Saturday, July 12, 2014

Letter To The President. Archie Bunker Would Love This...

Archie, you're still a racist.
"Why, Thank youze very much!"
Religious organizations serve the community and public because of their faith. They are emulated all over the world and one would have to bury their head in the sand to deny the influence of faith on community service in general. This is in part why arguments to remove religion from public life are so unsuccessful. there is no other philosophy of life powerful enough to cause persons to walk out their faith or "belief" on such a consistent basis. 

However, when organizations are asked to be or do something that they are not, or to even violate their faith in order to qualify for the dollars essential to doing the tasks that they are called upon to do, there is a problem. In recent times we have seen that problem come to shape by and through the promotion of the homosexual agenda championed by President Obama and his administration. 

Recently, the President stated that he was doing all that he could do to make sure that the LGBT community would not be discriminated against in employment and hiring practices, especially by companies which receive or compete for federal tax dollar funding. 

Herein is a letter from several nationally recognized leaders, not calling on the President to stop claiming that they are somehow discriminating, but to ask him to make an exception for them, under his new plans and direction.  

As I see it, the PROBLEM still exists that these leaders are allowing this President to get away with the idea that religions are 'discriminating" by not hiring gays. In all the words, there is not one mention that WE DO NOT HOLD THAT WE ARE DISCRIMINATING IN ANY WAY...but there is acknowledgement that we should remain "respectful" and "diverse" even in disagreement...

So, get this, here we have organizations asking for an exemption but not a clarification of what discrimination is and why they are not discriminating by not hiring homosexuals as a part of their core work...This document, as noble as it may be for those who receive federal dollars to do ministry, DOES NOT hit the target of the problem, nor does it challenge this administration to REVERSE harmful stereotypes and caricatures of the religious community which has served and continues to serve both gay and straight men, and women in the communities in which these organizations exist. 

Last I knew, Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake of the COGIC was on the 25 member board of "Faith Based & Community Partnerships" council. Hopefully he will speak up and influence the President in this. 

As for me, don't characterize ME as one who discriminates because I do not hire a gay person to work in my religious work. I don't accept that I discriminate and need an "exception". The fact is that I also do not hire anyone who lives in known immorality. Why should we be made to treat the SIN of homosexuality any differently than other sins? 

I hope some can see through the smoke and see what is really happening with this one...Blessed!


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