Thursday, May 9, 2013

The New Enlightenment Pt. 8 ~ TV Talk Shows & The "Prophe-Lie" Trend

Isaiah 8:19-20 ~19 - And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead? 20- To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.

It seems that since Amanda Berry has been found alive that people have taken the time to examine many of the "predictions" from the psychic community that were delivered regarding her condition and potential demise.

At the top of the horrible scrap heap of "peep and mutter" is the daytime deceiver and favorite of the former Montel Williams TV talk show,  Sylvia Browne. It seems that in 2004 Brown claimed that according to her spirit guides and messages from the great beyond, that Amanda was dead. During the height of the search for her daughter and dealing with the pain associated with a missing person, Sylvia stated the following to Amanda's now deceased mother Louwana:

"She's not alive, honey,"..."Your daughter's not the kind who wouldn't call." ~ Sylvia Brown 2004 

Sylvia also stated in 2003 that the body of the kidnapped and missing youth Shawn Hornbeck, would be found between "two jagged rocks" of course, dead as well. Well Shawn was found alive too.

In response to the Amanda Berry case, Ms. Browne delivered the following statement to the Huffington Post:
"For more than 50 years as a spiritual psychic and guide, when called upon to either help authorities with missing person cases or to help families with questions about their loved ones, I have been more right than wrong. If ever there was a time to be grateful and relieved for being mistaken, this is that time. Only God is right all the time. My heart goes out to Amanda Berry, her family, the other victims and their families. I wish you a peaceful recovery."
The Cat Has Long Been Out Of The Bag:  

Although there are many psycic die-hards, and persons that live by the mouth and predictions of psychics and their associates there remains overwhelming proof that the industry of "peep and mutter" has never been more confused or false than it is today. One would think that incidents such as this should settle the issue of  Sylvia Browne's credibility and the credibility of the practice itself especially since she is hailed as the world's leading psychic. 

However, clearly failed predictions don't stop those willing to provide further deception in effort to place themselves in line for the $$$ lost by other exposed charlatans. From the failed Psychic Friends network to the many failed predictions of the most famous, popular and wealthy modern day psychics and mediums, one thing is for sure...although there is no truth in them and they are deceived many times by their own minds and are led of foreign spirits, they will continue on and will draw a following and continue to be paid for their lies and deceptions.

Then There's Ricki...Again...&Talking To The Dead

Recently, the gay marriage affirming Ricki Lake reminded me why I quit watching her show the first time and why I suppose it's been cancelled once again, but this time after only one season. In a recently aired show claimed psychic and medium James Van Praagh undertook to tell people what their dead relatives were thinking and telling him to tell  certain members of the studio audience.  

Yes, it was the same kind of creepy as John Edward (who also claims to commune with the dead also) as partial information was made into whole truths and more and more guessing and suggestion took place in effort to create a "psychic reading". It was like a Bernard Jordan phone or television prophecy...a bunch of simple "peep and mutter"...

Then There Is The HORROR-Scope

Unfortunately, everyday, believers check and even post their horoscopes. Individuals such as Bernard Jordan even believe not only that those who prophesy should be wealthy, but that the stars are a guide to the prophetic future. Everyday, those who identify themselves with constellations known as Taurus, Leo, Aries, Pices and even as a Cancer believe that the movement of the stars and planets directly affect their lives and actions. In many cases this "prediction" will tell how the day or month should and is supposed to go. In these cases, God and his word and will is placed on the backseat or at the very least, on the mantle, until it can be determined what the stars have to say.

What Of The The Magi?
At this point many critics will assert that it was the Magi (interpreted astrologers) who followed the stars, found Jesus and worshiped him as scripture accords.

To this we respond that these individuals were # 1, seekers of God (Matthew 2:1) who didn't have the Holy Spirit to lead them into all truth (John 16:12), but were observant of the book of nature and open to the  revelation of God. # 2 no matter their previous vocation, in this case they were not led by a constellation of stars but were led by a supernatural appearance that God revealed to them and that even Herrod couldn't see although the KING (Jesus) was born in his province. 

Further, scripture records the heavens declare HIS glory (Ps. 19:1) in that the very creation itself calls for a creator and not some hap-hazard or random occurrence ..This is not an allusion to our future or some universal secret knowledge. The cosmos is not some repository of all future and past events as it is often believed in Eastern religions where mysticism and cosmic consciousness is taught and practiced. God is not a force, but he is a personal being and one that has an individual and personal path for each and every individual here on Earth. 

The Church Reading

In many of our modern church circles we have heard things such as follows. Here is a Hypothetical church reading and rendering:

Prophet: " I see someone with the name 'Ray' in your family, that the Lord is concerned with"
Individual: "I don't know of  anyone by the name 'Ray'"
Prophet:  "Well is there anyone with the letter 'R'?
Individual: "That must be Ralph, but he died 2 months ago"
Prophet: "OK, Now I see, Ralph lived in the light of the Lord that's why I must be seeing and hearing 'Ray' indicating light and illumination"
Individual: "Well, Ralph never did go to church, in fact he died of a drug overdose"
Prophet: "Well, at some point he must have known the Lord...anyway, God bless you!"

Aside from the fact that this was not a prophetic utterance in any way, many individuals live for this part of the service usually after the message (if there is a message at all). Now, before we go too far we must clarify, that this is not a "Pentecostal thing" This may happen in Pentecostal church more often or churches that are open to this type of charismatic display of the Spirit, but the fact is that this no more belongs to or is a product of Pentecostalism than alcoholism, drugs use and a simultaneous or concurrent confession of salvation is to a Baptist or Monergist.

False prophets in the church are a result of the condition of the unregenerate heart and the desire of the people to fill themselves with false or good words based on what is within them or their expectation of what they want to believe to be true. For many, truth is an incidental, not a requirement.

Jeremiah 17:7 ~ Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is.

When the church mimics the strategy of the world, we are in trouble. When the people allow this and even desire this, we are most certainly beyond being in trouble and are in God's disfavor and even anger. In the days of terror attacks, home and neighborhood kidnapping, murders and molestation and all such like, we cannot afford to follow the leading and guiding of the world. There is no truth in it or in its processes or concillors and there is no foundation for truth as we have seen by the evidence.

It is time for the church and the people within the church, to turn their hearts and minds back to God and to HIM alone for our future expectation and hope. only HE can fulfill our needs, because all of the soothsaying shall cease.



  1. Boy, this reminds me of how back in the day, I used to be afraid of the prophets and prophetesses at church for fear they would "call me out" or something; now, I'm afraid "for" them! I am hardly moved by so called "prophecies" or "prophets" these days. I believe there are those who do have that gift, for that is among the list of spiritual gifts, but from a scriptural perspective, those who are such are reluctant to say that is who they are; the gift speaks for itself and their words won't "fall to the ground" as it says in 1st Samuel. In my opinion, the gift as we have seen it in our day appears to be mainly exploitation and not really edification of the body of Christ. May the real gift of prophecy manifest as GOD gives the utterance!

    1. Richard,

      LOL! Been there and done that. Sittin' low in the seat in effort not to get "called out"-LOL!!!

      Yes, the true gift does exist, but it doesn't sell and market as well. These folk calling license plates and phone numbers need to quit. Magic tricks are what they are and are easy to come by with these sin networks. Folk in the parking lot writing down plate numbers and gettin' quick search info and such the like...please...As you state real prophets edify the Body of Christ and the Saints are better because of them. Not just monetarily either, in every way.

  2. I have a predestination baptist friend who is up on her horoscope, her Shack, Purpose Driven Vision Boards, and one day forwarded me her Sylvia Brown e-newsletter that apparently had something encouraging to her in it. I had to stop her right there, say don't send me no mess like that anymore and had to give her a Bible lesson - somehow she got the story of King Saul and the witch of Endor misconstrued.

    Yes, Pastor, you know whose got it and who don't, and I've gotten to where someone strange call me out I mouth "NO" and these preachers get their feelings hurt cause you not going with the flow. I'm drawing back from that spirit not God's Spirit, I just don't need those type of problems laid hands on me. I was visiting a small church in Chicago, the pastor had a guest speaker, some young guy from Texas there to visit his fiancee. The message started out OK, the preacher gave the testimony of his life and went on into the word ... and somewhere he says something like 'I'm a prophet or have a prophetic gift too,' and immediately I think, 'oh snap there's gonna be a prayer line' guess they not going to get out before 2 ;-). Sure enough everyone except me, a couple ushers/church mothers to keep the line flowing, and musicians are in this line - including the host pastor - getting a word in their ear for the next 35-45 minutes. Only to be topped by the seed offering of $150, that took another 20 minutes to collect cause if you didn't have the $150, get with 2 other folks and each give $50. Did I mention there were maybe 50 people including kids in this sanctuary. I was so disappointed at our folks, especially these pastors for letting this carry on.


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