Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Was Bishop Larry Shaw Defamed?

Everything's going down BUT the WORD OF GOD! (or at least so it has been said)

Setting forth the charge of making known false statements with reckless disregard, Bishop Larry Shaw of First Southern Georgia Jurisdiction COGIC and also Secretary of the Board Of Bishops has been forced to sue both the Chairman of the Board of Bishops, Bishop John H Sheard of Michigan SouthWest First Jurisdiction COGIC, and blogger, Elder and "chauffeur for hire" (according to the suit) William G. McCray of the Obnoxious blog on charges of defamation.

Defamation ~ : the act of saying false things in order to make people have a bad opinion of someone or something : the act of defaming someone or something

As the allegations of the SUIT has it, Sheard agreed to pay McCray $10,000 to post a malicious letter on his blog, which was, according to Shaw, totally untrue and known to both Sheard and McCray to be unfounded and baseless at the time that it was circulated some 12 years after it was written. According to the allegations this was done in effort to damage Shaw's re-election efforts and punish him for his support of Bishop Thomas Hosley who had been, according to him, moved without due process from his position, prior to his reinstatement. According to the suit, Sheard later agreed to pay McCray $6,000, but after the letter and negative publicity failed to block Shaw from position failed to pay McCray anything at all. 

No one likes things like this (when believers must take high level disputes to the courts) BUT we do have the DUTY to be truthful and honest. We should not be so ambitious that we seek to destroy one another with untruth and spurious and inaccurate information especially in exchange for money. We prove by virtue of that that we are no better than those upon whom the "light" is supposedly shone.

A more indepth story and details can be found HERE and HERE. I don't know who is guilty, but all 3 of these folk can't be telling the truth...somebody needs to go back to the foundation or repentance and turning....SOMEBODY...

CBS Atlanta News


  1. One cannot conspire to make false statements under any circumstance, but especially under penalty of perjury and for gain and to destroy a persons's reputation.

    It has come out clearly that Bishop Shaw WAS defamed at the hands of William McCray who evidently knew that the document he posted was full of false information. Mr. McCray has been forced to issue a public apologyregarding the incident. This is not merely an act of humility, he is fighting for his life. Unfortunately for him, he will also have to face a judge for a determination of perjury because he signed a statement making the claim that Bishop Sheard did not try to give him money to post the document while simultaneously telling Bishop Shaw's attorney that he did and demanding money from Shaw to testify on his behalf. One of those things are true, but both cannot possibly be true.

    William, you've been CHOKED by your sin. Thankfully you acknowledge it. You still may find grace as the judge make show leniency. I hope so. I certainly don't wish the worst on ANYONE including you!

    So far as the real deal, Mr. McCray says that Bishop Sheard's network was and is a network of intimidation and the only reason he signed a statement exonerating Sheard was out of fear for his life. In other words he signed it under duress. That may be his out. If this is true (which I find it hard to believe) the character of Bishop Sheard is now impugned to the highest degree. As I have known him, that does not match his character....

    The HOLY GHOST certainly knows who is lying. That for sure, if nothing else, will come out.

  2. I believe when Bishop Shaw's attorney posted the audio clip it was officially over for Mr. McCray.

    1. Me too. He claims that the Sheards and death threats made him sign the statement. If that is the case, then what "made" him tell Shaw's attorney that he knew Sheard was guilty and try to get $2,000 to testify on his behalf. With a signed affidavit, the testimony would be moot. Ambition and the desire to be popular is a complete mess.


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