Friday, April 19, 2013

Hunt For Terrorists...Were Their Actions A "Test Run"?

The Dunamis Word unites with the rest of the country and even the world in prayer for all of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. May the grace of the Lord and continued strength be upon all. 

The Hunt Is On!

One thing that President Obama can't be criticized for is the fact that when he says, "we will find you and bring you to justice", you can count on it! Yesterday, the FBI released the following video of the suspected Boston Marathon bombers (as they have become known)

Overnight, suspect 1(the one in front) was allegedly killed in a firefight with police that included handheld grenades and an extreme shoot out with certain "unknown" police. reported the following of the eventst:
"The suspect is Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, a government official told the Globe. The Associated Press reported this morning that the suspects came from the Russian region near Chechnya, which has been plagued by an Islamic insurgency.The Globe has also learned that the dead suspect is Tsarnaev’s brother. 
An MIT police officer was killed and an MBTA Transit Police officer, Richard H. Donahue Jr., was wounded. Ten police officers were being evaluated at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Brighton early this morning, according to a source, who said the officers said they were hurt from grenades being thrown from the window of a car during a car chase. The source did not have information about where the officers were from or the nature of their injuries"

So it seems that the terrorists responsible for this activity are cornered and will be brought to justice either by the government or God himself.

Could There Be 3 Or More?
In cases such as this, rarely are things confined to one or two individuals. Although his 26 year old brother is dead, the 19 year old remains on the run (see below for additional info) Usually there is a network of persons and people who have provided input and assistance. I believe that a possible 3rd person is right before our eyes in the video as well. It appears to be a woman with a yellow jacket, with a backpack across both her shoulders, holding a cell phone and following the 2 alleged suspects from somewhat of a greater distance. Do you see her in all the frames of the video? I do. There even could possibly be 4 persons outlined. Until now, I have heard no one mention how 3 individuals following one another in such close company, who primarily have the same equipment, may all be suspect in this case. The focus has been on 2 men, who were initially thought to be Black or of Saudi Arabian descent. 

City On Lockdown, Guns Drawn & Helicopters

Although the President has already made a visit to the city, some say way too prematurely (a sentiment to which I agree) officials in Boston have already told their residents to stay in their homes and that the city is basically closed for business. According to current reports, the younger of the two murderers is trapped in Watertown, MA and may have planted bombs and be ready to fight to the death. The police have responded as swiftly as they could. Yet, terror fills the streets of not only this city, but countless cities all over the country. Could this be a signal to others to step up their efforts? Or could it be a diversion? have you heard of North Korea since this began?  

Test Run?

Since the actions of these individuals evidently passed the ramped up efforts of the Dept. Of Homeland Security and every other agency placed in charge of American overall domestic security and safety, I began to wonder is this was some sort of a "test run" for the new terrorists. 

In a test run of domestic terror, I would believe that criminals such as this would simply test to see how far they can go and what they could get away with and to what point would their actions be stopped. In this case, creating the incident is one thing, watching how officials respond is another.  

What We Have Seen In This Case? 

We have seen a President far to eager to come into a hot crime scene to personally encourage victims. This is a problem. Not one criminal had been apprehended when he arrived and nobody knew who was responsible for these events. What if there was a second "sleeper cell" ready to make a play and attempt to kill the President and officials?  As stated, we have seen a Homeland Security Dept. that had no idea that a threat was eminent. So this establishes a pattern for other to follow. How did they do it? What devices and systems did they use to bypass all efforts to intercept terrorist activity? We have seen the public deliver misinformation initially claiming that the suspects were Black men or dark skinned Arabs. We have seen local police deliver conflicting and in some cases wrong information. We have seen a time frame of piecing together evidence so extended until any potential criminal could have long been gone from the scene and region IF they didn't want to get caught or reach more havoc. 

There is suspicion that these individuals also laid low in small town USA. On the same day in Quincy, IL. there was a raid on a home in which pipe bombs were being manufactured and this was reportedly after someone had set a bomb off in an open area of town. Could terrorists be testing the method of delivery of their terror and a way to byass authority to deliver their evil directly to the public?

The Trust & Rising Faith Of The Saints

Ps. 91:5 ~  Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;

Terrorists are enemies of righteousness and even more enemies of God. They are spineless cowards that must hide behind threats and destructive actions, living a fake and pretend life to be successful. They are inspired of the devil himself. It is evil men that have allowed themselves to be used in this manner. Plain and simple. 

Of a certainty, these are the times and days in which our soul is being tried. These are perilous times. However, as believers, our trust must remain in the Lord. He and he only he is our keeper and is a very present help even in the face of terror and terrorism. God and trust in HIM is the antidote to all fear. Yes, we may walk "the valley of the shadow of death"  but HE is with us with a rod and a staff that comforts us.(Ps. 23). 

Saints and believers around the country can unite with those in Boston in an even greater way. Unite in prayer, because in spite of what the critic thinks, prayer changes things. God yet responds to believing prayer and petition. Survivors must be comforted and encouraged that this life is not the end of things. That there will be an ultimate justice and ultimate price that every terrorist will pay to a just and upright God. In God's eyes, ever life is important and every one means something. If there is no God, then everything is all meaningless. but because HE lives, we can all face tomorrow. 

Criminals will get caught, Boston will heal and we will get better in the name of the Lord and with the help of Christ. I know that to be truth!   


CBS Boston
Terrorist Caught. Update 4/20/13:

CAPTURED!!! The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And justice has won. Suspect in custody.


  1. Thank you for your encouraging words. I read your post with as much interest as I would a national news web site, only yours included a spiritual uplift and a word of hope! As a Christian, I'm glad that "this is NOT all there is" and that "this is NOT as good as it gets!" But, it is sad that you can hardly go to school, go to the movies, attend an outdoor town meeting or other public event without the element of peril and terror anymore; but this is just what the Bible prophesied would occur in the last days (2nd Timothy 3:1). Even so, come Lord Jesus...(Revelation 22:20).

    1. Richard,

      That's where our hope is and must be, in Christ. Yes, people have to look over their shoulders in places where they were thought to be at least nominally safe, but because of sin and evil in men's hearts, this is a new day filled with new challenges and unfortunately it won't get better until Jesus comes.

  2. They said the "how too's" came from a terrorist handbook "available on the internet"??? R U serious? Told you this is a test. See what they can get away with. Then don't believe other things were scheduled. If these folk wanted to do more terrorism, they would and could have left town right away. They could have been in Mexico by the time President Obama arrived. They stayed and got caught and did additional damage for a reason, and it wasn't just because the police did such a fantastic job either. Sorry. but we need to wake up.

  3. Pastor now it has been revealed that they knew the older brother took a trip to Russia, participating in God knows what. They lost track of him when he got back to the states. The facts are slowly coming out on this case and the White House got some explaining to do!


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