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"Black", Democratic, & Statism

“I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” — former President the Late Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One according Ronald Kessler’s Book, “Inside The White House

In a recent interview with ESPN personality Stephen A Smith, Arsenio Hall brought up a controversy that stemmed from Jim Brown's statements suggesting that the late Trayvon Martin, who was killed by George Zimmerman who was also exonerated and released, should have been spoken up for and supported by all Blacks around the country and more specifically popular Blacks such as Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, who approached the subject critically and with cautious reserve.
In a portion of the clip, which can be found HERE, Mr. Smith deals with politics and how Blacks have often been duped into believing and supporting things that they should not, because of a failure to approach certain subject matter with a certain amount of critical thinking. According to Mr. Smith, one of those things is the allegiance of Black America to the Democratic Party itself.

He suggests the historical truth that former President Lyndon B. Johnson favored Civil Rights as a matter of politics and not a matter of moral ethics. While the Republican Party actually favored Civil Rights as a matter of moral ethics, even though the leading Republican candidate for office, Barry Goldwater, did not personally favor Civil Rights as a matter of politics. According to Mr. Smith, this difference was enough to allow the Democratic party the ability to take credit for championing racial freedoms and Civil Rights when in truth, those rights were actually the product of the Republican Party efforts. The above statements regarding Black allegiance to "party line politics" seemed to have been true to form, as the democrats have taken credit for Civil Rights even against a historical track record of being opposed to it.

Star Parker On "statism"

In her book, "Uncle Sam's Plantation: How Big Government Enslaves America's Poor And What We Can Do About It" [Thomas Nelson 2010], social and political activist Star Parker, refers to a book by author and theologian R C Sproul entitled"Welfare Reformed: A Compassionate Approach". In his book, Dr. Sproul refers to a political theory and concept called "statism" defining it as a "philosophy of government in which the state is not only the final ruling authority, but also the ultimate agency of redemption". Star goes on to say this of statism:
"Under statism, civil magistrates can question the integrity of religion and supplant its authority. Federal courts could reinterpret the First Amendment of the Constitution to place a wall of separation between the church and the State. Politicians and judges have sole power to dictate, mandate and regulate all public matters. Civil magistrates can put the federal government in charge of all matters of family, commerce, commerce, and society. Americans can forget about their problems. The government has it under control." ~ Pg. 76  
Understanding The Democratic Party

Although, I don't believe that our deliverance is coming from either political party that claims to represent the people, the fact is that the Democratic party has closely aligned itself with this philosophical approach of statism. The government, according to them, is the final authority in all matters and is, or at least should be, in philosophical control of all things. 

Unfortunately, after careful examination, the Democratic party does not stand for too many things that I or other religious "conservatives" stand for. Not only have they removed "God" from their platform, (as if God simply vanishes because they do not wish him to be there) but they promote abortion, homosexual marriage, (claiming that it is, in itself, a civil right), they balk at religious tolerance by confusing issues between religious freedom and freedom of worship, assuming that they are one in the same. In addition, it seems that the Democratic Party also wants to keep the poor, and Blacks in particularly, "hooked" and on the system, by championing very little that actually allows individuals to grow financially into a condition of independence and compete on par with Whites and other minorities within modern society.

So far as religion and religious freedoms are concerned, the recent court cases of Hobby Lobby is simply one example of Democratic Party vision for America, and Obamacare is a vision of statism. A vision which says that religious worship is simply an act and not a lifestyle and something that can be compromised away or at the very least subdued by the state.

Can WE break away from these philosophies? That remains to be seen. Certainly more and more individuals are awakening to the fact that "big government" does not solve as many problems as it creates, and it always overreaches and sometimes that overreach has irreversible consequences. 

If PASTORS who are called by God, (because all are not called by God) would begin to teach TRUTH again, and illuminate their congregations to truths such as these, we may have a chance at stemming the tide of helplessness through governmental control that has invaded our communities.

Teaching won't make us popular, but it must be done at all for me and my HOUSE...WE WILL!!!!


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