Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The New "Normal"?...Is Kidnap Pedophilia On The Rise?

Currently, headline news is that Amanda Berry, her daughter, and 2 other captives have been discovered after at least 10 years of being imprisoned by 3 male captors. I don't think that there is any sane or rational person that believes that any of what she or her fellow captives experienced was or is normal in any way, however by all reports on the outside everything appeared to be a "normal" situation in a "normal" home in a "normal" neighborhood.

Thank God for Charles Ramsey, unafraid to help when he saw something wrong! 

In fact according to Charles Ramsey, when Amanda cried out for help, as he noticed her, she was dressed "normally" and even looking as "normal" as anyone else. Ramsey, a neighbor that lived next door, describes what he witnessed both that day and previously:

Ramsey said that had he known what was going on next door, that he would have killed the captor and caught a case of "triple murder" because he would have gotten involved.  
Looking back we should ask, what is the reason that pedophilia and kidnapping of children appears to be on the rise? Is this the new trend or what we can expect in the future? Is this another "sexual diversity" (perversion) that is seeking a place within society? 

The question is, what will society do to address the issue? Is this just another fledgling sexual diversity on the rise or is this a perversion that should be condemned? Further, how and on what basis should it be condemned?
The reason I ask for the basis upon which these atrocities should be condemned, is because the captives in most of these incidents don't speak up and out right away. For whatever reason, there is usually a time or a period of silence, or even a period where people discontinue a struggle to be free. 

What held Amanda so long and why she stayed can only be discovered in the future and over time. Why was it acceptable to run in that particular moment as opposed to others over the last 10 years? I am sure that there were other times that she was alone in the home. Even in this, we don;t see that the other ladies tried to escape with Amanda at all. We don't know, at this point, actually what happened. 

The only thing that it appears that we can do is pray for the full recovery of these ladies and that justice will be imposed against their captors. For sure, the answers to these and more questions may open many eyes. 


Pray for Charles first that he be saved and secondly that his strength doesn't fail with this media rollercoaster.

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  1. Here are some of the answers to some of the questions that I pose in the article.

    This man ran a torture chamber and the women were under constant threat. in chains and in bondage. This is more than amazing and more than a shame.

    Then one of them said he wasn't a "monster". Well whoever did this was a monster plain and simple.


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