Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bishop TD Jakes, The "Hollywood Spirit" & Preachin' Fame...Hmmmmm!

As comedian Arsenio Hall used to life there are some "things that make you go Hmmmmm" This is simply one of those things...

In a recent interview with EEW, from rags to riches preacher, entrepreneur and HOLLYWOOD MOVIE PRODUCER Bishop T D Jakes said the following regarding the "Hollywood spirit":

“I am so sick of this Hollywood spirit that has overtaken the church!”...  
“We do not have to have big names to have a big move of God.”... 
“I was saved for years and didn’t see anybody who was on TV,”...  
“We gotta put this Hollywood spirit out of the church and go back to moving in the power of the Holy Ghost."
What Bishop Jakes refers to as the "Hollywood spirit" is the star and super important mentality that he has in part been responsible for delivering to the doorsteps of the modern church. I'll speak more on that later, but this is also the same "Hollywood spirit" that Juanita Bynum (now Juanita II) declared to be dead in 1999 at the last Soul Winner's Conference held by the late Bishop G E Patterson in Memphis, TN. (before she became all the way Hollywood oriented herself) 

What he is referring to as a "Hollywood spirit", is the attitude and atmosphere of importance that causes certain ministers to "think" that they are more gifted or more highly anointed than others simply because they are on TV or have large congregations. In many cases it involves relevance. In other words, the larger one is, the more "contacts" they have the more relevant they are. Those super seduced by this atmosphere of self-importance even declare that they won't listen to rebuke or correction from anyone that is not on a "major platform"???? What is that???

Accurately stated, the "Hollywood Spirit" can be more accurately called SELF-EXALTATION and PRIDE. 
Jakes says he is tired of other people relying on it (the Hollywood spirit) as some kind of confirmation or barometer of God's work. The popularity of a preacher doesn't authenticate his call or use of God, a sentiment to which we certainly agree. However, as Jakes seems to point out, the church has stopped seeking God, only to seek the "most popular" individual in the room, block or city as if to say, "this is the one" that God uses, with little or no regard to what that person actually does or says.  

Well, we can all see the problems associated with the "Hollywood spirit"...However, it is alive and sick as always, and it is pervading and trying to destroy the very existence of the church itself. It works both ways. Preachers exalting themselves and congregants seeking popular pulpit associates instead of seeking God. At heart, this is causing some to center themselves on flesh and duplicate flesh centered and worldly practices even within the church itself.  So we can all understand why anyone would be "sick" of the so called "Hollywood spirit"

Is Jakes Serious?

He may be, but what I can't seem to get a hold of or understand is how someone who charges $50,000 per ordinary speaking engagement (AKA: BISHOP T D JAKES) can express his disdain for practices that currently openly engages in.  Believe me, it's more than a movie, and it is certainly more than just a book or mega ministry that is at issue here.  

OK, look at it like this...Imagine you're the minister of a small or an upstart church and you enjoy the ministry of Jakes and want him to come bless your congregation. Do you think he will come for a freewill offering??? Or is he, the movie producer and "mega church" personality, too busy or important to do that? Will he come to your store-front church and bring his congregation and dollars to help you? Will he support your chicken dinner or take out an ad in your souvenir booklet? He may, but this is one person that doubts it very much.  

In Reality

Certainly Bishop once had a full head of hair and prior to that a juicy jheri-curl. He preached to two or three members for quite a time with little help and even less acknowledgement. He has paid dues and put in his time. During this time, as he stated, there weren't any "important people" hanging around when he was suffering, struggling to pay bills and doing all he could to feed his young family (even to the point of stealing food) and even rehabbing from a stint in jail.
“We lost everything. I was literally cutting grass and digging ditches, trying to get diapers for my kids. So when I go into a home of somebody who doesn’t have lights on, I’ve been there. I know what it is to get government milk.” ~ Atlantic Monthly Mag. 2006
Ooh Yes Bishop Jakes, Some Of Us, Have Listened To What You Said & Know Your Story...

But to criticize a "Hollywood spirit" while there is one in full bloom is quite astounding. What can we say? Well, I suppose we can thank God that the Bishop is full or tired of what he has lent his time and talent to. We can be thankful that he is turning to see that the "air up there" is a little too thin and is not worth the hype and more importantly has nothing to do with God or his approval.  

See, the "Hollywood spirit" may bring great gains in some areas of life. One may have more associates, but unfortunately one gains fewer friends. One may find more money, but there is less fulfillment.  One may find more activity or the ability to do more things, but one also finds less satisfaction and less realness. When a preacher gets tired of that spirit, then he or she can go on to really do work, not worrying about what other people think of their biblical position on issues or who has called them to pray or preach. 

Defeating and overcoming the "Hollywood spirit" only takes one is called HUMILITY! That is something that shouldn't be foreign to most of us in ministry and most of us that serve the Lord. The problem is that too many of us have bought into the "Hollywood spirit" and can no longer distinguish truth and the power of God from flesh and material things. This is could also be called carnality. Lord help us to understand that where one lives is not the problem, but what one allows to live in them is. 


  1. What Bishop Jakes refers to as the "Hollywood spirit" is the star and super important mentality that He has in part been responsible for delivering to the doorsteps of the modern church. EXACTLY!! The pot calling the kettle black, please!

    1. Well, I was trying to say it in a nicer way-LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Yessssss!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the great post. For a long time now, I've thought that the church has "gone Hollywood" and doesn't feel like church anymore, but more like a show or stage production. May God cause us to return to what it's really all about--getting to know and love our Creator and the gift of love and life offered us in his son Jesus Christ. Perhaps TD Jakes is seeing the need to change; time will tell.

  3. Your article in my opinion is insulting. Give me a break, it is a slap in the face. I guess we can overlook casualties once again. Because there is that so called "reputation" that the Christian community fears of touching. My question to you is why do the article in the first place?

    1. Love Of God,

      In your opinion what could or should I have said differently. Give me some constructive (or destructive) criticism on this one. Thanks and I appreciate it.

  4. Supt Burnette,
    I would like to apoligize for the way I commented on your blog. I spewed out my comment out of fustration and vexation. However, that is not a means of justification. I know that I should be on my face praying for leadership especially when error can be discerned instead of criticizing. It's just that I personaly have experienced what error can to beleivers, especially spiritual babies, but I need to leave the judging of one's character to God , and to those who God has raised up to call it openly. Thank you and I appreciate the call on your life, Be blessed sir.

    1. Love Of God,

      I know it's easy to get emotionally involved or to view the seriousness of the issues and how those that do these things don't care. They are at ease in their sins for sure. So I wasn't holding it against you.

      In law there is a term usually used in closing that goes like this: "let the facts speak for themselves" Basically that means that the facts are so overwhelming, they need no explanation. For people like Jakes and others that handle their opportunities irresponsibly...Let the FACTS speak for themselves!" They are so obvious in their dealing that it is sad that with all their technology and advisers, that they are still seen and shamed so openly.

      When one doesn't walk in the light that they have been given, they become blind in their own conceits. This is why they do what they do. So yes, pray and reveal the truth when you can and most importantly, (and this is for all of us who are given to see this mess and condemn it by the Spirit of God) don't be like or become them in the process. That's exactly what they want to see happen. Then they are affirmed in their unrighteousness.

      So please don't be discouraged...I understand the frustration. But God is doing a great work!



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