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Preachers of LA, A Jakes Condemnation & A Why?

It seems that Bishop Jakes, like many of us, got good, sick and tired of the mess that aired claiming to be "Preachers" of LA". On Sunday Oct. 13 Jakes said this among other things:

“So let the work I’ve done speak for me. You are sowing into good ground. And the 300 families that are employed in this ministry eat from this ministry, work in this ministry, and help us to produce the excellence that we do," he explained. "The natives all over Kenya drink water because of this ministry. And the hospital in Nairobi survives because of this ministry.” ~ Bishop TD Jakes  
The complete EEW interview can be found HERE.
The first episode of the show, displayed preachers trying to explain their failures, their excesses, their misuse of personal freedoms and liberties and most of all the reason why they feel that can and should materially "have it all" at the expense of their churches and those that follow them.  

Servant Of All

Mark 10:43-45 ~ 43-But so shall it not be among you: but whosoever will be great among you, shall be your minister: 44-And whosoever of you will be the chiefest, shall be servant of all. 45-For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.

Not so say the Preachers of LA. It is the congregations job and the community of faith's job to "serve" the needs of their leader.

Now, before one goes too far. It is in biblical order to minister to the needs of the those whom god has set in leadership and who's job it is to tend to the flock of God. Paul says as much in Galations 6:6

Let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teacheth in all good things.

The word "communicate" ( Gk: κοινωνέω) Which according to Thayer means: 
*to come into communion or fellowship, to become a sharer, be made a partner: as in Greek writings with the genitive of the thing, and *to enter into fellowship, join oneself as an associate, make oneself a sharer or partner: as in Greek writings, with the dative of the thing, *to make another's necessities one's own as to relieve them
This word and verse deals with monetary and financial issues as well as other things. So there is biblical precedent for sharing of the needs from the congregation to their teacher(s) or leader(s), however does this in any way symbolize or translate into a lifestyle of opulence for the one being "communicated" to? 

Although the latter is what many of those who are on "the take" want us to believe, I do not think a sound or solid biblical case can be made to support such a notion.  

So Why Jakes Statement & Why Now?

One positive thing that can be said is that if Bishop Jakes lives opulently, (which I don;t believe he does) he does so by the work of his own hands. Being a top author, play-write, television personality, and entrepreneur has added to his brand and helped to make him, at least financially, what he is today. But a greater question remains, why did Jakes speak out against the show, especially while it can be observed and documented that he has remained silent on other, more substantive issues over time?

That question rings home as we examine what Jakes said in this case and contrasting it to other instances when more important issues were brought to the forefront and he either remained silent or was lost in the conversation to whatever degree that he was lost...The following should be kept in mind when trying to understand Jake's commentary in this case:

Remember Jakes Statements About Eddie Long?
In the case of Eddie Long there were 4 lawsuits filed each containing over 100 counts of misconduct and over some 40 counts of sexual misconduct and impropriety against Long detailing some of the most perverted homosexual sexual acts imaginable from the "bishop" toward  these 4 young men. 

As I have documented HERE, Bishop Jakes did not once say that Long should repent or was in sin. While he may have at some point encouraged Long to 'step-down" until the issues were resolved, he (Jakes) chose to simply say that the situation was a "tragedy" and that the "boys" were "of age" and "able to make their own decisions". In an interview with Don Lemon of CNN Jakes suggested that we should have a "conversation" regarding the circumstances that led to this so as to avoid them in the future; but amazingly, there was not one word saying that what Long did was a SIN, or that he must REPENT or that he must seek to RESTORE what has been broken and damaged. 

I am familiar with this type of sentiment in dealing with issues of advocacy for I Am My Brother's Keeper Christian Advocacy Council (IMBKCAC). It's the "acknowledgement = admission of guilt" standard. When a person is sued, lawyers council them to make no public statements, as their statements could be used to later condemn them. (That is why the usually loud and boisterous Obnoxious TV is silent in light of the lawsuit filed against them as well) In addition, "settlements" are constructed to be done without admission of guilt as well, though guilt is implied. While, silence, indirect acknowledgement, and settlement may be legal standards based on secular jurisprudence, they are not Christian based and or biblical standards. In fact those strategies only affirm guilt and raise greater suspicion because they are things that the bible describes as "done in the dark" which only await to be manifest by the light.  

So from a secular point of view, we understand that because of the settlement, there was no "legal" wrong doing admitted in the case of Long, however the instance itself, detailing such deplorable acts and deeds, demanded a greater sense of urgency, attention and forthright dealing, especially from someone which had and has been so influential in directing individuals towards God centered and god honoring values.

At best Jakes leaves one scratching their head and asking...Why be so bold over what the preachers have displayed in the Preachers Of LA, while being such a weakling regarding the sexual abuse, misuse and conduct of another "opulent lifestyle" preacher who took out his sexual perversions on 4 young, impressionable men in and associated with his church? His (Eddie Long's) actions were more than a "tragedy" they were SINFUL, DEPLORABLE and flat out UNGODLY to the highest degree!

On a personal note, I have been encouraged by many messages and the ministry in general of Bishop Jakes, and while I agree with many of his statements, I yet await for the Bishop to have much more balance and consistency in dealing with issues. I think in a greater and more philosophical sense, that Bishop Jakes not only speaks for himself, but he also speaks as a representative of large corporate church structure that finds it more easy and appealing to stain at gnats, while swallowing whole camels. 

The Preachers Of LA will do what they do and will certainly condemn and reveal themselves by their own actions, deeds and misdeeds. Already we've seen pastors who admit to "falling from Grace", fathering children out of wedlock, but yet continuing to pastor and lead a congregation. We have seen others who claim to "believe the word of God" while they are on their second wife, after telling their first that "God is sending me a new wife", (Just in case you don't believe me, read this article from Charisma Mag. online in 2000 regarding Tammera McClendon's divorce from Clarence)  from still yet hailing themselves as bishop and living lavishly. Then there are yet others, single men for over 16 years, who, date frequently, have babies, preach all over the world and claim that they are a "prize" to be "won". (And the baby...YES it is his)

I am SURE that this group isn't representative of the many fine and godly pastors and preachers of Los Angeles, but this is what we have been fed, for now....I can only hope that SOMEBODY will respond by living in humility instead of displaying the total and abject shame that they appear to be running up on. I don't know, I suppose we will see.



  1. Someone asked do I agree with this show. Although this post doesn't really deal specifically with my opinion of the show, I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT agree with it in any way. It is a travesty and seeks to justify sins and weaknesses with fake alter calls, excuses for sins and a whole bunch of other mess that should not be coming from clergy IF the concern is winning the world to Christ. They have positioned themselves to win the world to themselves by displaying and seemingly being proud of their sins. It is sad....

  2. Well,, I have to admit that was the first time i have seen people recieve Christ by music, and not the word because the music was so anointed. It is my understanding that Christ said "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me".(John 12:32).

    To be honest, the things I saw concering this episode is a slap in the face to the clergy and it is for that reason my heart is sad. When we commit ourselves to Christ, there is no reason to duplicate the things of the world..

    There is one thing about the world, it never tries to imitate the church unless it is poking jokes and trying to make fun... .

  3. Superintendant Burnett,

    When I looked at some of the videos on youtube, which seemed to be advertising preview segments, (I don't subscribe to cable tv) , I find it interesting that one of the very first things established by these men (leaders) is that they all at some point of their interviews, openly and clearly communicate (out of their own mouths) that they were called by God. I personaly think the Body of Christ's stance (those of us who sense the conviction of prayer regarding the show) should be to cry out and intercede on behalf of these leaders for conviction, in taking part of the Devil's agenda to bring about confusion to the meaning of "Truth and Reality".


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