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Hip-Hop, Idolatry & The Church Pt. 22 ~Satanism On Your TV

Praise the LORD from whom ALL BLESSINGS flow! Taken a break but I'm back for a minute...But you need to read this:

Theurgy (Magic) - The Operation of Moon - Theurgy translates to "The Science or art of Divine Works." There are two different types of magic, according to Giovanni Pico della Mirandola's Apology, completely opposite of one another. The first is Go√ętia, black magic reliant upon an alliance with evil spirits (i.e. demons). The second is Theurgy, divine magic reliant upon an alliance with divine spirits (i.e. angels, archangels, gods). In the practice of Hermetic theurgy, these are invoked in order to awaken elemental, planetary, an zodiacal forces in the physical and energetic bodies. Theurgy is the practical aspect of the astrology. Ritual magic and all modern magical traditions ultimately derive from Hermetic theurgy.
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn ~ website

I haven't visited this topic in a while due to other equally as important and exciting ministerial ventures, topics and programs undertaken. In part, my children, bless their hearts, have kept me informed of some of the latest happenings in the music industry, because I am one of those saints who DO NOT listen to R&B, or it's brother hip-hop except to review it's content and when my attention is called to certain points, lyrics or beats. However, as I turn to focus my eyes once again, I find that the modern music industry and most specifically that associated with modern hip-hop, neo soul and R & B, is in a most desperate and continued need of deliverance.

I will focus on a few points delivering information and focusing on the subject from a slightly different perspective than most do. I will also discuss and reference a couple of websites that I believe you may want to link to and keep up with as they have undertaken to thoroughly examine this particular aspect of modern music. That aspect is satanism and the 'devil' in the music. 

I have talked about this trend in bits and pieces in multiple articles previously. What I have found is that producers and sometimes unwitting artists, are producing more and more "mystically centered" garbage in effort to seduce and cast spells on the minds of our children and those who give themselves to the pursuit of fame, association and attention. The church is impacted because it has taken upon itself to mimic the styles and imaginations of these enemies of the cross. As we will point out, these efforts usually occur in the name of "reaching" children. Needless to say, this is a horrible strategy of evangelization and, in my opinion, must cease as a strategy and be thoroughly denounced through and by biblically centered preaching and teaching.

Side Note:
...And I must say I APPLAUD a Mt. Salem BAPTIST church that undertook to remove their pastor as he  by his actions expressed that supporting hip-hop could be reconciled with faith and purity in Christ...It seems that while many of the so called "Saints" (as we were once exclusively called) are running to and fro to find out how much of a partnership and fellowship with the world that we can have and still "resemble"

godliness; some of the others, who were once critical of those who were called "holy rollers", have gained a greater sense and conviction of holiness than many of us have,  and they are willing to display and make a difference between clean and unclean. While I appreciate their stand I do know that scripture says, "MANY that are first shall be last" and someone must stand during these evil days to be an effective witness for Christ and HIS Kingdom. So Kudos Mt. Salem! To the topic:

Evil spirits within the music, satan front & center

From, perverted sexual lyrics, imagery, and displays of demon possession, to astral projection and the promotion of satanic cults and orders; modern music, and much, if not all, of the music piped into our homes through venues like MTV, BET, TV1, Centric, Bounce and other such networks, are filled with encouragements , if not actual spells, cast upon the listeners to the music causing them to embrace satanic rituals and customs which promote the occult, reviving occult practices.

Artists such as Jay Z, who redefines God to suit his own terms, even claiming himself to be "J-hova", proudly delivers part of a satanist motto on his shirt "do what thou wilt". For those who don't know, this saying is part of a mantra straight from the demon possessed mind of satanist Aleister Crawley. Remember, even though Crawley was not a musician, he was a poet, and it was he that is said to be responsible for the concept of backwards messages within music. It seems that his effort was to gain control over the mind in an unconscious fashion. What were initially parlour tricks and magic, were actual occult practices in some circles and were real in their effect. Subjects that were exposed to these subliminal messages displayed behavioral changes and even physiological changes.[1] Today, these reverse and subliminal messages are called backmasking. 

Many rock groups over the years have used this technique over the years and it is prevalent in most hip-hop and some R&B music currently. With many of these new deep double bass sounds and other sound variations such as autotune, it becomes more and more easy to place messages within music that can be damaging to the conscious mind which normally picks up on these things. Further, without question, Jay Z and his jr's, Beyonce, "man down" Rihanna and others are KNOWN for having this technique of backwards, hidden and subliminal messages placed within their music.

To further understand why placing Crawley's demon inspired motto on a shirt is a significant statement leading into serious spiritual error, please read the following:
"Do what thou will shall be the whole of the Law" [The work of the OTO ... is geared towards the achievement of a world-spanning empire ... The Law "Do what thou wilt" is the law of this new state - a One World Government] was his motto for the OTO, which was the secret order he himself was the Grandmaster of. He rejected traditional morality in favor of the life of a drug addict and brutal womanizer ("I rave; and I rape and I rip and I rend" is a line from one of his poems). He even enjoyed being called the "wickedest man in the world". He was married twice, and both his wives went insane. Five of his mistresses committed suicide. ~ SOURCE
If nothing else this saying is an appellation for the "New World Order" from which the bible describes the "anti-Christ" rising. So we have the most popular music artists in the world, who, between the both of them, (Jay z and Beyonce) have a net worth of nearly a billion dollars promoting the message of someone so sick and depraved that his wives went insane and 5 mistresses committed suicide??? Now please tell me, who, in their right mind, would ever think to even look to someone with such a record for any relevant wisdom at all? Crawley's was not a "minor' flaw or bad decision in life. His was a conscious and malice disregard for life, truth, peace and morality.  What lesson can he teach a moral society? Why would Jay Z be a willing agent of promoting it unless he was in agreement with it and it was in agreement with him?

Two CANNOT walk together except they be agreed! (Amos 3:3) Promoting the message of devils is agreement with devils no matter how much money is in the bank!

Hierarchical demons...standing at the top of the food chain...

Ephesians 2:2 ~Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:

Now combine all that with the self proclaimed "monster" Kanye "Yeezy" West, who emulates things from the most destructive and hateful parts of Egyptian, Greek and Roman culture and religion. He is certainly gifted with mysticism. Remember, this same Kanye, seduced the church into believing that his song "Jesus Walks" actually had some type of wholesome message to Christians; he has not only mocked the passion of Jesus crucifixion, but he has also appeared in videos with women portraying themselves as corpses that he (as a monster) has killed. Then while both Jay Z and Kanye call themselves "kings of hip-hop" what you actually have is a demonic MESS and a culture of death that our children are becoming desensitized to. How? Because it is so readily seen and available over the airwaves through videos and taught religiously to awaiting, faithful, and easily impressionable minds. 
Kanye's Evolution into Yeezus (ie: Jesus or God) in the video "BlackSkinhead"
As a proof of this, Kanye's current success comes from the demon laced project he called "Yeezus" which was not ready 5 weeks before the official release date. I suppose that Kanye, for all reasons known and unknown, could not concentrate to get the job done in time and knew that he needed help with both arrangements and vocals. Who did he turn to? None other than probably the wealthiest music mogul and MYSTIC of them all in the modern hip-hop arena...former Def Jam co-founder and producer Rick Ruben who wears sunglasses indoors, has a 7ft. tall hairless assistant, and who is also said to pull his elements and instructions for music composition from the "ethereal" realm, doing the best job for those whom he "likes" rather than those who have the more talent or money making potential. He said the following of Kanye's project when he heard it:
 (Kanye's work was) "Kind of meandering, unfocused, usually without his vocals. I assumed that the album was scheduled to come out next year."
Rick Ruben
At the "Yeezus" listening party, the Wall Street Journal records Kanye as saying:
“It was good for me to go to the god, Rick Rubin, and play him my sh–, ask him questions, and allow him to take this project to an entirely new level.” ~ The Inside Story of Kanye West's "Yeezus"
As you may have noticed, the WSJ gave the word "god" a small G to lower Kanye's appellation of Ruben as a practical matter, but based on what else Kanye said and what Ruben did for him, one must consider that Kanye actually considers this man deity. (Look, Kanye thinks of himself as deity:)
"I am a god / hurry up with my damn massage / hurry up with my damn menage / get the Porsche out the damn garage …. I am a god / even though I'm a man of God / my whole life in the hands of God / see y'all better quit playing with God … I Am God." ~Kanye West
(Why not think of the man that mastered his music and helped him stay "on top" in the same light?)

While Ruben's efforts may seem "altruistic" what Ruben, a Buddhist, among other religious beliefs, actually describes is a sort of musical spirituality with unity and fellowship of spirit or spiritual accord with artists. In other words, he "tries the spirit" of the artists that he works with according to his own mystical belief system then decides what level of effort to place into the project. 

Another interesting fact is that this man (Ruben) lives in what is described as a haunted home in Malibu, CA. It is the former home of the late Harry Houdini, who promised to "haunt" the home if he died in effort to find a pathway between the spiritual to the natural world as some grand and final act of his superiority as a magician. It seems that Ruben's creativity and greatest successes as it pertains to producing music, revolves around the music that he creates and places together in or associated with his home studio that he has called Shangri-La Studios. Could Ruben, the #1 producer of the most popular music in the world today and over the last 30 years, be channeling demons that are designed to mesmerize youth and those who admire these artists? Could he be using "black magic" introducing certain concepts aiming to illicit a certain type of spiritual response?[2]

Of the "magic" connection. These are Rubin's words:
“I always feel like there’s something magic in recording studios,” he says. “There’s a reason good music continues to be made in them. It’s just some mojo element.”
Big pill to swallow?..Well there is more devil imagery

There's Lil Wayne, who has not only defiled his body further with tattoos (the marks of demonic control and possession)  but also further displays that he is demon possessed through demonic imagery in his videos. Wayne takes his self to new lows by exclaiming that the women "love me like satan" invoking the acknowledgement of a spiritual aspect to his music, similar to his  Cash Money college Nikki Minaj, who also claims to be possessed with a demonic boy called "Roman". 

Wayne & Birdman share "affection"
Not only does Wayne and his Cash Money cohorts have a strong occult connection and aspect to his and their music, but Wayne is also presenting a homo-erotic persona in his stage presentation and in his personal life. Recently, there was much chatter over a lip kiss that he gave to pedophile rapper and Cash Money producer Birdman Williams. From all indications, this seems to be a Cash Money style greeting among the male rappers and artists, who really don't care what it appears to be and who are said to do this type of kissing "constantly". If the explanation of their actions are true, it seems that in their minds and perverted spirits, the kiss on the lips is simply a way to honor one another. Now, I don't want to draw a correlation of hip-hop to homosexuality and gay imagery, (although I believe that one can be made) but I will draw the connection of an increased demonic influence within the music to increased sexual, social and moral


At the beginning of this article I displayed one belief of the "Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn". The "order" is an occult sect associated with witchcraft and sorcery. The "Theurgy" as described above is one parts of the supposed three parts of wisdom of the universe centered around "magic" and magic arts. Hip-hop artist Ciara, in her new video "Keep On Lookin'" is pasted with the words, "Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn" on a rather suave jacket and boots. Almost none of the young people steeped in her music will think anything wrong with it. They will see it as simply a cool fashion statement, and try to get some imitation jackets and coats for Christmas if not sooner. However, as stated, what Ciara is really doing is promoting an ancient Egyptian cult and occult practices. 
Though this may seem harmless, here is some of what this cult believes and holds to:
The Hermetic tradition is a set of philosophical and religious beliefs based primarily upon the writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, who is put forth as a wise sage and Egyptian priest, and who is commonly seen as synonymous with the Egyptian god Thoth. The Hermetic tradition commonly attributes forty two books to his credit. However, most of these books are reported to have been destroyed when the Great Library of Alexandria was razed.
Here is more:
Hermetic World View
In the Hermetic belief system, all is in the mind of The ALL. Hermeticism acknowledges that
there exist many gods, but that these deities, along with all other beings, exist within, and are created by, The ALL. As expressed in the Kybalion: "We have given you the Hermetic Teaching in regarding the Mental Nature of the Universe - the truth that 'the Universe is Mental - held in the Mind of THE ALL.' Everybody and Everything in the universe is part of this entity. As everything is mental, it is also a vibration. All vibrations vibrate from the densest of physical particles, through mental states, to the highest spiritual vibrations. In Hermeticism, the only difference between different states of physical matter, mentality, and spirituality is the frequency of their vibration. The higher the vibration, the further it is from base matter. The goal of Hermetic practice is to transmute the base matter of the physical body into ever more refined and pure forms of energy and consciousness.
Now, the same question goes for Ciara as it does for Jay-Z. If this does not mean anything then why display it? If there is not an encouragement to partake of the "order" then why and how and is the "order" displayed? Once again, Ciara displays an association with a demonic influence that seems to be the center of her presentation. 

Why all of this? Our friends at The Beginning & The End Blog found some interesting material that reveals the plan. It goes like this:
"The gradual evolution of individual’s thought processes to where his/her mind is naturally thinking in tune with the desired thought pattern consistent with the New World Order. The objective is to so thoroughly condition people that they will not realize that their thinking is being framed by any outside agency or people; rather, they will think that their thoughts are spontaneous. This is known as the “Evolution Of Human Thought”. (The Externalisation Of The Hierarchy, Alice Bailey, p. 588)"
It seems that the effort of it all is to bring humanity to the ANTI-CHRIST and his reign under the guise of a NWO and all the trappings that come along with it, including the minimization and even elimination of religion and Christian religion in particular since it is by far the most successful religion over the last 2,000 years of world history.


These things have happened over a number of years and are certainly not limited to the artists (if we can continue to call them that) that I have named here. Neither age nor color prohibits of this type of satanic practice. 

What is it? Is it merely a marketing technique or strategy? Is a rise in satanism through the music a natural result of depraved minds and perverted spirits set to music? Why does it seem that the music of the world is ushering its adherents so steadily and strongly toward a NWO (New World Order)? Are these musicians the Pied Piper and are those who listen "mice" or those who should simply follow at all costs because doing so shows that people have an "open mind"? 

We have displayed that there is an encouragement to worship, engage and embrace demonic activity within modern hip-hop music. Hopefully the church will undertake a serious agenda displaying the problems and the results associated with imitating, embracing and participating in the modern secular music industry. With so much influence from secular to gospel, it is a wonder that gospel even exists. for sure if the gospel artists do not come to understand that it is not an honor to be associated with hip-hop, it is a wonder how long that there will continue to be anything resembling "gospel" in the gospel music industry.

WE have been called to a higher standard and I hope that we are able to strive for and aspire to and ultimately reach it...I don't know, but I know this...



Special Notes:

[1] ~ Subliminal music motivation:
Before one simply writes off what I am saying, let's examine one aspect of music. Tempo. There have been various studies done examining the effect that the tempo of music has on human behavior and psychology. please note the following: 
When participants viewed videos of interactions between a sales clerk and a shopper, slow and soothing music led to more negative evaluations toward the store and salesperson, if the sales pitch was weaker.The type of music affected cognitive processing (slow music allowed for greater resources to be used in evaluating the sales pitch). Thus participants viewed a weaker sales pitch more critically, except when faster music drew more resources. Musical fit also applies to retail situations. Regardless of the type of music, however, it needs to at least match the store environment and product to garner positive reactions. ~ SOURCE
[2] ~ There is a correlation between hip-hop, crime and violence and drinking at younger ages. While one cannot say that one is the "cause" of the other, the relationship yet exists. Interestingly many of the most popular artists also are spokesman for certain types of alcohol whose consumption is also on the increase among many Black youth. Here are a couple of references that may be helpful for future reference: 
"Mr. DAVID JERNIGAN, (Executive Director, Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth, Georgetown University): Well, it's an interesting picture for African American youth in that they consistently drink less than youth in general. And yet our studies of their exposure to alcohol advertising have shown, over and over, again, that they're getting exposed to considerably more than youth in general. In fact, when we looked at magazines in 2002, we found that African Americans youth ages 12 to 20 were exposed to 66 percent more advertising for beer and ale, and 81 percent more advertising for distilled spirits. And the heaviest overexposure that they get is for the cognacs and the brandies, which have been very tied in with the hip hop and rap culture." ~ SOURCE/NPR
"After a spate of shootings, and with a rising murder rate, the police here are saying gangsta rap is contributing to the violence, luring gang members and criminal activity to nightclubs. The police publicly condemned the music in a news release after a killing in July and are warning nightclub owners that their places might not be safe if they play gangsta rap. “We don’t want to broad-brush hip-hop music altogether,” said Lt. Skip Arms, a police spokesman, “but we’re looking at a subcomponent that typically glorifies, promotes criminal behavior and demeans women.” ~ SOURCE/NYTimes re: Colorado Crime & Violence 2007

Links & Websites to Know:

Beginning & The End BlogHERE

Jamaal Williams Exposing satan's influence : HERE 


  1. on 9/7/2013, Marshall Mathers (Eminem),after a 3 year hiatus, appeared at the halftime of the Michigan v Notre Dame game to promote his new single and album "Marshall Mathers LP 2"; looking like a lost puppy he said he was uncomfortable on live TV.

    When asked what he was most excited about as it pertains to his new project, he said "NOTHING"...he was just kidding right?)OK...

    Guess what else? Guess who was in his video clip front and center?

    None other than the ghost himself, Rick Ruben who was also front and center in the project.

    MY, my, my, we had better wake up...someone is speaking and trying to say something to the masses.

    1. that version of Eminem is a CLONE! Rick is prob a handler!

  2. "Eminem's "Berzerk" will be the new sound of Saturday Night Football on ABC. For those not in the know, that's the most watched series celebrating college-level pigskin on television. And sports are the primary reason television still exists, so all told this is a big get for the Detroit MC. His first single from The Marshall Mathers LP 2 will play "throughout the telecast in various capacities, including highlight packages and coming in from, and out of, commercial breaks," per label Universal Music." (SPIN)

  3. Bezerk is also an ode to satanism...the hook:

    "Say fxxx it before we kick the bucket
    Life's too short to not go for broke
    So everybody, everybody (go berzerk) get your viles"

    This is the equivalent of "do what thou wilt" that Jay Z has on his shirt above. In addition, there is an added element of spiritualism with "vials" out of which potions and magic flows.

  4. please sir, if you are going to talk about someone,please spell their name right! CROWLEY, NOT CRAWLEY!


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