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NO EVIDENCE For "Born This Way" and Many Other Novel Speculations Regarding Sex and Sexuality

As I stated on a recent Facebook posting, our President has said for years that he is a "man of science". This phrase has been spoken by him regarding issues from stem cells to updating our beliefs on the bible and especially as it pertains to homosexuality in a modern, scientifically enlightened age. 

The Science. It's Not What They Said It Was!

Recently, a study entitled:"Sexuality and Gender Findings from the Biological, Psychological, and

Social Sciences" was authored and released by Dr's Lawrence S. Mayer, and Paul R. McHugh. Needless to say the study has rocked the world of the homosexual advocacy, debunking claims and calling other modern, supposedly scientific, novel speculations way too premature:
"While some people are under the impression that sexual orientation is an innate, fixed, and biological trait of human beings — that, whether heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual, we are “born that way” — there is insufficient scientific evidence to support that claim. In fact, the concept of sexual orientation itself is highly ambiguous; it can refer to a set of behaviors, to feelings of attraction, or to a sense of identity. Epidemiological studies show a rather modest association between genetic factors and sexual attractions or behaviors, but do not provide significant evidence pointing to particular genes."
The study, certainly not defending a Christian view of sex and sexuality, dispells many of the most common myths promoted by the liberal elite that human sex and sexuality is an innate property of human beings. Although the study does not affirm that sex is a choice, as I have held and will continue to hold on this blog, it can be said that at best, sex and sexuality is a product of environment and environmental pressures and is an outgrowth of certain experiences of human biological and psychological development rather than being an inborn part of ones human physiology.

Now, some would say, "well there is no evidence that one is born a heterosexual either"...To which we should all say that the evidence is abundant. If heterosexuality is a product of "evolution" then we can say that it, rather than homosexuality has preserved the species. There remains to be no homosexual procreation! Further, and more to the point, heterosexism follows the natural order of biological life and as sentient beings with a spirit in tact (not just flesh) the proscription of God to be "fruitful and multiply" satisfied both the longing of the flesh for relevance and the desire of the spirit to carry out the will of God on earth. 

Children, A Motivating Factor

One of the reasons that these professionals undertook the study was the astounding and even ridiculous propositions hoisted that children even as young as 2 years old felt that they were sometimes "trapped" in the wrong body and had "feelings" of being an opposite sex.  
"Yet despite the scientific uncertainty, drastic interventions are prescribed and delivered to patients identifying, or identified, as transgender. This is especially troubling when the patients receiving these interventions are children. We read popular reports about plans for medical and surgical interventions for many prepubescent children, some as young as six, and other therapeutic approaches undertaken for children as young as two. We suggest that no one can determine the gender identity of a two-year-old."
While this study was far from a biblical or Christian or even theological treatment of the subject and subject matter, the study confirms much of what we know and teach as Christians, 

1- That there is no biological evidence supporting the notion that human beings are born gay
2- That children should be taught the difference between feelings, and identity.

The scripture is clear:

Prov. 22:6 ~ Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

While the bible does not guarantee that a child will do the things that a parent trains or teaches them to do, it does solidify the fact that a moral foundation is an essential element of life and living and that moral foundation continues to be the foundation of the child as he or she grown into adulthood. 

The culture is fighting for the minds of the children because satan knows that if he can turn the minds of a generation until it does not realize that we are created spiritual beings and not merely material beings, that he has a stronghold to feed humanity nearly any and everything in the name of "acceptableness"...

Look at it...even some of the church has fallen to the belief, rooted in rank naturalism, that humans are no more than glorified primates and animals only acting out on an evolved desire to thrive as a species. If that is true, if any sort of sexual activity is permissible, if all actions are unquantifiablely without restriction and ultimately without moral value. If that is the case then all of life is utter confusion and there is no reason to do good outside of some selfish means and desire for survival,


While this study certainly won't be the last word on the subject, it does finally clear the air of what we have been saying. That homosexuality has no basis in empirical science and that being "born this way" is more of a self declaration than a declaration based on evidence or fact.

Believe it or not, God has not made any mistakes or errors. Even the "inter-sexed" are not mistakes. When God made man, he made a man. When he made a woman, he made a woman, without excuse or a thought that she or he should be the opposite sex or gender.

To the homosexual, this argument is NOT about your worth or value, neither is it about your contribution to society. You are worth a great price and your contributions help make all of us what we are. However, it is about SIN. Sin is a heavy burden to carry, this is why Jesus asks that you cast your burden upon him. (Matt. 11:28-30, 1 Pet. 5:7) My sin may be different than yours but it is ALL sin and unworthy of a holy God and cannot be legislated into normalcy. No matter how many people accept it, it is still sin and unworthy of God.

Though men try, we cannot change God and or his nature to suit or accommodate our sin. Neither should we seek to do so. In that we will be judged with a greater judgement for changing the truth of God into a lie. (Rom. 1:25)  The lie of men. We should however, use every moment of our lives to pursue him and conform to HIS standards rather than our own. To preach against sin is to preach what will save and change lives, and that is the truth..

As I see these internet preachers and ministries, and watch what is supposed to be Gospel on TV, one thing is clear, the GOSPEL is not being preached. What we are hearing is spiritual psychology being passed off as gospel. We are hearing health, wealth and prosperity being passed off as gospel. We are hearing a social message of confusion, immorality and contradiction being passed of as gospel. We are hearing a message of EXCUSES being passed off as gospel. However, the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ is transformative. It can change a sinner's heart and desires and clean the hands of the defiled. 

The GOSPEL is the POWER of God unto salvation. Homosexuality or any other sin need not control you when you have received the GOSPEL. I would that all churches would realize that it is not the next great program or musical that will change is not the next great choir that will turn minds...neither is it the next great and most flamboyant preacher that will turn the tide of sin, it is the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ that has transformed men and women...transformed. adulterers, homosexuals and even those caught in sin's stronghold for generations of time...

Rom. 1:16 ~ For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek 


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