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Presidential "OVERSELL" or Presidential LIE?

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At a 2009 Presidential address to a joint session of congress, Senator Joe Wilson yelled out twice, "YOU LIE" stopping the President in mid speech and invoking the condemnation of other congressional leaders for showing "disrespect" for the President. 

At the time, the President was assuring the nation that Illegal immigrants would not have coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA aka: Obama Care), which, at the time, hadn't really been worked out of the proposal. Later modifications to the law would make it seem as if the President was fully forthcoming with information and as "transparent" as he had promised during his 2008 Presidential election.

The "OVERSELL" (aka: LIE)

Now that the ACA is law and folk are receiving cancellations and non-renewal notices for their current coverage, there is a new "YOU LIE!" on the scene. Since this "transparent" Presidency has realized the glaring flaw, it has reworked the language to avoid being called a LIAR simply stating that it "OVERSOLD" certain aspects of the ACA in order to make things better for the millions of uninsured Americans...In other words, the losses of the few million individuals, who would have to not only change coverage and doctors, paled in comparison to the millions of individuals and families who would benefit by the new regulated and mandated coverage.


Now, the current retort to all of this is OBAMA WORSHIP. It seems that for many, President Obama is right no matter what he said, did or got caught saying or doing. Why, according to current thinking, wasn't Bush responsible for getting America into an "unjust war" when "he knew" all along that WMD (Weapons Of Mass Destruction) didn't exist? So the story is that President Obama's "OVERSELL" or LIE as I call it, can be best understood through the lens of politics and necessity...This is a utilitarianism style of moral value which caters to a doctrine called "the greater good"

There are quite a few problems with arguments along those lines. One is that NONE of the accusations against Bush, his policy or actions address or broach the FACT that President Obama LIED when he made the claim that individuals who wanted to keep their current policies and doctors could do so.

Allow me to address a couple of the modern myths making their rounds, even from the sad mouth of Van Jones as he attempts to put lipstick on this ugly PIG:

MYTH 1: All changes are into BETTER policies, so if the old ones are cancelled that is because they weren't as good as what they could have or obtain....

LIE!!!! The problem here is that there is an assumption that the ACA regulated or styled policies offer better or more rich benefits. While based on peripheral issues such as policy limits and pre-ex exclusions, that may be true, the truth is that the statement is severely misleading.

Example, since maternity coverage is now required on ALL policies under the ACA, a current policy that does not contain maternity coverage must be cancelled under the new guidelines no matter how many other benefit rich features it has. Therefore, the new policy many not be anywhere near as affordable or comprehensive as the current one, but it MUST go away according to current law.  This leads to Myth 2

Myth 2: There will be no discrimination in pricing against women under the ACA based on gender.

A Half truth is still a WHOLE LIE!!!!

The problem here is that in an attempt to stop discrimination against all women, the administration through the ACA refused to LISTEN to the women that it covers therefore providing a higher premium to ALL individuals covered by ACA rule based on a maternity coverage requirement. More specifically as it pertains to women, even a woman with no ovaries, or one past child bearing age up until 65 must have an ACA plan which also MUST include maternity coverage. In other words they, women with no child bearing motives plans or even ovaries, will pay extra premium as if they are paying for that protection. Secondly, every MAN, even under single coverage will be DISCRIMINATED against by being FORCED to pay for maternity coverage on their policy.

So here's the picture...a SINGLE man, no babies, or kids grown and on their own, MUST pay the cost of maternity coverage on his policy???? Then a woman, no ovaries, or past child bearing age, MUST also pay of maternity on her policy?

Previously, maternity was an OPTION under mostly all former policies. Maternity coverage has a premium attached to it. Maternity could add hundreds of dollars to a monthly premium.

So we must ask, is this the FAIRNESS that President Obama promised? Is making a man pay for maternity coverage and making a woman who has no designs on childbearing pay for maternity non-discrimination and or even reasonably fair????  

I think NOT!

I could go on, even with the so called purpose of the reform. We were told that this was "health care" reform. This is NOT health care reform. It is insurance and policy reform. Not one doctor, hospital or medical provider is made to do anything different. However, insurance companies are made to do business differently. This is insurance standardization and reform and nothing more.

With all of that said, the President didn't have to LIE and then claim that all he was doing was OVERSELLING and that there was nothing wrong with doing that. President Obama's utilitarian view and application of consequentialist morality leads him to say that the "end justifies the means". In other words if we are all better as a result of the lie, then the lie was necessary and was good. It is just that type of moral value that this President has displayed over and over and continues to display. This is why he has also confused freedom of worship with freedom of religion demanding that contraceptive coverage be provided through premiums of ACA policies thinking that people don't understand that we are being made to pay for contraceptives under his mandate and in spite of our religious and moral views.

President Obama's moral value system is a HORRIBLE one and only leads to violation of both human and religious rights, distrust, and mistrust of anything that he says and the personal stress of insecurity and loss of personal freedoms. 

If losing current coverage was a product of the ACA, he simply should have said so. He had the congressional votes in his favor even through party-line votes. In short, Americans have brains and we need not attend Harvard to understand the standardization of insurance in this process or to have words redefined or spun to say that what he did was an "oversell" as opposed to LYING. We KNOW the difference.

If I as a professional insurance agent, sat down with my clients, misrepresenting benefits of policies in attempt to motivate my clients to actions, I would go to jail for FRAUD! Bernie Madoff is probably standing in his cell, saying what is the difference between his crimes and a Presidential "oversell"? I think he has the right to do so.  

For those who equate this to Bush's Iraq and Afghanistan, those are only STRAW MEN arguments. No matter what Bush did or said, it has no bearing on President Obama standing flat footed and LYING to America while claiming "transparency"...Once again, his elitism shows. If he is not personally "elite" his political policy breaths elitism. Sorry, but to take this country and our community back, SOMEONE must call it like it is. 

This is horribly said, but I am not and will not be deceived by any means! 


A Presidential "apology"? OK, if you think so.
"My working assumption was that the majority of those folks would find better policies at lower cost or the same cost in the marketplaces," he said, and that "the universe of folks who potentially would not find a better deal in the marketplaces" would find that "the grandfather clause would work sufficiently for them."..."It didn't. And again, that's on us … that's on me."
What he did was apologize for making a bad guess, NOT for stating a LIE. All these problems should have been handled BEFORE such a massive undertaking. Did he really think that the people would simply "dumb down" because he's President Obama?

Sorry Mr. Prez...STILL don't but it or you!

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  1. In an email attorney Jay Sekulow said the following:

    Would we have ObamaCare if the President told the truth?

    Again and again, he promised Americans they could keep their health insurance. They can't. Millions of policies are being canceled.

    Again and again, he told Americans they would save money. We're not. Premiums are skyrocketing.

    Even worse, the millions of Americans who are losing insurance can't find a replacement. The federal exchanges are broken.

    In fact, when asked how many have successfully enrolled in ObamaCare, HHS Secretary Sebelius testified, "The application process, at this point, does not work end to end."

    That might be the Administration's only honest statement about ObamaCare.

    It's time for truth. It's time for accountability.

    Totally agree. We are not incapable of understanding truth. The President was elected based on "transparency" and him bringing a new standard of integrity to the White House. He has only persisted in using the public for agenda he thinks we should all embrace and he does that by any means necessary. That is SAD!!!

  2. "I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me,"

    Now what does this Presidential apology mean? Let me paraphrase: "I am sorry that those in the situation are in the situation because of what I said, but I am not sorry for ANYTHING that I said."

    Is that close?

    1. Here's the link to that:


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