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Stalked...Just Adding To The Testimony

Update: Unfortunately, on April 7th, the body of Teleka Patrick was discovered. Read the recap: HERE

"I’ve already had one come to my home and move to my city, thinking that God said that I’m supposed to be their husband." ~ Dr.Pastor Marvin Sapp, Pastor Lighthouse Full Life Center Church, Grand Rapids, MI. 

Have you seen Teleka Patrick?

That is the question that many, including Teleka's family, would like to know. Teleka disappeared Dec. 5th, 2013, after taking up residence in Kalamazoo, MI. to go to school and also attend Lighthouse Full Life Center Church, in Grand Rapids, MI. pastored by the # 1 selling gospel artist of all time, Dr. Marvin Sapp. 

Under any other circumstance, that would be good and the end of the story. However, in this case, there is more. 

It seems that Teleka came to the church with some "visions" or should we say "delusions" about what her ultimate relationship with Pastor Sapp would be. You see, according to sources, she thought that the 46 year old, widowed pastor, and father of 3, would be her "husband" and that God certainly had told her this.

"God please help me understand. ... But I am not giving up on you. I love you. I am in love with you. No. You do not deserve me." ~ Teleka Patrick tweet after The Root interview was released

Delusions Of Grandeur?

What Teleka actually got was a restraining order filed against her, and it seems for good reason. Not only was Teleka apparently trying to fulfill her "vision" of being the First Lady, she was evidently "fishing" for information. it seems that she was trying to make herself known and trying to gain all the information possible so that she could "reposition herself" closer to the pastor in effort to take advantage of the situation. The problem is that from all evidence, she already had a somewhat "platonic" boyfriend (James Davis, to whom she last spoke and was trying to hook up with). Even though she showed up at his residence, she was never invited to the Sapp residence and or the church for anything that had to do with Pastor Sapp. She was simply going to make this man love her.

It seems that these things were figments of Teleka's imagination, which has caused the investigating Sheriff in this case to boldly affirm that Marvin Sapp is "nothing more than a victim of stalking in this case." It seems that Teleka received and signed for the order of protection that was filed against her by Dr. Sapp and soon afterwards disappeared. There is no evidence that Marvin ever spoke with this lady, either on the phone, at church, in person, or otherwise. 

I want to make it clear...LIKE THE POLICE, I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT MARVIN SAPP HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS LADY'S DISAPPEARANCE!  I also believe that it is en vogue to believe the worst regarding modern day ministers, as we certainly do have some charlatans out there, but Marvin simply isn't one of them!  

Disappearance Or Simply "Shutting Down"?

Recently, within Christian circles, I have heard people say that they are "shutting down". This means that they will be basically unavailable for anything that means personal interaction. You can't call them, or talk to them, they won't come to church and if they can miss work, they will. In some cases they won't take care of their children and will decide to not be a parent because then need "time" to themselves. I have always thought that this approach was strange because how can anyone simply shut off life? True parents can't simply stop parenting. A person is not a company or a building that can be locked up or closed. Persons are not light switches that can simply be flipped. Then a mind or conscious never sleeps or goes away. Not dealing with reality does not make reality change or go away. So how can a person actually "shut down"?

The fact is that the believer was never made to "shut down" or mentally detach themselves from reality.  

Isa. 26:3 ~ Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

The believer is to face life's circumstances with victory and with realness. It seems that the minds of many people within the church is under attack but the business of life goes on whether one wants it to or not.

Mental Illness & Mental Instability

Even though Teleka was a medical student apparently in the field of psychiatry, it appears that she may have been a victim of mental illness herself. Reports, by friends and family say that she would disappear on occasion or "shut down" at times. Even though her car was found in a ditch on I-94 (a road which I have traveled all too often) her history causes many to believe that she has simply hidden herself now and that she has not either been killed nor abducted. If that is the case, that she has "shut down", then she may be anywhere, even back in California simply "chillin'" and watching all of this take place.  Hopefully she wasn't abducted on the highway. All types of individuals travel this route and no telling who or what was out there. At worst case, she may be aware of the trouble that her lack of presence has caused and may be interested or satisfied that she is receiving attention. No one knows for sure. 

In some cases the mind is broken and needs to be fixed. I certainly don't blame Teleka if that is the case. I wish her to be found and to recover well. Although I haven't seen Teleka, I have seen many others who have some of the tendencies attributed to Teleka in the church over the years. 

Unfortunately, some that I have seen, like attention at any cost. There are some who have grand delusions and fantasies about Pastors, leaders, and even others such as First Lady's of the church. Yes, believe it or not, delusions are equal opportunity.

More Demons To Cast Out!

When confronted with these sort of things, one cannot be cavalier about addressing and resolving the issues. No one knows where these sort of incidences can lead to and no one knows what those in delusion are actually capable of. The family must be protected and the church secured at all costs. 

Too many individuals think about what the "community will say..." instead of thinking about the costs to family and loved ones...I say, are you SERIOUS? Forget what people think and secure your family and the people of God. CAST THE DEVIL OUT! If that doesn't work right away, get an order of protection and keep those who want to bring foul spirits into the church away.

A Few Tips:

* No matter how large or small the church, have a team of individuals who see and or greet everyone that comes through the door, and never simply bring anyone directly to the pastor, leader or first family unless they are known in advance and are invited.

* At all costs, avoid private dinners, lunches and meals with any and all members without the presence of your spouse. This is ripe and fertile ground for any sort of "conversation" to be misinterpreted. Don't do it. 

* DO NOT have private or closed door meetings with anyone of the opposite sex. Sorry "super pastor"...but you should involve your wife in resolving all issues that deal with the opposite sex in your church. There is no room for "private" or "secretly shared" information between you and the sisters of the church. Some of this so called "private information" is nothing more than a hook to see if you will be excited or interested when certain proclivities are shared. 

* ALWAYS have a person or a group of persons to whom you are accountable and responsible for the handling of certain information that you receive. Report crimes 100% and network with appropriate professionals to secure the necessary help when there are needs.    

* Never give out information to just anyone. Keep information confidential or on a need to know basis and know those who receive information. Folk with delusions research the internet too and whatever information that has been put out, they can access. Stalkers want as much info as they can gather.  

* Keep cell phone numbers private and or exclusive. Not everyone in the church should have the pastor's cell and all women who do should be known by the pastor's spouse. devils do what devils will do, lie and sneak around. Don't fall for the okey-doke, stay on point and most of all be discerning.

* Maintain appropriate internet relationships. Do not borrow money, ask folk to buy or purchase important items (any item), and do not purchase exclusive "gifts" for anyone else in the church. 

* Take internet precautions and do not get into personal "internet circles" with members of the opposite sex exclusively or otherwise. This is certainly the best possible advice for the 21st century church member and leaders. It is way too tempting to think of the internet as something other than what it is...a NET! Folk who would not say a word in person, get on email, twitter, and facebook and let all their inner self come out. Some who are naturally quiet natured (at least in person) get on the internet and tell all. CUT THAT OUT! 

* Dump these so called "prayer lines"! Prayer lines are quickly becoming an open door to just about every heresy and delusion one can think of because there is no accountability to anyone. Folk can say nearly anything because they are supposedly "prophesying" and teach nearly anything. There have been folk led off into the wilderness because of "words" received on prayer lines. Pray with the church. If they have no prayer, implement one. If the Pastor doesn't believe in corporate or church prayer, find another church that does.

* Live what you teach and preach! Simply doing that will keep many of the situations above, away from you, your home and ministry.  

1 Peter 1:13-16 ~ 13-Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ; 14-As obedient children, not fashioning yourselves according to the former lusts in your ignorance:15-But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; 16-Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

We are praying for Pastor Marvin Sapp and his family. I believe that in the end, this is simply another part of Dr. Sapp's testimony. We are also praying for the safe recovery of Teleka as well. Folk that suffer from mental illness need to be ministered to and helped and we pray that she and those others like her, can get and receive the help that they need. In Jesus name! Amen!


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  1. She probably is suffering from mental illness. Unfortunately, from what I have observed in the black church, mental illness is swept under the rug. Alot. I think because mental illness may tend to contradict the notion of free will as in we are beings that can consciously and rationally control or decide our behavior at all times. This is not true.

    Remember, the brain is an organ of the body like say, the pancreas. When someone's pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin, the person has diabetes. We won't look at anyone as any less moral because they have diabetes and we certainly won't say that it is a "freewill" and conscious choice of the individual that their pancreas doesn't produce the insulin the body needs.

    I know this from experience. I've struggled with a mental disorder known as attention deficit disorder or ADD all 27 years of my life. I remember as a child it caused me to struggle through school and even now has affected me in the workplace. I'm just getting diagnosed and treated. But as a child when I would do bad in school and fail to do homework, it was chalked up as a moral issue such as me being lazy, me being disobedient to my parents, me being defiant and contrary. It was assumed that these were moral failings that I could freely change if I really wanted to. That wasn't the case. I was compelled to act in a certain way because of the way my brain is wired, because I wasn't getting enough dopamine to my pre-frontal cortex and because certain brainwaves are out of sync.

    Now me and my parents know what the problem was. And we all wish we had known it back in the late 90's when I was in jr high. I'm saying that to say that in this lady's case, if she is having delusions or things like that, she has a medical condition and she needs treatment. I hope people don't look down on her because of this. If she had a heart condition, no one would look down on her for that.


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