Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Taking a STAND For Religious Freedom...Then There's Tyler & Magic!

Although GA Governor Nathan Deal was a no less than a coward in declining to sign the religious protection act into law known as "The Free Exercise Protection Act", we are glad to see that there are other government officials and state legislatures that have answered the call to protect religious freedoms. 

On Tuesday April 5th, 2016 Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed the "Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act" into law. The Law, formerly known as HB757, seeks to protect religious freedoms and stop the adverse actions of discriminating against the religious and religious freedoms when it comes to marriage and other socially acceptable norms as it pertains to religious values.

The Message: 


Neither our religion nor our values are FOR SALE or Compromise!!!!

All of this is in light of the fact that the business community and entertainment industry, led by homosexual advocacy, are seeking to shame all of them that wish to stand FOR religious freedoms and protection of religious rights and values. 

So I need to at least say a word about business and entertainment and more specifically Tyler Perry...

As stated, the so called business lobby led by Soulforce and the news media is FULL of garbage on the issue. Just this evening the talking point hailed by our local news media, NBC TV 25 Peoria (which also owns ABC TV 19 Peoria ~ talk about a monopoly on news information) led with direct misinformation straight (no pun intended) from the HRC and homosexual lobby camp on the issue, claiming that Mississippi is now "refusing service" to homosexuals and those that embrace homosexual marriage. 

NOTHING is further from the truth! Mississippi has moved to PROTECT religious institutions and citizens with closely held religious beliefs and values from having their rights stripped by the state or government. In other words, the homosexual lobby will NOT be allowed to use the state and or the law to DISCRIMINATE against the religious in matters of beliefs and values by making them set aside their beliefs in order to serve institutions which are diametrically opposed to religious values. 

The law PROTECTS businesses who serve individuals who believe in traditional family values. The law PROTECTS religious institutions by not allowing the government or any other entity to make them second class citizens because they believe in fundamental and traditional values. The law PROTECTS citizens and businesses against government penalties, fines and retaliation because of religious values and freedoms. 

Sad that in America such a law even needed to be passed, but the ridiculousness of the homosexual lobby is deafening and so severely obtuse that it is impossible to believe how far we have FALLEN...not the last 8 to 10 years!

Slapping The CHURCH In The Face:    

Then, there is "Gospel rich" Tyler Perry, who was in union with the entertainment industry in GA against Governor Deal and religious protections threatening to move his studios if GA signed religious freedoms protections into law...


Tyler Perry, who's claim to fame is that he cross-dresses to play a woman named "Mudea", owes nearly ALL of his success to the church and the church world. His fame was centered and targeted within the church and church people who carry a bible that teaches that homosexuality and homosexual marriage IS a sin! The only reason they are able to do this and support him and his ventures is because of RELIGIOUS FREEDOMS!

Erroneously claiming that protecting religious freedoms was tantamount to "discrimination", the new buzzword of the homosexual BULLY lobby, and urging Gov. Deal to act in favor of the homosexual lobby against religious and pastoral freedoms that were set forth by the bill, Perry's spokesperson said:
“At Tyler Perry Studios, we believe in inclusion and equality for all people,”...“We do not tolerate bigotry, division and discrimination,”
For Tyler, through his spokespersons, to stand up against the protection of Christian and biblically centered vales and beliefs, and labeling Christian freedoms as "discrimination" is more than enough for me to NEVER purchase another Perry inspired product or see another Perry inspired show or movie again. His stand against Christian moral values is more than enough for me to tell EVERYONE that I know to DISCONTINUE watching Perry films, movies and TV series and stop supporting Perry productions!

Yes, I am serious and we should be serious. There was comedy before Tyler and there will be comedy afterward! Anyone who stands against Christian liberty and freedom is certainly not a yoke-fellow either in the service of the Lord or in Christ's mission to the community.

Magic & Tyler:

Unfortunately, due to recent controversy, I must say this...While I do not hold Earvin "Magic" Johnson in the same light as Tyler Perry, I would yet hold the same sentiments for Magic as mentioned above. Magic, who is a member of West Angeles COGIC, did not "juice" the church for his success. He is simply a businessman and a person that attends church and has opinions favoring homosexual rights even against his teachings on the issue. Magic has a right to his opinions as long as he knows that his views have no basis in biblical teaching. Everyone is entitled to either agree with the truth or disagree and align themselves with error...

Whereas Tyler has used the church for success and now continues to slap it in the face...

I once appealed to Tyler for help on issues of healing those suffering as a result of sexual abuse...he didn't respond to our requests then and if he should read this now, he should know that he can keep his "help" to himself or for alternate purposes...GOD is greater than money and certainly greater than fame. Especially the money and fame of those opposed to HIS cause and purpose. He can be of no true help to the church taking positions on social issues against it!

It is my prayer that States and legislatures would continue to stand against discrimination against religion and religious values and stand in favor of rights and protections of women and children by protecting them from intrusions in public restrooms and locker rooms and other gender confused tactics such as the ability to change, modify and or alter a birth certificate which should not EVER be done! Can you hear me Illinois?  



  1. That fool BIG FAKER had said this regarding this post:

    "First off its MADEA not mudea. God almighty puts people in positions because He is in control. And I am so sick of reading all these internet bs about Tyler Perry, Oprah and Td jakes- I have never met any of them, never spoken to any of them and those 3 have helped me more than anyone else EVER- and I live in a town full of the different man made denominations and during the worst time of my life ( these last 3 years) it has been those very 3 and a few friends that has helped me. MADEA has been the ONLY reason I picked my ass off my own living floor and on several occasions. And to God almighty my LIFE is just as important as anyone's - so for Madea in a dress, in another state picking up another of Gods children off the floor- to get back up and keep on! And you speak of standards & morals-- I know alot of us believers that look around and "wonder where the hell they went?" Over 300 denominations, same bible, same Jesus - BUT holy shit- they all have different beliefs??? We all need to repent because none of us are doing the one dam thing God has been asking us to do from the BEGINNING and that is LOVE ONE ANOTHER. You state "boycott him" but It states in the bible if you hate your brother or dont like him- you do not know God and the love of God is not in you. Organized religion my ass- its the most unorganized shit in this world. Another man of God, putting another man of God down, and you men are supposed to be leading. TWO GREATEST COMMANDMENTS - JUST 2... only 2. There are only 2 commandments. Repeat 2 commands..only 2! Just 2 ..only 2!"

    To which I responded:


    You've already proven that you don;t know what you are talking about. the 2 commandments that you mention are not are only task of what we should do and strive to be as I have stated elsewhere when you've tried to commandeer the conversation.

    You are an IDIOT to rant and rave about love on one hand and cuss like a sailor...SHUT-UP and go away!!!! You lunacy is not welcomed as it has devolved into further abject STUPIDITY!

    BTW: Madea is the sanitized WHITE spelling of the word...MUDEA is how Black people from all over the South said it and wrote it when they knew how to write it.

    Tyler was on shaky ground for perpetuating the stereotypical characterization of the Black man in the first place by castigating himself with a role portraying male effeminacy. He has proven that he is NOT committed to Christian cultural values and who are you to question my opinion?

    I'll tell you...NOBODY!!!!

    To which I say, AMEN and AMEN again!!!!

    1. One can read the "love" in her commentary can't you??? It;s the type of love that says don;t be alone with this person in an alley and expect to be alive at the end of the day...a scripturally illiterate and unregenerate person trying to tell us how to show and display Christian values...what a piece of work!

      When left to liberals such as these, Christianity and Christian values has no place in society, community and real life...And BTW: the 300 denominations are no worse than the thousands and even hundreds of interpretations from the laws that we make every day and the varying interpretations of empirical science. When dealing with non-spiritual things, men are confused. You would expect to find variance among men when dealing with spiritual things,. but I will even go one step further to conclude that she yet lies and is illiterate even about that difference...

      Christianity happens to center itself around essential truths. Those ESSENTIAL truths UNIFY those 300 denominations as they have done historically for generations. The TRUTH that Jesus, was and is God, lived in the flesh, died, shed his blood for remission of our sins, and rose again bodily is what unifies all 300 of us that are truly Christian, whether we shout and dance or whether we sit quietly in prayer...300 becomes ONE in Christ!

      THOSE are the essentials and that is what folk died for. Then those that did die did so to uphold the integrity of that truth through and by their lives. That was DONE against the culture that taught that liberalism was OK..

      Characters such as this aren't worth the salt on a dime because of their abject rejection of truth, but such is our plight!!!!

  2. LIL,

    You try to play your commentary down as if it was normal and you violated every tenet you want me and readers to hold to...remember those "2 commandments"???

    I don't cuss at you or anyone in my commentary,. You will not find ONE cuss word! There is nothing to warrant your cussing and or response and a flat out APOLOGY is in order from you not some weird equivocation and rationalization of your actions,, or a comparison...all are RIDICULOUS notions.

    Yes, this is a public forum and I manage it. I have a standard that I don;t allow idiots to grandstand and insult others and when you insult me, or other readers insistently and with the same old FALLACIOUS understanding and misinterpretations that you offer, I can press EJECT! And I did.

    So I will assume that your lame rationalization was an attempt to apologize, but only time will tell.

    As I suggest in the article, we have an obligation to hold believers ACCOUNTABLE for their actions. God holds us accountable. THAT is love!!!! Your obtuse rendering of what believers and the church is supposed to do is not only false, it is patently wrong and certainly misguided. In fact, so misguided that even you can't follow the principles that you set forth.

    Tyler should EMBRACE truth. He did not in this case and in others. He has a moral duty to embrace truth. He does not. We have an obligation as well as call to hold him accountable. I will not purchase another Perry product, DVD, or attend another Perry made movie. Just as he had a choice as to whether to exercise his influence either for or against Christian causes, we have a choice and I believe a mandate to exercise our Christian liberty to the building up of HIS Kingdom no matter who is offended by it.

    The Kingdom of God is to be fought for. His reign is without compromise. To a cult, those concepts are dangerous. But for a Christian and Christ centered believer, that is the values whereby society is build upon. And it is LOVE that makes one take that stand. Love for God first, and the love of men and mankind and every individual whether they agree or not.

    That's why I STAND. So my actions and love and level of it is certainly not in question, at least by you!

  3. I didn't get the whole story. What is it exactly that Tyler Perry is opposing? Is he agreeing with the LGBT on a particular subject?

    1. Yes. He is agreeing with the LGBT agenda in opposition to religious freedom protection. He threatened to leave the State of GA. unless they stopped the religious freedom protection act. That is in line with LGBT desires to subjugate religious freedoms to their agenda.


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