Thursday, August 2, 2012

Image, Assets & Liability Pt. 2...The "Shuffling" Bishop

Toward the end of the song "Party Rock Anthem", by LMFAO (please don't ask what the acronym represents), there is a character which appears to be Jesus doing the dance called "shuffle". I am unsure if this was a subliminal message directed toward the church or not, but it is very clear that the representatives of Jesus through the corporate body called the modern "church" have been "shuffling" for quite some time. 

The unfortunate part is that it seems the church has been "shuffling" and protecting their worst, while exposing and leaving the innocent to danger and confusion. However, it would seem that that day, the day of irresponsibility, is over:
"Cover up child sex crimes and you'll go to jail. Not house arrest. Not community service. Not a fine. You'll be locked up. It says, loud and clear, that child sex crimes are taken extremely seriously, and will be punished as such," Joelle Casteix, Western Regional the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests Director CNN 6/24/2012
The Latest Example...Held LIABLE

According to recent court documents and allegations, the Catholic church in Philadelphia has experienced an ungodly infestation of molestation and sexual abuse perpetrated by priests and persons in position of authority for quite a number of years. In all there were over 23 priests and former priests accused of sexually molesting or abusing certain church members, altar boys and primarily young individuals. 

Catholic Monsignor William Lynn, 61
Found Guilty Of "The Shuffle"

In one case in particular, was priest (Edward Avery) whom the Bishop (Monsignor William Lynn, 61), the highest ranking Catholic Official in Philadelphia, decided to "help". Although that may sound nice, the type of help that this bishop decided to deliver was "help" to cover up the crimes of this priest and 'shuffle" his sins under the table, through reassignment and payoffs, so that the "church wouldn't look bad"...WAIT a minute...I'm getting ahead of myself....  

In the end, not only was the priest found guilty of his sins, as he admitted to his crimes, pleading guilty to  involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and conspiracy to endanger the welfare of a child after admitting that 20 years ago, he sexually assaulted a 10-year-old...yes I said SEXUALLY ASSAULTED A  10 YEAR OLD...(which, 20 years later, only netted him 2.5 to 5 years in jail) this Bishop, 61 years of age, ready for retirement, also was found guilty of one count of "child endangerment" receiving a prison sentence of 3 to 6 years, for his part in the shuffle.

You Mean "Shuffling" Can Get Church Folk Put In Jail???


1 Timothy 5:22 ~ Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men's sins: keep thyself pure.

Passing folk around, appointing and reappointing, and placing in positions with the effort and aim to "save face" or avoid negative publicity is never a good thing. In fact it is down right ungodly especially when one is in the service of the Lord which includes standing for and protecting the innocent and weak. 

You see, what mean of us have lost is a sense of moral responsibility aka: Duty. When a person in position of authority receives accusation, especially criminal accusation, and there is prima fascia proof or evidence to substantiate such allegations, (like the person perpetrating the act admitting that they "may have" done something inappropriate) the person in authority may be bound by duty, to intervene, make due criminal reports and report to proper authorities certain information which may help resolve the issue and address an criminal misdeeds.

Unfortunately, and where the church has missed it by far and large, is what is not required, at least by law. Persons in positions of spiritual authority should also have a duty to at least extend the necessary level of council, to help to the victim or those who have been victimized. This, however is the missed opportunity and can be very unchristian if image, assets, and liability is more important than people. 

For some reason, within the context of the church, this moral and spiritual duty and responsibility to minister to the victims, becomes clouded by thoughts of associations, and sympathy for the perpetrator of the crime or criminal activity. This is sad as it proves that the criminal and everything that goes into the continuation of "normalcy" is more valuable than those who have been hurt as a result of an abnormal situation. I will discuss this in greater detail my next post.    

The courts have said that the duty to protect the innocent and report the criminals can no longer be shuffled away. Real people will be held accountable for real situations and real criminal activities. 

COGIC, I'm coming home with this in part 3 and I'll begin now by asking our COGIC leaders, do you think we afford to keep "shuffling"?


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