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Star Parker: A Lawless Society

In her recent article in the Catalyst Magazine, a publication of the CURE (Center For Urban Renewal and Education) conservative activist Star Parker outlines the correlation between FBI Director Jim Comey’s rationalization regarding the violations of Democratic Presidential Candidate and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, in her apparent email scandal and the seeming lawlessness and violent civil unrest that has sometimes occurred at recent Black Lives Matter events and rallies around the country. In the article Star says:
“What we are witnessing is the chaotic result of a society that is becoming each day more lawless. The basis of civilized, decent and just society is law. But law, if it’s going to be respected, must be rooted in core values and eternal truths. In the words of our second President, John Adams, we need a “government of laws, not of men”. 
Star goes on to say:
“In our zeal to purge our nation of Judeo-Christian values, driven by the false notion that religion hampers rather than enhances our freedom, we bear the consequences of this effort. We wind up with a government of men, not laws.”
Star also affirms that when law is not applied or taken seriously at the highest levels of society that those “struggling in life” will conclude that the country itself is unfair, and that there is no legislation that will calm people who do not feel respected or taken seriously. 

The Anarchy Of Black Lives Matter

Although I am certainly no fan of the Black Lives Matter movement, as I have expressed HERE, it should be noted that the unfairness of practices and policies within society is exactly what the Black Lives Matter(BLM) movement is attempting to address under its social justice agenda. However, the efforts have been perceived as unfriendly to public safety by many who have witnessed the outgrowth of anger and the veracity in which arguments are raised It is exactly the correlation between lawlessness, liberalism, injustice, and the attempt to correct injustice without embracing theologically inspired moral value paradigms that has allowed the movement to proliferate and find a place in the hearts and minds of a new generation of activists and those who see themselves as having been treated unjustly and unfairly by the system that currently exists. 

As stated, the methods embraced by the BLM movement has led to a host of social upheaval efforts
as outlined in their literature and multiple interviews. Founder of the movement and lesbian activist, Alicia Garza, states that in her opinion, the police, as we know of the institution within our society, should be done away with or disbanded. Ms. Garza, a bona-fide socialist and near communist in her views and application of what a society should embrace and operate, appears to believe that most of the primary institutions within society are driven not only by race, but by male dominance and heterosexism, which, from studying her commentary, have all combined to hurt the Black community and take advantage of all of them that are struggling in life. 

Ms. Garza’s sentiments were born out of her observations of activities and police interactions in the San Francisco Bay area, in which she describes that the police and policing activities were and are basically a tool for gentrification in which unfair and obtuse laws are unfairly applied to target Black people in particular, oppressing them so much and ultimately forcing them to clear out of entire areas and neighborhoods so that the White establishment can do a “land grab” and ultimately community redevelopment without having to pay the people from whom they initially took the land.

Ms. Garza's Interview by The Nation Blog and her comments regarding abolishing the police acan be found HERE

It seems that examination of practices such as these, which includes the systematic murder of persons of color by police activities, and other issues all around the country appear to be a combination of primary reasons that the BLM movement gained so much appeal among many Blacks and others who have witnessed similar in their neighborhoods and communities, and who have felt taken advantage of and belittled by what others, primarily the White establishment, believe are societal norms.

Moral Values, Society & The Law Of God 

If what Star has set forth is true, that we are in turmoil as a country because of the lack of respect for law even at the highest ranks of society, and also from the disdain of a transcendent source of objective moral values and law, and I believe that she is correct, then there is no natural solution to our plight as a nation and as a people. If she is correct, then we can expect to see more and more unjust laws continue to come forth based on what men think is true as opposed to what God says is true. 

Under the system of subjective morality, standards are only as good as the group that is in power says that they are. Everything, right and wrong, moral good and bad, is relegated to what men “think” is true and what men ‘feel” is right or good. 

If men can contour truth to be whatever they want it to be, or make truth include whatever constructs that they think are correct, then we are relegated to a disparity that will always be based on the strength and moral right of men and mankind. In other words there will always be injustice. The interpretation and application of law will always be applied as it facilitates politics and classism. Ultimately, someone, left out of those damaged by the process will invariably feel that they must fight, by whatever means, to make their cause heard. 

The socialism/communism that the BLM movement promotes will not correct or fix the problem. In fact, the socialism espoused by the BLM movement will only exacerbate the problem by taking from a class of people what they believe is theirs, by disregarding the law or at least making exceptions within the law based on personal appeal and exceptions to it. 

As Star suggests, there is no legal proceeding or ruling from the Supreme Court that will correct the problem. If guns are totally banned from America, that will not solve the problem or issues. No legislative action can fix a problem that stems from the heart and the hearts of men and mankind. The only thing that will fix and or correct the problem is a reversion back to sound moral truths and values based on what is true. Not based on what someone accepts or perceives to be true. There is a vast difference.

Acceptance Of Truth

Pilate stood before Jesus and asked, “What is truth?” (Jn. 18:38) What he did not know, but soon found out afterward, was the Jesus was different than anyone he had met up until that point in his life. To know Jesus, was to know truth! To know him and to have met his is what made him want to wash his hands clean of any misconception or negative association with him. To know the word of the Lord IS to know truth: 

John 6:63 ~ It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh is no help at all. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life. 

We live in a society that feels that truth, moral right and the assessment of moral wrong are negotiable and that concepts of absolute truth are hindrances to freedom. Mistakenly, many contend that truth and freedom comes from an unlimited abundance of objects from which to choose. However, in reality truth only comes from the unfettered ability to make a choice and once a choice is made, the individual is bound by the choice that he makes.

God has stated what is good, right and moral for mankind to live by. Within his statements are LIFE and pure freedom. If God has said that premarital abstinence is what we should experience and we follow his mandate and proscriptions, how many unwanted pregnancies would be avoided? How many STD’s would not be transmitted? How many sleepless nights would be avoided simply because someone followed and obeyed the truth? I don’t want to paint the picture that following truth is easy by any means, but what I do want to say is that following truth and right, makes living and life much more fulfilling. 

John 15:11 ~ These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.

The law of God has come through Jesus to fulfill our joy, not to hamper or hinder it. We are hampered by our redefinition of truth and moral right. When that happens society feels and knows there is an injustice and there will always be opposing ends of the spectrum of truth, right and wrong. 

Man’s redefinition of marriage has hampered us as a society, not freed us. Man’s redefinition of life and when that life has rights, has hampered us, not freed us. Man’s moral landscape of pluralism and subjectivism has hampered us, not freed us. Man’s desire to rid himself of God, and standards of objective moral values and truth has hampered us, not freed us.

The best that we can do is realize that as a society, if wrong can be identified, then right can certainly be known. Since we have been created by God, then within every one of us is the ability to know that which is right and distinguish it from that which is wrong. Even at that truth and right does not need our agreement. What is right is right by itself and what is wrong is wrong everyday of the week and cannot be amended to be right. 

One thing I know, to know Jesus is to know the truth and to know the truth is to know his word, because HIS word is right! In a word where there is so much unrest, we should want to know the rest of Jesus above all other things and we will only find that rest when we yield to him, his word and his law, because his law delivers LIFE to all men who hear and do it. 


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