Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Is It Really Discrimination Savage? Then What Of Polygamy?

You know you've won a debate when the "moderator" joins the other side to present more false arguments than the opponent.

Brown: "What about the rights of people who wants to marry two, three to four people?"

Savage: (paraphrased) I don't want to answer that question

Savage said that IF same sex marriage slipped toward relationships that he found morally offensive, that he wouldn't advocate it. Well, open the door, because when there is no resistance to this sort of immorality becoming law, then everything is fair game and there will invariably be more morally offensive relationships.

Savage: "Marriage is the legal union between two should not be incestuous, polygamous either"

Brown: "Once you make marriage based on one's "desires", by what reason do you oppose it" (other relationship arrangements)

Mr. Savage by what rule and or reason should marriage be limited to two, adults, non-incestuous or the polygamists...We're still waiting for an answer. 

We are certainly in a culture war. Very good debate in my humble opinion.


Link:  National Organization For Marriage


  1. The question of how one persons marriage can be harmed by gay marriage can be answered with this analogy, if I live upstream how can downstream pollution affect me, the stream is polluted, everything from that point is polluted. When a part is polluted, the whole is polluted

    1. Absolutely, the fact is that this sort of "pollution" will have its affect on everything. When homosexual marriage is the "law" then homosexual acceptance including teaching the "benefits" of homosexuality must be taught in the schools and in every other social setting and venue.

      We've already seen it at work and we don't have to wonder what the agenda is at the next step.


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