Friday, April 13, 2012

Bishop T. D. Jakes On OWN ~ Many Paths, 1 God, 1 Door...Did He Answer?

I saw this interview last Sunday evening, but did not hear the Bishop's comments in full context. However, after hearing it this time, it seems that Jakes is saying something that it doesn't seem that he wants to be forced into saying. Not because he doesn't believe it, but because it may not be popular. However, you can make that determination as I could be wrong:

How Bishop T.D. Jakes Describes God

This was part of an hour long interview on OWN. Bishop Jakes was asked by Oprah, were there other "paths" to God.

I was left somewhat confused by the answer. He started off talking about celebrating freedom of religion and "tolerance" THEN changed the conversation to explain how some find God at the church, house, bedroom and even prison. Finding God at various places has NOTHING to do with freedom or tolerance. Why the confusion???

He then affirms that there may be different paths, but only one God and one Door.

Not satisfied with the answer (as well as she should not have been) Oprah ask Jakes more specifically "Are all the religions leading to that path or is it only Christianity leads to that path?"

Jakes then responds by saying that even Christians within Christianity can miss the path....and more specifically that he believes that many people can start in other religions and cross over, even at their last breath, because he believes that Jesus is that door.

I watched this interview again on Sunday April 15th. Later in another segment in the same interview, Jakes came back to this question and affirmed to Oprah that there "had to be many different paths to God, because we all have different experiences" to which Oprah affirmed that everyone's understanding is a t a different level. so that makes sense.

Jakes equivocated on the word "path" he presented it as if, being saved out of different experiences in life was acceptable. That God can save at home or in church. Oprah believes that ALL RELIGION leads to the same GOd. She believes in eclecticism and universalism.

This was a deceptive move filled with obfuscation. After watching, anyone not concerned about the Bishop's answer that is receiving spiritual guidance from him ought to have him clarify what he means. He denied the same doctrine when Carlton Pearson presented it years ago.  Why does he embrace it now???   

Did he answer the question? I think he did and it is disturbing. 



  1. Oprah: " being gay a sin"

    Jakes: "I'm not called to give my opinion. I think that sex between 2 people of the same sex is condemned within the scriptures. I don't get to give my opinion"...

    "I don't want to be known by what I'm against. I want to be known by what I'm for"

    I'm sorry, but there's something wrong with that picture.

  2. Bishop Jakes answers were anecdotal, leaving way too much room open to interpetation, when peoples eternal salvation is at stake you shouldn't play with words because WE will be held accountable!

    Elijah challenged his generation "How long will you 'flip-flop' between two opinions?! If the LORD be the true God serve him...!" 1Kings 18:21

    When Jesus was challenged by the Sadducees who said there is no resurrection, he didn't reply "I'm not called to give my opinion.." he told them directly they were in error....Matt 22:23:32
    and what if when Christ was asked,"Are you the Son of God?!" and he replied "we're all (by creation) sons of an evasive answer not wanting to offend the Sanhedrin....
    and as far as 'paths' go, Christ warned that many are on to broad (wrong) path Matt 7:13-14
    though he was correct in describing Gods power of creation, but said nothing about Gods HOLY nature and hatred of sin which is more definitive, Paul acknowledged "..there are so called gods...that are not God by nature.." simply mentioning 'God' doesn't say much
    Jakes analogy of being "only the mailman.." well, even the mailman is required to deliver right letter to the right address!
    Its quite obvious to me whats he's for...!

    1. Absolutely Jerry!

      The way he sets it forth is as if he doesn't necessarily have anything against certain sins, BUT the bible becomes his defense. In other words if it weren't for biblical morality he would have no position. Although he covers by saying, "I don;t get to say what I believe"...But that's not true either. We can say what we believe, but if we are committed to biblical truth it is greater than what we believe. In addition, our hearts should be changed so until in many instances we should believe what the bible teaches even if we don;t know chapter and verse, that is IF we have allowed Christ to do a heart work on us.

      Seems to me that this was more placating the audience, crowd and popularity than anything else. Then to be on this "Life Class"...OK, you've got mystics, and all kinds of heretics that are doing shows along the same lines. This is utter confusion! To place Christ centered teaching merely as another alternative???

      They say look at Paul on Mars Hill...that was different. Paul took the opportunity of the "unknown god" to preach Christ. That altar wasn't dedicated to God. Paul introduced it. Now we have an altar dedicated to the bible along with Buddhism, Zen, Hinduism, etc and they think that's an opportunity to "promote" the gospel. It;s an opportunity to promote self for sure.

      Alas, I won't be overly critical, but I reserve the right to discuss this as it intersects culture, truth and morality etc.

      I for one appreciate the work of Jakes. I am inspired by many things he has done. I have critically examined many of his statements on this blog as I will continue to do, hopefully not maliciously, but insightfully. I just don't think that this approach is one that those of us looking on should emulate, imitate or embrace.

  3. This is unfortunate. The ungodly spirit that is running Oprah's life has been challenging and quite frankly making a fool of so-called prophets of God on national television. What disgust as I heard and reheard the answer(s) "Bishop" spoke in regards to the two most important questions people are needing to hear in this final hour. This is how the questions are to be answered for anyone who may have gotten confused by T.D. Jakes' answer because he is a "well-known preacher":
    Oprah: Are there many paths to God?"
    Answer: No! There is only One Way and that Way is Jesus Christ. He is the only One who shed His Blood to take away the sin of the world. He is the only begotten Son of God. He is the only One who died for all man kind and who rose again after the 3rd day so that who so ever believes on Him to take over their heart and entire life will not perish and go to hell but will have eternal life in Him ad with Him.

    Oprah: How do you describe God:
    Answer: Jesus Christ

    There was thats so hard? No! It's only hard when your a false prophet because then you have to try and please the True Christians and the ones who say they are (like Oprah) but are false.
    Father forgive us...Jesus is coming soon.

    In Jesus precious and most Holy name, Amen.

    Evangelist Anita Fuentes

    1. Evangelist Fuentes,

      Thank you so much...It was really just that simple...Amazing isn't it?

  4. I am learning and watching.I am reading the book of Acts, I just finished last night about reading how Stephen preached and then was stoned. I will continue to read about the apostles as well, and how they carried this Gospel. As far as how Bishop Jakes conveys modern day evangelism outside the church or how he coined himself as a "mailman" I honestly just don't know. I thank God for ministers and teachers of the Gospel who confront Bishop Jake's method of defense of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Christianity outside his church walls, even though I consider myself far from being a scholar, I find it questionable as to who is truly being promoted. I honestly struggle with the fruit trail thus far, that has been produced from his "works" outside his church walls. With all due respect that is what I cannot help but to look at.As far as Oprah, I mean there she was, in the front seat head down, standing. It was diificult to assert from the clip if the Gospel and invitation to Christ was made open and plain. I can only Assume it was. either she is a totally self aware enemy to the cross and has no intention to yeilding of herself to the salvation of Christ or there is a working and fight going on in the recess of her soul beyond my own personal scope.

  5. God bless you Evangelist Fuentes,
    I will be visiting the website you posted.

  6. As Christians we must always be mindful that truth will cause divisions, because Light and Darkness are unequally yoked, Jesus said, "Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth, I did not come to bring peace, but a sword..." Matt 10:34-36
    (and Christ is called 'The Prince of Peace')

    'Religious' people always seem to fight against the truth, Jesus was rejected at the Nazareth synagogue for telling the truth from the scriptures, "the Spirit of the LORD is upon me..." when he had finished "..those in the synagogue were filled with wrath" and attempted to kill him Luke 4:17-29
    But, "...the common people heard him gladly"
    Mark 12:37

    Truth transends time and cultures because it is applicable in reality, you will be villified for being closed minded, elitist, & bigoted (and those are the nice insults)
    Remember the words of scripture, "HAVE I BECOME YOUR ENEMY BECAUSE I TELL YOU THE TRUTH?!
    Paul, to the Galatians 4:16

  7. I had no ideal that there is Idolatry involved , there are so many aspects to Idolatry. And I needed to repent for not being able to see the" forest for the trees" Lord please forgive me and examine my heart because I don't want it tainted with idolatry or idolatrus persons, Help me not to make excuses for the fruit that is right before my eyes, you told us to judge fruit and here it is before us.
    .help me to . Somebody is praying for the body of Christ to see through the deception.but it all leads to self

  8. District Supt!
    I could NOT agree with you more regarding T.D. Jakes!
    I had just told the Sunday school class how he (Jakes) had the opportunity to declare to the WORLD that Jesus is the Christ, The Son of the Liviving God and that there is salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we MUST be saved!" Acts 4:12 AND Jakes did not use that world stage to PROCLAIM that truth and he will be held accountable!
    Needless to say Jakes' children put on this lavish 35 year anniv of his ministry and it was FILLED with people from and of the world stage...Chaka Khan and a few otha folks who don't even acknowledge Christ.
    WHOA to you T.D. Jakes! You are NOT worthy of the title of BISHOP!
    Thank you District Supt for unapologetically holding up the Blood Stain banner and the TRUTH!!

  9. I quit watching TBN a couple years ago because so many brought to mind Matthew 7. "Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name?..."

    Thank you Lord Jesus for spiritual discernment, because I didn't use to have Bible knowledge, so it was surely a gift from above.

    It's the little foxes that spoil the vine. We would all do well to listen to any preaching/teaching with our Bibles open. I wanted to like Jakes, but I love the Lord so couldn't enjoy the "preformance".

  10. We have 2 dam commandments people !! You get the first one and you get the rest !! Being gay is not even in the 1st ten???? Jesus Christ already ! We are still judging labels we have people all which NONE are in Jesus! Love is where it is at.. Maybe being gay gets criticized so much because Love sees people not race. Sex, color or religion!! Can we just start with command number 1 and focus only on it!!!!

    1. Ms. Lil,

      The order number of God's commands is not essential in understanding God or morality. In addition, YES, we all judge don't we? YOU are making a judgment to write posts that my assessments and assessments of Christians are not up to your standards, aren't you? Are not your words full of a "judgement"? The difference is that you are judging by your own standards, not an objective authority.

      In addition, God's commands are certainly summarized in and by love but love does not tolerate injustice does it not? Who should be loved greater, the criminal or the victims?

      Now, focusing on LOVE as you say that we should, who should we love greater...God or people? That is to say that if people are doing something that God says is contrary to HIS nature and command, to whom should we cling?

      The MORAL Law of God is yet extant. Murder, stealing and just doing wrong is no more acceptable now than it was in bible days. we are yet bound to do what is morally right. In other words, we are bound to conduct ourselves morally in a manner consistent with God and HIS word as it would seem that you agree that God's command to Love is most important of all. However, I am sure, whether you are in a relationship or not that you would agree that His word also calls ALL of us, to sexual moral purity.

      If God has called homosexuality, impure, then how can you recast God's call to moral purity and say that it is unessential or somehow relegated to an "unimportant" detail?

      I post to you, if homosexuality is unimportant to God, then ANY other sexual act that a person could do is also unimportant to him as well. I am willing to live with the consequence and standards of my belief. The question is, are you willing to live with the consequence of yours?

      I'd like to hear your answer on the points that I raise if you would my sistah. Thank you.

    2. I do not intend to judge anyone intact it makes me sick to, I just try and encourage others that love is the answer and who are any of us to point out another's sin when we too have sin! God loves everyone rather we do it not ! Seeking the lost seems more important that sitting around judge fellow believers .. That's all I mean to say I apologize if I offended anyone !

    3. I think the point was made clear regarding judgement that one is making "judgments" on a certain level even if to criticize the position of them they are accusing of making judgments. We ALL make judgments everyday and to analyze the truth or appropriateness of what we see and or observe, the only question is by what standard are we making the judgement.

  11. Can we all just do the 1st commandment and speak of nothing else until you get the first one! Get the first one since beginning and the rest will follow then you can bring up gays or lesbians ( which are not even in the first 10) ever considered it gets so much criticism because LOVE is the power behind Jesus and LOve sees humans , not labels given by man and none which are in Jesus?? And no I'm not currently gay, have said one more shitty man and I'm returning the rib and swapping sides myself !! Just my thoughts

  12. Thank you sir for your comment! I guess for me I do my best to focus on God and what He is like , on his nature , his ways of doing things! God has commanded us to love each other and when you seek God, you will get His heart , and you will want only what He wants! Since the beginning He ask us to love one another , He sent Jesus to do what no one else can, as long as we in this flesh we will sin according to the world, our spirit can not sin! If you really seek God and His heart .. You see people. Condemning people , putting them done , naming all there faults ( and if we are honest no of us are fault free) will not and has not changed them ! The hilt spirit is the one to change people! Who are we to say rather another person is right with God or not and honestly .. Seeking the lost is far more important! Mr jakes has been very inspirational to me , I have not always agreed with Hom but in my opinion that man is highly annoited and if He has issues (who doesn't) then the holly spirit will work on them ! If we used the bible as a mirror and not a sword you would not have time to judge another! Intact is is Jesus hiring ???? He the only man qualified to judge , but somehow we all think it's our job! Personally why do we talk about anything other than the first 2 commandments ??? I mean we all fall short , no one is perfect , I sense that when it says forgetting those things which are behind I believe he means all that crap ... Why we in the old so much!! It's helpful , yes but not focusing on love to me is what God is still waiting on us to do ! Homosexuality is not even in the top ten , and yet we can't get even the first ten ?? Focus on loving one another and loving God and I promise you it changes you ! Homosexuality dose not bother me, no make no female in Jesus, the problems of this world do not come down to sexual preference they come down to not loving like Jesus ?? And allowing Jesus to do only what He can, The battle is the Lords, not even our fight ... Not to mention it's Done , but we all down here still tripping over LABELS all which are not in Jesus! When we repent , He don't remember ! He also says pick up your cross ( your sin) and follow me! I call sinning "qualifying " our Christian duty is to love one another no matter there sin .. Not to mention we judging the flesh ... We will leave our flesh here and spirit will go! Pray for others and there sin but to put them down is wrong! People are making comments out of a 2 minute TV show.. Had they watched the whole show it quid change thier opinion! These all are just my thoughts I prefer to judge uolift snd encourage others and if it's not nice .. I keep it to myself !!

    1. Thank you Lil Mama for your comments, and there are a few points that I would like to point out in your response that I believe are worthy of further discussion.

      You said: ...for me I do my best to focus on God and what He is like , on his nature , his ways of doing things! God has commanded us to love each other and when you seek God, you will get His heart , and you will want only what He wants!

      To focus on his nature and what he wants, in no way is an allowance of moral decay and bankruptcy. What good is it if we all love one another, and yet we are all morally bankrupt? Do you think that pleases God? Our sin is not somehow pleasing to God simply because we love him. Our love for him causes us to purify ourselves and rid ourselves of sin.

      1 John 3:3 ~And everyone who thus hopes in him purifies himself as he is pure.

      So our love for God and his people does not cause us to exclude or minimize moral purity and righteousness, it should actually call us to greater accountability both to one another and to God. From even the earliest extra-biblical writings about the early church, it was clear that those in the early church had a high commitment to solid moral and societal values. They held one another accountable to not defraud one another, commit adultery and to obey the law ( a few things Pliny the Younger (110AD) named that they committed to one another).

      You said: ... You see people. Condemning people , putting them done , naming all there faults ( and if we are honest no of us are fault free) will not and has not changed them ! The hilt spirit is the one to change people! Who are we to say rather another person is right with God or not and honestly ..

      Here again is human morality, not God's morality at work. If you believe this, you believe contrary to what God says about the subject. His word says this:

      Is. 58:1 ~ “Cry aloud; do not hold back; lift up your voice like a trumpet; declare to my people their transgression, to the house of Jacob their sins."

      Now, God told a MAN to tell the people their sins. Did the man not love them because he told them? Did God somehow not love them because he gave them this command? The key is that their SINS were doing the condemning, not the word of God nor the man by which that word was being delivered.

      In our humanness we vernture to believe that our "ways" are more right than God's ways, only we've already been warned that they (our human ways) are the ways of DEATH. (Prov. 14:12, 16:25)

    2. You said: Mr jakes has been very inspirational to me , I have not always agreed with Hom but in my opinion that man is highly annoited and if He has issues (who doesn't) then the holly spirit will work on them !"

      To which I say, he has inspired me as well. Love many of the points he delivers in his messages and have been blessed by many of them, however, that does not exclude that even he too is accountable for what he says and how he directs people. We were examining his words, not his character. His words were and are highly questionable and even deceptive in this issue. They are not sound as there is no other way to salvation EXCEPT through and by Jesus. There are not many paths to righteousness and all religions do not lead to the same God or resultant end. A gospel minister should make those things clear, IF telling truth is the primary emphasis of his mission. Otherwise, a social gospel is not a savific one.

      You said: If we used the bible as a mirror and not a sword you would not have time to judge another! Intact is is Jesus hiring ???? He the only man qualified to judge , but somehow we all think it's our job!"

      Once again, human righteousness is the standard that you implore. You say that the bible should be used as a mirror. I agree to an extent. It is a mirror. However, it is also a sword:

      Heb 4:12 ~ For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

      It is a sword in that it cuts deep and leaves no room for error. This is the point. That "mirror" causes us to see not only the good, but also the bad. I agree that we are not to use the word to simply go around complaining about all that we see, however, to not allow the word to hold us to greater standards of accountability is simply not relying on the word itself or allowing God to do what he does and that is be God. And "forgetting those things" does not mean simply walking off and saying,..." well, done that, moving on..." No, there was always repentance, penance, and reparation in as much as possible biblically.

      You said: ... Why we in the old so much!! It's helpful , yes but not focusing on love to me is what God is still waiting on us to do ! Homosexuality is not even in the top ten , and yet we can't get even the first ten ??

      Now, I've already said that numbering commands as commands of importance at the top and least important at the bottom is ineffectual. God's word is not a survey. ALL of his word is to be observed and done. Homosexuality is covered under sins of impure sexual relations. Tied to the commandments to not commit adultery or covet one's wife.

    3. Look at this. If you are correct, guess what else is acceptable and not talked about by I am CONFIDENT that you and most disagree with beastality as any type of acceptable practice. However the command in the OT is similar to the command against homosexuality...

      Lev. 18:23 ~ And you shall not lie with any animal and so make yourself unclean with it, neither shall any woman give herself to an animal to lie with it: it is perversion.

      Lev. 20:5 ~ If a man lies with an animal, he shall surely be put to death, and you shall kill the animal.

      Lev. 20:16 ~If a woman approaches any animal and lies with it, you shall kill the woman and the animal; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them. [All ESV}

      No one disputes that beastiality is wrong. However, when God says this:

      Lev. 18:22 ~ You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.

      Lev. 20:13 ~ If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them. [All ESV]

      There is always an argument with the latter, but very few disagreement with the former simply because it "jives" better with us. We pick, from the same chapter, what to agree with, what's important, and what's not important. Believe me, if men were wanting to marry their chickens, dogs and cats, we would be teaching against beastiality as vehemently and demanding that the law is not changed to accommodate them. On the flip side, since it is clear that homosexuality is now endorsed by the state, what prohibits alternate arrangements of "love" and sexual expression from receiving the same protections?

      Both you and I know that it is wrong, the only thing is, I refuse to pick apart the word of God and tell God what is important and what is not. We will all be held accountable. I can give a reasonable answer for what I believe, but I haven't seen anything but human morality at work in your statements.

    4. For the record, God cares about every aspect of our lives. He cares about how we conduct ourselves, who we have sex with and all, because our lives is supposed to be a reflection of HIS nature. If God did not care, then we could say that he is ambivalent about certain aspects of our being, and then how is that discerned and how can he possibly judge anyone or anything under those circumstances?

      What is wrong could be right and what is right could be wrong. God is NOT the author of confusion. Especially not confusion such as that.

      I can tell that you are either a new Christian or you belong to a study that does not have a high view of God's word. I would advise that you become a member of a healthy, and well balanced church and begin to learn your faith. I appreciate sharing with you, but like all believers, you need a fellowship of faith and support of believers so that you can learn and grow in the faith. If you don't, it is nobody's fault but your own.

    5. To answer your point, homosexuality is in the "top ten" because it refers to a husband and wife, which implies a man and a woman within every part of scripture, and nothing else. Why is this so hard to accept?

  13. Its not hard to understand for me at all. I just rather focus on the only commandment we have after the cross "love thy neighbor as thy self" ! I have over 55 bibles and it is not in any of my top ten commandments. I personally don't care what others "prefer" sexually- and there is no male or female in Christ. I not sure if this was a dream or what but wanted to ask you this or your opinion in gen 1 it says God created everything Heavens & earth male & female and it was ALL GOOD! I wonder sometimes if Jesus as a child had a bad dream about a dragon as a little boy? and if He shared His story with another child if that didn't spark the whole story? I know and Believe in God with all my heart. God cant contradict His word so if all He created was good? then how did anything "evil" come out of that? Just wonder your thoughts?

  14. Lil,

    If we are the Lord's servants HE has called us to purity, both morally, physically and ethically. I think we both agree on that.

    2 Tim. 2:19 ~ Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity."

    Paul told Timothy that it was a "foundational" principal to "depart from iniquity" if we say that we are HIS. The rule of witness (Deut. 17:6, 2 Cor. 13:1) on that principle is affirmed with John's writing as he discusses how the believer is to handle themselves in light of the hope of resurrection and current life before Christ:

    1 John 3:3 ~ And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure.

    Our CALLING was to be holy, pure and unspotted before the world in moral and practical purity. Our sexuality is part of our moral and practical makeup as a person. Temptation is not the issue, or what is at question. How one carries out and conducts their Christian life in an ethical and moral manner is.

    The call to purity has NOTHING to do with being male or female. It is a universal call to ALL believers. This is a NT scriptural COMMAND, tantamount and equal to anything and everything we read in the OT whether top 10 or not....

    To focus on only one aspect of God such as "love", which God IS Love, and to downplay other aspects of his character such as justice, judgement, righteousness, holiness and such the like, it to diminish his character and not bring into view his full nature. For God to be love without justice or judgement would be unrighteous. Why? Because God must, by his same nature, defend those who have been done unjustly in the world. The same God of love must judge those who have done unjustly, and hated in this world.

    The last part of your question deals with the existence of evil and the "good" creation of God. Please read this article:

    I think that addresses the issues you raise which are very important to understand in my opinion. That may be some good ongoing bible study material. Please let me know your thoughts by commenting in that article after reviewing the material once your're able to articulate a response.


  15. God is LOVE first & foremost and I personally believe if you focus only on the LOVE of God then the rest of His character for flow thru you. If you have the LOVE of God in you, your character will change your "opinions" of others. You speak of justice & judgement - even in the bible the only 1 qualified to judge us- DOES NOT! He came to save the world not condemn it. There are none righteous- no not one the bible says. We can play battleship with scripture all day long, If that is the game to be played I prefer to do it with scripture that can be touched.

  16. Lil,

    I understand what you are communicating, but I don't believe you are fully understanding the nuance of what I am saying and the details of the character of God as it pertains to the issue.

    God IS love. Not just that he "has" love. There is a distinction. Because he IS love, there would have to be judgment and justice. For instance, he would not be love if he let Hitler simply bypass both judgement and justice for his horrendous acts and actions of murder. He would not be love is he allowed the child rapist and murderer to simply walk by without consequence or reconciliation for their actions. Do you think their only reconciliation or accounting for their deeds is death? Then what of the victims? How would they experience and know the love of God?

    The mission of Jesus on earth was to open the path of redemption as the last Adam. From there people condemn themselves by not accepting HIM. As Jesus told Caiphas, he would "see" the Lord coming in the "clouds with power and great glory" (Mt. 24:30, Mk. 13:26) which was a term of JUDGEMENT drawn from Daniel 7:14. Caiphas knew this and tore his robe, which was a violation of the word of God. So to say that Jesus does not "condemn" is not exactly correct. Those who are unaccepting are condemned by their disdain for his rule whether on earth or in the final judgement.

    In addition, WE, PEOPLE of God, will play a role in judgement. We must. 1 Cor. 6:1-3 makes that case clearly. This is why we must learn what the bible says, and commit to it, because that is the standard whereby we will be held in judgement of others including angels. Of course God makes all ultimate judgments, but HIS judgment in the world follows the principle of witness.

    So love does not trump other aspects or parts of God's character. Speaking of these things as it pertains to God is not in a subject/object/relationship sort of distinction like when we communicate about one another's attributes. For example, you can say I have love...but to "BE" love is different! God does not say that he has or possesses love...the scripture says he IS love.

    Because of this distinction, as stated, judgement and justice MUST, by virtue of his being come along with the package. To BE love without also being JUST, RIGHT, HOLY, PURE and as many other things as he recounts of his essential nature, is a must. These things are not an alternate aspect of his nature, but as a full deal package. Similarly, righteousness, holiness, and other attributes that are right ARE him also. Remember he says he IS holy, not that he has holiness...

  17. Think of it like this...if love or any other aspect of his character was something that he could posses, then those things would exist outside of his character and being. Therefore he would not be eternal. Those abstracts would be eternal and that is not what the bible teaches. It did not say, in the beginning was "love" and "love" was God. HE is essential, all other things, including love are his character.

    To think of this alternately would mean that God had to go get love, justice and judgement to apply them. They exist outside of himself and are abstracts that have an existence apart from God. Because nothing exists apart from HIM and his nature, then those things exist as a result of his existence. Only HE is a necessary being or object.

    So next time you see a child murdered, a person's head chopped off by terrorists, or a loss of innocent life, or someone damaged as a result of the hatred in this world, thank God for HIS Love and for HIS Justice and Judgement that comes along with it.

    In fact, isn't that what the resurrection is all about? The understanding that though there is hatred that consumes, that one day there will be justice, judgement, and a reconciliation of all things, so that what is lost now will be realized later.

    So to "focus" on love, does not mean to forsake who HE is and how he describes himself in his fullness. Holiness, righteousness, mercy, judgement, and judgement cannot be excluded in our "focus" as he must, because of his constraining love, do ALL of those things to make anything make sense at all and to avenge those done wrong which he promises to do!

  18. Now the application of that understanding helps us to understand why purity, both sexually, morally ethically and in all aspects of our lives is essential. The same God who loves, applies justice, judgment, mercy, righteousness, and all of his character and being.

    John 3:16 states that God LOVED the world...the most quoted verse in the bible. But Peter, in 2 Peter:3 states that he saw the earth and the elements melt with a "fervent heat". This is a description of judgment upon the inhabitants of the same earth that he loved.

    Now, does anyone dispute those facts? Can we focus on one thing and by virtue of our focus make the other things go away? To do so would be fantasy.

    If God allows the sexually immoral and the defiled to obtain the same benefits as those who are holy and pure, then God is capricious and by virtue of that not God at all. First he would be lying about everything. Secondly, he would be using an arbitrary standard that we could not follow.

    If your husband or significant other, said he loved you, but was not clear in how he deals with you, and crossed the lines in dealing with other women, you would probably say, "you don't love me at all!" and you would be right. His failure to commit to standards of what are right proves not only his love, but his commitment to you and ultimately truth.

    We may give men a pass on issues, because we are not perfect, however God is perfect! He is not confused and he is not arbitrary or capricious.

    This issue must be on your mind, as it seems that God is challenging your learning in this area. I hope you are being edified.


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