of abortion which includes partial birth abortion for no particular reason at all. The facts that remain are these:
Since 1973 in the African-American community 203,695 people have died of AIDS
Since 1973 in the African-American community 1,638,350 people have died of CANCER
Since 1973 in the African-American community 2,266,789 people have died of HEART DISEASE 
Since 1973 in the African-American community 13,000,000 (13 MILLION) people or (BABIES) HAVE BEEN KILLED under the guise of abortion aka a woman's right to choose. 
The fact is that for the first time in American history, there are not enough people entering the workforce to support the social welfare of those retiring or entering into retirement. there is not enough money and income earned by way of the tax base to support the very important social issues that affect every American citizen. Eliminating individuals and taking away their chance to live is a highly ineffective way to build a sustainable society. Yet this is what we see with abortion on demand.     

A Romney Presidency???

On the other hand and side of all of this, there is a Mormon,  Republican, Presidential candidate that has said that he will cut funding to Public Broadcasting in essence saying that Big Bird may be out of business under his Presidency. 

OK, lets evaluate the objections here...

>>If Big Bird is fired, Big Bird can be rehired through legislative process, budget reconstruction and private donations...

>>If children are killed by acceptance of abortion, as this President has said that he supports and will continue to do, THEY DON'T COME BACK. They die. They can't be "rehired" in this realm 


If PBS Broadcasters are put out of business, they can compete for jobs with other professionals at other broadcasting companies and could be rehired by way of legislative process...

If children continue to be murdered under this current system, they can;t be hired anywhere and at any time.

What is the better choice, kill a figurative or imaginary character or take a REAL life? 

Is there really a choice in any of these things? it may seem funny that Big Bird has been made the center of the conversation as the worst thing that a Romney Presidency would bring. If that is the case, then there is no reasonable objection that can be leveled...

Who Should We Vote For?

It depends upon what basis that you apply to casting your vote. If your application of casting votes includes a moral or biblical base for moral and societal truth then there is no reason to support the current administration as it has proven to be so far outside of what can be considered supportive of biblical based morality that it is virtually a no brainer. 

However, if the basis is some other issue, such as health care, or social reforms that include the expansion of government, then retaining the President may be a good choice for you.

However, I will simply leave with this thought:

Joshua 24:15 ~ "And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.


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  1. Brother Dunamis:

    I have only browsed through this blog post and your blog in general.

    Here is my answer to your question "How Should A Black Conservative Vote:

    ANSWER - You MUST retreat into a disciplined position in which VOTING is limited to the question of RUNNING THE GOVERNMENT.

    Unfortunately Black people has fused our "Community Salvation" in with the prospects of voting.
    This has lead to the disastrous effects on the INTEGRITY and CREDIBILITY of our community institutions. The "Black Church" being the #1 institutions that has been contaminated.

    The problem is that our people have note developed a channel - beyond politics - to base our "Human Resource Development" upon.

    With the organized "Congregational Unity" in which our "Black Community Development Consciousness" are misappropriated into American politics the preacher that must stand and tell our people to "Deny Yourself Today, For Discipline and Prosperity Tomorrow" now has a vested interest in pounding the drums to motivate our people into politics.

    I personally am not voting for the position of President. I am doing research on Black people and I am working to disconnect my emotions from this election outcome.

    We are in trouble as a people. So much of the classical "Progressive moral outrage" over what the US government is doing overseas has now been folded into the notion that since "Obama is calling the shots - the American imperialism must be for a good cause".

    I am not quite sure what the future will hold once we try to reestabish the credibility of these institutions.


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