Monday, July 31, 2017

Protesting TRUTH & A Frazier Knock-Out

It seems that the confusion over sex and sexuality continues at the intersection of sin and ungodliness.

It seems that gay advocacy is alive and well within the city of Chicago. Apparently, there was a rally against the Apostolic Church Of God over the weekend due to the church's faithfulness to scripture and traditional marriage.

It seems that a former member of the church, who evidently recently entered into a lesbian marriage, was dis-fellowshipped because of her marriage. While intricate details here are unknown, what is known is that the gay community, with the biblically illiterate in tow, is attempting to paint the picture that the bible somehow endorses the SIN of homosexuality and vicariously homosexual marriage.

Of certainty, we can say that they are wrong, have been wrong, and will not be right until such time as they repent of their sins and stop bullying the church by falsely accusing it of discrimination. Here's the video: 

The "pastor" of Lighthouse Church, Jamie Frazier,appears to be one of the apostate conduits for this argument against the church and traditional biblical truth. He raises some questions in effort to capture the attention of the community. Therefore, briefly, let's answer and address some of "pastor" Jamie Frazier's rambling and biblically confused assertions:

First, Frazier asserts: "The pulpit is not a weapon with which to silence, but rather it is a beacon from which to shine light," 

To that we all agree. The LIGHT is the light of Christ to the world. That light says that there is a difference between what is clean and what us unclean, and a difference between what is holy and unholy. That light says that we (the church and individual believers) are the "salt of the earth" and if we loose our savor, all we are good for is to be trodden under the foot of men. The LIGHT points men and women in the right direction and shows the world our "good works" so that God may be glorified. (read Mt. 5) The problem is, living in and endorsing sin is NOT a light, but is DARKNESS!

You see Mr. Frazier, the pulpit is not to be used to endorse, glorify or encourage SIN. The pulpit is not yours. It is not mine. It belongs to God and those of us who approach it are to do so faithfully as it pertains to HIS word, and HIS truth, not ours!

Frazier asks: "How could we say two men or two women in a committed god honoring relationship are sinning?"

First, "pastor", two men and or two women cannot be "married" to one another and that be considered "god honoring" relationship from a biblical perspective. We are not talking about secularism. You did not protest City Hall or the Statehouse. You protested a church. The church's first mission is faithfulness to the WORD of God, not adherence to political correctness or to moral relativism. 

The bible teaches that homosexuality is a dishonorable act. Rom. 1:24 ~ "Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:"

The very act of homosexuality (otherwise referred to as uncleanliness within the text) and consequently, within our society, homosexual marriage, is not anything that God "honors". Why would God honor something that dishonors men and mankind? It (homosexuality) is a behavioral sin like others and yet more. It is an encapsulated lifestyle contrary to biblical and scriptural truth, and is aggressive in nature. For example, one cannot find an adulterer or hardly a pedophile, (both behavioral sins) that believe that their sin should be embraced and accepted prima-facia by others. Many of them do not wish to be seen, yet alone known for their sin. However, the homosexual advocate seeks to gain acceptance of their homosexuality from everyone in their community, subjugating every institutional moral value to its acceptance. This is why they are saying (you are saying) that the church is "discriminating". This is name calling, shaming and out right bullying. Bullying in effort to "make" people accept your behavioral issue as an acceptable moral value.  

The sin of homosexuality, having gained acceptance within liberal facets of society due to political means, processes, bullying and other reasons is something that many of those who advocate for it attempt to present as an argument simply about "diversity" and equal rights, as opposed to moral truth. However, homosexuality is a behavior, and a product of existential thinking where man creates his own purpose as opposed to seeking the purpose of God for his existence. (Read HERE for more information on existentialism and what you are actually endorsing by endorsing this sin) 

Therefore your question is logically incoherent. Men cannot honor God in homosexual relationships because God views that relationships of the sort, are dishonoring to themselves and to humanity. So try that one again "pastor" and give us a question that makes sense so that we can address it!

Finally, Frazier says: "Show me how two men or two women loving one another diminishes their capacity to love god, to love themselves and to love other people,"

Let's start with the latter red-herring arguments...1- no one claims that homosexuals do not "love themselves" and cannot "love other people" neither of those are the arguments...2- the bible commands us to 'love one another" so that is not in question. 

What the homosexual does is lust with and or have sex with one another. In modern times this leads to what has been deemed "homosexual marriage". It is homosexual marriage and the normalization of the practice of homosexuality that the church correctly and properly stands against. Not the ability or inability of the homosexual to function, display love, care and concern for any and all individuals in life. 

To what I believe the "point" of your challenge is: 
Jesus, speaking in the context of money, reveals that no man can serve 2 masters. They will either hate one and love the other. (Mt. 6:24) Our love leads to our service, allegiance, self-sacrifice and faithful adherence to HIS word.

If it can be demonstrated that our "love" or how we carry out our love, is either honoring or dishonoring to God, as I believe that it can, then we can firmly make the statement and set forth the truth that if our love is dishonoring to HIM by virtue of our actions, we cannot say that we love HIM, if the meaning of that is to live in a state and condition of submission to HIS truth and word. under those conditions, we can certainly say that we love ourselves, and possibly considerations for God, but we cannot truly say that we love HIM if we do not intend to forsake that which is dishonoring to HIM and that which HE does not honor. 

Therefore, by demonstration of what a man does by his actions, a revelation of the capacity of the individual to "love God" can be determined. When a person embraces homosexual activity, their capacity to "love God" is diminished, hindered and severely limited or restricted. In this ethos, self becomes greater than God and personal fulfillment of desire is central to the person and that person lives in union with self, rather than in union with God. 

Anything greater than God, HIS truth and HIS word in our life is an idol and is therefore "another" god, not the God of the bible!

Final Thought:

This attack has nothing to do with the "denomination" of the church. All churches faithful to traditional biblical values are targets. 

The church in general does not and cannot not prohibit anyone from simply attending. After all the church should be a place of healing to them who are spiritually sick and ailing. However the church has an obligation to restrict the ungodly from leadership. Without compromise, the church should not look like and act like the world...though it (the church in general) and those who lead people astray such as Mr. Frazier, will pay the price!


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  1. Now, I have reached out to "knocked-out" Frazier as well as Apostolic Church Of God. To Frazier, all I can say is stop smelling the sauce of this liberal generation, go back to the TRUTH of the word of God and holiness without which no man shall see the Lord and do your work over.

    Anyone, opposing or favoring is welcome to comment, however the TRUTH reigns!


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