Friday, August 16, 2013

"Preachers" Of LA

Don't Worry, More Governmental Hearings On The Way!
OK, I don't mean to advertise this show, but I must say that I am in anticipation of just how much MESS can come on TV in the name of the Lord. I'll be short with this one but look:

The Sisterhood...CANCELLED! Preacher's Wives...CANCELLED!

But that doesn't disturb or sway the preachers from doing what they do. At probably more than $5,000 to $10,000 per episode, the preacher's gladly say It's MY TURN NOW!

Yes, it's their turn to set the record straight. Pastor Deitrick Haddon, Bishop Noel Jones, Bishop Clarence McClendon, Pastor Wayne Cheney, Bishop Ron Gibson and Pastor Jay Haizlip...It's their turn to tell the world why they can be expected to live lavishly while anything from mega to average sized churches sport and support their mega-lifestyles.

In this trailer alone, there is more than enough information for anyone who loves the Lord to be disturbed about. from a Bishop claiming that he should be able to obtain worldly possessions similar to demonic entertainers; to another claiming that he believes in the part of the bible that declares that we should "prosper and be in good health" which was simply a 1st century greeting, salutation and doxology; to another that claims that he is a "prize" that should be "won"...

HOUSTON, We have a PROBLEM! And the problem is not's those who want to make God be and approve all the devilment that they like to do...This "expose" could be just what is necessary for the rest of the world to see these gentleman as they really are. I don't know, but I will certainly be watching...and the COMMENTS will be ON!!!!!



  1. Pastor Burnett these men have from the beginning had me at awe with them and their lavishness concerning the wrong interpretation of prosperity.Bishop Clarence McClendon is a a smooth talker and one who character and integrity has been challenged by me concerning his fund raising schemes on TBN. All of these guys are no different than the Philistine cultural who stopped at nothing to serve the demonic God Mammon. These are greedy ambitious ungodly men willing to compromise and mislead the unsuspecting children of God for a lavish lifestyle and a healthy bank account that will render them in hell fire. These are not men of God but followers of Satan. They have no honor. Bishop Noel Jones, Bishop Ron Gibson, Deitrick Haddon, Pastor Jay Haizlip, Pastor Wayne Cheney, Preachers Of LA, Prosperity Gospel, reality show what a Joke and a sell out.

  2. What makes things just as bad is that Noel, who is divorced, is said to have a child under 2 years of age, an allegation that he does not deny, Then Deitrick, a "pastor" is living in fornication with this lady as stated in the video and even has a child out of wedlock, and Clarence, another supposed bishop, has left his wife for his secretary, but is as narcissistic as he can be...Then this other "bishop" only has an interest in keeping up with the world and what the world has and calls successful.

    These fellas would have been followers of Valentinus and Cerenthus...the disciples would have kicked them out of the ranks. Not because of failure, but because of what they continuously do and how they want to change the nature of Christ and the church.


  3. Here is some of what I shared on Facebook about the first episode of this hot mess:


    Deitrick Haddon doesn't like Clarence McClendon (who is from small town DECATUR, Illinois)... but he is like the Seven Sons of Sceva...NO POWER and loving his own sins too much to do any good....SMH!!!!!! He'll never cast the complete Narcissism off of McClendon...NEVER....

    Now Noel has been seeing this "FRIEND" for 16 years???? He is a "prize" to be won??? ....OK.....Keep that Cracker Jack prize to yourself PLEASE!!!!

    And suffering DOES NOT entitle one to excess....SORRY...don't buy the hustle. That should make you more responsible, not feeling as if God owes you something...Folk are JACKED UP 4-real!!!!!!!

  4. On the show "bishop" McClendon shows up with his wife talking about basically a "stalker" seeking to undermine his "family"....First, I don't believe it at all...then there is the FACT that McClendon has already done that by claiming, while married to his FIRST WIFE, that God spoke to him saying that he was giving him another spouse. Yes you read it right...."another spouse"!.

    Read it for yourself in an archived article in Charisma Magazine by his ex-spouse Tammera.

    I posted this article and the link on McClendon's facebook page as he was pleading foe everyone to understand how wrong everyone else on the show was and how he was "ambushed" into an argument, but all he did was delete my comment and block me from commenting...Oooh well...that's what "stars" and "celebrities" do I suppose....

  5. In all of this, I must say that I had the opportunity to meet Bishop Ron Gibson and I am impressed with him and his ministry. Say what you wish, but I KNOW there's not a more humble and since man on the show. Love he and his wife.Not just because they are COGIC, but because they are real and I understand what he is doing in street ministry, because I have similar experience dealing with the street crew. Lord bless his efforts!!!!

  6. This is show is a mess the only two I heard of before this is that of Noel Jones and Deitrick Haddon. Now there was a part in the first episode that Wayne Chaney 's wife
    was wearing her nightgown no one is suppose to see his wife like that except him.
    And then Clarence McClendon and Deitrick Haddon got into over an issue about money when deals with the gospel and comes to money.
    And show keeps on getting crazy I was done with the show after the second episode a former member of Jay Haizlip 's church is a transsexual so called female turned male.
    I stop watching after that not interested in this crap they can reality tv.

    1. Did you notice how that transsexual only wanted Haizlip to bow down to calling her a boy or a man? That was all SHE wanted. That was mockery. The spirit in her was demanding that he change not only his thinking, but his complete interaction with her. That was truly a sad moment caught on tape. Now, we were left to think that we should have some type of deep pondering over how to display the "love of Christ" to people who have changed their gender...That was and is a LOAD OF GARBAGE!

      Displaying love has nothing to do with it...SHE was born a girl no matter what SHE changes and that settles it. It was a shame for a pastor to be confused about what and who god sees and not to align himself with that affirmation is sickening on his behalf.

  7. Yes, I have seen an episode of the new season of this MESS and it is more than a mess 4 real. Article on the way...

  8. I never had a chance to view the show but I have read articles with clips from some of the episodes of the show. If what the commenters on this post is true, we are in trouble with the body of Christ. I wish that Bishop Gibson did not agree to be on the show because he is about the work of God and kingdom dynamics. It seems that Haddon has a "beef" with the church, otherwise he would not be producing a show like this. My fear is that unbelievers will have a poor view of the Christian faith based on shows like this and other "faith-based, drama-ish" reality shows.


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