Saturday, July 5, 2014

Onika, The BET Awards & Dreamland

At the 2014 BET Awards, top selling female rapper, Nicki Minaj (Onika Tanya Maraj) took the stage to present her new song "Pills & Potions". Some wondered what she was saying and doing in the presentation of this particular song. I simply say, no more than she normally does. Delve into mysticism for sure.  The following is the excerpt that I prepared for Facebook regarding the song and some of the meanings of what she presented. Be sure, as Nicki confirmed that night, when she "spits" she is saying what SHE wants to say, not what she is told to say... Here we go:

She (Nicki) sung a song called "Pills And Potions" which she displayed by the creation of a dreamworld with a rabbit (symbolizing fertility) surrounded by a stage full of mushrooms. Before I go into the mushrooms, part the song was really a bash towards those who provide moral criticisms of her and her lifestyle and choices. More specifically us good ole church folk. Where did I get that? From her of course. Here is the lyric:

"All the bridges you came over, don't burn that yet
Niggas want respect, but niggas ain't earned that yet
Self-righteous, and entitled
But they swearing on the Bible that they love you
When really they're no different from all your rivals
But I still don't wish death on them, I just reflect on them"
Obviously, whatever beef she may have had with others is a smokescreen to voice her "concerns" for folk believing the bible presenting morality. She simply overcomes moral criticisms by "taking pills" and copin' "cribs in the Hills" (through materialism or material wealth) Nicki is not confused on what she is saying. She has an intention as she emphatically affirms that when you hear her rap (spit) that you can be sure that it is her words because she writes her own lyrics. 

 On to the mushroom scene.

What is not understood is why the dream scene, and what the significance of mushrooms are. One would ask, what they have to do with anything? Then the sleep sequence at the end, why is she asleep? 

Well, simply put mushrooms are hailed in many circles of mysticism to have special powers. In Egypt, which has a strong influence on Hip Hop Music, the mushroom was food fit for royalty and considered to help one become immortal. 

Here is some additional information regarding the European understanding and use of a particular type of mushroom which was represented in Nicki's presentation:
"In Europe the One of the best known mushrooms, is the red-and-white Fly Agaric. This mushroom appears often in illustrations of fairy tales - you might see a gnome or a fairy perched on top of one. Experts believe that the Fly Agaric was used as a hallucinogenic by northern European shamans and religious leaders. Interestingly, it contains two toxins that reduce the body's response to fear stimulus, so it may have been ingested by warriors prior to battle. In central Europe, the Fly Agaric is associated with the Yule season, and there is a theory that Santa Claus' red and white suit originated in the colors of this magical mushroom."

Remember at the beginning of the presentation where Nicki was standing? She was on TOP of the mushroom. She was the gnome. The gnome is a dwarfish creature supposedly guarding the "underground" and a person regarded as having secret or sinister influence, especially in financial matters.


The intent was to make a presentation carefully directed at those whom she wishes to direct a message toward and that was all the critics, whomever they may be...(church folk) 

Messages in the music and stage presentations exist. By the way, one of those "representations" is that Blacks actually control and own major media in America. Unfortunately, that is simply not true. BET itself is not a Black owned business as Nicki got carried away trying to affirm. BET was sold in 2003 for $2.3 Billion in stock to Viacom which also owns CBS and MTV. 

These Black folk do and present what the good ole White folk "let" them present on BET. Maybe this is why BET has said that it is getting out of the gospel awards show business beginning with Celebration of Gospel. Believe that, there is more separation from gospel to come on BET and more of an inclusive and church bashing message too. Just stay tuned, you'll see. 

The seriousness of that last statement cannot be under-asserted. In a time when moral values are challenged and the Black community as a whole is suffering, we need right and pertinent programming. The Celebration of Gospel had become a celebration of flesh, but there are more programs than just that or another singing contest. Divination such as this is not the answer for certain!


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