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Transgender? Here Is A Word For You...

I recently had a dialogue with a transgender man who has decided to live his life as a woman. After some conversation about his past he revealed that he had a desire early in life to cross-dress as a woman, but without anyone telling him, he "knew" that desire was wrong. He felt that the beauty of a woman was overwhelming so much until he desired to look like one. until his sister caught him trying on her clothes, no one knew his desires. It was  a secret kept until he moved out of his home at age 18 and began to date men and dress regularly like a woman.

He was raised in a Christian home and one in which church was a regular and normal part of life and existence was not abused in any way that he could remember and has shared his lifestyle over the years with his parents who guardedly accept his choice, but do so with full love for him as a person.

Viewing his behavior as a normal diversity, he did his best to convince me that his way of life was acceptable to God and that he was one who was just "enjoying life". This is where and how I concluded the conversation:

The Dialogue:
Well the truth is that men have a capacity to "enjoy" a lot of things but that doesn't make the things they enjoy right. Killers "enjoy" murder, but there's no good to be found there. The list goes on and on.... 
(This Person Was Born A Man)
What I want to point out is what I believe that has happened at least in the instance of your spirit as it pertains to this life and your lifestyle. I believe some answers for you and many that embrace the lifestyle that you embrace are contained in Genesis. In Genesis 2 God makes man (men and women) a "living soul" There is a body-soul union. Man is not simply one part. He has a dualistic or 2 part nature. I know you've read John 3 as Jesus recites to Nicodemus that which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the spirit is spirit and that Paul teaches that first "natural then spiritual" 1 Cor. 15:46. I think you know that is simple and clear. 
What may not be so obvious is how the enemy of our souls appeals to us and captures us. He has done this since our inception and that is revealed in Genesis. In Genesis 3 satan, in the form of a serpent, appears to Eve and begins to suggest some "alternative facts" to her. First, he rehearses what God has said to her suggesting that God has left some vital information out. He sows the seeds of doubt and calls God's character into question. (v.2.) In verse 4 he directly contradicts truth that she had previously received. And v. 5 (he, the devil) offers her a whole new world of possibilities. and in v. 6 appealed to her "sight" (material side of her being) and ability to become more enlightened (wise) than they were in their creation. When this whole thing broke down, they would later go on to hid themselves among fig leaves (more material substance) God, with whom they had once spoken with to face to face, was someone they ran from out of fear. 
Who told them to hide? Why didn't they simply tell God what had happened? It was their sense of right and wrong that had been expanded and they somehow "knew" they were wrong in some way which caused them to hide. 
Let's just make some contrasts there: 
At an early age, whether anyone told you or not, you "knew" that boys wearing girls dresses was a wrong thing to do. As I stated, not making the child feel bad, but something told you somewhere that what you desired to do and the feelings you had while doing it were wrong. satan, like he always does, appealed to your flesh. Your material being. You saw the beauty of a woman and desired that beauty to be upon you. At the same time you were dealt feelings of lust for men. These were two different things/ how do I know? Because a man or woman can feel same sex attraction without desiring to look like the opposite gender. Some women are lesbians, but still look very much like women. Men the same way. I don't need to educate you on this. However, in your case, did you not only have same sex attraction, you also had the desire to be like and look like something that you were not when you were born. The whole root of that is based on the same motivations that satan used in Gensis 3. He appealed to the senses, the material existence and what makes you know that it was wrong then, even as it is now, is that you hid from men and from God at least until you were 18. 
What I am saying is that there is nothing "new under the sun" satan attacks each of us the same way. Through and by materialism and flesh, seeking to incite our intellect and sensory perception. This is and was not a spiritual transaction. To show how evil satan is, he attacked a child (you) overwhelmed him with sensory perceptions that he did not ask for and made him live in guilt, trying to hid himself and then isolated him, telling him that noone would understand...this was nothing but a big trap set to kill human flesh and destroy any spiritual perception that you would have. 
Now, what do we do? 
First, you have to know, that if you really "love God" as you claim (and I believe that you do) that God is not a deceiver. He is not deceptive, nor is he seeking opportunity to destroy you. He was not indifferent when you were struggling with the feelings of liking and being drawn to women items, looks and appearances. It was not him that constructed the feelings or the temptations. In your loneliness he was there and is there now. His hand is extended to save, pull you up and out and into restoration. 
Second, you have lived a lifestyle of concupiscence where there has not only been lust but the desire for lust has been enhanced. Thus insatiable desire that you communicated to me earlier. You must be willing to confess that as sin, evil and less than what God has desired for you in life and living. Your lust and seeking to carry it out has been inspired by the evil one, not by God and has not been designed to appeal to your spirit but a work of the flesh. 
Third, you must repent for your part in seeking to go against what you "knew" was contrary to truth and right. You did not know everything, but the things that you did know are what were used to begin this process in you. 
Does Christ accept you? Yes, but that acceptance is to redemption, not continued misuse of your body and life. That acceptance is not based on the deceit and false narrative that a woman is trapped in a man's body or vice-versa. That acceptance is based on mercy, grace and a renewal of life, heart and spirit. 
What is the church's role in this? 
Like Lazarus, when Jesus called him out of the tomb, the church's role is to free you from the grave clothes that bind you. Those grave clothes keep you imprisoned even though you would be free. The church's job is to help undo those wraps that have held you and that restrict your freedom and even bind you to death. Flesh and material can and will embrace many things in this life. We are people made lower than angels, but higher than animals. However the capacity for what we aspire to is great. If we live after material or after the flesh, we can construct a complete life based on that. However, if we life after spiritual or higher things, we too can construct a life built on those things. 
Unlike what philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre claimed, each one of us have been created with purpose. Prior to our existence God KNEW us. This means that we were not and are not a surprise to him. We are purposefully delivered to this world, even prior to or being or existence. Remember Jeremiah, "before you were formed in the womb, I knew you" (Jer. 1:5) Further Psalms 139:16 says that your days were written by God before you were even formed. Since God made a man and a woman, and nothing in between that, and since God made you and ordained you before you were even born, it should be nothing to realize that he did not make a mistake. He made you a MAN. 
Yes you struggle like all of us due to sin, but yet and still am man. Not a woman. Now, if I am speaking to one that "loves the Lord" as is the claim, you will take and consider these things. You will search and look at the book of life, then contrast that to your life and if there be any variance, you will kneel down to ask the Lord what you must do now. I continue to pray for your healing and restoration. God IS and HE will never change. Part of what he is is Grace and mercy. healing and restoration. I pray that you find that, live in it and become the strong MAN that he created you to be!
I render this because some of you may have either family or friends that are pre or post op transsexuals and want some strategies to minister to those struggling between identities. At the heart of the issue is a soul that feels the tug of the Holy Spirit, knowing, without explanation that they are engaging in behavior that is contrary to God. On the other hand is an affirming world and even an affirming church that are on their way to judgement and want as many as possible to come along for the terrible ride. 

1 Cor. 6:9 ~ Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, (ESV)

It is love to show compassion, to tell the truth and to honor the word of God. All transgender and homosexuals should know the truth. We owe it to them to tell it. Christ died to break the bondage of all sin, including the sin of transgenderism.

By the way, I didn't ask, but I suppose this man has found a way to pan for men on social media by displaying and representing himself as a woman with provocative pictures. This picture posted above is simply one among many on his timeline. Weak men, don't be another Jerry Springer statistic! 

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